Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Although I have to go bed early and gotta get up at 7:30am .I still made another video for you guys like I have promised. I am so set on a schedule now that Almost everyday now you should get a new Episode .
Thats of course if i don't get sick. so far so good. I am 100% healthy . so All is good. So Tomorrow you should be getten a new episode Like clock work.

With no further Ado Let me announce  Meeting Sloth EP.4 Is now released!

Meeting Sloth Ep.4

Finally We meet Our 4th Demon . We meet Sloth. As we continue our journey we get closer to finding other demons in the Asylum.

I hope you all enjoy. Allthough I got bootcamp that starts today I am still 100% focused on my videos. My Videos come first. So no worries on your adorable little heads. you are in safe hands . I won't let you down.
Your videos will be released on time . :D




Meeting Sloth Ep 4