Saturday, February 13, 2016

Second Life Egypt The Lost Eye Of Horus pt 2

D*mn Rendering Issues and Some GOOD news on my video :D

Well After So much d*mn Rendering issues and glitchs . GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!
I finally got it to work. so {Second Life Egypt The Lost Eye Of Horus pt 2} is uploading now and it should be Avaliable with in the next hour. So just keep a look out for it .

My Gawd I wish rendering would get much easier and also the uploading process. *shakes head* It will someday . I Just got to be patient .just like most of us that does this Everyday .

Well I am gonna get back to working on my other projects and hopefully wont have so many issues.




Keeping my Promises :D

Right now I am rendering part 2 To tomb Raider :D It will be up after I am done Rendering and then uploading :D No worries I always keep my promise :D