Thursday, June 29, 2017

๐Ÿค—Spending Time With You & Updates | DancingSouless Vlog๐Ÿค—

In This Video We go Over Some Main Topics That covers what is Has Been Happening. Please Look down Below for the Contents of Topics we talk about,and all other inquiries about this video .

Spending Time With You & Updates

1.Dessert Before I Eat

2. Talken About The Major Glitch with Angela's High School Reunion

3. Figuring the Special Moments

4. Why I didnt do a video the one day

5. Blood Harvesting & Anemia

6.Preparing for Emergency's

7. Hypothermia Levels and how my body reacts

8.My Body Temperature is way different then most

9. Natural Reaction

10. what I do when I think

11. Nightmare schedule

12. Working ON Blogger Series

13.First Reaction of Game Plays Conversations

14. Explaining the Glitch of Angela's Highschool Reunion

15.My opinions of Minimizing screens and comparing games

16. Angela's Fashion Fever VS Hearts Medicine

17.Being Real

18.Thumbnails and the break

19. Explanation of break and what I didnt expect

20.Being Fragile

21. Tensions Headachs

22. Sometimes Maken Jokes Makes Yourself Feel better

23. Convorsation about My Second Life & Marilyn AND Millena

24. Convorsation about Blue Giraffe and hearts medicine

25. Outro