Saturday, April 9, 2016

Akasha My First Kid ep 5

My Family Before Now Ep 4

ABOUT Tonight's Videos and there releases! :D

later tonight I will be releasing 8 videos of my family life series. It will take time to upload. so please be patient. as of right now the last one is rendering. and has 1 more rendering process before upload. thank you

I have been working hard on theses videos the last week . Comming this week I will have more other variety videos uploaded as well. Its not over until the fat lady sings as they say in show business. I still got alot more up my sleeve even if the Second Life does flop because of my computer not being upgraded.

I still have plans .so no worries.




BIG Problems with Episode 8 and future Episodes ! :( Mr.x Evil Plan Might be the last episode find out why.

Well the last few days I have been trying to come up with a plan to save my series and no matter what I dont have the money to save it. I have actually went into debt with the last episode and to be honest now recently I got ever bigger problems to deal with. My computer is gonna need an upgrade.  Second life has standards with upgrades with there viewers. I use firestorm which is a viewer i use to play Second Life. And is also the viewer I use to make my movies. Unfortunately they upgraded to another version in which i can not update to. because my computer doesn't meets it specs. which mean it is only a matter of time before I lose Second life all together and my movies i make from there. See when they upgrade a viewer they cancel the older version .

It is like When they cancelled windows xp when I think Windows 7 came out. They eventually cancel it and make it not workable. at least thats how i understand . well the viewer i am on has matter of months before it is cancelled. I am not sure how much longer i have.

but here is the dilemma i am in .  I need to get a new computer so i can continue the show or lose the show and plus i am probley gonna lose the subscriber i have gained.  Which could hurt my youtube career. it is like a domino effect.  To be honest this is all i got left in my life is my computer ,my car and home.

As of May 5th I am gonna lose my son to the courts. I am gonna have to surrender. I have no other choice I have to do whats best for my son. They say they ain't useing my income againest me but they are .they say they aint using my past againest me they are. they are using 10 years of my past against me in which i had no control over or hadn't a clue about.

Like i knew my ex husband was gonna almost murder me? No I didnt know it at all. I was just like most domestic violence victims always thinking they were gonna change and was in denial about the situation and so on. Well lets put it this way 10 years  and 2 exs who really f*cked up my life big time. not Including my 6 Ex Girlfriends who f*cked it up as well with there mental issues,unstability, lieing ,cheating and ect.

With all that drama you get me losing all my kids in courts. Not happy about it. There nothing i can do about it. All i can do it try to take care of myself now and try to become financially independent  My Biggest flaw was depending on the people who i was with.

Now I am all the trouble in the world being independant . Thank gawd my parents are helping me as much as they are.

Anyways to my original reason why i am maken this post --->

Guys I Love maken my videos and doing what I do best But unfortunately I am not gonna be able to keep up with maken this type of shows because my computer needs to upgraded with graphics and all.

I want to continue to make theses whos. I have put alot of time and effort and also went into debt to keep this show going. If you guys would like to help keep this going please donate and help me keep alive on doing what i do best.

If i dont reach my goal I am looken at losing all my content plus subscribers in which i call family.  Youtube is my career and this all i have left in my life. So if you can please help it would make not to me but my family at youtube happy . I want to keep them happy. I didn't get this far to stop now. there were days i put 24 to 48 hours in to my workens and also lost alot of sleep. which was worth it . because i am happy with my work and so are many others. If I had to make the choice again in my life to make youtube my career again I would do it again and again because it is worth everything.

Thank you.

Well thank you for listening to me and reading on the current issues. I hope you can help me with the issue if not well then i am gonna have to do something else on Youtube.