Wednesday, March 2, 2016

YouTube , My Channel and RL (Real Life)

Well the last fews days have been very busy as always. Haven't been able to upload any new videos but i have videos they just need to be edited. ( manly there vlogs) .

I am so frustrated latly with my real life. Car is still broken down. Hell is all around me but thank gawd it is not happening to me. *knocks on wood*

Tomorrow was suppose to be my pre-trial for my court case for my son. But I was advised not to go by my lawyer. But on monday I will have to go to the trial part. My lawyer knows what is best interest for me and my son and our case and i am so luckly to have him as my lawyer. he understands me and what i am going through.

I took sometime to look over the videos I have done on my youtube Channel to see what goals I need to work towards to and what needs to be tweaked and what needs to change if any. So far I don't see much that does need to change.  I just need to get better at maken thumbnails and work on a logo for my channel.
I also need to work on a welcome Trailer for those who haven't subscribed so they know what my channel is about and why it is awesome to subscribed to my channel. ( i lost my translation on that last part on what i was tryin to say) LOL ROFL.

I will admit although most youtubers may not want to admit to this. I am a little lost on my channel when it comes to a logo and a strong mission statement and trailer. So I am practicing and working on one before I finalize it to my channel. I Am the type of person that I will change it about a billion times until it fits. Well I don't want to go through that.

So I am giving it time and assessing what would best fit my channel. Once I know without a doubt and have a clear mind about it then it will be done. Until then I will create what moves me and such.I also create things that I love and are passion about . I just wish I could Describe it in words .lol

Sometimes it can be difficult to even understand myself. But the good thing is i can understand others.Don't even ask me how that works. LOL ROFL.

To be  honest I don't want to be labeled . I wanna be a variety channel. I don't wanna be stuck to only 1 thing. To me and to be honest I think being a variety is the best. At least for me that is.

Some people are great at 1 thing and some are great a many things but whatever it is is them... being true to themselves. Sometimes you gotta admit when you are stuck or not. Because sometimes if you need help it is better to let others know. then maybe they can help you. Reaching out for help isn't a bad thing.

Being direct is a good thing not a bad thing. Well anyways I am gonna go eat and take a break before I return to my work :D

The one thing I will admit there is something that everyone likes about my channel . Because i am getten more subscribers. so what ever i am doing .. I am doing it well. One thing I want to say is THANK YOU !! TO ALL OF YOU!! YOU Mean the world to me and thank you so much for being here ! your the best I could hope for !! :D




We hit 22 Subscibers .We are on a roll now :D

We hit 22 Subscibers !!! :D  thank you guys *huggies*

Well thats another milestone  :D 

I am speechless and don't know what to say but only thank you :D