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InBetween Storys : Ken Desires and Alexia's Love Story Part:1




** Just To Let you know all Know All Of Our Storys Connect to one another even the Inbetween storys connect to your storys ***

*As The Sun Sets Alexia Enjoys A Glass of  Her Favorite Red Wine Francis Coppola Diamond Collection Cabernet Sauvignon  (2011). While She Sips her wine Music begins to play  Cher - I Don't Have to Sleep To Dream   .here is the link-> With Lyrics ->
without Lyrics ->   *

*As Alexia Sits & Relaxs while haven her Glass of Red wine she smiles with happiness as she listens to the music ,Watchs the waves and Feels the nice Warm Breeze on her Ebony Skin*

Alexia : This Is Gonna Be A Beautiful day. *sighs in happiness*

::Ken is taken a stroll on the beach when he see's Alexia  Sitting down sipping her wine and Just Enjoying the Sunset. Ken Just stands there for a few moments and Enjoys seeing her happy. As Ken Stands there And watchs her from Afar He Just can't resist but wanting to be with her there . All the sudden the Right moment hits and The song by Leonard Cohen - I'm Your Man Begins to play.
 Here are the links with lyrics {
When Ken Hears this Song start playen He Comes up With An Idea To sing the song while acting like a goofball for Alexia. As Alexia is sitting and enjoying the Atmosphere She notices The Songs changes. As she glances at the sunset Ken Comes Over Singing . Alexia begins to get nervous and Hides her face behind. The cloth napkin .

Alexia's face is blushing so red it matchs the Long Stem Red Rose that Sits on her table.
Ken Notices her Face going beat red but it doesn't stop him. As he knows soon enough it will pass. 
At one Point Ken dances over and gently Tuggs at her cloth Napkin taken it from her . As He did that Alexia
Covers her face in embarrassment and trys her hardest to hide as She knows that If someone is to sing to her it is a connection Directly to her heart.

As The song continues Ken Doesn't give up. He begins to dance around the chair.As Alexia Thinks he has gone she looks around to see where Ken Went.Little Did she know he was right on the otherside of her . Ken Sneekly and  Gentley Takes Alexia By Her right hand.

He Then wisks her into his arms while Singing to her.At This Point Alexia Can't No longer
Hide or anything. Alexia trys her best to look at the sunset so he can't see her blushing.But when she trys to Ken gently dips her and gives Alexia No other choice to look him in his eyes while he sings to her.
As Alexia Looks into Kens Ocean Blue eyes she hangs on to him tightly so she doesn't fall.

As The Song Ends Ken Looks Deep her Her baby blue eyes.

Ken : {sez in a seductive voice} I am not gonna let you go Baby. I won't let you get hurt. My Precious Angel.

::Alexia stares at him in his Sparkle Blue eyes and hopes to gawd he doesn't let her go. Ken Then Gently tilts her back upwards while cupping her small of her back. As Alexia Stands Softly back on her feet Ken gently takes his right hand and gently rests it on her hip. As he does that he moves closer to Alexia And doesn't lose one moment of eye contact with her. As Alexia See's Ken eyes filled with Warmth She Wonders what he has in store for her.

As Ken and Alexia Look at eachother with no words spoken Music Begins to play Madonna-Inside out without Lyrics{ } . Can't find lyrics with music. so here is a site who has the lyrics without the music if you are curious to what she is singing-->

As The Music plays Ken Gently Moves Alexia's Hips side to side . Alexia Then places her hands on to His shoulders. As they begin to Dance the Music becomes intimate and Deep. Ken Then Takes Alexia's right hand and Twirls Alexia Around. Then he Gently Sways her side to side. 

As he dances behind her Ken then Nuzzles Alexia's Neck. Alexia then gently Glides her right hand through Ken's Hair as she dances in front of him.Ken Then Gently Takes Alexia's Left hand and Entwines it in his.
Ken Then Takes there Entwined Hands and gently presses her Abdomen While Guiding her close to his body.He Then Slowly Glides his right hand up her Side and over her shoulder. 

Alexia then takes her right hand rests it upon there hands.Ken then Glides his right hand Across her Collar Bone and gently pulls her hair back out of her face. He Then Slowly moves his lips Close to Alexia's right ear and gently Wispers in her ear.

Ken: You Are so Beautiful I can't Keep away from you. Seeing you Tonight Has Made me Know I can't be without you. Your Love .Your Touch . {Sez Seductively}

::Ken Slowly takes his right hand and Glides it Across her right side of her face Until it Reachs her left Side. He Then tilts Her Face towards his face.At This Point Alexia's is Staring Directly into his eyes. There Noses are Touching One anothers .There Lips are in mer inchs of eachothers at this point.

Alexia Pulls away and Turns her head back the other Direction as fast as possible. Ken then Twirls Alexia Back around while letten go of her left hand . As Alexia Turns Around Ken then takes her by her hips and Pulls her Close to him with his right hand and entwines his left hand into hers. 

{Song Changes to Oasis-Wonderwall   With Lyrics { } 

::Alexia's Stares into Ken's Eyes and wonders what he is thinking and where his mind is at.As I am clueless as to what Ken Is thinking. I then begin to say in A nervous Voice...

Alexia : Ken What is going through you mind Right now.

::Kens looks Deep into Alexia's eyes with full of Love and Hope::

Ken: I have waited since yesterday To tell you how I feel. Alexia....

::Alexia Stares into Kens Oceans Blue eyes and see his sincereness of what he wants to say::

Alexia : {Sez in concerned Voice} What is it Ken? What is it Sweetheart. {breathe begins to grow shallow as i grow fear as what he is going to say}

::Song changes to nothing compares to you by sinead o'connor With Lyrics ->

Ken: Alexia I love you so much. I know I Have said it before. But I really mean it . *Looks Deep Into Alexia's Eyes while holden her close in my arms*

Alexia : Well I love you too Ken. You Know I love you.*Looks Deeply into his eyes*

::Ken Shakes his Head and Alexia Is confused at this Point::

Ken: No Alexia I Mean I love you More then A friend. I love you Like  A Girlfriend.

::Hold's Alexia Close to my heart While Starring into her beautiful Blue eyes::

Alexia : What do you mean like A Girlfriend?

::Ken Can't seem to Understand Why Alexia Doesn't get it. ::

Ken : Baby Why can't you Understand what I mean? 

Alexia : Because Ken I Really Don't Understand. *looks Even more Confused then before *

Ken: Baby ....*looks into your eyes* I want you to be my girlfriend. I want you to love me like I love you. I want to be with you. I want to kiss your luscious lips . I want to feel your Ebony skin on mine.

::Alexia at this points has it difficult to understand why Ken loves her . All Alexia Can hear In her head was he Loves her But she Can't seem to Understand why .To Alexia Love is like A Foreign Language . Its Almost Like she lost what it meant or how it felt. Or She was totally Oblivious to it and didn't see it.But Whatever it was She couldnt understand . Alexia looks at Ken while Placing  her hands on his chest. She looks deep into his eyes with so much caring  and Understanding ::

Alexia : Ken To be Honest I really don't Understand why you Love me . I can't Understand it. I dont even know how you even started to feel this way about me. 

::Ken Looks Deep Into Alexia's Sparkling Crystal blue eyes while his heart races A million Miles Per second::

Ken: {Sez in a passionate Voice} I love you with all my heart. I love you with all That I am and will ever be. I Fell In Love with you the day I first Layed my eyes on you. You make my heart race. you make me feel butterflys. You Give me all nice warm and fuzzy feelings. I feel like I am on cloud 9 when I am around you or near you. You Take my breath away  everytime I look at you and see that The Woman who is standing infront of me is the most Caring ,sweetest ,loven person ever. You are beautiful. you Are like an angel That has fallen from heaven. 

::Alexia Listens to all the Sweet Words Ken is saying and wonders what he is feeling and what it is to feel love and to be loved. since it has been a long time and Love to me has lost all meaning . Alls I ever Feel is fear ,anger, and lost. Alexia Wonders as what it means and when will I ever know what it is like or will I ever forever guard myself::

Ken : I know you have been hurt alot and I know you have trust issues. But if only ... if only you would give me the chance to Show you that A guy like me Can and Will treat you with respect and love you deserve.... I would like to be that man in your life . 

Alexia : Ken.....

Ken : Please Think about it. I know you say you are a lesbian but I just want you to think about it. I respect that your not into guys. But I think and this is my opinion that maybe... just maybe the reason why you are gay is because you weren't treated right by a man.

{Song Begins to play Real McCoy Another Night with lyrics -> 
and here is one Without Lyrics ->

Alexia : Ken that is not how that works and you know it.

Ken : Like I said Baby .. it was an opinion . But for me... Will you please... please think about it.

Alexia : I will think about it but it doesnt mean a d*mn Thing. I am so not into guys. 

Ken : Well thank you For atleast Saying you will think about it. 

Alexia : Your welcome. but don't think your getten anywhere with me Just because I am thinking about it.

Ken: Alexia I know. I know if you wanted to do something with me or anything you would. Atleast I think you would right?

Alexia : Yes I would let you know if i did or not. If I ever went Bi-sexual i would Let ya know. But I am not.But If I ever did go that way you would be the first to know.

Ken : I would? *smiles big *

Alexia : Yes ken you would be. Because I feel safe and comfortable with you. 

Ken : Do you Trust me?

Alexia : Yes I do a little. Thats why I let you do the things you want to do.

Ken: hold on a minute by letten me you mean you don't enjoy the stuff i do for you?

Alexia : I love the things you do for me . I love the roses ,the dances and the long walks we have. Your the only one I let sing to me if that sez anything. I wont let anyone else sing to me. Because Singing to me is like a bond to my heart and you know how protective I am over my heart. I dont wanna get hurt again.

Ken : awww baby You Know I won't ever let you get hurt. I will wait however long it takes for you to love me like I love you. I know when the time comes you will let me know. *Heart Flutters with so much love for Alexia*

Alexia : You Know I don't break promises. So you know I keep my word.

Ken : I know you do . Thats Why i am patient and Understanding . I am just sorry you have been through a really rough life. 

::Ken looks Into Alexia's Loven Eyes ::

Ken : May I take you to place I had Specially Set up for us ?

Alexia: Yes Sure . I would really love that. and don't worry I Understand you ain't trying nothing stupied. I learned from last time.

Ken: *Smiles* Well I am glad you Now Understand I wouldn't Do Anything to Hurt you in any shape or form.

::Ken gently Picks Up Alexia And Cradles her as he brings her to a secret corner he made Just for them::

*Ken Motions for staff to move the candles and pink champagne. The Staff Puts it on a near by table *

Staff: Is there Anything Else You Would Like Ken ?

Ken : No thank you. But If I do I will give you a phone call.

Staff: Alright . You Have a nice night with Alexia *smiles*

Ken : I will and thank you .

Staff : Your Welcome .

::Alexia Looks Into Ken's Eyes ::

Alexia : { sez in a gently Voice} Ken May I Say Something?

Ken : {Looks with into Alexia's Sweet Eyes} Yes baby.

Alexia : Dont ever let me go. keep me safe in your arms.

::Ken Wonders What Alexia Means and wonders if she may or not be warming up to him.The 
thoughts of maybe being with him. As Ken thoughts run millions of miles he could only wonder what
she met.But he Knew He Just had to be Patient and to see what the outcome would be. Even though
it Maybe not now In The Future anything could happen But only Time would tell on that one::

Ken : {Sez with Love in his voice} I won't ever Let you go as long as you let me hold you forever. I will always hold you in my arms. My Sweet Angel Of mine.

Alexia :*smiles with happiness in her heart* Ken......

Ken: Yes my darling Angel?

Alexia : I really feel Safe in your arms . I am so happy to have you in my life . *smiles while looken deep into Kens eyes, Leans up and kisses gently on his neck *

::Ken Starts to Shake at the knees as her Kisses bring him An over Powerful Loven feeling::
::Ken then Gently Lays me Down on the Bed .  At this point I am laying flat on my back and starring up at Ken as he leans over top of me::

{ Song Plays Simon Viklund  I Will Give You My All ->
and here is with lyrics and with music ->

Ken: Baby I gotta Tell ya something you make me weak at the knees with you gave me that kiss on the neck.

Alexia : *looks into his eyes lovenly* I didn't do anything wrong did I?

Ken : No you didn't but you drive me crazy for you even more. *Looks Deep into Alexia's Eyes while still shaken at the knees for her*

Ken : You Never once knew what love was did you?

Alexia : No .. not really. I really to be quite honest havent ever felt love before. not once.

Ken : Not Ever with a guy?

Alexia : Not once *shakes head*

Ken : Not even with your Ex-Husband or Ex- Fiancee ?

Alexia : No . Not Ever. I really hadn't ever felt Love.

::Ken stands up and gets us our pink champagne . As Ken Does I sit up and get all comfy in the corner with all the pillows while waiting for Ken to come on the bed with me. Ken hands me my Pink Champagne and i hold my hand out for his glass::

Alexia : Give me Your glass baby  I will hold onto it while you get on the bed. That way It Won't spill.

Ken : Alright honey 

::Ken hands me his pink champagne and then he gets on the bed and all comfy in the corner by me. I then Hand him his drink . Ken pats beside him . I Then Sit close beside him and look into his eyes::

Ken : Okay... Now I got alot of Questions and I am sure many would after Hearing this .

Alexia : Alright Go ahead .Shoot the Questions Away . I am ready for them *takes a sip of the lovly Pink Champagne  while looken into Kens eyes*

Ken : Okay so you had 7 kids by two different dads right?

Alexia : Yes I did.

Ken : Okay so my second Question is If you havent ever felt love then How did you even marry the first guy?

Alexia : Well To be honest I really didn't want to get married to him. I was really hoping someone would stop the wedding but no one did.

::Kens eyes grows wide::

Ken : If You Didn't Want to Marry the guy then why did you?

Alexia : Because No one stopped the wedding and I wanted to know what being married was like.

Ken : So you didnt ever Love the guy?

Alexia: No I haven't ever loved a guy before. I am telling you the truth.

Ken : Okay well my Second Question would be how did you get through the you know part?

Alexia : You mean sex?

Ken : Yes.

Alexia : Easy I thought Of A girl with A strap on all the time. after everytime i was with a guy I would throw up and start crying. it was a traumatic event.

Ken : wow baby.  I havent ever knew you had such strong feelings .... I am so sorry You went through all that.. Now I am starting to understand more about you.

Alexia : Kimberly Knew all this and the feelings and all .

Ken : yeah I know she told me. But I am shocked. thats all. I mean.... I still feel the way I feel about you... but I want you to know now. That I wont ever pressure you into anything.. I am so sorry baby.

Alexia : Well it doesn't help when you parents are religious close,minded people and tell me there is only one way to have kids. I didnt ever know about the other stuff. I dont regret my kids I Just regret how it was done. I wish my parents would've been more honest and open with me.

Ken : I am so shocked. You got me Speechless baby.

Alexia: This Doesn't make you hate me does it?

Ken: OH HELL NO! BABY! Why On Earth Would you say that?

Alexia: Because In My Past People have Judged me .

Ken : Baby Listen to what you said? about the past.

Alexia :... I am sorry Ken. 

Ken: It is Alright baby. I Will help you through this and more. 

Alexia : Thank you Ken. You are Such A sweetheart. *puts my Pink Champagne down on a side table*

Ken : are you okay sweety?

Alexia : Pass me your pink champagne . I wanna put it by mine . I wanna give you a big hug.

::Ken Passes His Pink Champagne without a hesitant.Alexia Puts it on the side table with her's. Then Alexia Gives Ken the biggest huggie ever.Ken holds her tightly and doesnt ever let her go. ::

Ken : I really do love you Alexia. I really do.. you make me very happy.

Alexia: Ken you are the sweetest person .I am so glad to have you in my life.

Ken: I will always be here for you honey. you do know that right?

Alexia : Yes Baby I do understand.

Ken: Alexia ....*smiles* you are callen me baby *smiles even bigger*

Alexia : oh ...*realizes she has been callen him baby* I am sorry Ken

Ken: Alexia you dont have to apologize I really do love it when you call me baby. because your mine baby.*smiles big* your my babygirl. 

Alexia :*smiles* well it comes natural to me that word. Every since you started to call me it I picked it up and now am using that world all the time. *smiles*

::Kens looks At Alexia while he holds her::

Ken : Baby I have something for you. Would you like to see it ?

Alexia : You Have something for me ?

Ken : Yes it is in the other room. Care to Join me in the other room?

Alexia : Sure.

:: Alexia watchs Ken Get Out of bed.Ken holds out his Arms For Alexia. Alexia then begins to scoot towards Ken and gently Jumps into his arms. Ken Looks up at Alexia Smiling while she looks into his eyes smiling. Ken then walks over to  french doors and opens them with one hand .He Swings the door open and as he walks in there is a warm glow to the room .

Alexia looks over and see's the MidSummer bed and smiles at ken .Ken Gentle puts her down.

Alexia : Oh Ken I Love it !!!!

Ken: Oh baby that isn't Just all *takes Alexia's hand and guides her to the Special Room he Decorated Just for her and him*

Alexia: Ken!!!! ......*Smiles while Giggling* You are trying to get me drunk arn't you?

Ken : No I am not. Sides this will only be your third drink and I know you. you don't get drunk easily.

Alexia : *Crosses arms and taps foot* And what is that suppose to mean?

Ken : Baby We went over this Already. *gently sways his hips sides to side while He Gets Closer to Alexia*

Alexia: Ken ? what are you doing?

::Ken Scoots even Closer While grabbing one champagne glass for Alexia And then lets goes of her hand.He Then Grabs one for himself and pours both of them a nice glass of champagne:::

Ken : To us *looks Deep into Alexia's Eyes filled with Love *

Alexia : {Sez Softly} To us Sweetheart *looks into Kens Love Filled eyes and smiles*

{Song begins Play by Real MCcoy Sleeping With An Angel  . without lyrics ->
and with Lyrics here is the site to look at the lyrics since i couldnt find one with music -> 

::Alexia and Ken Then Drink the rest of there champagne . Ken Walks over to the bed and puts his empty champagne Glass on the night stand then clears the bed. Ken Then slowly walks over to Alexia And takes her left hand While Staring Deep into her eyes.He then Takes his right hand and glides it through Alexia's Hair . Ken Then leans down and kisses her neck softly then looks into her candlelite eyes.

Ken: {Sez softly} Why don't you jump into the Hot Tub . I Will get your towels.

Alexia : *Looks deeply into his eyes while anxiously waiting to escape*Okay Sweety

Ken: Are you alright Angel?

Alexia : Yes Just very Nervous.

Ken : Don't be Everything will be alright. I promise.

Alexia: okay

:: Alexia heads to the HotTub. As Alexia Heads to the HotTub She slowly dips her right foot in to feel the warmness of the Hot Tub. 

Alexia: MMMMmmm This feels nice and warm. Thank goodness I am getten chilly.

::Alexia Then slowly Moves into the HotTub and then sits back and relaxs. As She looks over she see's her Favorite Strawberrys in a saucer and chocolate in another saucer,with 2 wine glass's and Her favorite Red wine::

Alexia : That Sneeky Devil he know's me all to well *smiles* I am gonna enjoy myself tonight .

::Alexia Takes one Strawberry and Dips it in the warm chocolate and the nipples on it::

Alexia: mmmm . This is so Good!

::While Alexia Is in the Hot Tub Ken heads over to the Closet and gets out some fresh towels for her. He then Looks Through the drawers and finds the nice Pink Lingerie he bought for her. He then places it in a box and gently picks it up and heads to the HotTub with it. Ken then opens the French White doors and see's Alexia Enjoying her chocolate covered Strawberrys::

Ken : I was wondering what all the moaning was about

Alexia : *giggles* you are funny baby.

Ken : I was beginning to think I was missing out on something. *chuckles while he puts the towels on the bench and then slowly dips his feet in the Hot Tub while Holden her Gift*

Alexia : {Looks over and see he has some kind of boxed Wrapped up} Whats that baby? 

Ken : I have a Gift for you . I bought it the other day for you. I thought this would be nice for you. *looks down at the box and then looks at Alexia*

Alexia: * scoots over by Ken * May I see it?

Ken : yes baby *looks deep into her eyes while scanning her entire wet body .then Gently Gives the box to her*

Song Plays by Vitamin C -Turn Me on . Without Lyrics --> 
and here is with Lyrics with no music ->

::Alexia Receives the box and opens it gently while trying not to let any of the paper or box get wet.Ken Watchs her intently as she unwraps her gift and hope she likes it as he meant it from his heart.As She Opens the Box She see's the beautiful pink lingerie and loves it . Ken looks at Alexia and see's her face Light up like the sun. Alexia then puts it down by the side of the Hot Tub.

Alexia Then gently glides her hands up his legs while gently standing up . Her Right hand then Gently slides up his arm then to his face where she then Gently Tilts his head up towards hers.Her left hand takes his  right hand into hers. At This Point Ken is lost for words and Thoughts .Her touch brings him weaker then before. 

As Kens Looks into her eyes He is tempted to kiss her but is scared too. Alexia looks into his eyes with sincereness and gently Climbs on to his lap while wrapping her wet body around him.Ken begins to breathe even more Shallower then before while looken into her eyes.He then Gently Moves his left hand around her back caressing her small of her back. Alexia  feels Kens Hand Caressing her small of her back.

Alexia : Ken..... *begins to lose her breath while staring into his sparking blue eyes*

Ken : Alexia...... *lost in her eyes ken is haven it even more harder then ever holden back from kissing her. As he Desires to kiss her so badly*

Alexia : Ken.. Thank you so much for the very beautiful gift..... I really do love it.

Ken: {Voice Begins to Quiver as he is so lost in her eyes} Your Welcome Baby. I am so glad {Begins to breath Heavily} That you love your gift . I am sorry Alexia I have to say this I want kiss you so badly right now. {breathes even more heavier }

Alexia: {Looks into his heavenly blue eyes} Its alright Ken . I am glad you are being honest with me.

::Alexia leans in with in inchs of Kens lips .Kens heart begins to race faster and faster as he
 breathes even more heavier :::

Ken: Alexia I know this is the first time I am saying this...and really... I should be Greatful...and shouldn't complain... but what are you doing ?

::Alexia looks at him with her sultry eyes ::

Alexia : I just wanted to say thank you .....*gives Ken her Lustful stare*

Song Begins to Play ZeromancerFlirt (With Me) {with Lyrics ->
and Without Lyrics

::Ken Falls to pieces as Alexia gives him the Sultry lustful look::

Ken: {Lips begin to quiver}Well your welcome baby.....god damn it baby you are driven me with inchs of insanity. *kens bodys begins to shake with anticipation and his lips begin to quiver even more*

::Alexia smirks while raising her left eyebrow::

Alexia: {Sez in a suductive voice} Its not time yet.

::Kens mind whirls in so many directions::

Ken: What do you mean not time yet? What ya mean baby? *gentles slides his right hand out of hers and gently glides it up her back while lightly dragging his nails up her back*

::Alexia's lips begins to shiver as she feels his nails dragging up her back::

Alexia: {sez in a lustful voice} Ken ... your nails... *grazes her lips againest his and then gently traces it down his neck and gently bites his neck*

::Ken grips on to Alexia even more Tighter as her bite on his neck throws him into another world all together. Ken picks her up and gently lays her down on the Gravel. He then looks deep into Alexia's eyes with lust ::

Ken: { sez in a deep passionate voice} You Drive me wild Baby.Now it is my turn to drive you insane.

Alexia : {Grins with a sinister smile} I highly doubt you can baby.

Ken : Wanna test it with me my darling Angel?

::Alexia gives him even a darker lustful look::

Alexia: {Sez in a lustful voice} Try me baby.. lets see what you got *grins with a sinister smile*

::Kens Then takes both her hands and Restrains them above her head with his right hand. the whole time he keeps eye contact with her knowing this was his chance to prove his words. He then Takes his left hand and glides it up her thigh ,up her side ,across her stomach ,then back up between her breast ,up to her face , and then across her lips . While all of this is going on Alexia feels like she wants to scream inside as she feels the fear grow even more intense.Ken Looks Intently in Alexia's Eyes and see  her fear grow. Ken then leans down and kisses her neck while letten go of her hands. As He does the Alexia Takes her nails and drags them up his back maken him arch . Ken once again looks intently into her eyes .::

{ Find out what happends Next} InBetween Storys Part2: The Secrets Behind Alexia and Ken's Hearts

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