Monday, May 23, 2016

Irresistible&Trouble In Rio Ep 5 is now uploading

Hello Family !!!

Irresistible&Trouble In Rio Ep 5 is now uploading .So it is taken so long but I had to Run to the ER this somorning because I thought I had a appendicitis. Which I just got home a little while ago. I don;t have it. sO THANK GOODNESS FOR THAT. but they did say it could be the beginning of one and just to keep a look out for it.

Anyways Irresistible&Trouble In Rio Ep 5 is now uploading it has 118 minutes until it is fully released.
Also I will be releasing the two new game Play names as soon as Irresistible&Trouble In Rio Ep 5 is fully released . So keep a watch out my Sweethearts. I will be releasing there names in a few hours as soon as Irresistible&Trouble In Rio Ep 5 is released.

I love you and miss you guys. I hope all of you are safe and Healthy. I worry about you guys too.
I know i can pull through Just About anything is i put my mind tthrough it. I am a toughy.This Channel is not just about me it is about you guys too.You guys are my family ! :D  

Anyways I am gonna get going and get editing thumbnails for the show. Keep a watch out my sweethearts.
I don't want you to miss the announcement of the 2 new game plays.




♥Welcome Family Member 34 !!! We are so HAPPY TO SEE YOU !♥

♥Welcome To The Family Member 34 !♥

Sorry for the number But we haven't received your name yet on our channel to know
exactly your name. So we are sorry if it bothers you. Once we get your name
We will be able to Welcome you Properly . Once again we are sorry for the number
Situation .

BUT ANYWAYS WELCOME TO OUR FAMILY!!! We have so been waiting for you!
This is just A super Joyus Occasion! We all love you and miss you to pieces! We have
been patiently waiting for you . I so hope you are happy with us. I know we are happy to see
you ! I am so proud of you and Am so Excited to welcome you to Our Family!

If you need anything ,have requests or any problems Just email us at
That is our office email and if there is anything we can do to help you Enjoy your stay or make you comfortable Please Let us know we would be gladly to help you In Anyway we can.


For all Our Other Family members *groups huggies and kisses for all*
I miss you and love you guys all the same ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Also RENDERING TIME IS AT 1 hour and 40 minutes left and it is 51% done in rendering phase 1.
So Irresistible&Trouble In Rio Ep.5 is still in phase 1 . Thought I would let all of you know. Be patient my Sweethearts it will be here soon. No worried alright . I love you and miss you guys *BIG HUGGIES*

*BIG Huggies*




Well I just got Done editing and Reviewing to make sure it is perfect. For now On all my videos are gonna be Explicit Unless someone special orders a PG VERSION. Otherwise this Episode is Explicited.

So now it is in rendering . it is 1 hour and 34 minutes Long .  It has 3 hours and 5 Minutes rendering time.I will update you guys once we get to Uploading phase. Because phase2 always goes quick.

Alright Guys well I am off to work on other projects plus thumbnails. Also I didn't mention anything about
the 2 new game plays That I will be playen in the video. So I will Announce it here once  Angela's ep.5 is in release mode. I rather give you all the information at once.