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Welcome HOME 68th FAMILY SWEETHEART MEMBER!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥The Car Ride Of Laughter

HELLO FAMILY!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥



** Just To Let you know To all Family Members All Of Our Storys Connect to one another even the Inbetween storys connect to your storys . The Inbetween Storys are AGE RESTRICITED so you gotta be an adult to read those storys. I decided to make those storys different.To be honest it make me happy**

Last Time ON Inbetween Storys ::Tommy Places A Size 6  an 2 Carat T.G.W. Aquamarine and Created White Sapphire Sterling Silver 3-Stone Heart Ring On Alexia's Right hand. Alexia Looks up at Tommy and gives him a big hug .Tommy Holds her tightly in his arms while tearing up alittle bit himself.Tommy then looks at Alexia as she does with him .Tommy then slowly glides his Left hand on Alexias Soft ebony cheek.Both Alexia and Tommy smile at one another with full of happyiness in there hearts::

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::As Tommy Caresses Alexias Soft Ebony face Tommy and Alexia Just Hold eachother in Eachothers arms happy as can be. It seems as if the world has disappeared and like no one ever existed but just only them. As they stood there just starring at one another Alexia begins to giggle and so does Tommy::

Tommy: Have you ever been this happy before *smiles while looken into her beautiful eyes*

Alexia: No ... not that I can recall except the time I had my kids That is the only other time I have been Really happy. Eaither wise no  I really haven't had a happy life to be honest. This would be my first time besides the times I had my kids being happy.

Tommy: *looks into her beautiful blue eyes* Well We can make that change into something happier together.

Alexia: *looks at tommy with happy tears* You know your the first person who has ever gave me happy tears. I haven't ever Understood what happy tears were but now I do since I finally have them and feel them.

Tommy: *wipes her tears with my hands and while kissing them away* Well there will be many more with me . But all happy ones not bad ones *smiles *

Alexia: *snuggles into his chest feeling his strength * I love your arms Tommy.

Tommy: Man you certainly love my arms don't ya ? *smiles while chuckles*

Alexia: yes I do .. I just love the feeling I get when I am with you... ooops*covers mouth*

Tommy: *Raises left eyebrow and leans Alexia Back* Alexia Now I know that oops from anywhere. What is it your heart saying that you are trying not to say?

Alexia: {Sez softly} I really do love being with you. It feels so right . Like Everything is perfect and everytime your around me its like I feel a sense of security and love.

Tommy: *Hearts begins to race  while looken into her eyes hearing those sweet words that I thought I wouldnt ever hear* I am so glad I could make you feel that way. I have felt ... I have felt ....oh Alexia...*looks into her eyes and melts as she feels so special to me*

Alexia: {Sez lovenly} Tommy... Can I say something ...

Tommy: {while losen his breath sez} Yes Alexia *looks into her beautiful eyes*

Alexia:{ Sez Shyingly } I have always wanted you to love me..I have always seeked you approval without you knowning. Its so hard to keep it a secret everytime I am around you my heart Jumps for Joy.Its like I can't wait to see you . *blushs *

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Tommy: {Sez Sweetly While looken at her blushing beat red} I have always known you have. Why do you think I always left those special message's beside you bed With a long stem red rose.Which I know is your favorite flower.So when you would wake up ... you would have something Special to smile about. *caresses her Angelic face while losing his breath* I have always loved you. Just waiting to see what would happen and was trying to be patient and wait for my opportunity .

::Alexia gently slides her right hand up and Tilts Tommys face Down towards hers, Tommy Feels her touch which brings him trembles and warmth.He Gently leans towards her. Alexia Gracefully looks at Tommy and feels like she has known him forever. As They are gazing in Eachothers Eyes Ken Comes by with Kimberly,Jimmy, and Newest Family member ::

Kimberly: Why is it when we leave you for 5 secs you are always in someone else arms?

::Alexia looks over ,Smiles while giggling ::

Alexia: I am sorry Kimberly but I am in one of a millions Arms that are dear to me *looks at Tommy* I ain't sorry at all because I got you in my life and I am happy.

Tommy: {Sez Softly} Glad to hear that. Was beginning to worry a little.

Alexia: You dont have to worry about a thing . let me worry for all *smiles*

::Tommy gently lets go of Alexia and then Takes Alexia's Hand While walken towards the Group of Friends of theres::

Alexia: So I see we have another Awesome Family Member who has Joined. *looks at Kimberly then back to Newest Family Member.

Kimberly: Yup they came about 1 to 2 hours ago. We tryed Waiting for you to come back home but Ken Suggested we go and find you at the Lecture you were holden for the staff. Well we got to the staff house they told us it was just let out about 30 minutes ago and that Jeffery Would be able to Tell us where you were. So We Went and Saw Jeffery and he told us where we could find you and Tommy.  So now we are here *smiles*

::Alexia Shakes her head as the Story made her mind go into circles::

Alexia: My gawd I thought you were gonna tell me a Whole story the way you were going.

Tommy: It Certainly Sounded Like it.  didnt it Alexia?

Alexia: Yea it sure the hell Did. *giggles* Well lets get you guys to the Newest Family home *smiles at Newest Family Member. * Welcome to the Family Sweetheart. We are so glad to have you apart of our family. *smiles big*

::Alexia Lets go of Tommys hand for a moment and walk over and gives the Newest Family Member a big huggie and A kiss On The Cheek. Then Heads Back over to Tommy and holds his Hand Again::

Alexia: Shall we go honey? *looks At Tommy*

Tommy: Sure Baby . I would love that  *smiles * Alright Guys lets load up in the caravan again .

Kimberly: *Sez in wining voice*Dear Gawd I hope it isn't gonna rain again it said in the news cast.

Ken: Well I love the Rain as long as we stay safe and no one gets hurt.

Jimmy: me too. That does worry me sometimes.

Alexia: Me too . If feels like  A ship going through asteroids and it is like your dodging them or something. I hate roads when there slick. it is the scariest Feelings Ever.

Tommy: *looks at Alexia while he opens the door for her* How do you compare a ship and Asteroids to A slick black road and  while driven in the rain?

Alexia: Well the road is black so thats Space .

::Tommy Listens Intently while looken into her beautiful eyes While the Van door Is Still open::

Alexia: *Point to the van and babs it * This Van is the Ship. The Rain is like a hail of Asteroids  which makes it difficult to navigate through . Its like we are on a mission to save the world. *smiles while looken at Tommy*

::Ken,Jimmy, Kimberly, Newest Family member, Jeffery and Tommy  Look at Alexia with a puzzled look Like what is she thinking and where is her mind . The they all look at Tommy with what the hell look::

Tommy: Don't look at me guys This what we all feel in love with. I think it is cute. The rest of you can have your own Opinions. *Gently Closes the Passenger Front Door where Alexia is Sitting and walks around the van and gets in the Drivers Side*

Alexia: Hey I am cute and this who I am .There is nothing wrong with it .*pouts while crossing Arms*

 ::Tommy Starts the Van and Starts Headed out ::

Tommy: *glances over Alexia here and then While Drive* I love the way you are . no need to worry about it. I think you are Cute,Adorable ,and Beautiful .

Kimberly : Hey! I do too. its Just sometimes I think her head wonders.

Jimmy: *Looks At Kimberly* Well hello!! She does Get Distracted Much And personally I don't Think there isnt anything wrong with it. I feel In love with her all together as a package deal. So if you guys think different thats your own issues. There is nothing wrong with her being so ditzy and all.

Kimberly: I didnt ever say I thought it was bad or wrong. I was Saying that I just wonder where her minds goes thats all. I wasn't maken a bad remark or anything Jimmy *looks at Jimmy*

Ken: DUDEs! AND Dudettes Calm Down , We are suppose to be Family for gawd sakes or Friends. Or I should say both. but Seriously . You gotta calm down. I know we are all stressed out lately but man *shakes head*

Kimberly: Sorry I snapped out at you Jimmy *looks at Jimmy*

Jimmy: It is fine . Its okay. Just ... you know how Alexia is. she is very sensitive to the Slightest words. You gotta treat her Delicately . okay *looks with concern at Kimberly*

Kimberly: I know . *looks at Ken * Sorry Ken for arguing . *looks at Alexia* Sorry Alexia if I did hurt your feelings or didnt.

Alexia: *Looks Back * Its alright .*starts waving her hands around in a circle*Even I Wonder Sometimes where my brain goes. I do know however it goes on vacation alot. which cause alot of Ditzy moments. *giggles*

Tommy:*Glances Over* I had a feeling that is what is was. but I really love it. it so fits you and your cute personality *Smiles*

::Finally Arriving at Guard Shack. Guards Check whole vehicle head to toe then lets us through. Tommy Continues to drive to the Newest Family Members House::

Ken: You know I never Understood why they always check the whole car situation in and out. I mean I can understand the in part but not the out .

{Song Plays Elastic Heart By Sia ---> Without Lyrics ->
And With Lyrics ->

Tommy: Well If you noticed we had the car checked before we left too.

Ken: I didn't see them check the car. *looks at Tommy in the Review Mirror*

Tommy: *Glances at Review Mirror* Well they did it beforewe got to the car. As soon as the front Desk Gets a signal that we got another Family Member Arriving They signal our security guards and they Schedule a A.S.A.P ON the Vehicle . Once it is done they Clear it and send me a text message that it is ready to go or they call me on the intercom ,walk talkie or how ever they can get me to respond fast enough. *glances up at Review Mirror Again*

Ken: *ponders* Well that does make sense.

Tommy: Its for Everyones safety. Ever Since that Misfit! came onto the property a.k.a Alexia Ex Boyfriend.We Amped Security up so much that it Would be highly Impossible to have a mishap happen again. Although nothing is perfect there is always that 1% that it could. But We try our hardest to make sure nothing happens like that ever again. That is all we can do.

Ken: Thats True. Glad to know we all took the extra cautions . I rather be safe then anything else.

Kimberly: Well I agree. I dont mind the inconvenience it puts us through . I rather be safe and inconvenience then to be unconvinced and dead. No thank you. So I will take the inconvenience and Safe route thank you.

Jimmy: I Agree with ya Kimberly on that one.*looks at Kimberly with agreement looks*

Alexia: So Do I. I Agree on it too. I just wish I knew how that idiot got onto property though.*Scowls*

Tommy: We still dont have a clue baby. We Still have that under investigation. We dont know how but we will figure it out. you better believe it. *Determination face to find out how that loser came onto property*

{Song Plays Tongue Tied by GroupLove --> With Out Lyrics ->
And with Lyrics &Music-->

Kimberly & Alexia: *Squeals All Girly *

Alexia: This is our Favorite song Kimberly! *claps all girly*

Kimberly: I so know it like so as if ! *giggles*

Jimmy:*Covers right ear* My Gawd Ladies!!! my ears....

Ken: *chuckles while looking stunned* Well there goes my ear's . There ringing like An Alarm Clock .

Tommy: *Glances in the Review Mirror* How do you think I feel. I had the Broadside of it up here from Alexia And she is the Loudest. *Chuckles*

Newest Family Member:  *Laughs so hard  they tear up * OMG please stop I am gonna need to run to the bathroom at this rate.

Ken: *Looks at the Newest Family Member* I thought you went before we left the house?

Newest Family Member: I did . But I swear I am gonna have to run to the bathroom again *giggles uncontrollably*

Ken: *Looks at Alexia* See what you have done we are gonna need a whole bathroom break.*Chuckles*

Jimmy: *Chuckles even more* My Gawd man !!! please stop I can't ... *loses breath* ..... funny....

Kimberly: *Stamps feet while laughing so hard* OMG THIS IS WAY TO MUCH!!!

Ken: *Looks at Kimberly* Your Telling me My ears are RINGING WOMAN!! lol .its like the airplane has landed.

Alexia: *Begins to laugh so much that I can't sit still* oooohhhoohhh my stomach ... this is so much worser then ... i dont know....

Tommy : Keep it up we are gonna have an EarthQuake In the car .*looks At Kimberly and Alexia* You got the car Rocken hard back forth .

Alexia:*Laughs So hard I begin to tear up badly* Gonna need windshield wipers on my eyes the way I am laughing.... omg........ *Laughs uncontrollable*

Kimberly: *Giggles uncontrollable* My Sides.....please help..... I CAN T STOP LAUGHING

{Song Plays Ways To Go By GroupLove with Lyrics -->
and  Without Lyrics -->

Tommy: *Looks At Alexia* Well when you said space ship you weren't Kidden. you girls got this ship Rocken.

Alexia: *Giggles even more While Squeeking* Well At least we are not rocken this van in another way *looks back at Kimberly*

Kimberly: *BURSTS OUT LAUGHING WHILE JUMPING UP AND DOWN* OMG!!!! *Laughs so hard tears go streaming down her Cheeks*BUT THAT IS SO TRUE WE WOULD!!

Alexia: *BURSTS OUT LAUGHING WHILE Jumping up and down with Kimberly* OHHHHH MY F*CKEN gAWD!!!!!! *Laughs so hard tears begin to come down my cheeks*

Jimmy: OMG!!! I didn't think... Think we were driven around Hyenas . *Laughs so hard tears are down his cheeks now*

Ken: *Elbows Jimmy* That is so wrong bro!! more like monkeys  *smiles while acting like an angel*

Jimmy: *laughs even after being elbowed* Ow man.... hhaa... damn .... *burst out laughing more*

Kimberly: *Elbows Ken while laughing * AM NOT !! *BURSTS OUT LAUGHING MORE*

Ken: God damn girl.... what an elbow *chuckles*

Tommy: Well Ladies and gentlemen we are on the USS SAFARI TODAY WE GOT chipmunks ,monkeys and hyenas.

Alexia: *Wacks Tommy in the Arm* Now I darn ya to say it again.

Tommy: Damn baby owww oww i need kissy *puckers lips*

Alexia: You f*cken Smart ass *GIGGLES while tears are still comming down my face*

Newest Family Member :  My gawd you guys are hilarious! *Laughs*

 ::Tommy Pulls the car over for a minute. The van is going up and down like a bouncing ball between Both Alexia , Kimberly , and now Ken Jumping up and down in the car. it is like a mexican hat dance party at this point  :::

Alexia& Kimberly: I GOT A LITTLE BIT LONGER  !


Ken: OH MY F*CKEN GOD. THIS IS WAY TO MUCH *HOLDS Sides while laughing*

Tommy: Well I might as well Join since we got the jumping beans. in the car .

::At this point the van looks like it is on hydraulics but it isnt .The van is going back and forth ::


Kimberly & Alexia:  I GOT A LITTLE BIT LONGER!!!

 Jimmy & Newest Family Member: * Cracks up laughing *

:: As the song comes to an end Everyone calms down with laughter ::

{Song Plays Waste By Foster The People --> With Lyrics -->
and here is without Lyrics->

::Tommy Begins to move the car OnWard::

Alexia: *smiles while wiping tears* My gawd I haven't had this Much fun Since I dont know when.

Kimberly: *wipes tears* yes I know right.

Ken: Well This was one stress relieve *chuckles*

Jimmy: Yeah ot was!! It was so much fun!! *chuckles while wipes tears out of eyes*

Alexia: I can't wait until tonight When The party Starts I am gonna be rocken that pole and the club tonight at the staff party.

Ken: *Eyes Perk* Does that mean we're InVited ?

Alexia: Everyone 21 and up is invited. it is gonna be one hell of a party! *smiles* We also got a special party about ablock away for the one who arn't 21 . So We made sure both sides were taken care of .

Jimmy: Well thats good *smiles* That way no one is left out of a party.

Kimberly: Except at the 21 and over party its gonna be hott!!!! *looks at Alexia*

Alexia: Ya I know I am gonna have to get my dancing clothes,heels ,makeup and all for the party on ! *smiles back at Kimberly*

Tommy: I Really was hoping to spend some time with you tonight Alexia *glances over*

Alexia: Oh come on baby the staff so deserves a show tonight. they earned it  *smiles* I dont care I am still doing it. so whatever. I am single and beautiful and I am allowed to do whatever I want.

Kimberly: oohhhh. My girl is being fiesty Tonight *winks at Alexia*

Tommy: I Just Worry thats all . I really do love you *smiles while glances over *

Alexia: *looks over while flip my hair to the side like a preppy girl* Listen Babe I will be fine. Sides it is gonna be fun!! I mean party hard like a rockstar... stripp like a stripper .. *begins to sing while dancing in my seat*

Ken: Well I can see this party being awesome!!! *grins*

Jimmy: Well Alexia is live entertainment thats for sure *smiles while whistling*SHE IS HOTT!!!

Kimberly : Damn I see this party is gonna get wild. *giggles*

:: Tommy Finally Pulls up to Newest Family Member Home ::

Alexia: Here We Are Sweetheart. Your NEW HOME!!! YAHOOOOoOOo!oo!!!  *DANCES IN SEAT* Party!!!! time!!!!!

:: Tommy pulls up and park the van. Guards come out and opens all of our doors. We all get out of the van and head indoors . Tommy & Jimmy Get The Refreshments  While Tommy chats with the guards and Kimberly prepares the Patio for a there tiny social gathern . Alexia and Newest Family Member Go Upstairs to show there new bedroom. Shortly Kimberly comes upstairs to help out::

Alexia: Kimberly can you go get there fluffys for me baby *winks at Kimberly*

Kimberly: Yes Hottie! *throws a kiss at Alexia.*Then Kimberly heads to get Fluffys out of the Extra storage rooms. Then Kimberly puts her arms Right around me after she sets the fluffys on the bed .*

                                           *Alexia Catchs it and rubs it on her lips*

Alexia :In Our Family We call Pillows Fluffys. If you are wondering.I  am So happy you finally arrived.We have been Patiently Waiting for you .  I hope you Love your home's Sweetheart.*smiles* Now Listen If you ever have a Request or if someone is bother you ,or if you need someone to talk to or chat with Don't Hesitate to let me know Sweetheart.

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Alright Well Just to let you know We Accept Everyone and anyone. We are there for you In Good Times And in Bad times. We Are Always there for you No Matter what. We Are A very Supportive ,Loven ,Caring, Trustable,Honesty, Loyalty  and more Family. *We are Just full of love ,Equality and more. We Believe in Treating Everyone Equally. 

*Takes Kimberlys arms off me for a minute and comes walken over to the Newest Family Member*
*Gives you a Big Huggie and Kisses on the Cheek* Just let me know if you ever need anything. 

Once Again Welcome To The Family Sweetheart. I am So happy you have Joined our family .
I love you Sweetheart.

Welcome Home 68th SWEETHEART! | DancingSouless Welcome To The Family Feature

Alexia : Alright Sweetheart well lets head Outside to the Midnight Pool Party Area for some Dinner and drinks .

::Alexia, Kimberly & Newest Family member Head to the Midnight Pool Party Area Dinning Area for some  dinner and Drinks. We all sit around ,launging, make jokes, Goof around , We go Swimming, Have tug of war in the pool and dancing until it gets very late. Then Alexia ,Kimberly ,Ken ,Jimmy, and Tommy Start heading Back to The Front Desk As they Get paged to Pick up Another Newest Family Member Arrival. They all had A wonderful Splash and Pool Party at our newest family member house and now there headed to Pick up the 69th family member..::

**  Welcome HOME 69th FAMILY SWEETHEART MEMBER!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥ Tommys Makes Alexia Giggles**


                     ♥♥♥♥♥♥ BIG HUGGIES AND KISSES ♥♥♥♥♥♥

                         ♥♥♥♥♥♥Sincerely With Lots Of Love ♥♥♥♥♥♥
                          ♥♥♥♥♥♥ DancingSouless♥♥♥♥♥♥