Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Please Take a moment in silence as we lost a subscriber today :(

Well we lost a subscriber today. So please take a moment of silence for our lost family member.
Like most channels we do lose subscribers and today we lost our 1st one . I have had lost subscribers along time ago since back when I started Youtube 2007.But now it is way different I am a YouTube partner and I am active with my community versus along time ago.

I make Regular videos and I always keep everyone updated and posted about what is going on with videos and myself.Plus I give you direct access to chat with me and email as well. I can't do to much more then what i am already doing . But it is liek Jacksepticeye has said sometimes our viewers change and sometimes we lose our subscribers but we must move on and push forward.

Now since I am a partner it hit's our channel very hard. I dont take this lightly and i do take it to heart.
But Our Channel will move forward . One thing I would like to see out of my community alot more is people commenting ,talken to one another. I notice everyone has been very quite .

Our channel stands for family it is alright to vent and all. we are a support system.

If anyone has an issues or request or just wants to talk Email

We are here for you guys.




GOOBYE GREED ! EP.3 is now released

Say So long Sucker To THE Evil Route of all Evil GREED. I come to meet with him and take him down cold. So long Mr.Greed Just proves I don't need to be greedy to get what I want.


In This Episode we say GoodBYE To Greed and begin our Journey getten close to meeting the 4th demon. 3 Down and 5 more demons to conquer .


Well I Hope you Guys Enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed maken it

More is to come as always.




GoodBye Greed! Ep 3