Sunday, February 21, 2016

Updated News YESTERDAY We Hitted 17 Subscribers!!! sorry for the late notice.



We hitted 17 Subscribers Thanks sheri!!! :D.  *HUGGIES*   Sorry for the late notice everyone. Been resting and networking plus trying to get more footage for my Series (Second Life Egypt). Plus Tomorrow I got court . so i gotta prepare for that too. But just to let everyone know I am still here. I just have been pretty busy latly . My car keeps breaking down. now it is hissing and smoking which isnt good. so i am trying to find out a way to fix it. But it isn't that easy as you can imagine. :( 

I do have a campaign Going for my car  to help it get fixed. So if anyone wants to donate Just go to My google plus page in the About me section and there is a link there. Anything small or big will help. Anyways back to my main story So i got all that stuff going on . My oldest Daughter is still in and out of the mentel ward and My mom is still going through all of her testing for leukemia and cancer. We still don't know if she has it or not. The doctors haven't given us a direct answer. 

There doing all the tests they can do and we all still dont know if she has it or not. I just hope she doesn't because my mom means the world to me . i love my mom alot. she was the one who raised me growing up while my dad worked all the time.  Over the last few weeks before my car broke down I would take my mom to appointments if she asked me too. I had no problem doing it.

Thats another reason why i need my car fixed. It isn't just for me. It is for my mom and my son sake. I am also in a custody battle for my son.  This car needs to work so i can get my son back and to take my mom to where she is needed to for her tests. I don't need to lose my mom or son. They are 2 people who are important to me .

My dad does have a car. but he can't afford to take to many more days off eaither. He does help my mom as much as he can too since he is her husband.But when he can't do it I help. its only fair since they help me that i help them. It goes two ways. I also do enjoy my time with my mom.

Although Sometimes we argue like sisters as my dad sez it. But it natural in my family. Our family is alot different from all others.we don't argue all the time. there is just alot of misunderstandings. Which happends since everyone has a different opinions and are set in there own ways. But the fact is we are still family at the end of the day. 

Latly everything i have has been eaither been braking or going to hell. on top of all the mess that has been going on I went to the hospital not to long ago which you guys all know is just pouring with bad things happening one after Another. I wish some good things would happen. I need luck at this point. Where is a 4 leaf clover when you need one or a leprechaun.

I swear that da*n leprechaun Stole my luck. >_< grrrrrr.

anyways i gotta get back to work but I hope everyone else has a good day.