Monday, April 17, 2017

SomeTimes Sorry is Not Ever Enough Pt.2 of 5

The Plot Thickens as the days go on. Evelyn is still not on speaking terms With Edward.As Emilys Parents are not speaking with one another Edwards Brothers Marco and Vinicio are having a heated Disagreement about who would be the most helpful on the grill at the family Reunion. Mean While Vinico Gives him some news about the FLEEING Realtor who stole money and fleed the country. What Will this mean from Edward? Find out what happends.

SomeTimes Sorry is Not Ever Enough Pt.1 of 5

After Evelyn's And Edwards Nest Egg being Drained From Edward Transferring There Money Over To Italy The Plot Thickens. Edward Can't Say sorry enough And Evelyn Is Still Mad At Edward. Their Argument Gets Worse and Emily begins to worry if Here parents are gonna end up in a divorce. Not To Mention More Issues Arise With Edwards Money Issues. I wonder what else could go wrong for this family? Find out by Watching .

Truffles Surprise Pt 1 of 2 4k

While Uncle Gino Is being Pig headed,Stubborn and tells everyone that he doesn't need family.Paige is Bonding with Truffles. Unfortunately Uncle Gino gets very Jealous and tells Paige to stay away from truffles. Uncle Gino Starts to act like A Spoiled Brat Who doesn't get his own way.But That doesnt stop Paige and Truffles from staying away from eachother as they sneek around behind Uncle Ginos back to go play. Later On A misfortunate Event Happends with uncle Gino. I guess karma just got him. see what happend to Uncle Gino. I wonder if he is rethinking about needed family ? Who knows? Watch this episode to find out what happends.

Not Everything That Sparkles Is What it is Cracked Up To Be Pt.2 of 2

As Evelyn&Emily Trys to Help Bianca Get Through Her Rough Patch with Her Husband Vinicio Things Dont turn out as good as everyone thinks.Bianca Has Had Enough. No Money could ever save their marriage at this point. With Vinicio trying to force there son into running their Business and not letten him follow his dream of possibly being a musician Bianca Has had enough.Not To Mention Edward has been up to no good behind Evelyns Back. Which causes Another Argument.  More Miscommunication's and more Issues Arise. What will happen? will this be the end of their marriage? Find out what happends.