Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Anxious & Worried and my new campaign

Well Today I was suppose to See my son. But I can't because ONCE AGAIN my Car broke down. it was over heating again. I already have a new water pump and new battery in it which did take care of the other two problems.

BUT we still can't figure why it is still over heating. Now after it gets over heated it smokes and it hisses. My dad thinks it could be the thermostat and it could be the hose. So Today  I am gonna see what I can do to see how i can fix this issue before next tuesday.

I am so upset about it. I really wanted to see my son today. I miss him so much. My poor baby boy. he is gonna be disappointed . I will have to explain to him down to his level that mommys car broke down and i really did want to see him but my car wouldnt work. then of course I will call my car stupied because it is.Then after that I will give my son a great big hug and kiss and tell him I love him.Also that no matter what that I always want to see him and to blame mommys car for being stupied.

I am pretty sure he will agree my car is stupied. I am just so anxious right now. I know I need to get this car fixed and I am gonna do everything I can do to fix this car. Because Come HELL HIGH WATERS I am GONNA SEE MY SON NEXT WEEK.

I will figure a way. I am not gonna let this happen again. I feel like I failed in one way with that car. But I know it isnt my fault so I shouldn't beat myself up about it (Sorta speech). I just hope I can figure what is wrong with it. It makes me anxious to know it needs to be fixed . I kinda wish there was a 24/7  store that  a mechanic always around and did a free eval of the situation.

I know there a free evals but not 24/7 mechanics. Well Anyways I just gotta relax and wait until 8am or 9am when most stores open and see what i can find out about my dang car.

Thanx to my EX who drove my car into the ground (sorta speech) and now I gotta fix it all. My car was in perfect condition until my ex got a hold of it for almost 2 &1/2 years.I can't Recall exactly how long it was.
 See the ex and I had co-ownership at one point. But After my ex went to Jail Then my ex signed everything over to me fully.

So when I got my car back it wasn't in good shape. Freaken darn it all! My ex had only 1 thing to do and that was to keep the car up and running for our kids. But he didn't and it wasn't until about a few months before September That his dad help him with the car.

No offence but the car is suppose to be taken care of no matter what and as soon as possible so it doesn't cost more bad situations.whatever ... I look at it this way... That Karma is a b*tch and it will get back at him like it does to all of us.

But that doesn't matter what matters is my son and doing almost everything I can do to fix that car. I am pretty sure it will be fixed this week. Anyways I had to vent my frustration out. I feel a bit better now.

I Started A go fund me account . Hell any help can help right about now. I just want me son back and one things i gotta prove is that I have good transportation. my dad lets me borrow his car but I have to drive to him to get the car. Eaither wise he can't drive to where I am. (Thats what he said).mainly because he works early in the morning .  which is the truth.

Anyways I better get going and start the campaign and try to also work harder so i can get everything done.