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Welcome HOME 72nd FAMILY SWEETHEART MEMBER!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥ Tommy's and Alexia's Close Encounter

HELLO FAMILY!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥



** Just To Let you know To all Family Members All Of Our Storys Connect to one another even the Inbetween storys connect to your storys . The Inbetween Storys are AGE RESTRICITED so you gotta be an adult to read those storys. I decided to make those storys different.To be honest it make me happy**

::Shortly After Leaving the 71st Family member home Tommy ,Alexia, Ken, Jimmy, Kimberly and Jeffery Arrive At Head Quarters To pick up the 72nd Family member::

::Jeffery Hurrys Inside And Gets Our 72nd Family Member Who is Patiently Waiting for us. As They come to the car Ken Opens the Van from the inside to help Our Newest Family Member . As Jeffery Puts the Luggage in the back The Newest Family Member Gets all Comfy.Then Shortly After Jeffery Gets in the van and We begin to take off for The Newest Family Members Home. Alexia Then looks back and Smiles at The Newest Family Member::

Alexia : Welcome to The Family Sweetheart!!! We have been Patiently Waiting for you . I am so glad to see you finally Arrived all safe and sound . 

Newest Family Member: Well Thank you Alexia . I am So happy To join our Journey. Btw you look pretty today.

Alexia: Well thank you Sweety. You look Stunning As Ever. I am so happy that you Joined our Family. you Are Gonna love it here Sweety. *Smiles At The Newest Family Member*

::Tommy Glances Over At Alexia and Can't help to Wonder why She Didn't kiss him. As his thoughts wonder Alexia Looks over and see's Tommy Just blankly Starring at the road while they drove::

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Alexia: *Sez Concernly* Tommy Are you okay honey?  *Gently Rubs his Right shoulder while Starring at him while be Concerned*

::Tommy Glances Over At Alexia As he Feels her Loven Touch . Her Soft Touch on his Shoulder Brings Many Thoughts to mind and Chills. Tommy Loves Alexia So much and the Slightest Touch of Her Hand Made him Feel Loved ,Warmth, Comfort and Abundance Of Love. EveryTime he was around her all he could do was get lost in her beauty and Her Ocean Blue Eyes . As Tommys Thoughts Run Wild he notices Ken Looken at him in his Review Mirror with a puzzled Face:: 

Ken: Yeah Bro Are you alright? You Seem A little Different . Is There Anything We can help you with ?

::Tommy Glances At Ken in Review Mirror::

Tommy: *Sez Toughly* No Man . I am Good Just Trying to Concentrate on the Road Ahead.

Ken: *Sits back in seat and relaxs* Alright Bro. Just was Checken. We bud's Gotta Stick together. Ya Know.

Tommy: {Chuckles} yeah I Know Ken . No Need to worry.

::Tommy Glances over at Alexia And Gently Takes his Right hand of the Steering Wheel.He Then begins to Steer With His Left Hand.Tommy then Gently Reachs out For Alexia'a Hand ::

Tommy: Angel Can I have your hand to hold In Mine *Glances Over *

::Alexia Doesn't Even Hesitate She gently Places her hand into his .Tommy Then Gentle Entwines there hands Together and holds Her hand nice and Gently.Tommy Then Glances Over Again At Alexia ::

Tommy: {Sez Concernly} Hey Alexia Do you Think I can talk to you for a little bit while they *Motions Back with Head * Go inside. Its kinda Important.

Alexia: {Wonders what he is thinking} Sure honey. No Problem.

Tommy: {Sez Timidly}Thanks I Really Do Appreciate it Beautiful Angel Of Mine. *looks at her with Concern and Curiosity*

Alexia: Your Welcome honey *looks at him and can something is bothern him*

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:: As They Continue There Journey They Finally Arrive. Everyone Begins to get out .Tommy then looks over to Group::

Tommy: Alexia And I Will be in shortly . I gotta Speak with her for A moment . *looks for Understanding from Group*

Ken: Sure No Problem Bro . Is everything okay with you and Alexia *looks with confusion*

Tommy: *Looks At Ken With Stern Face* Ya We're Fine . No need to fret About Buddy. I got this Covered.

Ken: Its not with me Is it bro? You Know Because Of Earlier and Taken so long with Getten Alexia?

Tommy: {Chuckles} No Bro. Your good.  Dont worry about Earlier We we were all in a frenzy Of Not being late for the Party. Your Good man . Just Check the Cameras and All before I get Inside With Alexia Okay .

Ken: {Nods with Understanding} Oh okay Just wanna make sure everything is alright. Ya know . No bad blood. Thank for Letten me Know *smiles and begins to walk insides*

Tommy: Your Fine dude. NO need to worry about it. Your Good.

::Jimmy,Kimberly ,Jefferey Follow Ken Inside and get things Prepped. Kimberly Begins maken Food For everyone While Ken Checks The Cameras. Jimmy Checks in With the Guards To Make Sure Everything Is Alright and Jeffery is Keeping The Newest Family Member Company In The Living Room Playen Monopoly while they Patiently wait for Alexia &Tommy  ::

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::Tommy Gently Takes Alexia By The Hand Gently While Timidly Looken in Her Beautiful Ocean Blue eyes. Then He Gently Leads her to the beach where they can have a private conversation without no Interruptions::

Tommy: *looks At Alexia *  I have a Question that has been bothern me a bit. I have to be honest it really bugs me alot too.

Alexia: *looks At Tommy with Concern* I Had A feeling there was something Bothern You .What is it honey? *Begins to shiver as I grow cold from Chillish Nightly Winds *

::Tommy Notices Alexia Getten Cold. He Then lets go Of Alexia's hand and begins to gently rub her arms to make them warm as he gently Pulls her close to his body::

Tommy: *Looks at Alexia Concerned for her Well Being* Are you Getten Warm my Love? *Tommys puts Alexias Well being over his Question*

Alexia: *Begins to stop shivering* Yes I am Just  A Little Cold Honey but I will be fine . So Tell me what you wanted to ask me or tell me. *looks Into His Eyes Deeply as  I try to stay warm and be all brave about it *

Tommy: *look at her with Sincerness and concerness* Angel I am gonna say this The best Way I can without Hurting Anyones Feelings.

::Alexia's Right eye brow raises as she looks at him thinking what he means by those words Plus Trys to fight the cold and act like it doesnt bother her and she is strong::

Alexia : Feelings ? *My teeth begin to chattered and I begin to shiver more as the cold becomes more unbearable*

::Tommy Notices Alexia Shivering Even more then Normal ::

Tommy: Angel You are cold!   HONEY ! *Takes Formal Jacket off and puts it Around Alexia and holds her even more close to keep her warm*

::Alexia Curls her arms up and Nestles into Tommys Chest while Refuting that she is cold::

{Music Begins To Play Love Me or Leave Me by Rednex -> With lMusic &Lyrics->

Alexia: I am not cold. I am tough! I refuse to be cold *trys to put on a strong face but while trying becomes ever more colder and begins to chatter My teeth even more*

Tommy: *sez with great Concern* Baby you are cold ! Come on baby lets head to the Fire place where you can get nice and warm .

Alexia: *Still Refusing to being cold or admitting it*  I am not cold honey ! *teeth Chatters even more*

::Tommy kisses her on the forehead  Then Wraps Alexia In his Formal Coat.Tommy Then Picks her Up While Cradle Carrien her To The Guest House. As He Carrys Her to the Guest House Alexia Holds Onto Him Nice and Tightly  ::

 ::As They Get inside the house Tommy Gentley Places Alexia on The Couch .After Doing So Tommy starts a Fire in the Fire Place So it can warm Her Up . Alexia From Afar Watchs Tommy As he is tactfully Handles the fireplace with safety. She begins to smile and wonders What it would be like to have her First Kiss With Tommy.As she Watchs Him She cant help but to wonder and lets her imagination run wild.As Tommy Finish's Putten More Logs on the Fire He then Finally Gets the Fireplace All Situated .

He Then Glances Over and See's Alexia Smiling While her Lips Begin to Tremble.He Begins to Wonder What she is Thinking About as her Eyes Tell A whole Different storys. It was as If Tommy Could read what Alexia Was Thinking. Tommy then Walks over and sits Beside Alexia While Covering Her and him With A Nice Warm Blanket. Tommy Then Looks Over::

Tommy:{Sez in a Concern Voice} Are you Alot Warming Angel ?*stares into her eyes*

Alexia:{Sez while my Teeth chattering Less} Yes I am getten Warmer now *smiles while Looken into his eyes*

Tommy:What Are you Thinking Alexia? *raises his right eye brow while leaning back*

::Alexia Notices that she Is Different and Trys to think of something to say as she doesn't want Him to know what she is thinking as she is still scared about it.But As She Takes A Long Time To Reply It Just Makes It Even more Obviously To Tommy What She Is Thinking about::

Tommy: Angel ? *looks Deeply into her eyes while getten even more Closer to her* Are You Thinking About our Almost Kiss? *Gently Slides his right hand up and over her Leg While Rubbing the blanket on her skin to make her feel more warmer Quicker*

::As Alexia Is Sitting on her right Side Looken Towards Tommy She Notices him Trying to Warm her up by trying to rubb the blanket on her Skin::

Alexia: *Looks At Him While Curled Up in his coat* Yes I have been to be honest.

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::Tommy Looks Seductively In Her Eyes As the Music Tempo Begins to Change::

Tommy:{Sez Lovenly} You Know You can uncurl yourself. You got A blanket now and you could Cuddle Me If you want. *looks over wanting her to cuddle him.Wanting to feel her Angelic Touch again like when she did in the car to his shoulder*

Alexia: *Begins to Blush while losing her words* I know honey. *looks into his eyes seeing a difference of Glow about him*

Tommy: {Sez lovenly} Angel?..... Can I Ask you something?....  *Moves Even Closer to the point now we are side by side Eachother*

::Alexia Begins to Get all hott and Sweaty As she feels the Heat from the Fire Place and now Tommys Formal Coat &Blanket were maken her even more hotter. She Begins To Start Taken His Coat off and places it on her right side of her Drapping it over the couch. She Then Moves the Blanket it off her but as soon as she does she feels a cold chill .So she pulls the blanket back up and Rests Her Head On Tommys Shoulder while Looken up at him. Tommy Is Allured into her eyes and her Fragrance of her Perfume JLO Glow Even Intoxicates him Further into her Illusion .

{Music Begins To Play Don't Go Away By Ace Of Base ->
And With Lyrics->

Tommy Feels as if The world didn't exist and it was only Alexia and him but this time it was different. It was full of Love & Passion and Infinity Loop of Eternity. Tommy Now couldn't fight his feelings or look away from how deeply he felt for Alexia. His Feelings Had Grew Deeper Over Time For Her. It wasn't Until Now He knew how deep they really were. Looken into her loven eyes Knowing how she felt about him Meant alot to him More then Anything on this earth. Tommy Knew He couldn't ever be apart from her as it drove him crazy at times.  There would be Times where Tommy would Freak if he didn't know where she was .

Tommys heart would leap out of his Chest EveryTime He couldn't Find her.It was like He felt Lost and Incomplete without her.It was like a Lost Soul Trying to Find there Soulmate . When He Would Find Alexia he would Feel Complete and Whole Like He Found His Soulmate. Tommy would feel like A complete Soul A whole being With Utter Happiness.  He Knew that being with her and haven her in his life was the most Specialist Ever. Everytime He Saw her It was like Fallen in Love all over again and Again.

This was the First Time he had ever felt this Deep Love and all he knew was he wanted to keep it and cherish it . He wanted to nourish it and grow it into something bigger and committed to her. He Wanted It To grow From A Bud Into A Special Blooming Rose Full of Beauty ,Love and Commitment. Tommy Knew If he Kept this to himself Any Longer it would Drive him crazy. So Tonight he was Gonna Ask her to Be his Girlfriend . As These Thoughts Pierced  his Mind All He could do is want to Kiss her and love her Like she Deserved . Tommy wanted so badly to be that man that not one man before him could ever be for her.

Alexia Begins to see Tommys love in his eyes and knows in her heart that she feels a connection but still doesn't know what it all means. She is frightening by it and is Confused why she is feeling a bond that was like a foreign  Distant to her. Things were still new to her. As she is still learning New things About herself everyday. But when she learns new things it scares her and makes her fear and want to hide more to shelter herself from being hurt . To Alexia Fear was something not to fight but to Embrace Whole Heartedly. To Alexia Fear was love.Her Emotions Were Complicate .Her Love was her Hate And her Hate was her Love.
Complexity Made her Unique but made her Confusing to Many.

{Music Begins To Plays  Bad Thing by Kim Cesarion  -> Without Lyrics->
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:: As They Sat there Temperatures were Rising and All There Was.. Was 2 love Birds sitting on a couch. Alexia with Fear,Hurt,Hate&Complexity Emotions and Tommy with Safty, Strenghth, Securess , Nurturance ,Full of Love and Vibrancy. Two Opposites in Emotions but Tommy Can Heal Her and mend Her wounds With Love.As the Music Tempo Changes Alexia Looks Deeply into Tommys Blue Eyes::

Alexia : sez Seductivly " You Make me wanna dance for you Baby" *Gently Slides On Top of his lap and Wraps her legs around him while looken Deeply in his eyes.*

::Tommy Looks Deeply In Her Ocean Blue Eyes While loosing his breath::

Tommy: {Sez in Loss Of Words} Angel...... What are you thinking Baby ? *gently Glides both his hand up her sides while Resting them on her hips*

::Alexia Looks At Tommy Seductively while tracing her finger Along his collar of his Button Up White Dress Shirt.Tommy Grows Ferociously With chills as her touch Drives him Crazy.Tommy Leans up and Picks up Alexia into the Air.While he does Alexia Squeels Girlish and holds onto him Tighter As She Doesn't want to fall.As Tommy Holds Alexia  In the Air he Looks Into her Beautiful Crystal Blue eyes Litted by the Fireplace Fire.  

{Music Begins To Plays John Legend - All of Me-> Without Lyrics->
And With Lyrics->

::Tommy Begins to Sway Side to Side while Holden her in his arms.Alexia Looks In his Eyes as they Sway::

Tommy: {Chuckles} Now Who has Who? Now Who is dancing with who ? *smiles while chuckles*

Alexia: {Girlish Wines} Babyyyyy.... Come onnnnn *pouts while looken Into His Baby Blue eyes* Dont you  want your baby to dance with you ? *looks into his eyes Deeply*

Tommy: {Heart Melts} ohhhh Angel!!! you know those eyes drive me crazy everytime you do that. *Gently Puts her Down* Not to mention that cute Puckered Lips of yours when you pout. *looks Deeply into her Crystal Blue eyes*

Alexia: *smirks and giggles While looken into Your Eyes* Thank you baby. You know I wanna dance nice and close to you *gently places her hands on his Masculine chest while not missing a beat While Looken Into his Loven eyes*You Know I love your arms Wrapped Around me *Gently Nuzzles her nose with his*

::Tommy Nuzzles Alexia's Nose back while gently sliding his right hand up behind her neck.He then places his left hand on her small of her back .Tommy then gently scoots even closure to Alexia. As he does Alexia Gently Moves her lips close to his .She then Gently Grazes Her Lips againest his but still not kissing him. She Then looks up into his Loven Baby Blue eyes. Alexia then Glides her Right hand up his back and gently Runs her hand through His Short Blonde Officer Crew Cutt Hair.

As She Does Tommy Feels the warmth she brings him.Her Touch, Her Skin ,Her Eyes ,Her lips, and Her Entire body Drove him to the brink of his insanity.All you could hear at this point was the crackling of the Fireplace and there breathe Was shallow and dear to there hearts. Tommy Then Nudges her nose to the side and gently Traces her Lips with his Tongue. Alexia Feels his Moist Tongue Upon her lips maken her Urge and wanting to Run but doesn't as Ken Walks in and save's the day.

Ken: Well What Do We Have here? *crosses arms and raising left eye brow*

::Tommy Holds Alexia Tightly in his arms while looken At Her as she does with him but Then turns away as she looks at Ken::

Alexia: {Sez Softly with loss for words} Baby... Were we gone to long?... *Looks Into Ken's eyes while still being held by Tommy*

Ken: *Smiles at Alexia While he knows he interrupted Tommy* Yes My Beloved. We need you guys at the House.

Tommy:{Looks over with Disgust at Ken for interrupting } Why is it whenever I am alone with Alexia you always seem to find the Time to Interrupt me with her?

Ken:*Smirks* The same way you do with me Buddy . Now if you dont mind we have a new Family Member waiting for there Introduction and all. *smiles while looken Alexia*

Alexia:*Looks at Tommy* We gotta go baby .We mustn't keep them Waiting.

Tommy: *looks back at Alexia* Yes your Right . lets get going. We will have to continue this another time. *gives Ken the dagger eyes while he gently lets go of Alexia*

::Alexia Then gently Takes Ken By his hand and carrys on to the house.Tommy Slowly Walks behind to think of ways to get time alone with Alexia ONCE AND FOR ALL as he has had enough with Ken's Interruptions . As They walks inside 72nd Family Member Just won Monopoly and Jeffery Was Still Trying to figure out how they won. Kimberly Just Finished Dinner and it was ready to serve. Alexia then Lets Go Of Kens Hand and gently walks Over to Kimberly and tugs on her shirt""

Alexia: Did you miss me baby ? *looks into her beautiful Blue eyes*

Kimberly: Yes I did alot *looks Sweetly and Lovenly in her beautiful Ocean Blue eyes* You ready for the bedroom tour *smiles at Alexia*

Alexia: Yes baby *gently takes her hand while walken towards the stairs*

::Kimberly then Motions the Newest Family member to follow them. The Newest Family Member Follows them Upstairs::

Alexia: Kimberly  HoneyBunny can you go get there fluffys for me Sweety *Gently Kisses Kimberly beside her lips teasing her*

Kimberly: ohhhhh Alexia ! *giggles* Yes Baby! *Looks at Alexia With Passion.*Then Kimberly heads to get Fluffys out of the Extra storage rooms. Then Kimberly puts her arms Right around me after she sets the fluffys on the bed . She Then kisses Alexia on her neck*

*Alexia Feels Chills and Hottness Towards Kimberly Then Looks Back Over at Newest Family Member*

Alexia :In Our Family We call Pillows Fluffys. If you are wondering.I  am So happy you finally arrived.We have been Patiently Waiting for you .  I hope you Love your home's Sweetheart.*smiles* Now Listen If you ever have a Request or if someone is bother you ,or if you need someone to talk to or chat with Don't Hesitate to let me know Sweetheart.

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Alright Well Just to let you know We Accept Everyone and anyone. We are there for you In Good Times And in Bad times. We Are Always there for you No Matter what. We Are A very Supportive ,Loven ,Caring, Trustable,Honesty, Loyalty  and more Family. *We are Just full of love ,Equality and more. We Believe in Treating Everyone Equally. 

*Takes Kimberlys arms off me for a minute and comes walken over to the Newest Family Member*
*Gives you a Big Huggie and Kisses on the Cheek* Just let me know if you ever need anything. 

Once Again Welcome To The Family Sweetheart. I am So happy you have Joined our family .

I love you Sweetheart.


Alexia : Alright Sweetheart well lets head Down Stairs to the Crystal Blue Pool Party Area for some Dinner and drinks .

::Alexia, Kimberly & Newest Family member Head to the Crystal Blue Pool Party Area Dinning Area for some  dinner and Drinks. We all sit around ,launging, make jokes, Goof around ,and We go Swimming.Then Alexia ,Kimberly ,Ken ,Jimmy,Jeffery and Tommy Start heading to the Van. They all had A wonderful Crystal Blue Pool Party at our newest family member house and now there headed To Head Quarters To pick up the 73rd Family member::

Welcome HOME 73rd FAMILY SWEETHEART MEMBER!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥ Alexia's First Kiss


                     ♥♥♥♥♥♥ BIG HUGGIES AND KISSES ♥♥♥♥♥♥

                         ♥♥♥♥♥♥Sincerely With Lots Of Love ♥♥♥♥♥♥
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