Thursday, February 25, 2016

Back TO YOUTUBE BOOTCAMP March 4th,2016 and COURT ON March 3rd,2016

March 4th I am going to (Grow your audience boot camp) So I may or maynot have alot of videos when that is going on. I need to focus more on the studies when that is going on. I suggest All creators go to this . it will help your channel.

I really do need to focus more on these studies so it will help my channel grow more. I seem to be stuck on my channel Growth. I need it to grow more faster then it has.I am happy with those who have subscribed. I just would like my channel to Grow Alot more bigger and faster.

I got alot of studing comming ahead. I had no idea bout this class comming up until tonight. So looks like I am going back to booktcamp again. Hopefully I gain more insight into how to make my channel alot better. Wish me luck!!

I will still blogg when I get the chance too. I just may not have alot of videos at the time of when i am studing. It is a 2 week course. so it means 2 weeks I will be learning and studing.

I advise All YouTube Creators to go to it . No matter how big or small your channel is you need to go to this because it will help you gain more knowledge and insight to YouTube.Well up to March 3rd i am gonna try to get as much work i can before then. I know i am gonna be studing hard once March 4th hits and bootcamp begins.
But just to let all know I also got court going on the sametime so if i don't blog alot its because i am busy with bootcamp and court. Which both are Extremely Important Right now . Especially (Court) lots have been going on. So I have been trying to relax here and there because On March 3rd I Have court again . I will let you guys know what happends and such when i get the chance.

Thanks for understanding .