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InBetween Storys Part2: The Secrets Behind Alexia and Ken's Hearts




** Just To Let you know all Know All Of Our Storys Connect to one another even the Inbetween storys connect to your storys ***

:: Check out InBetween Storys : Ken Desires and Alexia's Love Story Part:1 To see where we left off in the story - >

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LAST TIME ON Inbetween Storys 

 --> ::Kens Then takes both her hands and Restrains them above her head with his right hand. the whole time he keeps eye contact with her knowing this was his chance to prove his words. He then Takes his left hand and glides it up her thigh ,up her side ,across her stomach ,then back up between her breast ,up to her face , and then across her lips . While all of this is going on Alexia feels like she wants to scream inside as she feels the fear grow even more intense.Ken Looks Intently in Alexia's Eyes and see  her fear grow. Ken then leans down and kisses her neck while letten go of her hands. As He does the Alexia Takes her nails and drags them up his back maken him arch . Ken once again looks intently into her eyes .::

Ken: {Sez in Great Passion}  Your gonna be mine even Beyond Forever my Angel. There is gonna be no return my darling pixie. *takes his right hand and slowly glides it across Alexia's lips * You know I want your lips pressed againest mine. *looks deep in your eyes with love filled eyes*

::Alexia Leans Up and Wispers in Ken's Ear::

Alexia: {Sez Seductivly} Your gonna be mine forever baby *Gently Glides my right hand through his bleach blonde hair while caressing his face with my left hand}

::Ken Gentle lifts Alexia up off the Gravel and holds her in his masculine arms while gently carrien her into the Angelic bedroom ::

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:: Ken Gently puts down Alexia on her tippy toes . As he Does Alexia begins to shiver from being cold .
Ken then goes to there bathroom and takes the Towel off the Warmer. He Then Brings it in And Wraps it Around Alexia while leaning down kissing her neck once more while slowly gliding his right hand down her side and resting on her hip::

Ken: {Wispers softly in her Ear} I love you Alexia with all my heart.*Looks into Alexia's eyes with sincereness*

::Alexia then slowly unties her Playboy bikini top and lets it drop to the floor . Kens eyes grows big ::

Ken : {Breathes heavly } Damn baby.... {is lost for words at this point}

::Alexia Looks at Ken with Lust and fear In her eyes::

Alexia : {Sez in a seductive voice} I am so cold .... {shivers and wraps the Towel around her while Kens hand is still on her waist}

::At This point Ken Is Wrapped in the Towel with Alexia. Her Wett body is now pressed against his white dressed up button shirt and now he is starting to get wet. Alexia then looks at Ken with her beautiful blue sapphire eyes ::

Alexia: {Sez In a soft Spoken Voice} Ken I need to get all nice and warm . {Looks deeps into Kens eyes}Keep me nice and warm in your arms *hugs Ken tighter againest her wett body*

::Ken looks Into Alexia's eyes And gently holds her even closer to him.His heart races like fire like the inferno that she kindled within him. No other women had ever made Ken  feel like Alexia did. This was the woman he wanted to lose everything too. Waiting and Anticipating every touch he looks in her eyes with eagerness of wanting to make love to her.

Alexia Then gently leans back and looks into Ken's eyes while she unbuttons his shirt one by one button at a time.She Then Gently glides both hands up his masculine chest and slowly glides his shirt down his arms .As Alexia is doing This Ken wonders if She was wanting to finally make love to him as he has been patiently waiting for the longest time.Ken Relax's his arms and helps Alexia Take his Shirt off.

Ken then Gently takes his left hand & Slowly Unties Alexia's Thong bikini. Alexia feels his soft touch which brings chills & fear. Ken then gently graces his lips against Alexia's Neck while gently nibbling on her neck.Ken Then slowly slides his right hand up her back and pressing her  naked body againest his body.

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Alexia Looks Around them as the Candle Light Brings a glow to the room. As it gets hotter ken leaves a nice mark on Alexia's Neck letten all know that he had given her a precious mark. As Eager as Ken is he still holds back Because he doesnt want to mistake that this invite may mean something different to Alexia. Alexia's Bikini thong drops to the ground  as she looks at Ken She gently guides his left hand to hip where it rests. Ken can't stop staring at Alexia's beautiful body as he can't help to want to wonder his hands and touch ever part of her.

Ken: {sez in a lustful voice} Alexia.... My Precious Angel * Ken glides his right hand through Alexia's Hair as  he see's her trembles with his touch* I see your fear and I feel your breathe *looks deeper into her eyes * I wanna make you mine .. *gently traces Alexia's lips with his left pointer finger* I want this beautiful Luscious  lips on mine. I want you to feel the Love you bring me.

::Alexia Listens to everyword and falls into another realm. As she listens to his sensitive words which could bring another world into existence Alexia gets lost's in Ken's eyes. Ken Then unbottons his shorts and lets them fall to the ground. Alexia is a Nervous wreck at this point as she has no idea what Ken has instore for her. Ken then gentley takes Alexia's right hand and leads her to the bed . Alexia looks at Ken in his endearing eyes.::

Alexia: {Sez in a low key voice} Ken I am not....

::Ken gently covers her mouth with his hand and looks at her::
Ken: {Sez in a lustful voice}Baby.... I know your not into men... I am only taken you to bed ... I just wanna feel your naked body againest mine. I know if you want to do something with me you will let me know.

::Alexia gently takes his hand off her mouth ::

Alexia  : Ken.... *inhales a deep breath then takes him by his neck and pulls him close to her  while starring deep in his eyes*

::Ken at this point is pulsating and is on edge wanting to tear into Alexia but has the respect to hold back and wait for her to initiate what she wants. Alexia gets Ken with in inchs of her lips::

Alexia : {Wispers Lustfully,sultry in a voice} I know you want me badly, I can see it and feel it in your touch.. {Gently guides Ken's right hand around my waist}

::Ken Grows Anxious by the minute not knowing or having a clue to where all this will lead::

Alexia: {Sez in a lustful voice} Come to bed with me Ken.I want your arms Wrapped around me nice and snug and tight . I wanna rest my head on your chest and hear your soft calming heart that sings me to  a lullaby. But Before We Rest I want you to give me my Sweet Slumber kiss goodnight.

::Kens Trembles unbearabley now .Alexia gently takes his hands off her waist and entwines her right hand with his hand gently getten into bed. Alexia then lets go of his hand and gets under the covers. she then rolls down the covers for him on his side.Ken slowly gets into bed and lays on his side looken at her. Alexia then Lays flat on her back .Ken then gets on top Of Alexia and looks her in her eyes .::

Ken : Good night My Beautiful Love of my Life .

Alexia: Good Night Ken .

Ken : I love you Alexia With all my heart.

Alexia: I love you too ken With all my heart. 

Ken : Sweetdreams 

Alexia : Sweetdreams

:: silence begins to fill the air as Alexia and Ken look in eachothers eyes in a  candlelite room , with roses petals scattered about , champagne on the night stand and chocolate and strawberrys for snacks . It was a hott summer night and the ocean breeze Swept through the french doors that were wide open to the patio where the hottub was::

::Ken Looks Deep into Alexia's Eyes while she does with he::

Ken : {sez in a loven voice} I have always wanted to kiss you and I am so nervous On giving you a kiss because I dont wanna mess this moment up.

Alexia : {Sez in a endearing voice} Ken ... you couldnt ever mess up a perfect kiss ... I could've let you kissed me along time ago... but .... I couldn't let it happen... because .... Deep .. down inside...

Ken : {Sez in Passionate voice} What is it baby? *looks into her loven eyes *

Alexia :*Looks with a sincerity looks* You are very special to me ... Ken *gently caresses his face with my left hand* 

Ken:{Sez in a loven voice} Alexia... you know.. I wouldn't ever hurt you know that right? *caresses her right side of her face with right his hand*

::Alexia Thinks about his every word and feels immense Fear from the past that had Consumed her once before.The Fear that made her resist Love at all cost's no matter what. The fear that made her defense wall impenetrable that not even an Imperial army could brake down that wall. She knew Deep down inside That she felt a connection to Ken. A feeling that couldnt be explained yet what it was. Alexia really wanted to kiss him but she couldn't because once that kiss was sealed her fate was as well with her heart. Alexia didnt want to hurt anymore so she choose to resist it once again::

Alexia : {Sez in a lustful voice} I know you wouldn't baby. *looks in his Blue Sparkling eyes* You make my heart melt Everytime I look at you. 

::Ken Smiles big while he listens to her precious words::

Alexia : {with love in her voice} Your Special Ken... Your make me feel things that I couldnt explain. I feel so protected in your arms... I just love being with you...

Ken: {sez in a concern voice} Why won't you kiss me ? I am just curious..

::Alexia Looks deep into Kens eyes with love and in terms of endearment ::

Alexia : {sez in a loven voice} Because Sweetheart It would seal my fate... I can't risk Being hurt again. I so want to kiss you but I can't do it. It Would only hurt me and you in the long run.

::Kens Falls even in more Deeper love Knowing that Alexia does in fact love him and Does have an intention of wanting to be with him but resists it::

Ken: {Sez in a caring voice} Is there Anything I can do to help you get through your Struggles or anything I can do to help you get past this Fear?

::Alexia looks at ken with shock::

Alexia : how did you know About the Fear part?

Ken : I can see it in your eyes baby.I also can sense it. I really want to help you get past everything.

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::Alexia begins to feel even more stronger feelings then before as if a bond was being built no matter what and there was nothing she could do to stop it. At this point she felt Connected and other feelings that weren't quite clear what they were.:: 

Ken : I know you have been through alot. I will do whatever it takes to help you in your struggles and fears. I love you Alexia and I really mean it. I really do love you. *looks at Alexia with the most precious loven caring look ever*

Alexia: *Looks At Ken with a HeartFelt Look* Ken.....

Ken : {sez in a soft spoken Tone} Yes baby ?

::Alexia Looks at Ken with A scared look but at the sametime A heartfelt look. Alexia So wanted to tell Ken how she felt about him but she knew all to well that she shouldnt and to keep it and remain a secret.She Knew that this feeling wouldnt last and things would change as it did in the past. So she choose her words carefully and was gonna make sure that her words wouldnt slip on how she felt about him out. Alexia was noted that when she had strong feelings for Someone that she really loved  She would slip sometimes letten them know how she felt about them. Alexia would do this by accident.When This would happen Fear would rush into her heart and it would make her Feel like she needed to hide.::

Alexia : I really.... *breaths heavly* .... I really am glad that I know you and that......

::Ken looks at Alexia and has a strange Feeling that she is going around about telling him something but can't quit nail it what it was . Ken then gently leans in and kisses Alexia Gently beside her luscious lips. Alexia begins to just stare at Ken with silence and is lost for words .Ken Stares into her eyes with all the love and understanding::

Ken: {Sez in a loven and Serious voice}  I love you Alexia Admiral. I love you with all my heart. I would lay down my life for you. You mean the world to me and I will wait for you no matter how long it takes. I wouldnt ever do anything to hurt you or my chances of ever being with you. I will wait as long as you want me too. I will be yours no matter what. When you layed your beautiful gorgeous eyes on me the first day I met you I knew you were the one for me. I knew I fell head over heels for you. I fell in deep love and ever since that day I fall even in deeper love with you. I wouldnt ever change a thing about you. You are beautiful in your own way and that is what makes you special my beloved Angel. Your my pixie in my pocket who lights my heart ever day I hear your laughter. Your smiles Brightens the room. Your eyes are so hypnotizing I couldnt image a day without you. 

{Song Begins To Play  Into the Past by Nero } without lyrics->
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::Alexia Melts into his arms and Just feel's so much love from Ken that it brings her to a smile. her heart races so fast that Ken could feel it againest his chest and his heart. The love that Ken Brought to Alexia was so different and so natural but Scary at the sametime::

Alexia : {sez in a quivering voice and lost for words} Ken.... {Gently caresses his face and then brings his lips close to hers with in mer inchs from eachother}

Ken: {sez in lustful voice} Yes Alexia... 

Alexia : I want to kiss you Ken ....*breathes nice and shallow as her lips quiver*

Ken: {in a lustful voice}  You don't have to baby if you dont want too... I can wait... *Kens lips begin to quiver just as much as Alexia's *

Alexia : {Sez in a lustful lost voice} Are you sure?

Ken: {Becomes even more breathless} Yes I am... 

:: At this point Alexia and Kens heart is racing so fast and hard that it feels like there hearts were gonna jump out of them::

::Ken leans down grazing his lips againest Alexia's then down her neck .As he does Alexia turns her  head to her right side letten her feelings go .Ken Then gently gives her a few small kisses on her neck while gliding his right hand down her side of her body. As he caresses her body he sense's her deep fear Growing.Ken then 
slowly glides his right hand back up her body and slides his hand into hers Entwining them together to help feel the bond of connectiveness and make the fear go away. 

Alexia turns her head back towards him and gently glides her left hand through his bleach blonde hair while caressing his smooth Light Tone Tanish Ebony Skin . She then gently pulls him down closer to her lips and gently turns his head to the side . She then Gently grazes her lips on his , then slowly traces  his lips with her tounge ,then down to his neck where she then Bites his neck nice and sensually.

As she leaves a Mark on his left side of his neck signifying that he is hers blood slowly runs down his neck . Ken then tenses up and lets out a slight moan of pleasure. Ken then presses his left hand on Alexias Small of her back .Alexia archs her back as Ken presses his left hand on her small of her back. After she is done sucking on his neck Ken then relaxs. Alexia then seductively looks into kens eyes after tasting his sweetness. Ken Looks At Alexia with full passion while he lets go of her left hand. He then leans Alexia up with his left hand and gently turns her head to her right.

Ken : {Sez with loss of words} Are you sure this is what you want my Love? . *breathes heavily while he gently turns Alexia's Face Back towards him   *   

::Alexia's Looks into his Lustful Blue eyes with passion::

Alexia : {sez in a lossness voice of lust} I made you mine because I love you . But don't think for one moment that all this can change .*glides my hand down his masculine body maken him tremble. Maken him wanting and yurning for me *

Ken : {Sez in a mad passionate voice} I love you too but I will not let no other come before me. I will have you to myself . Your My Pixie , My Angel.... My love  {sez in a lustful voice} I will have you to myself... my Precious Angel.... 

:::Alexia as she hears his powerful ,lustful and loven voice Cold Chills Runs through out her body.As She is looken into Ken's eyes she sees his passion and love for her::

Alexia: {Sez in a lustful voice}  Your My Precious ....*drags her nails down his back to drive him into insanity* .....Loveerrrrr   *as she sez it nice and slowly to make him lose his mind*

:: As Her nails Drag Down his Back Ken lets out a louder Moan this time. His Breathen becomes unbearably at this point that he can't stand it any longer .Her Words Drove him deeper into insanity that only she could do to him. Ken begins to think to try to steal a kiss from Alexia. He Then goes into Kiss Alexia's Moist red Lucious Lips  but at the last second Alexia Turns her  head and giggles Sinisterly.::

Ken: { Sez in a lustful playful voice } Oooo oo ohh I know what your doing. I am gonna take whats rightfully mine Angel. Even if I have to roll you around this bed  *grins and laughs sinisterly*

Alexia: *Smirks while raising my left eyebrow* MMMMmmm Sounds like fun if you can handle it *giggles Sinisterly *  

::Ken then pretends like he is gonna not Kiss Alexia so he goes for her neck. Alexia Turns her head. Ken then goes in for the kiss but once again Ken misses::

Alexia : Too Slow Tootsie Roll!! *giggles*

Ken: BABY!!!! Come on .......*begins to pout * I want your Beautiful Red Lucious lips BADLY ! not to mention your whole body.

Alexia : *giggles sinisterly * Nope you can't have them or my body.

Ken: You are gonna drive me insane. We have been doing this for days cat and mouse game for days now. you are driven me crazy.

Alexia : Well I can't help it if your missing up my signals. *giggles*

Ken: When will I ever get to have you and your Lucious lips of yours? 

Alexia: {Smirks while saying lustfully} Welllll. ..... How About ... *gently guides him towards her lips* How about now baby *Gives Ken her lustful look*

::Ken gently leans down as Alexia pulls him down towards her.He doesn't soon as her lips gets close to his Alexia Turns her head slight over to right and kisses Ken beside His lips. Kens feels it and just that tiny kiss beside his lips made him lose his breath::

Ken : Baby you take my breath away... *looks deeps into her beautiful Crystal blue eyes *

Alexia : You always take my breath away baby. *sez suductivly*

Ken: I will wait as long as i have to Get that kiss and to make love to you. Just that tiny kiss will be sufficient for now. *looks at Alexia with loven eyes* I love you Alexia Admiral. 

Alexia : *looks at Ken With Happyines* I love you too Ken.

:: Ken then gently lays Alexia down and lays beside her. Alexia then snuggles into Ken while Placing her head on his chest listening to his heart beat for her . They both Begin to fall asleep together. ::

 :: As the morning Comes Jimmy Goes into Alexia's Room  To serve her ... her Peach tea and Honey ,Caramel Frappacino  with Strawberrys & Grapes. As he Opens her room. He Notices she isn't there and that her bed was still freshly made. Jimmy beings to panic but then he see's a note in Alexia's Hand Writing. he then places her tray down on her end table . then Jimmy sits on her bed and read the letter.

Dear Jimmy,

I wanted to make sure I wrote you this letter Just Incase You didnt find me in my room. I am going for a walk to the tropical beach Bar. If I am not back I am most likly in another house on our property. so dont get scared. I love you honey. Knowing you are probley Panicking right now .So if you would like give me a call on my cellphone. If I dont pick up though dont panic you know how i am when i sleep half the day *giggles* . I love you Sweetheart. you know your my sweetheart. 

Sincerely Your Sweetheart

Alexia Admiral

::After Jimmy Gets Done with Reading the letter He then pulls out his Cellphone as fast as possible and begins to Dial her number . While he does that Kimberly walks in and Looks at Jimmy with the WTF happend look::

Kimberly : Where is Alexia?! 

Jimmy: Calm down Kim *passes her the letter*

::Kimberly Reads the letter while Jimmy is waiting for a response on the phone.The phone call
goes Directly to VoiceMail .Jimmy Leaves a message::

Jimmy: Hey Sweetheart Give me a call back I got your stuff here for you like I usually do for you. Give me a call back so i know you are alright sweety. I love you . *hangs up phone*

Kimberly : So i see that she went adventuring off again. *looks at Jimmy Cluelessly*

Jimmy: Yea *sighs* She surly did... didn't she. At Least for one thing she left a note this time *shrugs while smiling*

Kimberly: True.... but...

Jimmy: But what? *looks at Kimberly with questionable and Concerned look*

Kimberly: Have you seen Ken at all last night or this morning? 

Jimmy: *Looks up in the air and thinks* Come to think of it no. he was suppose to help me this morning with the front desk and all. Tommy came by and had to help a little.

Kimberly : *raises eyebrows with concern* Okay now this is really Weird. Because Last I saw him was when he was leaving the front desk yesterday afternoon. he told me that he was gonna go out he had some special plans. *still is thinking back to last night*

Jimmy: *Raises left eye brow with suspension * Special Plans? What Specials Plans? 

Kimberly : Why are you looken at me funny for Jimmy I am just telling you what i know *shrugs*

Jimmy: Well yesterday Afternoon after work I helped him make up a room and place . he even had staff wait and cater to there and had them stay. 

Kimberly : *raises right eyebrow with suspension  * You dont think ?

Jimmy: Are you thinking what I am thinking ?

Kimberly : I dont know ... what are you thinking?

Jimmy: you don't think that maybe ... I dont know ... I dont wanna accuse or anything.. it isnt right.

Kimberly: OH COME ON!! SPIT IT OUT!! you got me on my edge of my seat. tell me!

Jimmy: you dont think that he could still be there  and staying there.

Kimberly : Well he could've  but there is nothing wrong with that.. *shakes her head while shrugs*

Jimmy: No... I mean... *sighs* You dont ...think he might have ..

Kimberly: OMG!! JIMMY all day today !! you have been acting weird... what is the matter  with you.. *sighs* what do you think happend *sits down besides Jimmy* come on pal out with it?

Jimmy: *Looks with a very concerned look at Kimberly* You dont think that maybe Alexia is there too do you ?

Kimberly : Well anything is possible but why would it matter? *looks at Jimmy while patting him on his shoulder to relax*

Jimmy: Well He has me help him with the beds ,decorations and all ... and to me it seemed like he was planning like something romantic...

Kimberly: *archs both eyebrows up* OkaAAAAAAyyyy I think we need to take a walk to the beach house.

Jimmy: okay let me call the staff to keep this food and drinks fresh for her when she gets back.

Kimberly: Okay pal. 

::Jimmy call's the Kitchen and gets the chefs to pick up the tray and  to keep the drinks and food fresh for Alexia. . Then Jimmy and Kimberly Head towards the Beach house. While maken there way to the beach house they stopped by the tropical hut for some sodas. Bob the manager of the hut comes over and serves Kimberly and Jimmy There sodas::

Song Plays : Inna feat. Play & Win - Inndia (Radio Edit) --> without Lyrics-> 
and here is with lyrics&music

Bob: {Sez in a Newyorker Accent} Hey Jimmy!! how ya doing pal ? You dont looks so good?

Kimberly : Ya he didnt see Alexia In her Bedroom This somorning.

::Bob Looks At Kimberly::

Bob: You mean to tell me you haven't see her since yesterday?

Jimmy: Nope *frowns*

Kimberly: It okay Jimmy. Everything will alright. I am sure she is fine *looks into Jimmy eyes like a concerned parent *

Bob: Ya You'll be Fine. Sides Yesterday I saw her for a bit.

::Kimberly and Jimmy  look at eachother quickly and there eyes grow big quick. then they both look at Bob::

Jimmy&Kimberly: You seen her?!

Jimmy: is she okay?

Kimberly : Was she with anyone? 

::Jimmy looks at Kimberly::

Jimmy: I was gonna ask that?!

Kimberly : Sorry. Go ahead *gestures Jimmy to ask*

Jimmy:  Was she with anyone bob?

Bob: Well No . Not At first Anyways. *leans on the bar table  while drying a glass*

Jimmy: *eyes brows raises* What ya mean bob?

:: Kimberly begins to Gets antsy for answers::

Bob: Kimberly Hype down toots. She is fine and was fine when she left. 

Jimmy: left?! How long ago?

Bob:  Yo Jimmy pipe down. Let me tell a what I know. okay. Atleast let me finish my damn sentence okay toots?

::Jimmy and Kimberly both nod in agreement with Bob::

Bob: Alexia Came by last night all dressed for the beach. she sat down and had Supper. Then Ken Came Along and they danced together. After all that they left. thats all I know.

Kimberly: Thanks Bob for letten us know . It all makes sense now. I am just glad she is okay *kimberly sighs in relief*

Jimmy: Great!? She is with him again.*Throws hands up in the hands and slaps his thighs*

Bob: Hey Jimmy Forget about it! That guy hasn't a chance with Alexia you know that. Sides Your one hella of a man. Not To Mention one hell of a catch *winks with a smile*

Jimmy: *sulks while looken up at Bob* Are you sure?

Bob: *leans on counter* Hey LISTEN I am only trying to make you happy pal. I know how hard it can be with women now adays.*Looks up at the sky while rollen his eyes in the back of his head being sarcastic*

Kimberly : HEY!!! Bob! *Elbows bob*

Bob:  Ya ya I know I am sorry. I Just feel Sorry for the poor guy. Sorry Kimberly I didnt mean it that way. been Haven a rough day. Just happy to see you guys.I miss Alexia Myself... She usually talks to me when I am down. If ya see here can you tell her to come visit me please? 

Kimberly : I am sorry to hear that bob. sure I will let her know. Not a problem. 

Bob: Thanks Kimberly. I do Appreciate it. Usually Alexia is here right about this time ... but She aint here ya know what I mean.

Kimberly : Dont you worry bob. everything will be fine. Me and Jimmy Think we know where she is. you dont worry. We will have her visit you as soon as we find her okay pal ?

Bob:  Okay pal .Thanks Kimberly. *nods while being humble towards Kimberly*

Jimmy: At Least I am not the only one that misses her.

Kimberly : Hey I miss her too! she has been going missing alot latly. And Especially with Ken !

Bob: Well I am sure she is fine ya know what I mean. Ken is very protective over her I am she will be
fine.Also I don't think Alexia Was planning to see Ken. She has plans for last night.

::Kimberly looks at Jimmy with questionable face ::

Jimmy: She did ?

Bob: Yeah she talked with me for a bit before she sat by the beach and had her dinner.

Kimberly: Well what were plans ? *looks at Jimmy wondering what the hell is really going on*

::Jimmy Looks back like what the hell is going on::

Bob: Well she has plans on going Swimming in the pool, Then to the spa, afterwards she was planning on getten dressed up and going to see Jimmy for a nice walk on the beach.

::Jimmy smiles big when he hears it and at the sametime mad at ken::

Kimberly: See Jimmy She has plans to be with you last night *smiles while patten Jimmy on the back*

Bob: Thats not all toots.she other plans too

::Jimmy looks at Bob with questionsable face and so does Kimberly*

Bob: She planed to see you too Kimberly. She wanted to take you out dancing and star gazing.

::Kimberly smiles and feels all nice and warm inside::

Bob: Listen I know Alexia Very well. She loves all of you Equally. I know all of us get jealous of one another from time to time. But the end of the day Ya gotta look at it this way We all love the same women. She is phenomenal who wouldn't want to be with her.She is beautiful,Intelligent , lovable ,caring and so much more.
We just gotta learn to share and be nice ot one another *looks at Jimmy and Kimberly*

Jimmy: I know ... it is just so hard sometimes. ya know .

Kimberly: Believe me I know how you feel Jimmy. I get the same way. I just got a little bit better way of controlling it.

Bob: Ya I noticed. Wish you could teach us men. {chuckles}

Jimmy : {chuckles and smiles} That is true man.

Bob: Well you guy better get going . I gotta get back to work. *looks at Kimberly* Send me my girl By *

Kimberly : I wont forget about ! *does the Newyorker accent while doing the hand gesture*

Jimmy: Bye bob and thanks for the soda's

Kimberly : Ya thank you Bob We do appreciate it .

Bob: No problem ! Just remember FORGET ABOUT IT ! *Does the Newyorker gesture*

:: Jimmy and Kimberly waves to Bob and they begin there Journey to the beach house. Meanwhile At the Beach house Ken lays in bed watching Alexia Sleep and Just keeps Smiling on how he got to sleep with her and hold her like he always wanted to . Last night was a night Ken wasn't ever gonna forget about. As he is watching her Alexia begins to wake up ::

Song Plays : Amuka  - Appreciate Me -> Without Lyrics -> 
and here is the site that has the lyrics->

Ken: Good Afternoon Gorgeous *sez softly*

Alexia: mmm Ken *smiles While Snuggles into Kens Chest*

Ken: *holds her close* I wish I had this Everyday this is so special .

Alexia: *smiles* were you watching me sleep honey? Because I had that feeling when I woke up.

Ken: *Sez softly and lovenly* yes Baby I was. you sleep Like an angel . Gawd i love the way you look in the morning. *smiles*

Alexia: *smiles* You know last Night was a hott steamy night for us *giggles*

Ken: *smirks* it sure was ...wasn't it *glides his right hand through Alexias hair while looks into her beautiful blue morning eyes*

Alexia: Yes it was... Although nothing happend.*smirks*

Ken: Well something wouldn've happend if you wanted it too. *smiles while gliding my hand through her hair*

Alexia: Gawd it is cold in here *gets even closer to Ken* This is what I hate about sleeping nakie pants . The Ac always gets ya when you when you wake up. Most of the time I just stay in bed for a while because of that and almost falll back to sleep *giggles* but now I got someone in my bed who can keep me nice and warm *smiles while looken into kens loven eyes*

Ken: Well *smiles while tilting his head back and forth* You could have it all the time with me plus more *smiles big*

Alexia: Kennnnnnn *sez softly*

Ken: Just saying babycakes. So since your nakie pants *smiles bigs and looks undercovers * how about we start of where we left off last night ? *grins* 

Alexia: Kennnnn*sez softly while snuggles more into ken trying  to stay warm* 

Ken: Well it would help you warm up *rubs hands together like he has a diabolical plan* 

Alexia: Babbbbbyyyyy *wines while saying softly* you know that is gonna stay where that was

Ken: what was baby *sez seductively and begins to nipple on Alexia's ear then begins to kiss her neck while rubbing his hands all up and down her body*

Alexia: Kennnnyyyy *giggles* Stop.... *snuggles into him*

Ken: *Smiles * sorry baby I can't help but want to touch your soft Ebony Skin. Btw I didn't ever get to 
make my mark on your neck last night *pouts*

Alexia: *looks up* Well that time has past so you are gonna have to plan another night *smirks*

Ken: Well that shouldn't be a problem *rubs hands together* Mr.Romance won't have that issue at all *smiles* and hopefuly *murmurs under voice* We can get further in the bedroom. 

Alexia: hey!!!. I heard that ... *smirks*

Ken: Yeah I know I meant for you to hear it . you know I am nakie pants you can just hop on top of me you know *does plane landing signals towards his crotch area*Of course it may need some help *looks downs*

Alexia: *Bursts out laughing* This is why I love you. you have such a Jokey Personality . not to mention *whistles * A hott body. *giggles while smiling *

Ken: Well thank you baby *smirks* care to have some fun in bed with me?*winks at Alexia*

Alexia: Ye.... I mean no.... *giggles*

Ken: Hey I heard that !! Come on baby!! Lets make passionate love together *wines*

Alexia: Baby I am just waking up so when i said that Ye part it was because my brain wasn't woken up yet. so that doesnt count what I actually meant.

Ken: *pouts* Okay... I understand baby. Can't help but to try *smiles while slowly rubbing Alexia's side*

Alexia: What time is it baby?

Ken: It is about 5pm in the Afternoon. 

Alexia: omg... *Looks around for my cellphone* Ken Where is my cellphone?

Ken: *lays back * Really? baby..... *sits back up and looks at Alexia*

Alexia: Yes Seriously .. you know we have to have those on us at all time or some form of communication like tommy said.

Ken : I Don't know ....*looks around * I know I left mine at home and when I saw you last night you didnt have your eaither *shrugs* Oh well. I think it is stupid with those rules. 

Alexia: Yeah That is one thing I do agree with you. *kisses Ken's Neck softly* So .... if our phones are gone... *smirks*.... ya know....

Ken: *Smirks* you know I love that tone of your voice it means... your upto something naughty... *Begins to kiss Alexia's Neck nice and slowly while sliding his hand down her side and pullen her close*

Alexia: mmm ken *feels his warm body pressed againest mine* 

Ken: *kisses Alexia's neck a little more then looks up at her* You sure you don't wanna start where we left off last night? *sez softly and lustfully* because you sound like your into it?

Alexia: *smiles while looken into kens eyes* I am sure of it . not to get off the subject but isn't there another way to get our calls off our cellphones?

Ken: Yes we can have them forward to our phone here in this house or where ever we are. Do you wanna check your phone?

Alexia : Yes I think it is a good idea we both do.

Ken: Well let me check mine first because I want to be on top of you while your on your phones calls. I wanna try to make you forget about them *smirks while raising left eye brow*

Alexia: you are well determined to get passed 1st base with me. *giggles*

Ken: Well we got to kissing neck and sleeping naked together. So lets try to run for a home run *smiles big*

Alexia: *Giggles* your dreaming Ken! 

Ken: Hey Can't this man try ?

Alexia: yes a man can then 9 months later there is a little bundle of joy *giggles*

Ken: Well you know... I know you want to have more kids *smiles* wanna Make Love with me?

Alexia: KEN! babyyyy*giggles* 

Ken: Hey I am tryin.... *smiles while he grabs  the phone and forwards all his calls to the phone.He then being to listen to them*

First Call::  Yo Bro Where are ya ? I kinda needed your help today at the desk. you were suppose to be here. give me a call  its Jimmy. End Of message

Second Call:  Hey Ken ! Where are ya man ? get your a** down here . its Jimmy!

::While Ken is on the phone Alexia Slides her hand up and down between his thighs , Then gently kisses up and down his Chest while getten on top of him. Ken begins to lose his contraction  real quick ::

Ken: mmm Baby... Come on now.. I am on....fuckkkkKk!!!,,, the phone... *wimpers and loses breath quickly*

::Alexia Stops Kissing and looks into his eyes::

Alexia: But babyyyy *sez sweetly and seductively* dont ya wanna come play with me in bed ?*leans over Kens body and begins to kiss his neck *

::Ken finally loses his mind at this point and just cant understand any words on the phone .so he hangs up the phone. Alexia then stops and looks into his eyes::

Ken: {looks Sexually Frustrated at this point} OH COME BABY!!!... Now you stopped again.... OMG YOU ARE GONNA DRIVE ME INSANE! *Grabs Alexia with force and lays her down * When we do make love for the first time I am telling you this much it is gonna be hott,steamy and a very long time. 

Alexia: *Smirks* If it ever happends . *gently leans up and kisses his neck once more*The Night You get your first Kiss from me won't be today .

Ken: wait what ? When will it be ? *looks clueless as this point*

Alexia: Soon But not now *smiles*

Ken: So us men actually do have a chance then??!!!?

Alexia: Time will tell baby. you dont ever know. Things could change.

Ken: *Alexia Now has his Attention 100%  now*

Alexia: you dont know honey. I could go back to being bi-sexual again. 

Ken: If you did would You tell me ?

Alexia: Yes I would . *smiles while looken into Kens Blue Sparkle eyes*

Ken: Well can you tell me how you feel right now ?*looks into Alexia's eye curiously* 

Alexia: Well you are a very handsome stud Muffin and I really want to get to know you more. *Smiles*

Ken: *smiles* well... do you feel any Sexual Attraction to me when you look at me?

Alexia : Like do you mean ..... *looks in with a questionable face*

Ken: Do you Get Sexually  ... You know ... *looks into Alexia's eyes*

Alexia : Well to be honest I really dont.

Ken : Well What about when I kiss your neck or caress you ? *looks lost into Alexia's eyes*

Alexia : When you caress me I feel safe and protected in your arms. When you kiss my neck I feel these cold chills that keep happening. 

Ken: {is thinking about what she said about cold chills} well that means your attracted to me then if your getten cold chills. *thinks again * hold on a minute... what do you mean by cold chills ?

Alexia: I mean like .. I dont know .... Fear I guess ? *shrugs with confusion* I really dont know how to explain it.

Ken: Well the chills do they make you feel like ...*thinks* like ... more loven feelings *scrunchs up face while shrugging*I am trying my best to help you.

Alexia: Well it makes me feel fear... thats like the only way to explain it. 

Ken: *Trys to think back to last night when he held her hand while kissing her neck* I have a question.

Alexia: Okay what is it baby?

Ken: When I was kissing your neck and was on top of you and I sliding my hand into yours Did it help you  feel not scared anymore?

Alexia: Yes it did. I felt like I was safe.

Ken: hmmmm. Now this Sounds funny all together. 

Alexia : What does? *raises left eyebrow while looken into kens eyes*

Ken: You felt safe ... which of course is a good thing... I am just trying to figure this all out and how i can make you feel more comfortable .Well what about when you wanted to kiss me? did you really want to kiss me and if so what did you feel?

Alexia: Yes I did wanted to kiss you badly. I felt A deep heartfelt love for you. 

Ken: {Kens eyes grow big and smiles} So there is a chance after all then *smiles*

Alexia: yes it is possible. *shrugs* its kinda scary if you ask me.

Ken: *Sez softly and caringly*Well we can work through all these issues together. *smiles* As long as you are willen to work with me on it . are you?

Alexia: yes I would be willingly to try so.

Ken: Well this was an interesting convosation *chuckles*

Alexia: Yes it was but it will make us grow as a couple *smiles *

Ken: *ears perked up* Couple?

Alexia: Yes ...we are a couple arn't we ? 2 people make a couple dont they? *scratchs head while looken up into the sky to think*

Ken: Yes they make a couple. but when you mean acouple do you mean like Relationship ? like dating? Boyfriend and GirlFriend?

Alexia: When I say Couple I mean like A relationship  but a different type of one.

Ken: Okay I am so confused.

Alexia: Lets get dressed ,then get something to eat. I will try to explain the best I can So we can both be on the same page.

Ken: Okay baby. *looks into Alexia's Loven eyes* 

::Alexia gets up and gets dressed while Ken gets dressed and thinks. After Ken and Alexia Are Dressed they both walk  out to the patio pool hand in hand. As they walk hand in hand They see a there Dinning Table Ready for them. Ken gentley moves the chair out for Alexia. Alexia then sits. Ken then Pushs her chair in for her .After Doing so he then walks over to his chair where a staff member pulls his chair out for him.Ken then sits and the staff member pushs his chair in   ::

:: Chefs come out and place our food on our table that was pre-ordered a day before.::

Ken: So by A relationship you mean?

:: As Ken is in mid sentence Kimberly & Jimmy arrive .Kimberly&Jimmy over hears Relationship and waves At Alexia Letten her know they were Arriving . Alexia Looks over and see Kimberly&Jimmy and waves ::

Kimberly : So whats this about A relationship ?

Jimmy: huh ? *looks at Kimberly and then Alexia* I thought I heard something about that. wasn't sure If i heard correct though *looks over at Alexia and is excited to see her*

::Staff seats Kimberly and Jimmy and hands them there menus. They both order and the staff begins to prepare it::

Alexia : Oh ken and I were haven a discussion. *smiles lovenly while starring into ken's eyes*

Ken: yes we were *looks into Alexia's Beautiful Crystal Blue eyes*

Kimberly: SO Alexia.....*gently reachs over and rubs her hand* I missed you. you had me panicking alot *looks into Alexia's eyes*

Alexia: I am sorry baby. didn't you get my message on the phone last night?

Ken, Kimberly, and Jimmy: MESSAGE?!

::Everyone begins to laugh::

Kimberly : Well we can diffently Tell when we are all back together. we all think alike .*bursts out laughing*

Jimmy: Thats for sure.

Ken: Not To Mention is always happends around our Beloved Alexia *winks at Alexia*

Alexia : *blushes beat red* Oh come on guys enough maken me beat red *giggles*

Jimmy: Actually I love it when you blush beat red *smiles while looken into Alexia*

Alexia: IS it just me ? or is everyone Has there eyes on me ?

Ken: No we do have our eyes on you baby. you are looken gorgeous as usual *smiles while take Alexia's other hand and gently kisses her left hand*

{ Find out what happends IN Welcome HOME 64th FAMILY SWEETHEART MEMBER!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥Stronger Bonds -> } 

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