Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Jealousy& Lying Ep 4 | Cathy's Crafts Platinum Edition

News On Future Videos and Cathys Crafts .please take a look Sweetheart♥♥♥♥♥♥

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Jealousy& Lying Ep 4 | Cathy's Crafts Platinum Edition is now in uploading. there is no timmer at all. Thought I would let ya know :D I did get up a 11:55 pm last night but i went back to bed i was to tired since ONCE AGAIN I STAYED UP WAY TO LONG DURING THE DAY. I HATE ERRAND DAYS. I am so gonna hire someone one day to do it so i dont have to step outside my door anymore unless I want to. Night time i have no issues .its the daytimes I hate. uggg stupied sunlight. curse the sunlight. Anyways i think like 5 am Then i got back up a 5am. and have rested and such. so back to work again. Also so far from what i see and know right now I probley wont be finishing Cathys Craft since i cant get passed the level.

I dont need anymore stress as it is. And that game is getten me stressed out with that level. unless you guys have any tips on how to pass it I probley won't be playen it anymore. This week has been a nightmare for me with all the drama I am dealing with in Real life.

My mom Finally Got her Results from the Leukemia and cancer test they did . Her results came in early. She doesn't have either one of them that they took from her bone marrow. Her thyroid however has stopped working 100% so she has to have B12 Shots everyday.  

So I am glad I got one less thing to be stressed about. So only things i gotta be stressed about now is just getten my car off the road . Which i really would like so i can drive when i need to clear my head or go places when i want to.

Anyways I know gamehouse is an awesome platform to play on but 9.99 month is driven me crazy . I need to save my money for my car. So i am cancelling my subscription with them. But I am keeping my subscription with Picmonkey Because i need them for my thumbnails. which is only 4.99 a month . i could do a yearly one with them but i ain't ready to do that yet. Once my car is fixed i am gonna re-evaluated doing monthly or yearly with them.

i just want to save more money so i can get my car fixed and what not. Being indoors at night suxs. I miss my nightly drives and just seeing all the scenery.

Anyways enough of my bi*ching , and moaning and complaining. I will let you guys know what i am doing after this video is uploaded. I am thinking of playen Dark Romance - Vampire in Love Collector's Edition so i can do ep.2 . I have 2 other games I bought and haven't played yet but I am gonna wait a little longer to play them. I wanna beat my other games and finish those games before I start them. I do have other game Platforms to go to even if i cancel my subscription with Gamehouse. so no need to worry. you sweetys are covered with games no matter what.



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