Sunday, May 1, 2016

Double Videos is possible Tomorrow !

Well I got Angelic Night done Recording. I am in the editing process now. But I gotta go to bed because I gotta be up by 6:30 AM. Because I gotta leave my house by 7am to get to kissimmee by 7:30am I gotta get my Daughter to school  by 8am and my mom TO her Appointment at 9am.

So Just a little post but It is done (Recording) Now it is just in the editing phase.
Tomorrow when I get home I will get it done and get it in the rendering phase.

At the sametime i will be recording Fabulous - Angela's Fashion Fever Platinum Edition.
So tomorrow i got 2 videos being worked on and hopefully by 2 am Tuesday morning they should both be released. Then after that everything should be back to schedule.

Just wanted ALL TO BE POSTED.  Gonna go to sleep. if i wake up earlier i will start earlier.
But anyways. I wanted all to keep posted.





Well I made a little money today to help go towards my Computer. still not even close but atleast it is
something .  Anyways been out all day doing errands and tomorrow I got more errands to do.
So I am happy about that. But Tonight I am gonna work on Angelic Night 1 hour Video. So I can try to release it around sometime tonight or morning.  Depends it i fall asleep during the rendering process again LOL.

I swear it happends all the time now. Well i will let you know and post an update soon :D.

Anyways I Wanna show you guys a Set Schedule I worked on So you guys know when you favorite episodes are gonna be released.  I set them in a order so you know which is next. so here they are and the process-- >

1. Sacra Terra - Angelic Night
2. Fabulous - Angela's Fashion Fever Platinum Edition
3. Dark Parables - The Final Cinderella Platinum Edition
4. Enforcer Police Crime Action

Schedule Work Time for me  

{ Night schedule}
Most days I start at 10pm and have releases done between 2 and 8 am eastern time.
The latest time of releases are between 12 pm and 2pm Eastern time.

::Wednesdays thru Sunday::

{Day Schedule}

Most days I start at 6 am or 8 am and have releases done by 12 afternoon
Latest is 6pm evening

::Monday and Tuesday  ::

{{{ This all depends on sleeping schedule and real life issues or emergencys}}}

Right now I am on a Day Schedule and Night Mixed.

Soon I will have a set schedule on all 7 days but right now I gotta wait until after May 5th because of court.
After that is done I will be able to have a set schedule 100%.

Right now this schedule is in place until May 5th. After may 5th  then Monday and Tuesday will change to all Night schedules.  ((( BUT ALWAYS KEEP A WATCH HERE TO SEE IF ANYTHING HAS CHANGED WHEN I POST .IT IS VERY IMPORTANT))))

Alright Guys I thought I would let you know. Now I gotta get to work. So i will update you guys later.




The Last 2 days and why there hasn't been a video

Hey guys !!

Just Wanted to update you on why there hasn't been a  video the last two days. As you all know I
Need a new computer and I have been running a campaign for it. Only one of my friends has donated
to help me. Unfortunately only one donation is not gonna help me reach my goal. Especially when the computer I need is $599.00 Dollars I only raised $25 Dollars out of it. Also don't forget taxes. So it is actually 640.93 and that is with 1.07 tax here in florida.  So really I need 640.93 for my computer.

Here is the math so you can see what i mean Take 599.00 x 1.07 ( Florida tax) = 640.93.
Remember every donation gets deducted by go fund me. for instance if you give $25 and I
Withdraw it to put it in the goal towards my computer I would only  get  $22.73 .

See Being 100% honest with ya. not many people would do that with you
at all.Well I am one person that is honest and blunt even if it hurts. I stand by my mission statement.

"strong willed to be open and honest even if it hurts."  That is technically my tag like on my google plus profile page but It seems to work for me as a mission statement.

The thing About me is when I say I am gonna do something I do it . Unless there is a good reason why
not to. meaning being sick or emergency and ect. Then usually I do it unless like i said Emergency .sick or ect.

Anyways  So Since not many have been donating I have been taken a break from YouTube and YouTube Academy Bootcamp to look for jobs and to see if my parents need any help so i could earn some extra money.


They need to learn ENGLISH not make us Americans speak theres. I did tell her to keep repeating the question because her English was very broken . And Ofcourse ONCE AGAIN DIDN'T GET THE JOB.
I wonder why ? *sezs sarcastically* You WALK in there and all you ever see is people who speak Spanish and broken English .

I swear I am gonna call discrimination at this point. I didn't even have a fair chance. Nor Do I even have a fair chance in this state at all with a job. There are very few who speak perfect English in there. you know perfect Bilingual . It is becoming more commen in jobs here in Florida and I am so sick of it !

Not only that in most jobs now they are asking us AMERICANS preferred to be bilingual . I mean it is so f*cked up.

You barley see any white people at all. I think if you come to america You should  At least be put through a English course and speak it well to get a job here. I mean come on I have a Russian friend Who speaks way better English then she did. I have had my Germany family and there friends speak better English then her.

 I have been trying to get a regular job for over 3 years now.  At one point I did have a temp Job As a housekeeper and Front desk at Tropicana Motel. they let me go after 2 days because ( I was a temp) I was fillen in for a women who was haven a miscarriage.

At That Time I was going through 2 court cases at the time with my kids. I thought for sure that I was gonna be able to save my kids from the state. But I didnt and I lost my cases. :( . And I lost 6 kids to the state.

Because of These few things is the reason why i lost  --->

1. Didn't have a job  ( I did have other income from my partner who was supporting me and my kids) But I was activity looken for a job too. { which wasn't good enough for them}  I could see if i wasnt then they could but i was looken for a job.

2. My home wasn't big enough for there liking ( at the time I had a 3 bedroom apartment and i only had 4 out of 6 living with me ) There was an agreement a long time ago before I had my other kids that my oldest 2 kids would be adopted by my parents.

My Boys had there room and my daughter had hers. We also were looken to move at the time to a bigger place as well. But that didnt happen because of all the drama with the court putten it on hold.

I had put over $300 To safety Prove the home as well to make it safe for my kids and that STILL WASNT GOOD ENOUGH!!

3. The Counselor who will remain nameless Twisted the facts and how my mental state was so there side could win the case. so it put our side at risk and in danger.  You know how prosecutors and state are thats how they win there cases. And if they say different there lieing through there teeth. I know how both sides works . I have been in a court room for OVER 10 YEARS!!.

Those are the top 3 Reasons why. oh wait I forgot one I aint rich ,and have everything new!!!

But besides all that drama.....

Not to mention I had a traitor on our side . We had 3 attorneys on the side i was on . One for each parent. I had A private Attorney given to me by the state ,The Ex husband baby dad 1 had hired a private attorney but he was paying it from his SSI or his dad ( Aint 100% sure on it)  , and baby Dad 2 had a public Defender.

Anyways We got down to the 2 day Trial of TPR ( Termination Of Parental Rights)
And baby dad number 2 decided to side swipe our side by surrender first with in less then 12 hours
into the trial and on day 1. We had a 2 day trial and he QUITED ON DAY 1 IN LESS THEN 12 HOURS.

I was wanting to fight it until I couldnt Anymore because it was too dangerous. My Lawyer and I were ready to battle it out until it got too dangerous then surrender. WELL baby Dad number 2 F*cked up our plan so we had no other choice to surrender shortly after him. Because there was no way the state was gonna gives me my kids back with no job . Which is understandable. Since with any kids you need income to support them.

So I did what was in the best interest for my kids I surrendered.BUT I STILL HOLD THE GRUDGE UNTIL THIS DAY AGAINEST MY EX BABY DAD NUMBER 2. can't put real name due to legality.

Babys Dad Number 2 had made me a promise before walken into that courtroom that he would consult me on what was gonna happen to our kids. we were at the time on neutral grounds with our kids at the time.


If you ask me this is all bulls*it!!!

Not to mention I lose my 7th kid now because of him. GAWD DAMNIT IT ALL!!.
Before this case happen the babys dad2 and I were working on Getting joint custody But
Now look what is going on . I lose the kid because once again NO  Regular income job ( WHICH ISN'T MY FAULT)SINCE I HAVE BEEN TRYING AND ALSO BATTLING DEPRESSION!!.

In this state if you are not rich or dont have a new car or house or a High paying Job you probley won't get your kids back.I know this for sure because I actually confronted a women who was with the state.  She is  so luckly I dont sue the hell out of the state. But i can't because I AM BROKE!!.

This is what happens to people who dont have money. they lose everything .

YouTube is my job but I still haven't reached payout . which payout is $100.00 . I only got maybe 30 cents right now with all the videos i have uploaded . Which i havent received because Payout is $100.00 dollars.
I have been working 24 to 48 hours sometimes without sleep just to get best quality with my videos and working with what i have  ( cameras,editing equipment and more).

Not to mention I aint with a network and my channel is still doesn't Under any specific Group channel type. Because One my channel is suppose to be variety . They Should make a Variety label for those who don't
want to be stuck under a category .

But anyways besides all these put together...  The last 2 days I have been doing errands for my parents to make extra money so i can get my computer I need for my work. So every little penny counts .

So I am sorry if I dont have my videos everyday like they use too. But I am VERY STRESSED OUT WITH NOT HAVEN MONEY FOR THE COMPUTER I NEED. So I Am trying to make money elsewhere where it is guarenteed.

Plus I am STRESSED OUT WITH COURT TOO. So I am under alot of stress and i dont need it to be seen in my videos . My Videos are meant to enjoy and be happy. Not Angry and stressful. So i am doing whats in the best interest of my family at YouTube. I am sheltering you guys from seeing me angry and upset.

The only time you should ever see me angry is if it is at a game when i am playen it. not otherwise.
Alright Guys so I thought I WOULD let you know what is all going on. I am gonna try to make another video today . But first I gotta call my mom to see if she needs me for any errand. If she needs me THEN I will be earning extra money from my parents.

This computer is needed for my YouTube JOB and I can't make more videos with good quality without this particular computer. So you guys hopefully understand that I am doing this to get the computer so i can make more videos and have my career at YouTube survive. I can't Survive my Career without it. It is not a want IT IS A NEED.

As of right now I accumalating 4 to 6 GBs of data perday when i do my videos. I only have 140 GB left on my memory and my external only has 120GB left for storage (which is a 1 TB External). I have used alot of it already with my videos ,pictures of family, and music (being honest with you). But majority of it is actually my videos that takes the memory .if you do the math you can see why i am panicking .

So if you guys would like to donate please Donate to our campaigne  . Every Penny Helps.

Well i am gonna give my mom a call and then if she doesnt need me do another video.
Thanks for listening if you are.