Monday, February 15, 2016


Sorry Guys was sick yesterday. I had bad neck pain. So today I went to the ER and now gots meds. so i should be feeling better soon. I am so tired of going in and out of the ER but it is the only way since I can't afford a doctor. I can afford my meds just not a doctor. Seems like everyone is having that problem now adays.

I wish we had free healthcare like Canada and United Kingdom. If the united states would approve Free health care but with higher taxes like the UK does then we wouldn't be so much in medical debt. i think half of the debt in united states is from health care. Thats my opinion . If we would have free health care i think that would help half of the debt we (United States) are in.  I know we are in trillion dollars of debt but how much of it do you think it is because of health care? 

I think it is possible that half of our debt is because of Health Care. If we went free health care and raise taxes BUT also MAKE THE RICH PAY as well we maybe in a better situation in our country (United States).

Anyways I am gonna go get more rest. I will keep you posted when I can. Still feel pain and still not 100% better yet.