Wednesday, May 18, 2016

I Was in A Car Accident and a video to explain our future episodes this week

Hello Family. I am so sorry for last night Episode of Enforcer. But Due to my Car Accident I wasn't able to finish Editing it. I will finish it later today and try to get it uploaded by tonight. Here is a video Of what happend . So you can understand what is going on.

Thank you once again for being here for me . I love you and miss you guys.

I Was In A Car Accident

on MAY 17TH,2016 I was in a Car Accident and in this Video I give you an update about our Future Videos for this week. Sorry guys for the delay.

I am Just Greatful to be alive and still here. I am also glad everyone Who was in a car wreck tonight was okay. There were alot of car wrecks out there tonight.




I Was In A Car Accident