Tuesday, May 8, 2018

πŸ‘ΆEvans Nookie Tag and Sleepy Day😴

πŸ‘ΆRecorded on : May 2nd,2018πŸ‘Ά
In My Family We Call Pacifers (NOOKIES) Not Pacifers , Binky or whatever you guys call it.While being a mom again I revist the once Game that was played by my other 7 kids. Now My 8TH Baby πŸ‘ΆEvan Alucard Is now playen the same games as his sisters and Brothers did. Nookie tag is basically when they want attention from me. Or To get picked up and They Want me to put down all my other work. Its there way of doing a baby protest and letten me Know "Hey Mommie I am First not the work "