Friday, February 12, 2016

We Hitted 16 Subscribers !!!!! THANK YOU !!!!

We HITTED 16 Subscribers!!! Whoo hoo . Thank you to whoever Subscribed to me . it means alot ot me :D *huggies* Well I just got up now off to work I go :D




Another Vlog Another Day ep 6

Second Life Egypt Tomb Raider pt 1

My Videos and My Channel :D

I have been working so hard tonight and Editing like no other.I love when I give myself Tasks like this to get
done. it is like I always have something to look forward to. For one thing I ain't ever bored and I am always Excited about doing projects.

One thing I got to work on is scheduling and Estimating the time it takes to do each video. I Under estimate sometimes. : / . Technically I Should start taken inconsideration if mistakes happen like ( Glitchs, internet goes down or internet issues or others things)

Well that is something I am gonna work on. Plus I am gonna try to get more on a schedule with my uploads. I am happy with my content and what I do. I know I got so much more to learn but it is okay. I am a beginner and I am happy and passionate in what i do So that is what matters.

One thing I wont ever do is give up. One Thing I always let get in my way is my Real Life drama (a.k.a Court) you know thinking about it and worrien about it.Well Now I say Screw it and I am gonna act like it doesn't Exist Anymore. I am gonna look at it from a different prospective.

To me Now Court is A dream world. Just Another Nightmare That I Am gonna erase from my mind. I am only gonna think about happy things ,and things that I am passionate about. I am gonna make my world Different and more happier then it was. Maybe it is time to forget everything in my past and Be reborn Into a
Different world.

Today I start My Life Different. Today I Start fresh . A clean slate. Today I move Forward and I don't look back on my past. I should've done this alone time ago instead of letten evil people hurt me. Well now they can go fly a kite and I can have a new life :D

Sounds like yoga or New age stuff on how I am writing .LOL ROFL. Oh gawdd. well I do like yoga and New age music as well. I like all different Kinds of Music.

I am so tired right now it is crazy. Its Like I work myself into a sleep. You know work so hard that it makes you tired. My mind is constantly Thinking. So one thing to make it slow down is to make it think ( Thats where (my Youtube channel Comes in) . Alls I know is I am happy doing it that way.

You know in the past I had it so hard being by myself. But Right now I feel fine. I still hate the fact I am still single. Who knows .... Maybe one day I will meet Thee one and Maybe things will change. Maybe they will like doing the samethings I do. Maybe they will help me with my channel. It would be so nice. Someone to share my interests with.

Someone to Share things That I Enjoy Doing.only time Will tell. They Usually Say when you stop looken that is when you usually find someone. but who knows. I will admit I do think about it sometimes. You know what it would be like to have someone to be able to brag about them. To show them off to everyone and be so proud of them.

Someone to talk too ,Someone to love and to hold you when you need Comfort.Or Just someone to snuggle with......

Anyways.... Sometimes I am afraid that I am gonna be a workoholic. I don't want to be that.I don't want the only thing in my life be my work. Well All I can do is hope things gets better. I hate the sunlight. I remember when I use to .... well If I can recall I dont think I ever did like the sunlight.

Maybe there was once ... but that had to been Along time ago..... I dont know ...
I swear To Gawd when I write like this All I can think about is A narrorator Writing my life.
Now that would be interesting but they would have the voice like Stanley Parable.

Now that would be cool.Well my thoughts are not ever alone. thats for sure. I am pretty sure of it. LOL
Well  I got myself to smile although I am tired. When I get Tired my Smiles fade. they go away. Just like
Everyone elses. Thats only because there tired.

I am not sad . Just tired...  Well I Am so glad I Blogged again. I am always happy blogging and maken videos for youtube and  I love being creative and such. This is what makes me happy . I would be Happier if I had my son back.  I do miss him alot. But I Got to be patient. SO I will wait like I always do.

Anyways.... I like blogging . :D

Well I am gonna go render my one video then after I get that one uploaded I am gonna head to bed. then set my alarm Clock so i can Get back up later and get back to work . I got more videos to edit and upload. So the sooner the better .

Plus I got more Videos to make too. I got so much to still do :D. I am like tinkerbell. Except I am not no blonde but I do have alot of blonde moments. :D . I am a brunette in Real life just like my pictures :D.

Well I am gonna get going. I will blog more later. :D




Sorry Guys Other videos Are running late

Sorry guys Expect Late videos.The other videos are gonna run late. but they will be here today.




2AM Show

2 am Show is gonna be Shipped at 3am Latest  . Having internet issues . 

Thought I would let everyone know.