Sunday, May 1, 2016

Double Videos is possible Tomorrow !

Well I got Angelic Night done Recording. I am in the editing process now. But I gotta go to bed because I gotta be up by 6:30 AM. Because I gotta leave my house by 7am to get to kissimmee by 7:30am I gotta get my Daughter to school  by 8am and my mom TO her Appointment at 9am.

So Just a little post but It is done (Recording) Now it is just in the editing phase.
Tomorrow when I get home I will get it done and get it in the rendering phase.

At the sametime i will be recording Fabulous - Angela's Fashion Fever Platinum Edition.
So tomorrow i got 2 videos being worked on and hopefully by 2 am Tuesday morning they should both be released. Then after that everything should be back to schedule.

Just wanted ALL TO BE POSTED.  Gonna go to sleep. if i wake up earlier i will start earlier.
But anyways. I wanted all to keep posted.




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