Saturday, February 27, 2016

New vlogs in the next few hours!

I will have a few Vlogs being up loaded with in the next few hours

SORRY for the wait everyone . trying my best! :D




Navi story :D (( inside the project))) with information

Well I am doing part 4 like I said I was. it is gonna take alot more work then I expected. But i am trying my hardest to get it out before march 4th. if i dont I will let you guys know. Part 4 is a bigger project then most of my videos. this one it gonna take alot of editing and work .

I got work with animation and computer programming in which i have to do all by myself. so there for .. like i i said before It is gonna be one person working on it so it is gonna take a while.

But while i Will keep you posted. as you are all very important to me. But while you wait you will get vlogs and some family videos :D

Dont worry guys i didnt forget you. I am just one person trying to do a 6 person job if not more. if only you knew what i had to do and what i work with. *giggles*

Anyways gotta get back to work.




WAKE UP!!! WE HITTED 18 Subscribers!!! WOOT WOOT !! Sound off the alarms!!! Also more info :D

We hit 18 Subscribers everyone !!! sounds off the alarms Also be sure to watch out for my Vlog comming out later today :D

Things I have been Working on ->

1.Evolve Episode part 4
2. SecondLifes Episode 4 of Egypt.
3. VLOG :D

So Keep a watch out Because I AM gonna try my hardest to get these out before March 4th. Since after that day I am gonna be studing like hell and focused on bootcamp.

Also i am working on pictures for my Flickr Page , Ofcouse the only way you are gonna see the pictures is if you have flickr and have it to were you can see restricted photos. Most of my pictures are restricted . If they are not they are on my Google plus page and on some are Flickr.

Well Thought I would give you some updates while I did my Announcement .

Anyways back to work I go ! :D