Monday, July 11, 2016

So please WELCOME Lexie Cedenio to our family!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥ We Have News on Video Quality and new features comming.

HELLO FAMILY !!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥



Well my DARLING SWEETHEARTS GREAT NEWS We found out our 52nd Family Members Name.



We are so excited to finally know who has joined our family!!!! So welcome to our family!!!
like I said earlier If you ever need anything, or someone is bothen you or you have a request Just let us
know at

We are here for you if you ever need us.  Our community is based on Number 1 and that is family.
we support one another through thick and thin,Good Time and Bad Times ,hardships and more. We are a strong family. We take care of eachother . you ever need someone to talk to or chat with Just email us or get a hold of us on

My Google Plus Page

My Twitter

Direct Email us on Our YouTube page  -->

Soon Enough We will have a Family Member Feature on our google plus. So family please keep a look out for it because it will be our welcoming platform and also a place where you guys can chat back and forth and share, pictures or whatever. It will be a google collection but it will be Open Platform to our family.  Right now it is still being worked on . 

Soon Enough We will also be Adding A feature where you can IM us at our office through Skype. 
We believe the faster the better it is. 

As the days go on we are implementing more features so you can have more access to us.
Right now we have one of our financiers on board with us to be one of our employees and a backer.

Quality of videos will soon change to higher Quality as we talk with our board of directors on how we shall go forward. Not to worry for our family members or others. We are just simply going over our next idea got Quality V.S Quantity . 

A.K.A  Quality means more time for video and only a  video V.S Quantity Which would be lots of videos and low quality of videos. We failed to launch twice Ultra High Quality Resolution due to Crashs of Editor.
Most YouTubers don't use Ultra high  which is one of our highest components. Due to majority of our community Ultra High is rare for most to use Since Key Factor in Our Economy Ultra High Is more use for the ultra rich or people who have a high income then most. 

1080P 60 is not the Highest there is  Right now 8K is the best resolution. We are thinking about going to 4K Resolution soon. We will let you know when and if we decide to implement it . If we go to 4k then we will have Volicity rendering and we can forget about using Sony Vegas anymore. Things are changing on our channel slowly. But even when we are quite there is a  reason. not bad but  it is a good thing. 

Usually it means another feature being added or another Big Project or what not. Anyways back to the main source of everything WE Are trying to make it more comfortable as possible for our Family Members and our Potential Family Members.  Now with all this being said most of you are probley gonna get a little scared as to what it means to you if we go to 4K. Well if we do We  will Do our best to make Other resolutions Available  as well to keep you engaged with our channel. 

We are all about Equality in all factors Including finances. I aint no rich person at all . I am below poverty. I am just lucky to have backers and financiers . But it doesnt mean I will always have them. Even I gotta get off my feet sooner or later and thats exactly what I am trying to do. I am trying to become financially  independent. 

Right now all of this is in testing and being talked about. it is a big Decision. It not something you can do over night. But We will keep all of you informed of any changes like we have been.  Now there is a Media player I believe that is free and that transforms a regular video into 4K. I dont have it at hand at this moment. but when I do I will leave a link to it and such. 

Also you gotta take into consideration that not all games can be done in 4K As well due to there graphics already. meaning games there were meant to be seen low resolution and what not. If any of you have any questions or concerns please contact us at or any of the followen I had mentioned earlier. 

Once again Welcome Home LEXI CEDENIO  ! ♥♥♥♥♥♥


♥♥♥♥♥♥ Sincerely With lots Of love ♥♥♥♥♥♥

      ♥♥♥♥♥♥ DancingSouless♥♥♥♥♥♥

Can you say DEJA VU ! WELCOME HOME 52ND Family Member ! Please take a look SWEETHEARTS !!♥♥♥♥♥♥

HELLO FAMILY !!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥


I MISS YOU BUNCHS!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Well when I came back I noticed we had Just Welcomed Another Family member. *looks at docket*
We still don't have There name but when we have there name we will properly introduce our newest Family
member with there name. Until then Lets Just Give them A warm welcome to our Family!!!!


WELCOME SWEETHEART TO OUR FAMILY!!! We have patiently waited for your arrival. *looks at Jeffery our Concierge * hemm hemm. Jeffery why didn't you alert me when our family Arrived?  

{ Jeffery} Ms.Alexia We tryed but your cellphone was here in the house when we released you left for the garden.

*Looks back at Our newest Family Member * I am sorry for the delay my sweetheart. it seems I left without my phone. *looks back at Jeffery* " Jeffery I am sorry . next time i will bring my phone. it isn't your fault. it is mine since i forgot it again"

 *Jeffery looks At Alexia* "Well You do love your Garden Who Could love more but a beautiful women in a Garden with Beautiful Butterflys"

*Alexia Raises one eye brow* "Jeffery no need to complement me I am pleased just to know you were looken after out arrivals while I was gone.*Looks at our Sweetheart patiently  Waiting for there welcome * Alright Sweetheart Well lets get you to your room . you must be exhausted from that long plane trip. *picks up your luggage* Well Sweetheart I am so glad you Arrived Safe and Sound. I was worried as I always do about all our family members.

Well you seem so happy to be here I am so glad.*sez excitedly* Well Welcome to our family sweetheart. Just to go over a few rules of our home. We respect eachothers Space. Don't go into eachother rooms without permisson. I am sure you are very well respectable. so i no need to worry about that.

If Someone ever bothers you or disrespects Just Sound the Alarm and we will handle it as fast as we can. Just becareful though Bob gets overly Excited with the Fire hose. Last time Gru was practicing  a call to someone he liked and well... you know what happend if you have seen despicable me 2. Anyways *minions go running through the hall after a banana That ALEX IS USING TO TEASE THEM .

*looks around * "ALEX XAVIER MEDINA URQUIZO YOU BETTER be nice to the Minions or you are going on time out MR.MAN *Puts hand on hip while holden the other with the luggage*

*puts luggage down for a minute and get the banana for the minion * "Here you go sweety. theres your banana and if Alex does it again Assemble the minions and start a water balloon fight with Alex" *minion shakes head as if he understood , gives me a kiss on the cheek and leaves happly with banana*

*Picks up luggage and waves to our newest sweetheart to follow me* Alright now back to where we were okay well if you need anything ,or if you want to chat or talk someone you can always Email us at

Just To let you know I update quite Frequently Our Discussion page -->

I let you know what is rendering, being released ,being updated, being worked on ,or i share some other information whatever it is at the time. Just to let you know we are very supportive of one Another and We treat eachother Equally. We are there for you in good times and in bad times as well.

Feel free to comment on any video to get my attention if you can't get me through Email Fast enough.
Whatever you find fit to get my attention. I also have twitter and other stuff. I really should be posting more in these individual welcome letters. learning process. we are all still learning . as you can see I am too. but that is ok. we will grow as a family sweetheart *smiles* Keep Scrolling down to the end of this page so you can see  your entire Greeting and everything. this is the first time I added this here.

Here is the Other ways to get me A.S.A.P .  -->

My Google Plus Page

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*Walks in the room and puts your luggage down and then get's 2 Fluffys out pf the Extra Storage space, then walks over to you and hands them to you* Yes I know I am weird I call my pillows fluffys. well everyone gets 2 fluffys when they arrive. you can have more if you like. Just let me know and I will do my best to accommodate you and make your stay the most awesome ever.Also Just to let you know you can decorate your room however you want to. Everyone Gets that Privilege . *smiles*

 *looks at you with happy tears in eyes*  I am so happy to see your arrival. you made me so happy seeing you come to and join our family. I have been down latly (meaning sad). but you made me happy again. Everyone has there ups and downs. but you my sweetheart made my day *gives YOU A GREAT BIG HUGGIE AND KISSES ON THE CHEEK*

Thank you so much for joining our family Sweety. you made my day. I know you made our familys day too *points to all our family members who are happy to see you * Well Sweety Don't hesitate to let me know if you ever need anything. *smiles big* We all love you and care about you. Just remember that. *smiles* Alright sweety well i gotta get back to the front and help the Concierge with there Walkie Talkies. they have been on the fritz latly because of the storm we had yesterday.  OH!!! ONE other thing  I have to tell you  we have a 24 /7 kitchen staff ,spa ,Pool with waterslides and what not, night clubs and more . So you are free to go to them anytime and also our staff caters to you . so no need to worry to be up at a certain time for breakfast or what not. Our Staff is on our schedule. we have over 250 Employees plus more. we just hired 500 more Employees. we are expanding. We treat our employees like family.

I didn't ever understand why other places didn't ever think to try that method. but we do. So we treat them like family . every shift is covered. so they switch out routinely. No need to worry about anything. everything is taken care of Sweetheart.  OH AND one other thing if you have a request and we are able to fulfill it Just send us an email at  or

My Google Plus Page

My Twitter

or Direct Email us on Our YouTube page  -->

Dont ever be afraid to ask for help. we will try to help you the best we can. Alright Sweetheart *gives you another big huggies and kisses on the cheek* WELCOME HOME SWEETHEART!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥

*Walks out and down the hall towards front Desk * Alright So how is everything going on up here Jeffery *Jeffery Looks at Alexia* It is going quite well my little Dove . *Looks at Jeffery with my right eye brown raised *  "Jeffery Do I look like a bird ?   *Jeffery Shakes head as if I was a bird*  Alright Jeffery Since you think i am a bird where are my nutts?  *Jeffery laughs uncontrollably *  Well I got one person to laugh today thats fine for me *smiles and walks towards the living room and gives a group family huggies and kisses on the cheeks of our family members*  Well I am glad you are all hangin out in the living room. I was hoping to see your cute faces today.  *looks over * KEVIN!!!! GET OUT OF THE OTTAMIN   you ainy no troll hiding under a bridge!  *megan laughs and rolls around laughing*

Okay now I have seen everything. Meagan Patton is rolling around like a bouncy ball laugh hysterically and Kevin Smith is hiding what he thinks is a bridge like a troll *slaps my forhead*  Well you guys thank you for the laugh but you didn't have to act like clowns to get me to smile. allthough it did help. so thank you my peanut butters.  Lucas Torres  *looks at me funny* No you guys ain't peter pan but you are my peanut butters. it is a cute nickname. shesh ! *giggles*

MrSurferLonley  Walks around in spots Outfit *Alexia Turns and looks at MrSurferLonley* why are you in spots clothes?  *watchs spot run through the hall bare butt* SPOT GET YOUR OUTFIT BACK ON MR.MAN. You know you can't surf 7 up without people not knowing who you are. *runs after spot *

Maryam wwpx *Puts on Cool Spot - Wipeout Tune [Genesis] Music on * here is the link to the song so you can listen to while you read this  ->  .

Coolspot Runs down the hall ,jumps on a skateboard as  i chase after him *  meanwhile  Causeis3002 seems Coolspot and does his Ryu Powerup and knocks cool spot into the Pool . then Coolspot begins to surf the tidal wave pool .  I then jump into the pool and hop on a jet ski and hit the petal to the metal to catch  CoolSpot .

Cool spot Wipes out in a wave. THEN Faith Batson  gets coolspot a new outfit and puts a new pair of sunglasses on coolSpot *Alexia gets of jets ski. then jumps off and swims to  shore . looks at CoolSpot and taps my foot while my hand on my hip *   MR.MAN You need to behave .  *hands CoolSpot a 7 up* no more being baddy pants or you will be put on time out  *Cool SPOT Shakes head and understands while giggling*

Alright Family  While we are on the Subject of Cool Spot I might As well show you a picture I drew of CoolSpot himself . *smiles* I do love to draw to when I got time. HEY SPOT ROLL THE MUSIC ! *que's spot to start the music*  { Cool Spot - Parade Tune [Genesis] Music PLAYS }  HERE IS THE link to the song --> 

You Can Also check it out on my googleplus page to see that and my Baby Pikachu I drew -->

Well Sweethearts I am gonna get back to editing so i can get Ep.4 going on rendering. sorry for such a slow process Sweetys. I love you with all my heart and I miss you bunchs my sweetys *Smiles*

  ♥♥♥♥♥♥*BIG HUGGIES AND KISSES *♥♥♥♥♥♥

     ♥♥♥♥♥♥Sincerely With Lots Of Love ♥♥♥♥♥♥


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