Friday, February 5, 2016

Car Broken Down Episode and Lights Out Episode Information :D

Well I just release Another episode Of Update. So now Update Episode 2 is now released. you can now see what happend when my car broke down.

Also Very soon I am releasing the Lights out Episode 3 in update :D So sometime tonight that will be finished as well for all to see :D

So you guys are one spoiled group you get to see both :D

Can't help it . I love maken Videos. As for my Vlogs I am gonna hold back on those ones for a little bit. I am gonna focus on Update and my others series that I am working on. You will soon see those and some are ones that you already know about they will just be more added videos to the series that is already here.

But no worries I will keep everyone updated :D . Like I always do.



Episode 2 Stranded on the Highway

LIGHTS OUT With more HELL. :( ,which puts my work behind .GRRRRRRR o_o

Well today was another day from hell. About 8 something our lights went out where I LIVED . I swear I dont ever get a da*n break. I mean for f*ck sake. 2 days in a row with something else to worry about.
I already got alot to worry about. My freaken ex didn't have to run my car into the ground before he gave it back to me.

Well I look at it this way.. KARMA is a b*tch so i am sure it will come around and get back at him.
Matter in Fact I think it has hit him since he is in Jail. Thats what he gets for all the LIE'S he has told everyone.Before Anyone Askes me I am not gonna Judge him . I don't know if he is or isn't Guilty. That is up to the judge to decide. But to Be Frank I don't give a da*n About him in the first place.

All I want is my son . I want my son to be home with his mother where he belongs. He doesn't need to be in foster care. He needs to be with me (his mom) .I am taken care of the car problem . it will be fixed.I am just so frustrated. I am trying to work my a** off and sometimes it seems like I have obstacles keep getten in my way. Sometimes I wish I had someone to be here with me . I hate being alone.

But I dont need anymore Drama Eaither so I am gonna be really Picky On my Next Partner. and if they dont like it they can go and fly a kite and stuff it. Because I am NOT going to jump into another relationship just because I feel lonly. If anything that is the worst time to do so .Because your judgement is clouded. it also could cost ya in the end with a bad relationship and a hell of a headach break-up.

Plus I am not just thinking about myself. I am thinking about my son and how he would feel. I am gonna make sure that everything is safe and secure. My son comes first. Everyone else can go f*ck themselves.
I miss my son and I love him so much. he is my world. He will always comes first above everyone else.
That includes myself. he will be before me . I always took care of my kids that way. I always thought about my kids first and myself second. But Ofcourse it goes with it being unnoticed.

Anyways Enough of my blabber mouth. I need to get back to work. I need to make up the time that was lost by the stupied lights being out. Stupid weather!!!

Not only that after the weather passed I stayed at my friends house for a bit to cool off from the lights being out. I wasn't the only one pissed off in this place I lived. everyone was .my one neighbor was cussing up a storm ,slamming doors and went out to go from what I am assuming out to have someone fix our lights.

One thing I noticed where I live is when stuff goes wrong it is always good to have atleast 1 person to be pissed off because when it happends they help the rest of us as a community by helping fix the problem fro all of us. I am telling ya one thing if they didn't do it I would've called th Electric company myself.

I don't play games when it comes to my Electric ,water or anything else. If I am paying someone to live where I am I expect it to be fixed PRONTO. Especially when it comes to my food in my Fridge. Food is
Expensive anymore. Almost everything at the store is almost 5 bucks a piece . I think there hiking prices on purpose anymore. well thats my opinion .

So yeah I want my Electric on pronto because I got lots of food in there.I do care alot you know. There might be people out there that got money up there a** and dont care and throw out food like it is nothing but guess what I aint no millionaire and I aint no rich person. I am below poverty level. And even if i was above it I STILL WOULD CARE.

If I was rich I would give the leftovers to people who were hungry or needed it. I wouldn't throw it out. I would give it to the hungry people who would appreciate it more. And I mean the actually poor people not the imposters that you give them food and then they throw it away while you walk away.

I one time was going to a barns and nobles Book Store in orlando and a guy was begging for food on the outside of the store. Well i just ate out that day and I had leftovers from bennigans. So i gave the dude my leftover big burger with fries and everything. He looked thankful but then when I left i turned around and the guy threw it in the garbage. I was like was a f*cken prick. that is the last time I ever help a poor person.

All that guy wanted was money for his alcohol. he didnt care about the food and now you are gonna ask me how did i know it was that. Well later on when i got out the guy had a big alcohol bottle in his hands drinking it.

See thats the problem those type of people make the REAL poor people look bad. you know the saying if one doesnt it makes it all the rest look bad. well that guy gives The Real poor people a bad reputation.

He wasn't poor he was an alcoholic.well he might have been poor too but still. I still help those in need Still when i can. But I try to make sure the genuine people get the help. You know you can't always know who is or isn't but if you trust your gutt feeling sometimes you can be right.

No one is always 100% right or Wrong.  but anyways that had happen to me about over 5 years ago. but still i wont forget it.

Anyways I am gonna get back to work now. I feel so much better now since i vented out my frustration.
It is always good to blogg when upset or just when I want too.