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Welcome HOME 60th FAMILY SWEETHEART MEMBER!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥ Banding Together

HELLO FAMILY!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥



** Just To Let you know To all Family Members All Of Our Storys Connect to one another***

*While Quietly haven my Dessert on the beach I sit there watching the beautiful Clear Blue
Beach waves softly crashing into the oceans sandy floors* Here is a link to what i am hearing so
you can Immerse yourself in the surroundings with me -- >

As I Stare off into the distance I feel as if I am calm and relaxed.*I look over and see Kimberly walken
down the sandy path towards me with a big beautiful smile*

Kimberly : Hey you ! I thought I would find you here. Jimmy Said you would 
be here. May I join you ? 

Alexia : Sure . *smiles* I would love that. So how has your day been?

::Kimberly Sits down::

Kimberly : I have been fine. it has been very busy today with our family. can you believe
it we had 8,000 People checken our place today. some seemed like there were interested in
Joining soon. So we gave out 8,000 Brochures and Of course they all were excited.

::Alexia Looks at Kimberly with a big eyes::

Alexia: My goodness that is alot of people. I Could Imagine that happening someday. if that
happend now I am telling this much we we would be so busy with setting there homes up
and everything. 

::Kimberly sighs and looks around ::

Kimberly : Yes I could imagine my feet would be worn out.

::Alexia and Kimberly Both giggle at the sametime::

Alexia : Yeah I know my feet would too But it would be worth it. You know
someday our family is gonna be huge.

Kimberly : Yeah I know. *smiles At Alexia* So what are you doing here
by yourself anyways ?

Alexia : Well I Thought I would come here by the beach and relax while 
haven my other favorite Icecream Sundae and soda. Would you like some ?

Kimberly : Sure I need some sugar to get my feeties pepped to go again *wiggles her toes*

Alexia : *Giggles at Kimberly wiggling her feeties* Your feeties are so cute . Why haven't you painted
them a color yet?

*Passes Kimberly A rainbow Icecream cone *

Kimberly : Well this is different tonight and this is delicious.

Alexia : Yeah Well Rainbow Icecream is my other favorite Icecream. it is so good.
I am just glad they got the flavoring right when they created this masterpieace.

*Passes Orange Crush soda*

Kimberly : OMG!! This is so Good!! That hit my sweet tooth .

Alexia : I know right? Well I love orange Soda too besides coke cola. I love Orange Crush Soda 
too. it was one of my favorite when I was a kid. Anyways you were saying about your something about
your nails 

::Alexia Looks At Kimberly While Gesturing to carry on with the conversation ::

Kimberly : Been wanting to go to the salon but haven't had the time. been busy running around maken 
sure all of our family members are doing alright. Sides why havent you ? you keep on talken about
getten your nails done and toes. 

Alexia: I have been meaning to do my nails just havent had the time. been working around the clock and 
also adding new features to our channel and all. You know how it is. Plus recently we had some 
issues with our computers.

Kimberly : Yeah I noticed that. that was such a pain in the a**. I had to do updates on our Front Desk computers.Not fun.

::Music begins to play in the tropical speakers we have around our venue 
::taio cruz-break your heart(feat_ludacris) ::  Here is the link to Listen to so you 
can fully immerse yourself -->

Alexia : I so love this song. What about you Kimberly?

Kimberly : I do too. but sometimes it scares me. you know to get your heart broken and all.

::Alexia Looks at Kimberly::

Alexia : Well sweety you ain't alone .I have had my heart broken alot. Don't feel bad this song
can go two ways and it scares me sometimes too. I always worry about getten my heart
broken again. 

::Kimberly looks into Alexia's eyes feeling sorry to hear that she has been hurt so much like herself::

Kimberly : I am sorry to hear that Alexia. We all have been through some rough situations. I just hope it
gets better for us.

Alexia : I do too. 

::Alexia Sighs and looks at Kimberly hoping the best for them and then see's Jimmy walken towards them::

Alexia : Speaking of the Devil Here comes Jimmy Right now with....OMG WE HAVE ANOTHER

Kimberly : NO WAY !!! REALLY?! 

::Alexia Looks at Kimberly and nods her head gesturing yes they did get another family member::

:: Alexia and Kimberly Stand up to greet the newest family member::

Jimmy : WELL HELLO GIRLYS! We have a newest Addition to our family. they finally
Arrived .

Alexia : What the hell? Jimmy don't call us girlys gawwwwwd! 

Kimberly : Yeah Seriously ! Only we can say that. not you. 

Jimmy : Well Sorry !! Did someone wake up on the wrong side of the bed ?

Alexia : Jimmy? *puts Right hand on my right hip and looks at Jimmy*

Jimmy: GAWD DA*N GIRL!! You are hotter then Hell when you do that pose!

::Alexia Glares then Blushs then Takes a small fluffy that was on her chair and hits Jimmy With it ::

Alexia : There that is for maken me blush . What is so wrong with you ?

Jimmy : Can't help it when I see beauty.

Alexia : Well I can't help it if I take this fluffy pillow and hit you over the head with it.

Kimberly : Are we gonna have another Pillow Fight Again ? 

::Jimmy makes a smarta** remark::

Jimmy : Yeah and watch those girls bounce 

:: Alexia hits Jimmy with another Fluffy Pillow again ::

Jimmy: Hey ..hey my hair girl ! Gez....

Alexia : Well you started it ! So nana *Sticks tongue out*

:: Newest Family pulls up a chair and has a Soda and popcorn while watching us goof around::

Kimberly : Well theres that tongue again .

::Kimberly smirks because she knows how to get underneath Alexia's Skin::

Alexia : Really? Just really? .... Are you Kidden me? Are you ready for another
Pillow fight because I am so gonna win ?

::: Jimmy pulls up a chair beside newest family member and gets cozy with popcorn and soda  well::

Kimberly : Like Totally!! I so had too. 

:: Gives the sparkle eyes and smirks::

Alexia : Unbelievable ! like for realzie's . Like as if!!! omg.... ggggrrrr

::Jimmy Nudges Newest family member ::

Jimmy : See this is what our family is like. Lovable and very playful. They can be emotional at times
but hey it is family *Smiles*

::Newest family member smiles and keeps on watching::

Kimberly : Well you wouldn't hit a pretty girl with beautiful eyes would you ?

::Alexia looks at Kimberly::

Alexia : Yes I would if she started it . 

Kimberly : I didn't start it . Jimmy did. *Point to Jimmy*

Jimmy : Whooa whooa whooaa Ladys!! I surely didn't do a thing.

::Kimberly and Alexia both Look at Jimmy::

Alexia and Kimberly : REALLY ?!!! 

Jimmy : now Ladys you wouldnt dare hit a handsome man with awesome hair would you?

:::Alexia And Kimberly look at eachother and gives nods to go after Jimmy. Alexia Winks at the newest family member to help out catching Jimmy and to hit him with a pillow ::

Jimmy : Oh Sh*t!! I am in trouble .  *begins to run but Newest family member hits Jimmy with a Fluffy Pillow. Before you know it it is one big pillow fight*

Jimmy: OKAY OKAYY!!! I GIVE UP I GIVE UP..... I DID IT !!! ...

::Everyone stops hitten Jimmy with pillows::

::Alexia and Kimberly begins to giggle and the newest family member laughs with joy::

Jimmy: Man you 2 women are mad as a hatter! and (*looks at our newest family member*) Welcome to the family Newest family member. this is what our family is like.This women can be something else but believe me you'll get use to it after while.

::Alexia Slaps five with Kimberly ::

Alexia : Well yeah our family is a bunch of funny bunnys. we are fun . we got our moments. but we are always there for one another in good times and bad times. *smiles*Jimmy is our Joker in our family.
* Looks at Jimmy* 

::Ken walks by and waves::

Alexia : And thats Ken *points over to Ken* he is the brother you always wish you had. but because you are apart of our family he is your family too.

Ken : Did someone say family ? *looks over to our newest addition to our family* Well hey there.
It is so nice to see you have joined our family.Believe me  these Knuckles head mean no harm there just being goofy. Ya know we are family  *smiles and looks at Alexia*

::Alexia smiles and looks at our newest family member .Ken Checks out Alexia and stares at her::

Ken : Well how ya doing today gorgeous ? you look a little flustered? has Jimmy been a smart a** again.

Alexia : yes he has sweetheart. you know how Jimmy is.

::Ken  looks a Jimmy with glare and points at Jimmy:::

Ken : You be nice to the Girls Bro. Like for realz. *smiles at Alexia and Kimberly*

::Jimmy MOUTH Drops open like he has seen a ghost::

Alexia : Well thanks Ken for being such a Gentleman.*smiles*

Kimberly : Ya thanks Ken *smiles*


::Ken looks at Jimmy with a slick smile::

Ken : Dude you so need to know how to treat the ladys. I mean come on bro.

::Jimmy is speechless at this point and begins to studder ::

Ken : btw close your mouth you might catch flys in that Tunnel of yours might wanna close that mouth.

::Jimmy goes beat red while thinking like WTF ::

Ken : Now ladys and Our Newest Family member lets show you around our home.Plus Show you to your new home .

::Everyone begins to walk pass The Dinner pier :::

:: Jimmy slowly walks behind and is trying to figure out like WTF Just happend .Alexia Notices
while holden hands with Kimberly and is curious as what is the matter with Jimmy but keeps walken.::

Ken : Well this is the Most Famous Beach pier where we have our CandleLite Dinner Nights ,Formal Dances and what not. it is one of the best places to be on a night like this. It is just Amazing. 

::Ken Gestures To keep walken while all of us looks at the luscious beach and hearing the beautiful waves crashing onto the banks::

::Kimberly looks at Alexia and gestures to Alexia something is the matter with Jimmy. Alexia Looks back and see's Jimmy tearing up::

Alexia : Hey ken Take our newest family member around the pier for a few minutes showen them the resteraunts we will catch up with you in a few moments.

Ken : Okay sexy . no problem *takes newest family member and shows them around the Restaurants * 

::Alexia Looks at Kimberly::

Alexia : hey I am gonna go talk to Jimmy . dont go to far away. sit in the cabanan and I will get you the 
signal when to come over. alright hon.

Kimberly : Sure sweety. I will be right over there *looks at Jimmy and is concerned if he is okay*

::Alexia gently rubs Kimberlys hand gesturing everything is gonna be alright::

Alexia : Don't worry Kim . I see you are concerned I will let you know everything okay. I got this.

Kimberly : Okay.. Just let me know sweety. okay.

Alexia : I will.

*Kimberly walks over and sit in cabana while Alexia Follows Jimmy to the side of the pier and sits beside Jimmy*

Alexia : Jimmy... Are you alright? 

::Jimmy tears up and looks away ::

Alexia : Jimmy... Sweety... Come on whats the matter?

::Jimmy scoots down further away from Alexia Down the bench::

Alexia : Jimmy...  I can't help you if you wont speak to me...

::Alexia Scoots down by Jimmy and gently places her right hand on his left shoulder.
Jimmy Notices and shrugs my hand off his shoulder::

Alexia : Jimmy ... Come on.... you are scaring me whats the matter?

*Alexia's voice becomes very worrisome * 

Jimmy : I don't get it ! Why is Ken always getten the girls? WHY THE F*CK IS 

::Jimmy Begins to look at the sky and looks very angry .Alexia looks at Jimmy and raises her left eye brow while wondering what is going on in Jimmys head. Meanwhile Kimberly hears Jimmys loud voice and peeps out the cabana to make sure everything is alright ::

Alexia : Jimmy .... What do you mean gets all the girls ?

::Jimmy looks at Alexia in her eyes::

Jimmy : You know what I mean Alexia! you know what I mean! Ken has had his eye on you since the day he joined our family 7 years ago. And all i ever see is him Gushing over you and you treating him like .... I DONT KNOW!!!.... I just dont get it!!

::Kimberly Flickers her flashlight over At Alexia signally if she should come over or not .Alexia Looks back and shakes head and lets Kimberly know everything is okay by gesturing everything is fine by given the hand signal::

Alexia : Jimmy ...

 * Alexia looks deep into Jimmys eyes while gently placing her hands on tops of his trying to calm Jimmy down. Jimmy looks down at her hands and wonder what she is doing*

Alexia : Jimmy... 

*Jimmy Looks back into Alexia's eyes wondering what she has to say and is at the sametime wondering why
she is holden his hands. Jimmys Head at this point was spinning around a billion of questions on what Was Alexia Thinking*

Jimmy : Yes Alexia ? what is it *Jimmy sez in a soft spoken voice*

*Alexia looks into Jimmys eyes and holds his hands tightly while smiling*

Alexia : Jimmy... I am just Curious... *sez in curiosity voice* 

Jimmy: About what ? *Speaks fastly and is wondering what Alexia has to say*

Alexia : I am curious.... *looks around and trys to think of the right words to say*

*Jimmy becomes anxious as to what is Alexia Trying to hint at or say . Jimmy scoots closer to Alexia and gently takes his right hand and gently turns her head to look back at him instead of the sky*

Jimmy: What is it? you can tell me ? *Jimmy looks at Alexia Gesturing that it is okay *

::Kimberly is looken from afar and at this point is wondering what is being said and getten anxious at what is going on but patiently waits for the signal::

*Alexia's Looks at Jimmy while holden his hands but then takes back her right hand back and wipes Jimmys tears away. then pushes back his hair out of his eyes so he doesnt have to squint so much to see her *

Alexia : I wonder why you care so much about what Ken. I mean... I don't like Ken Jimmy As in like a boyfriend or anything. he is like a brother to me . you know that. I am a lesbian. 

::Jimmy stares into Alexia's Eyes Just Adoring her beautiful Blue eyes and listening to her sweet words::

Jimmy : Ya but ... have you ever thought  if... *gets shy *

:: Alexia Looks at Jimmy and raises her left eye brow again wondering what he is hinting at ::

Alexia :  what is it Jimmy? 

Jimmy: May I ask you a personal Question? and you not get mad at me.

*Alexia begins to giggle a little bit and nods yes *

Jimmy : Have you ever thought about what it would be like if you had a friend treat you nicely?

Alexia : A friend?

::Alexia grows confused and wondering where the hell the conversation is going ::

Jimmy: Yeah A friend. A friend who *Jimmy fiddles takes his hands back and begins to fiddle with his fingers*

Alexia : A Friend Like what Jimmy? *Alexia gives Kimberly the signal to come over*

:: Kimberly sees the signal and begins to walk over . Jimmy See's Kimberly and grows nervous .Alexia Looks at Jimmy and smiles. Kimberly Sits by Alexia while placing her arm around her::

Jimmy: I am nervous..... I don't know how to say it maybe we can talk about it another time.

Kimberly : Whats the matter Jimmy? You okay buddy?

Jimmy: Ya I am alright. Alexia helped me through it.

Alexia : Jimmy you are getten of the subject. what do you mean about a friend? A Friend like what?

*Kimberly looks at Alexia with confusion and Alexia shrugs as she hasn't a clue to what is going on *

Jimmy: Okay... I just want to know ... If you would be a friend.  I want to know if you would be my friend.
I know you don't have any friends and you scared to have friends because you don't wanna lose them and all but I would really like to have you as my friend.

*Kimberly looks at Alexia  with a clueless look*

Alexia : Well Jimmy ... that is so nice of you to want me as a friend ... but why did you get upset ?

Jimmy : Because I didn't want Ken to take you away from me and I am scared that maybe one day things will change and he will take you away from me. you know because when people become friends they tend to forget people who matter to them and spend all the time with there best friends. 

*Alexia Gives Jimmy a great big huggie and a kiss on the cheek. then looks at him *

Alexia : Oh Jimmy you are such a sweetheart. but you don't need to get upset . Ken is family Just like you are. I have no friends and I don't think that will ever happen anytime soon. You know me I get attached to even my friends. So i don't want any friends. So no need to worry sweety.

::Jimmy smiles with happyiness . Kimberly looks at Alexia and has arms open for a huggies::

Kimberly : Hey I Am Jealous where is my huggies *pouts*

::Alexia give Kimberly the greatest biggiest hug ever and a big kiss on the cheek::

Alexia : Well come one guys lets get a group huggie to family.

::Alexia, Kimberly, Jimmy all at once say TO FAMILY!!! AND then gives a big group huggies and kisses on cheeks::

Alexia : Alright sweetys lets catch up with ken and them . 

Kimberly : Yeah lets hurry we got lots to do. 

Jimmy : Yeah lets see what ken is up to.

:: Alexia Takes Kimberly hand and Kimberly puts her arm around Alexia while walken. Jimmy walks beside while looken a head to see where ken is::

*As we all walk up to the Futuristic bar we see Ken talken our newest family's ear off like no other. As soon as the newest family member see us they run up to me and huggie me tightly *

Alexia : Awww hi sweety. Did Ken talk your ear off? Sorry we took so long honeybunny *gives you a great big huggie and kisses on the cheek*

*Jimmy glares at Ken*

Jimmy : Ken really ? you did it to another family member. You really had to talk there ear off about the time you sailed around the 7 seas.

Ken : What bro ? Its a classic story. I mean come on. sides you guys were taken forever.

Alexia : Jimmy Sweetheart Please give Ken a pep talk again I wanna take our newest family to there home.

Jimmy: Sure no problem. *Jimmy sits down and talkens to Ken *

::Alexia,Kimberly and our Newest family member head to there new home::

:: Alexia ,Kimberly and Newest Family Finally Arrive at the 60th family members new home::

Alexia : Well Sweetheart here is your new home . I hope you love it. it was designed with you in mind.

Kimberly: I helped Decorate it with Alexia.

*Newest family member mouth drops open and keeps looks at it with a wow look on there face*

Alexia : Follow us Sweetheart . 

:: Kimberly Gets A drink for our newest family member while I go to the The Extra storage room to get out 2 fluffys for them . I then Get the Fluffys and place them on your bed. As I do that  Kimberly passes you a Strawberry and Mango Tropical Smoothie Drink ::

*Kimberly then takes you upstairs to wear i am. As I am setting up your bed I realize you and Kimberly have comes into the room*

Alexia: Well here is your room Sweety. You got a beautiful View. you are gonna love it. Just to let you know you got 2 extra Fluffys on your bed. 

Kimberly : We call Pillows Fluffys in our family if you are wondering .

*Newest family nods in understanding what the talk was all about fluffys*

Alexia : I hope you Love your home's Sweetheart.*smiles* Now Listen If you ever have a Request or if someone is bother you ,or if you need someone to talk to or chat with Don't Hesitate to let me know Sweetheart.

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Alright Well Just to let you know We Accept Everyone and anyone. We are there for you In Good Times And in Bad times. We Are Always there for you No Matter what. We Are A very Supportive ,Loven ,Caring, Trustable,Honesty, Loyalty and more Family. *We are Just full of love ,Equality and more. We Believe in Treating Everyone Equally.

*Gives you a Big Huggie and Kisses on the Cheek* Just let me know if you ever need anything.

Once Again Welcome To The Family Sweetheart. I am So happy you have Joined our family .I love you Sweetheart 

Welcome Home 60th Sweetheart! | | DancingSouless Welcome To The Family Feature

Alright Sweetheart well Kimberly And I are gonna head back home to the manor. if you need anything let us know.

*Kimberly and Alexia head out and starts to head back home to the Manor, but then turns back around and knocks on your door. you answer and smile big to see us. *

Alexia : Hey can we hangout with you for a bit. i mean I really would love to hang out a bit with you before Kimberly and I head back to the manor.

*You nod your head with excitement to come in and we all go outside and hangout by the poolside together and have so much fun together singing,dancing and swimming together*


                                    ♥♥♥♥♥♥ BIG HUGGIES AND KISSES ♥♥♥♥♥♥

                                      ♥♥♥♥♥♥Sincerely With Lots Of Love ♥♥♥♥♥♥