Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Welcome HOME 63rd FAMILY SWEETHEART MEMBER!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥ Power Of Love

HELLO FAMILY!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥



** Just To Let you know To all Family Members All Of Our Storys Connect to one another even the Inbetween storys connect to your storys ***

*While The party Carrys on Through the night Alexia says goodnight to out 62nd family member and heads out With Ken *

:: Check out Welcome Home 62nd FAMILY SWEETHEART MEMBER To see where we left off in the story - >  ::

Alexia : Bye Everyone. See you laters.

Tommy: Be Safe honey. And remember to stop by the security office for your Security Tracker and walkie talkie,and Cellphone.

Alexia :  I will .

Kimberly : That is weird we we're talken about getten a tracker on Alexia along time ago. but i didn't want it to happen this way. *raises her left eyebrow while looken back and forth from Tommy and me*

Tommy: Yea I know. But We all didn't expect this Eaither. We are gonna be Loaded More up with security measures. all people must have walkie talkies,trackers, and cellphones. We wanna make sure everyone is gonna be safe and alright. Plus now everyone will have bodyguards as well in there homes.

Jimmy: Well like they say you can't ever be to safe or sorry "Sorta Speech" *Jimmy makes Quotation marks in the sky with his fingers*

Tommy: yeah it is true. But we are here and Tonight My Tactical team and I am gonna have a briefing on how to make it more better secured since our property is so big.

Jimmy: Smart Decision .

Kimberly : Yes sure it is.

Tommy: Well you better get going Alexia. You and Ken have a nice night. I know I gotta get
Going to. *Looks at 62nd Family member* Now you got guards and everything. you need anything immediately contact me no matter how small or big it is. I would gladly help you. you are safe and protected.
so no need to worry. Okay . You Understand sweety.

62nd Family Member : Yes sir. I will. can I also contact Alexia and them too.

Tommy: *giggles with smiles* OfCourse. you can contact any of us. *smiles* Now I gotta get going.

Kimberly: Yea I am gonna head out too. it was nice meeting you sweetheart.*looks at 62nd family member*

 Jimmy: Hey kimberly wait for me I gotta talk to you about something.

::Kimberly looks at Jimmy while raising her left eye brow::

Kimberly : Alright no problem.

Jimmy: *Looks at 62nd family member* It was nice meeting you and I hope your excited about being in our family like we are about you sweety *smiles*


Alexia : Well we are glad sweety. *gives you another huggie and a kiss on the cheek and then walks off with ken*

Jimmy: We will catch up with you guys in a little bit. Okay Alexia and Ken?

Alexia and Ken : Yeah sure.

Jimmy: Protect Alexia man *looks Ken in the eye seriously*

Ken : I will man. no problem *waves bye*

::Ken and Alexia Head out Together Towards the beach. While Tommy Heads to his Squad car and heads back to his Head Quarters. Jimmy and Kimberly head to the Tiki bar to go chat::

::: Music Begins to play by Andrew Belle-Pieces with Lyrics -> and without Lyrics -->

::Ken gently Takes Alexia Hand and walks on the beach With while starring into her eyes::

Ken: You Know You had us all worried today.

Alexia : I know. I was scared. I still don't get how it all happend.

Ken: Me neither. But we got all things fixed now and everything should be fine from now on.

Alexia : Yeah I know .

Ken : { Holds Alexia's hand and stops walken} Alexia ?

Alexia : {Feels the Tug and stops walken and looks into Kens eyes} Yes Ken? what is it?

:: Music Begins to play by Avril Lavigne-Hello Heartache with Lyrics ->  and without Lyrics -->

Ken : You have such beautiful eyes. they sparkle in the moonlite *smiles while gently pushing back Alexia's hair Back so I can see Alexia's sparkly blue eyes*

Alexia : {Blushs}. Thanks for the comment Ken.

Ken : Have you ever heard of this Song?

Alexia : Yes its another Favorite song of mine.

Ken : Do you know what it means? or Do you have your own interpretation of what it means? *looks into Alexia's Crystal Blue eyes deeply while raising her hand and giving it a gently kiss on her soft ebony Skin.

::Alexia Looks at Ken and is thinking why the hell did he just kiss my hand at the sametime feels nervous::

Alexia: {sez in a gentle voice} Well From What I gather is the one part when she sez its not the end good bye my friend hello heartach . it is basically like Her friend Became more then a friend. like they went from friends to a relationship .At least thats what I took from it and what I saw. What about you? *Looks into Kens blue eyes while his blonde hair shines bright in the  moonlite*

::Kens Breath Grows shallow as he looks into Alexia's Eye's.He then takes his right hand and gently
Glides it Through Alexia's Hair . He Then moves a little closer to her while he Places his left hand on her hip while Taken he right hand and gently placing it in hers::

Ken: Alexia Will you give me the honor and dance with me by the moonlite?

::Alexia grows even so more nervous and begins to think WTF is this guy doing but keeps telling herself
to calm down it is nothing. it is him just being a gentleman and he just wants to dance::

Ken : Alexia are you alright?

Alexia : {Sez in a Nervous} Yes....*takes a deep breath*

Ken: Are you Nervous honeybear? Be honest with me my sweet Pixie.

Alexia : Yes I am a little Nervous.

Ken: I am not offending you in anyway am I? We don't have to dance if you don't want too.

Alexia: {Sez in a quick soft voice} No ... no no no. You didn't Offended me Sweetheart. I would love to dance. I Haven't ever Slow Danced with A guy Before.

Ken : Really? Are you for real?

Alexia : YES I am for real. I am being Honest. I have with Women and all not guys. With guys in my past it was always dirty dancing and what not. I didn't ever get that once moment to dance slow. So this is a first for me.

Ken:{ Looks shocked} Woooow! Does Anybody Know about this?

Alexia : Only you ,Kimberly ,Jimmy and Tommy.

Ken: Woooow! I really feel Privileged now .

Alexia : Well Its something I kept a secret. Everytime someone ask I just tell them i have so I dont feel awkward.

Ken : Well Why would you feel awkward about that?

Alexia : I don't know. *shrugs*

:: Music Begins to play by Britney Spears - Til It's Gone ->With Lyrics ->  and without Lyrics ->

Ken : {Sez in a Charismatic and Loven Voice}  May we dance My Sweet Princess? *stares into Alexia's Starlet eyes*

Alexia : Yes Sure.

::Ken gently Moves Alexia Closure to his body and gently sways back and forth with Alexia in his arms. Alexia and Ken Look at Eachothers eyes deeply as they dance on the moonlite beach by the nice white canopy ::

Ken : {Sez in a shallow & heartfelt voice} Alexia .. What are thinking right now?

::Alexia Keeps Staring at Ken while looken at the beautiful stars in the sky::

Alexia{ Sez in a soft Angelic Voice } Nothing Just looken at you and the stars in the Beautiful Sky.

Ken: You Know you can hold me Closer to you.

Alexia : I know. I am just happy this way.

Ken : Oh Okay. Well May I hold you closer to me while I Lay my head on your shoulder?

Alexia : {Giggles} How can you do that? you are taller then me. I am 5"2 and you are like 5 foot something.

Ken: Well I Can try Can't I *raises left eye brow*

Alexia: You can try but i am telling ya...

Ken: Honey Bunny I am only a few inchs taller then you. I am 5"6.

Alexia: yeah your right. you are taller then me. *smiles*

Ken: How is it that you are that tiny?

Alexia : I don't know I have been this way Since middle School and this aint no joke. *giggles*

Ken: This is why I call you my little Pixie because you are so tiny like a pixie.

Alexia : Yeah But I Am cuter then Tinkerbell.

Ken: Yes you are. To be honest I prefer and I know Brunettes are way Sexier then blondes.

Alexia : {Blushs and sez Quickly} Okay okay okay you can lay your head on my shoulder. you are maken me go beat red. you can stop that now. *giggles*

Ken : Nope Can't your cute and sexy *smirks*

Alexia :  Ken! {Blushes beat Red and turns my head to the left to look at the stars more so i wont turn anymore beat redder}

{Ken gently takes his right hand out of Alexia's and then slowly places his hand on Alexia's chin and gently turns her face towards him so she couldn't look into the sky and hide that beautiful beat red face.As There eyes meet Alexia Face Turns even more red and at the same time Ken Just Stares into her eyes and doesnt say a word }

{Leonard Cohen -Dance Me To The End Of Love Begins to play ->  }

{ As the Song begins to play Ken Just stares into Alexia's Eyes and begins to sway them both to the music }

Ken: {Sez in a soft Sultry voice} I can't help but wonder what your lips feel like upon mine. As there ruby red and glossy.They Glimmer in the stars and look kissable. I can't help but wonder how your kisses feel as I have fallen for you Alexia. {Kens voice begins to quiver and his breathen grows to a still shallow}

Alexia: {Sez in a barly in a voice } Ken.. *begins to lose my breath* I can't breathe. {Sez in a shallow voice}

Ken: {Begins to Sing the song Together by The xx } to Alexia  ->  }

{As Ken sings Alexia Sings the Girl Part to complete the song. As they both sing and dance the night under the stars Kimberly and Jimmy Are Beginning there Journey back there way to Alexia& Ken }

::Mean While On There Walk Kimberly And Jimmy's walk they talk about Alexia::

Jimmy :  I just can't help it ever since the First day I saw her I just fell head over heels for her. I mean the other day i caught her singing to her favorite song  { gigi d'agostino i'll fly with you } check out my favorite song That I love to sing to -->
and here is one with lyrics ->

Kimberly : She Sings?

Jimmy: Yes she does. She Just Hides it. She Doesn't want anyone to know her gifts and not only that you should read her poetry!

Kimberly : Yea I know I read some of it. She does have a lot of talent. I Just don't know why she doesn't share it with the world or her family members.

Jimmy: She is probley scared. Probley *Jimmy does hand gestures while flinging his hands around * Scared of Rejection and what not. or that she isn't perfect Enough.She has said on many Occasions she always feel like she ain't good enough and why bother sharing if she is gonna get condemned.

Kimberly : Well what she needs to do is to Put Her foot down and show people who boss. She has a boss side of her.I feel like she's holden back to much.

Jimmy: Do you think there is a way to help her out of her shell?

Kimberly : I don't know. but we can work with her and see what we can do to get her out of that shell.

Jimmy: *Smiles big* Yeah we could.

Kimberly : Jimmy I know you like Alexia ...

Jimmy : LOVE  not like. I have strong feelings for her. Speaking of Which do you have the Heart shaped locket?

Kimberly : I am glad you asked *pulls it out and hands it to Jimmy*

Jimmy: Why you glad I asked?
Kimberly : because I almost forgot that I even had it in my pocket after all the running we did.

Jimmy: yeah that was alot of running huh?

Kimberly : Yes it sure was.

Jimmy: So what were ya gonna tell me?

Kimberly : Oh ....hmm... Oh yes .. I know you love Alexia but Can I tell you something Private?

Jimmy : Sure OfCourse.. * stops walken and Looks at Kimberly * Don't tell me you love her too?

Kimberly: * Stops walken and Slowly Nods her head yes* Yes I do .  she gives me the butterflys everytime I am around her.

                  {This is the part of the Place where Kimberly and Jimmy Stopped walken and talked }

Jimmy: {Bursts out laughing} Man she has alot of us fallen for here huh?

Kimberly: Yes i guess so. But who wouldn't she is beautiful and caring..

Jimmy: Loven ,compassionate...

Kimberly : Thoughtful , Loyal

Jimmy: Trustable , Easy to fall for

Kimberly : has a Knock out body to die for

Jimmy : Not to mention a beautiful Voice

Kimberly : Eyes that are so hypnotizing ...

Jimmy: Well we could go on and on about this.

Kimberly : {Sighs happly } Yes we could.

Jimmy : I got A Question Kimberly for you.

Kimberly: For me?

Jimmy: Yes About Alexia.

Kimberly : Alright shoot !

Jimmy: Do you think That any guy and I mean Any guy Has a chance with Alexia? Think about it before you say something.

Kimberly: {Thinks and Thinks hard} Well to be honest Jimmy She is Lesbian as can be. I really don't think a guy has a chance. But...

Jimmy: But!...but ..but!! what { gets all fidgety like love sick puppy dog and Jumpy like a jumping bean}

Kimberly :MY GAWD Jimmy!!! Calm down! You Are Drooling like a dog!. *giggles*

Jimmy: I can't help it! Do you know something I dont?

Kimberly : no I don't know something that you don't.

Jimmy : Then why did you say but then? *legs become shakin*

 { Here is the Second spot where Jimmy and Kimberly stopped and talked. there is where Jimmy shook the Table }

{Jimmy Sits at table and begins to shake the The Table}

Kimberly : Jesus!! what is wrong with you it is like dealing with a Shaken chihuahua in the winter.

Jimmy:  I can't help it. when you said but it was like a glimmer hope. and even if there wasn't a but *Jimmy paces back and forth*

Kimberly : Okay now your pacing like an expectant daddy because that is what my dad did when my mom was expecting her  4th baby girl.

Jimmy: Can't help it! I am Just head over heels for her. she drives me crazy. I can't sleep sometimes at night. I count the hours until I see her again . I can't wait to wake up in the morning and wait for her to wake up. I sometimes watch her sleep. she sleep like an Angel.

Kimberly : okay I thought I was creepy but I guess I am wrong.

Jimmy: hey I ain't creepy I just wanna be near her and make sure she okay and that I am there for her every wimp is i can be. I love her. you know. but when you said but and even if you didn't say but I would still try my damnest to get her attention and try everything to get her to fall in love with me.And Believe me I am not done Trying.

Kimberly : {puts hand on Jimmy Shoulder and looks at him in the eye} Now Dude that is True Dedication. I applause that and I am being for real on that.

Jimmy: {Sez in questionable and squeeky voice} Thanks I guess.

Kimberly : Your welcome and btw Don't question when I complement you on your dedication. I really did mean it.

Jimmy: No Problemo. Should we get going .

Kimberly : yea we should. There probley waiting for us and wondering where the hell we are.

:: Jimmy gets up and gets back to walken with kimberly . Mean while Back At headquarters Tommy Welcomes the Newest Family member::

Tommy: So you are the newest family member huh? *smiles big*

Newest Family member: yes I Sure am . I came to Join the family. I am ready for the Adventure! *smiles big*

Tommy: Alrighty then *giggles western style and hands you ,walkie Talkie , cellphone , and Tracker* Well Sweety these little gaget's will keep ya safe. We had a mishap yesterday but we got it under control. no one got hurt we just had a broot who thought he was a tough sh*t. Well we prove him wrong. he wasn't part of the family he was one of Ms.Alexia's Ex's. but you no need to worry we got the best men and women on board to keep you safe and secured. there is a direct number on this card here that i am giving ya. you call me anytime. You will always have your own bodyguards at your home. so you will always be safe no matter where you go.

Newest Family member : Yes sir I understand and thank you so much. So where's Alexia ?

Tommy: I don't know at the paticular moment but I will have her paged and Jimmy. Jimmy works the front desk.

Newest Family member: Thank you sir. I Appreciate it.

Tommy: No problem Just sit down and hang tight sweety. I got ya covered

::Tommy pages Jimmy and they talks amongest themselves. Mean while Back at the beachside Ken and Alexia are dancing and singing the night away::

{Max Richter - The Twins (Prague)  song begins to play ->

*Ken Gently sways back and forth with Alexia .At this point Alexia Gently lays her head on His Shoulder while listening to his heart beat. Ken notices and smiles big and sighs with Happyiness in his heart. Alexia notices his sigh and looks at there hands holden eachothers ::

Alexia: {Sez softly} Why did you Sigh Ken?

Ken: {Sez Lovenly and Happily} Because I am happy that you layed your head on my shoulder.

Alexia: You do know I can hear your heart? its sounds so calming.

Ken : Yes I know I can hear yours too. Your Heart is So Precious to me.

Alexia: {Smiles and blushs} You know I feel safe in your arms.

Ken: {smiles big and feels so happy} I am glad to hear that my darling Angel.

Alexia : Ken Have I ever told you how much I liked when people commented on me.

Ken : No. But thank you for letten me know. I only tell you the truth and what comes from my heart.

Alexia :  I know you do Ken. {Sez softly}

Ken : Sweetheart? {Sez In A Loven Passionate voice}

Alexia : {thinks to herself now what is he thinking?} Yes Ken {Sez softly}

::Ken Gently takes his hand right hands from hers and gently tilts Alexias head uptowards his. Alexia and Kens eyes meet. now there with in inches of eachothers faces. ::

Ken: I wanna take you somewhere will you join me?

Alexia: {sez nervously voice} Yes ken . where we going?

Ken: It is a surprise. I setted up for you.

::Ken gets a little closer to Alexias face as if he is going to kiss her. Alexia leans further back .Ken Cups Alexias lower back::

Ken: {sez in a Seductive voice} Trust me Alexia. I wont hurt you.

Alexia: {Breathen becomes irregular as i begin to wonder WTF is going on} Okay I Trust you.

::Ken gets closer to Alexia face again. This Time Alexia Doesn't Flinch. Ken gently takes his hand off Alexia's Lower back and gently takes Alexia's right hand leads it up towards his lips while looken dead center in Alexia's Eyes. As he kisses one and the other hand he keeps repeating in a gentle and subtle voice trust me. then after he has both my hands into his Ken starts walken backwards ::

Ken : Keep looken into my eyes .Trust me. I won't let you get hurt

:: Music Begins to plays As The World Falls Down by David Bowie   -> with lyrics

::Alexia Smiles big as she hears her favorite song from her favorite movie Labyrinth .Ken smiles back at Alexia As he Slowly moves them to Alexias Main house that hers.

::Ken gently Opens the door behind his back and leads them inside and up the stair way ::

::KEN Scooting backwards Until they hit the stairs::

Ken: Alexia I am gonna blind fold you. trust me. 
Alexia : Ken my heart is beating out of  my chest with nervousness.
Ken: Sweetheart *looks deeply into Alexia's Eyes. Trust me.
Alexia : Ken I Swear to gawd there better be no risky business. I swear.
Ken: Trust me Angel.
::Ken gently close Alexias eye with his hand and the places the blind fold on her::

:: Ken then Gently picks Alexia up and carrys her upstairs. As Soon as they hit the main floor he then gently Guides Alexia Down the Hall way. Then Ken Stops Alexia And Turns Her Around and gets with in inches of her face again like before::

Ken: I am gonna remove your Blindfold Angel. But I need your hands .
Alexia : I swear to gawd Ken you try anything stupied you are gonna fly like a cow to the moon.
Ken : {Snickers} Baby I am not gonna try anything stupied. I promise Angel.
::Ken then gently places Alexia Hands on her sides of her temples while putten his hand on top of hers and gently helps her slide the mask down off her eyes::

Ken : Keep looken into my eyes baby.
Alexia: I am . Tell me when I can look around.
Ken : I will.
::Ken Gentle places his hands on Alexias Hips ::
Ken: On the count of the 3 I want you to turn around.
Alexia : Alright Sweetheart.
Ken: 1....2....3... ::turns you around gently::
Alexia : Omg !!! There so beautiful!
Ken: Well I had the Staff make this for you. I know how stressed you are and I know how you love long stem red roses. So I thought  I would have this done for you. So you have something pretty to look at and enjoy.

Alexia :{Sez happly} Ken you are such a sweetheart! {just melts with happyiness}

Ken: I just want you happy sweetheart. *smiles*
Alexia: Thank you Ken. {goes over to Ken and gets with inchs of his face}
Alexia:{Sez sweetly} Thank you Sweetheart I really love it. 
Ken: {Begins to studder and lose words} welcome baby.{loses his breath}
Alexia: Are you alright sweetheart?
Ken: Yes I am alright Honey. You Just took my breath away.
::Alexia bursts out laughing::
Alexia : I love maken you speechless. it is cute. and funny. *giggles*
::Kens heart is racing fast and his mouth is wide open like a speechless look.
Alexia walks over and gently presses her left hand on Ken's Chin and close his
mouth . As Alexia Does that Ken almost falls but Alexia catchs him While
Starring deep into his eyes. ::

Alexia: You Know Ken. I love your eye color. they sparkle when they hit candlelite
Ken: You do?
Alexia : Yes I do. *smiles *
::Ken gently glides his right hand through Alexia's hair::
Ken: You are so beautiful Alexia. *a happy tear runs down his cheek*
Alexia: No. Your Handsome. *smiles while wipes the happy tear away*
Ken: You are. You are beautiful. *Smiles*
:: Ken stand up slowly while looken at Alexia in her baby blue eyes::

Ken: You are the most Beautiful women ever.
::Ken takes Alexia By her hips while staring deep into her eyes::
Ken : No Matter what I want you to know something My Angel.

::As Ken is getten ready to Tell Alexia How Deeply he feels for her Tommy shouts from downstairs::

Tommy: yo Alexia!!! We got another Family Member here!

::Alexias gestures Ken to go ahead again and say what he has to say.""

Ken: Alexia My Darling Angel.... 
*Gently pulls Alexia close to his body to feel his heart beaten heavly for her*

::Tommy yells again::

Tommy: YO ALEXIA!!!! YOU HERE!!! 

::Tommy walks around down stairs searching for Alexia::

Alexia : Ken ...I gotta go... {sez softly and quietly}

Ken: No... Please Stay... {gently nuzzles Alexia's Neck}
::Alexia heart is racing so fast with nervousness & Fear that She Yelps. but Ken Covers her
Mouth before anyone could here her .Tommy then comes upstairs . Ken gently grabs 
Alexia and hides in her Main Bedroom::

::Alexia looks around then looks at Ken with A WTF LOOK::

Ken : Alexia I want to tell you.....

::Ken hears Tommy comming there way grabs Alexia and opens the closet and hides in there with her. Tommy searchs around the room ::

Ken: {Wispers} Baby I want to tell you...
::Alexia gets angry and begins to yell  but ken covers her mouth.Tommy comes by the closet door to
open it .Ken covers them up with blankets while fallen on top of Alexia::

Tommy:hmm thats weird nothing by blanks,clothes and what not.  I could've swore I heard something.
must be me hearing things. 

::Alexia looks in fear as WTF.Ken covers her mouth so she wont say a word.The door closes and Tommy heads down stairs and out::

::Ken Stands up and holds hand out for Alexia .Alexia Grabs his hand and is strong. So Strong she Flings
him on the floor and gets on top of him and stares Directly down at him while holden his hands down with hers::

Alexia: Baby I love you and All But This Has To Stop. You were planning to do something weren't you?

Ken: TO BE HONEST NO! I setted up for you baby. I know your lesbian alright. I know. I just wanted to do something special for you.

::Alexia Stares deep into his sparkley blue eyes::

Ken: Seriously baby. I am being honest. but I also gotta say ....

:: Surround System begins playen Take My Breath Away by Berlin --> with lyrics


::Alexia Storms out of the closest and downstairs as fast as she can Ken runs after her::

Ken: ALEXIA!!! WAIT BABY!!! Let me Explain!!

::Alexias gets as close as the bottom of stairs when Ken catchs her from fallen .Ken then wraps her arms
Around Alexia and pins her to the stairs while being on top of her.::

Ken :Now Listen to me baby!!! I didn't have any of this planned for anything to happen I am not like those Scu*  *ags That force there way with women. I am not like that. I am not like your f*cken past. If anything...

::Ken Notices he is immobilizing Alexia and he doesnt want her to fear him so he gets off her::

::Alexia Gets up:: 

Alexia : WHAT THE F*CK MAN!!


::Alexia Begins to walk towards the door::


::Alexia Freezes and closes her eyes ,and slowly turns around::

Ken: Alexia I love you. I Really do. I made this all for you because I wanted to make it special for you. I wanted to tell you how I feel. I didn't want to keep it bottled up inside anymore. You Taught me that remember baby?

Alexia: {Alexia Gently opens her eyes and stares in Ken eyes . I could see he was telling the truth . I began to start feeling bad like I had done something wrong. } Ken i am sorry....

Ken :baby.. {sez frantically} baby...

Alexia : I am sorry.....

Ken: {sez frantically} Sorry for what baby?

Alexia : I made you upset .I ruined something you did nice for me and I made you upset. I feel so bad inside. :Begins to cry :

Ken: Oh baby! {Sez in concerned voice while running over to hold Alexia to help her feel better}

Alexia : I am so sorry. I keep forgetting you are not like my past or some of the bad guys out there. 
I am so sorry ken *looks into kens eyes while crying * I dont want you to feel pain.

Ken: Baby it is alright is alright. I love you okay. I love you *holds Alexia Close*
If anything you make me happy. the fact you turned around I knew deep down inside that you cared about me. does that make you feel better knowing that you made me feel better when you did that?

Alexia: Yes... it does... Please hold me Ken... please keep me safe ...

Ken: {sez emotionally} baby you know I will keep you safe know I will.

::Ken kisses Alexia head while rocken her to calm her down::

Alexia: I am sorry ... I am sorry for upsetting you.

::Ken tilts Alexia's head up and stares into her tearful blue eyes::

Ken: I love you. I love you so much it can't compared to words. You make me happy.
you make my heart race everytime I see you. I Want you to know how I feel about you.
I love you so much Alexia Admiral. You didn't Upset me if anything you made me fall in deeper love with you.

Alexia: {listens to kens words And Sez Tearfully} It is nice to know that someone loves me. I don't hear it anymore. It is so hard for me to find the one. 

:::Jimmy ,Kimberly and Newest Family Member comes walken in with Tommy::

Tommy: What happend?!! Is She Alright?!

Kimberly: OMG ALEXIA ! Sweety!


Newest Family Member : I will take them out and show them who's boss. No one hurts my family!

Alexia: Guys!! I am alright okay... I am alright. Nothing happend. The guy is gone.

Tommy: Where was he Darling {Covers Alexia With Sheriffs coat}

Jimmy: Alexia WHERE IS HE !!! I am gonna F*cken knock some sense into him!!

*Tommy looks at Jimmy,Kimberly and Newest Family member*

Tommy: GUYS!! Calm Down. No need to be in a fit. LeT Alexia Speak.

*Tommy Looks at Alexia with sympathtic eyes*

Tommy: Now sweety where did he go?

Alexia : He didn't go anywhere. he's in jail.

Ken: No one was here dude. We have been trying to tell ya.

Jimmy: OH okay...

Kimberly : I was about to go all Harley Quinn.

Tommy: Well Thats Explains everything.

Newest Family Member : but Why was she Crying then?

Kimberly: Yea?

Jimmy: yea that seemed odd.

Tommy: I was thinking the samething.

Alexia :Because I Thought I Ruined A surprise and I accused Ken for something Ken didn't even do.
I basically compared him to my past. which I shouldnt have. 

Ken: Yes sweetheart and I said your fine you didnt ruin anything or hurt my feelings or anything.

Jimmy: Well that Solves that issue. 

Newest Family member: You gotta a nice house Alexia.

Alexia: Thanks sweetheart. Lets bring you to yours. I am so sorry for my tears. I Am a very emotional and sensitive person.

Newest Member: oh Its alright I understand. we all go through our rough moments. I am sure you will be there for me when I need you.

Alexia: You better believe it I will be there for you no matter what *smlies*

Tommy: Alright lets get going everyone it is getten way late.

::Kimberly Wraps her arms around Alexia , Ken ,Jimmy,Tommy and newest Family member begin to head to the house::

Alexia : This is your new home Sweety!!!! 

:: Everyone heads inside::

Newest Family member: I love this PLACE !!! IT IS BEAUTIFUL!

Alexia : Well it is yours honey.

::Alexia runs upstairs With Newest Family Member and gets 2 fluffys out of the extra storage room and places them on the bed::

Alexia :In Our Family We call Pillows Fluffys. If you are wondering.I  am So happy you finally arrived.We have been Patiently Waiting for you .  I hope you Love your home's Sweetheart.*smiles* Now Listen If you ever have a Request or if someone is bother you ,or if you need someone to talk to or chat with Don't Hesitate to let me know Sweetheart.

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Once Again Welcome To The Family Sweetheart. I am So happy you have Joined our family .
I love you Sweetheart.

Welcome Home 63rd SWEETHEART! | DancingSouless Welcome To The Family Feature

Alexia : Alright Sweetheart well lets head Down stairs for some Dinner and drinks .

::Alexia & Newest Family member Head downstairs for dinner and Drinks. We all sit around outside haven dinner by the beach talken about what all happen today and the past event . we all sit and laugh and have a swell dinner::


                     ♥♥♥♥♥♥ BIG HUGGIES AND KISSES ♥♥♥♥♥♥

                         ♥♥♥♥♥♥Sincerely With Lots Of Love ♥♥♥♥♥♥
                          ♥♥♥♥♥♥ DancingSouless♥♥♥♥♥♥


Welcome HOME 62nd FAMILY SWEETHEART MEMBER!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥ BEING Family Hero!

HELLO FAMILY!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥



** Just To Let you know To all Family Members All Of Our Storys Connect to one another***

* Late in the Afternoon Alexia and Jimmy are hanging out By The Blue Orchid Beach*

Jimmy :  *Rubs His Forhead* My gawd my head is still sore from yesterday from bonking my head into that hardwood door.

:: Check out Welcome Home 61st FAMILY SWEETHEART MEMBER To see where we left off in the story - >

Alexia : Well Silly!  *Acts Goofy To Make Jimmy Laugh* If you weren't watching me you would've saw the door. I mean it was like 3 inchs from you. *giggles while smirking*

Jimmy: Well I am Sorry I couldnt help it. Sides you stole my mind when you gave me that Sensual Huggie and Kiss on my Cheek .

Alexia : Well sorry *smirks and gives Jimmy the goofy eyes*

::Jimmy bursts out Laughing::

Alexia : Well it is about time you laugh. I was trying my hardest to get you to laugh and quite thinking about your soar forhead.

Jimmy : Well it worked a little bit . But *Jimmy Looks at Alexia In her Playboy Bikini . I could use a nice kiss to feel better.

::Alexia Bursts out Laughing :::

Alexia : Jimmy you are so over milken the Situation. you are gonna be fine.

Jimmy : I dont know if I will. I might die If I don't have a healing kiss. By a sweet Woman named Alexia.

*Ken Comes walken up to the Tiki Bar  and smiles at me & Jimmy *

Ken :  Well Hi Ya Doing Gorgeous! *winks at Alexia* At this fine Afternoon.

Alexia: I am Doing good and How about you ?Catch any women latly?

::: Music Begins to play by Selena Gomez "what the heart wants" ->  W/lyrics and here is one Without Lyrics :::

Ken : Oh come on Babe Serious! . You Know there is only one Woman I got my Eye on. Emphasis  on the Woman part As in one and only one woman I got my eye on . And that is you. so nope . I haven't

::Jimmy Looks over at Ken with a Glare and Alexia Catchs it ::

Alexia : Jimmy Whats with that look? Now now Ken Needs Attention too.

Ken : Yeah Can't I get some Attention too man.

::Alexia Looks at Ken and gives him the stern look ::

Alexia : Ken there is no need to say that. I got this Under Control. Speaking of Which take a seat Right
on the other side of me and get yourself a drink or something to eat. you look like you are hungry.

Ken : Sorry Babe. Yeah I am kinda Hungry Been Running around alot today.

:: Kent Sits down on Alexia's Right side of her and orders himself a meal and a drink. While Ken is doing so Alexia looks over at Jimmy and notices him sulking. Alexia Scoots close to Jimmy . Jimmy notices and looks up at Alexia ::

Alexia :  {Sez in soft Voice} Jimmy No need to get upset. You know I have things under hand. I know Ken Can get under your skin But Just ignore it . Sides you know how Ken has a cocky Attitude . Your different. Your Special *Gently takes my right hand and wisks away the hair out of Jimmys eyes*

::Jimmy notices her warmth and her careness about him and is happy to hear that she really does care about him because deep down inside he really loves and cares alot for her . To Jimmy Alexia was a Fresh Breath of Air and the Sunshine to his mornings .He would do almost anything to get her attention with in reason::

{Music Begins to play by Selena Gomez Good For you --> With Lyrics ( ) without Lyrics ->

Jimmy: Alexia I really Do love when you tell me that I am Special. Sometimes I do need to hear nice comments . I know you tell me lots of times. But I Just wanted you to know you make me happy.

Alexia : *smiles* Well I am glad I can make you happy. I always do try to keep you happy. I like it when you smile. Everytime you sulk or are upset it makes me upset. I dont like it when your upset.

::Ken looks over and is listening to conversation while thinking to himself how much she really cares about everyone and feels sorry for Jimmy. Ken then looks over::

Ken : Hey Jimmy I am sorry If I hurt Your Feelings In Anyway man. I am sorry if I come off like a Jerk.

::Jimmy looks over while gently taken Alexia's Left hand into his holden it nice and tight so she won't go anywhere::

Jimmy: Its No Problem Buddy. You Just Gotta Understand Man People do Got Feelings You know.

Ken : I know Bro. Once Again I am sorry. 

Jimmy: No Problem Man.

::Ken gets his meal and begins to eat while Alexia & Jimmy Talk. Alexia Looks at Ken & Jimmy and smiles that there getten along together::

Alexia : Well I am glad you two cleared that up. I really don't need any squabbles or arguments or harsh feelings in our family. You guys know I care about you guys alot. So you know when You guys are upset I get upset. 

Jimmy : Yes we know sweety. 

Ken : We know HoneyBun. I can see it everyday with you. :: Sips his Drink::

Jimmy : Your a beautiful Woman. I am proud to be even with you now here at this tiki hut.

Ken : Yeah not many can say that. you know. We are privileged to know someone as beautiful and intelligent as you. I know For one thing you make my day everytime you smile or even say hi.

::Alexia Blushs as Jimmy and Ken say such nice comment::

Alexia :  Well thank you so much . You guys are just so cute and adorable . I am so glad I have you 
guys apart of our family.I knew I picked right when I picked you Lovely Gentlemen.

::Ken goes beat red for the first time while Jimmy Blushs so hard a happy tear runs down his cheek. Alexia
See's Ken Blush ::

Alexia : Awwwwww how cute!!! my Ken Is blushing! *smiles so big ,takes back hand from Jimmy and turns around and gives Ken A great big loven huggie show him how much she cares about him* 

Ken : *blushes even Redder as Alexia Gives him a loven Huggies* ALEXIA! You are getten me more Beat Red Baby . * Thinks about what he just said the word "Baby" and studders to recover the word* I mean babe. Babe *shakes head stern while trying not to turn even redder*

Alexia : *Heard the word baby and smiles* Too late!! *giggles* I heard you call me baby. *giggles. Nice try I got ya now *Smirks big while looken into his baby blue eyes* 

Ken: Oh Come on babe. Give me a break.*Wraps his arms around Alexia While looken at her*

Alexia : Nope. I ain't gonna let it down now. Now I got ya now.

Ken: Oh really ? then who is in who arms now?

::Alexia Squiggles out of Ken's arms and hops on to Jimmys lap  while wrapping his arms around her while holds his hand in hers.Jimmy smiles and holds Alexia Nice and Tight againest him . As Jimmy Feels like he
is protecting her. Ken is like WTF and looks back & forth at himself then Alexia::

Ken :  {Studders } HOW....HOW.... HOW.. The hell did you escape my arms You Little Pixie? *Gives Alexia Like how did you do it look*

Alexia : {Looks at Ken While giggling and smiling} You Didn't know ? You didn't know I can do Houdini Tricks *busts out Laughing* Yes I am a cute Pixie *winks at Ken*

::Ken ,Jimmy and Alexia Bursts out laughing Together::

{Music Begins to play by Selena Gomez Nobodys Does It Like You Do --> With Lyrics  and here is without Lyrics -> ( )

Alexia : OMG I LOVE THIS SONG!! This is so my Fav.

Ken : Yes I know I saw you the other day Dancing to it. you do know you are a great dancer. *Looks with at Alexia With Sparkle in his eyes*

Jimmy: Tell me about it. Remember Last Night when we found her dancing On The Pole! I mean Damn!

::Alexia smile big while grinning ::

Alexia : Well I love dancing . Sides there is not ever a wrong way to dance. *smiles* I did have fun on the pole. I Just don't get why people in the world is so uptight about strippers or whatever.

Ken : Well Stripping aint' for everyone baby. You know how it is. I wouldn't bother with thinking about those Uptight punks.

Alexia : *Smiles big and Is happy to hear Ken Thinks the same way about her dancing* Ken thank you for saying that. it made my day.

Ken : No Problem baby. You can always count on us. *looks at Jimmy* You got us guys *points to Jimmy and then Himself*

Jimmy : yup You Always got us men. *smiles big while holden her nice and firm close to his body* 

Alexia : Okay now since that is over with . can you now let me go now Jimmy?

Jimmy: Nope .Not Ever! *picks Alexia and put her over his Shoulder* your mine now.

Alexia: HEY !!! PUT ME DOWN !!! 

Ken : Well thats one way to keep her * Laughs sinisterly*

::Alexia Looks over at Ken ::

Alexia : Come on Ken!!! help me out here . *Alexia Gives Her cute pout and eyes look at Ken*

Ken : Oh Come on Baby! Dont give me that look. you know that gets me all the time.

Alexia :  {Keeps doing the look while saying in a pouty voice } I am sad and lonly and I need a stud muffin to come and rescue me . *Looks at Ken with pitiful eyes*

::As Alexia Keeps giving Ken The Cute Pout and eye Ken Melts like Puddy and begins to stand up. Ken wipes his face and puts down his silverwear . He Begins to walk over to Alexia and Jimmy::

Jimmy : Hey Man!! no no. She is mine . Not your's .

Ken : She Rightfully Mine Dude Just like She is Yours. Come on bro put her down *grins while looken at Alexia*

Alexia : Come on Jimmy Put me Down . I don't need my a** buring from the sun.

Jimmy: Your A** will be fine the sun is going down anyways. Sides you should know if you are wearing a thong bikini that you are gonna get tan. 

Alexia : yeah so.  I forgot to put sunblock on . I thought it wasn't gonna be this sunny at this afternoon.

Ken: Ah! You'll be fine Baby!. It alls love and war with the sun .

Alexia : Ken!!! come on. really? 

:: Jimmy Slaps Alexia a** Playfully ::

Alexia : Jimmy!! Quit it. my a** is gonna go red. *giggles*

::Ken Sneeks a little Closure :::

Alexia : hey Jimmy Ken is not to far from you. you know. *looks at ken*

Ken : Hey!!! You Weren't suppose to give out my location!!

Jimmy : Oh no your not Ken!!!

:: Jimmy Goes running with Alexia over his Shoulder while Ken Goes running after them:::

{Music Begins to play by Selena Gomez-Intuition with Lyrics -> (  and here is with out Lyrics -> ( )

::: As Jimmy is Running with Alexia Over His Shoulder  Alexia Screams Playfully::

Alexia :  HELP!!! KEN !!!! HELP ME Ken !!!! *Reachs out for Ken*

Jimmy:  I got you now Sweetheart. your all mine !!!  *Laughs Sinsterly*

Ken : DUDE PUT ALEXIA DOWN!! OR I Will Get .... I dont know * loses words what to say*

{Music Begins to play by Ambassadors Renegades X Ambassadors   with lyrics -> ( ) and
 with Out Lyrics --> ( )  }

::As The Sun Begins to Set Kimberly Hears all the Comotion while Walken with the Newest Family Member to go be Greeted by Alexia. Kimberly Looks at the Newest Family Member and They at her ::

Newest Family Member : WHO IS THAT! *Looks at Kimberly Scared*


Newest Family Member :Should We GO Help Her *Looks at Kimberly Frantically *


Newest Family : Alright Lets go! *Stands Heroically bravely *

::Kimberly And Newest Family Member Go'S Running Towards the Beach . Alexia Screams Grow Louder::

Alexia : HELP ME!!!! 

::Kimberly Runs faster with Newest Family member and spots Alexia being Wisked away over someones Shoulder and see's Ken Running after them as well . Kimberly Runs Downs the Beach Stairs with Newest Family Member . Kimberly Looks at Newest Family Member and sez while running  "  See that Tiki hut over there. there a lounge chair there *Points to a Path leading up to it* Take that path and just go straight down the other side I will meet you there. I will make sure this dude goes that direction so he will trip and fall. When He fall's Catch Alexia I will take care of the dude . Alright? :: Looks at Newest Family Member ::

Newest Family Member : Yes I GOT IT. WE WILL TAKE HIM DOWN! I AM ON IT!

{{Music Begins to play Hard Dance Pegboard Nerds  Hero feat Elizaveta Monstercat Release -> with Lyrics --> (  )
 and without Lyrics --> }

::Newest Family Member Runs Up the path and gets the Lounge chair and gets down the other side and sets the Lounge Chair up and then hides and waits for Kimberly .  Kimberly Gains Speed and Catchs up with Ken ::

Kimberly : Ken!! Whats Going on!!

Ken : Jimmy Had Alexia At one Point and This Guy Came Out Of No Where and Took her! 

Kimberly : IS JIMMY HURT !! WHERE IS HE !!

Ken : NO HE IS NOT HURT ! I HAD HIM RING UP ALL BODY GUARDS IN MATTER IN FACT THERE THEY ARE *Points To 30 Bodyguards Comming Running IN Deputy Officer Uniforms *


Ken: OVER THAT WAY TOMMY !!! *To the Boat In the Water*




::Tommy Runs Along Aside of Kimberly ::






:: As Ken ,Kimberly and Tommy Run After the Mystery Guy who has Alexia Over his Shoulder The Special Tactical Team set A trap for the Guy Not to far from the pier where his boat is.  As The Newest Family member waits and hides in the bushs to catch the bad guy  he spots Kimberly and waves her down. ::

Kimberly : There's Our Newest Family Member they Setted a trap up ahead to help us!

Tommy : Head Over By The Newest Family MEMBER WE GOT THIS Kimberly !

Kimberly : ARE YOU SURE!!!

Tommy: Yes I am sure NOW GO!!!!

:: Tactical teams calls in all police boats and all help on deck::

Tommy: * Tommv calls on Intercom* CALL ALL SQUAD SUSPECT IS HEADED NORTH ! * 


Tommy : 10 -4  !

:: Kimberly Runs over to Newest Family Member and then Trys to catch her breath ::

Kimberly : Hey Sweety . *trys to catch breath * Where did you put the trap? *looks at Newest Family Member*

Newest Family Member : I put it  right before the boat. but before that I dug a hole and Covered it with the lounge chair blanket. 

Kimberly *Looks around and doesnt see it * Where I don't see it .

Newest Family Member : It is right there you silly *points to the cover up spot*

Kimberly : Damn You Did a good job I didn't ever see it . GOOD JOB!! *Pats Newest family member on the shoulder for doing a good job*

:: Kimberly and Newest Family Member wait Patiently then all of A sudden they see The Mystery Man with Alexia over his should running Towards the Trap That the newest family member setted. Kimberly Flickers her flashlight to the guards letten them know there is a trap up a head. The Guards see the Signal and get ready to trap Suspect.  Alexia Screams louder  HELP ME ....SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!! HE IS GONNA HURT ME!!!! . Tommy yell's : GET HIM MEN!!!   60 More Body Guards Come From the Oppisite Direction and Now Has the Suspect Surrounded::


:: TACTICAL TEAMS Gets Aggressive . Near BY Family Members see this and shoots Paintball pellets at the dude. While they create a distraction Tommy Motions to Team .Tactical Team Motions To Ken and then Ken TO Jimmy who snuck close enough to the mystery guy . ::


::Mystery Guy Is hit By Few PaintBalls  in the chest but it doesnt knock him down as this guy was ready for anything . he had a bullet proof vest on::

Mystery Guy : You Really Think Tough! HUH!! I GOT YOUR GUYS GIRL!!! You  think I am gonnna Let her go !! haha !! If She won't be With me THEN NO ONE WITH HAVE HER! !! Without her you Have Nothing YOU Pricks!!!. Come and take me Alive !!! F*ckers!!!

::All Family Members Line up in a row with paintball guns Ready To fire at will Ken Motions them to stay Steady ::

::Mystery guys puts Alexia Down and then puts her infront of him like a shield while holden her mouth shut::


::Alexia Struggles and pushs Back . While she does that Alexia See's Kimberly from her side of her eye signaling her about a trap near by. Alexia has no idea what the hell she was signalling towards but she saw the cover spot and saw Jimmy not to far. So Alexia bite the guys hand and elbowed him in the side . she then ran towards the trap . while Alexia Did that Ken Signals the Family Members To Start Shooting There Paintball guns at the dude. While Pellets are Flying and hitting the guy from all angles As soon as Jimmy gets close to the guy


:: KEN MOTIONS TO HOLD FIRE OF THE PAINTBALL GUNS. All Family members hold back::

::Alexia Went around the trap and ran towards Kimberly .  Ken Ran To Aid Jimmy with holden the guy down. ::

Kimberly : Alexia Are you Alright ? 

Alexia : Yes I am alright *breaths heavily *

Newest Family Member : He didn't hurt you did he ?

Alexia : No no Sweety he didn't. I am alright. *Gives great Big huggie to newest Family member and a kiss on the cheek* Thank you for the trap. 

Newest Family member : Your Welcome. Are you sure your alright? *Newest Family Member looks concerned*

Alexia : Yes Sweetheart I am alright . no need to worry. Sides tommy and them got it under control.


All Family Members: Your Alright Sweety!

Alexia : yes I am fine. Thank you sweethearts for helping me. 

All Family Members : Not  A problem. We are family. You Taught us that. We Stick Together.

::Alexia Smiles big and then Looks back At Newest Family member::

Newest Family Member : Alright. I Just want to make sure.

Kimberly : Jesus What the hell happen for all this to go down ? 

Alexia : I will tell you Later Kimberly . it is a long story. *looks at newest family member smiling* Don't you worry about a thing honeybun you are safe with us.

:::Tommy comes over with the guy in handcuffs::

Tommy: Do you Want To Press Charges Ms.Alexia ?

Alexia : Yes I do to the fullest Extent.

Tommy: You got it ! *looks over to tactical team* Take him away boys*

:: Guards take him away and throw him back of the tactical bus and head to the jail ::

:: Ken ,Jimmy come running over. Jimmy Swoops Alexia Up and holds on her Tightly::

Jimmy: My Gawd My poor baby are you alright. *looks at Alexia in her beautiful blue eyes*

Alexia : Yes Honey I am Alright. I will be okay.

::Ken comes over  and Alexia Goes over to ken and hugs Ken::

Ken : Don't Worry Baby we got that son of a b*ch. we got'em . Your Safe.

:: Kimberly and Newest Family Member Come over and everyone Groups Huggies.
 After Group Huggies all Family members and newest Family member, Ken ,Jimmy ,Kimberly, and me
All take a walk to the Beach lounge to sit down and relax for a  little bit::

Alexia : Thank you All Of You Sweethearts for helping come home safe. I was scared but I had no doubt that my family would be there for me .

:: Tommy and Tactical team arrive and join in the party::

Tommy: You know Alexia You being So attractive certain gets you in a pickle.But Not To Worry We all got your back. We know you have ours  .TO ALEXIA! *HOLDS Drink up*


Alexia : And dont forget TO FAMILY!!! *HOLDS RED WINE GLASS UP*

:: Everyone holds glasses up and sez "TO FAMILY!!!" 

*Alexia sits down in a canopy bed while watching others laugh and cheer together and thinks to herself on how grateful she feels to have the safty of her family and she to protect them *

*Kimberly comes walken over *

Kimberly : Hey Alexia You Wanna Show our Newest Family Member There new home?

*Alexia looks over and smiles big* 

Alexia : Yes sure! *Jumps up with Excitement* 

:: Alexia ,Kimberly go over to Ken . Ken Looks at Alexia with a big smile::

Ken: Hey Baby! Are you alright ?

Alexia : Yeah I am. Can we now go take the newest family member to there home. 

Ken : Sure honey. HEY JIMMY!!! *Motions over to Jimmy that it is time to go to the newest family members home*

Jimmy: I WILL BE OVER THERE IN A MINUTE MAN!  *Jimmys sez his see ya laters to the group and gets the Newest family and heads over to Ken ,Kimberly , and Alexia .Jimmy Looks at Alexia with concern looks *

Jimmy: hey Sweety are you ready to go now? 

Alexia : yes Honeybun. 

::Tommy Notices Alexia is about to go.So he puts down his drink tells his tactical team to keep a watch out over family members while he helps Alexia. Tommy Rushs over as we start to head out::

Tommy: Hey! Wait up You ain't leaving without me. Its better you got me too. Just Incase anything happens I got my walkie talkie and can get my tactical team in a matter in seconds.

::Ken Looks over::

Ken: Ya thats a good idea. The more the merrier. *looks around sorta speech*

Alexia : we understand Ken. *smiles gently*

:: So Kimberly Wraps her arm Around Alexia's waist while they walk together , Jimmy and ken walk sideby side in front of us for protection and Tommy and our newest family member walk together maken sure the back is covered Just Incase ::

Alexia : Well We are here honeybun ! Here is your new home ! 

             :: Everyone Heads Into the house and then Into the Living Room ::

Tommy: Alright Ken Head to back door and watch it until the Back Door Security guards come and Jimmy you got to the front and wait for the front doors Security Guards. they will arrive in 5 Minutes. then afterwards head back here. Got it!

Jimmy And Ken : yes sir!

::Jimmy heads out front and Ken Heads out Back ::

Tommy: Now Alexia You can head upstairs with the newest family member. Kimberly head to the kitchen to prep food and Drinks for all and I will help you. 

Alexia : Yes Tommy and thank you!

Tommy: You Welcome Sweet Cheeks.

::Alexia heads up stairs with newest family member . While Tommy and Kimberly prep and make drinks for all of us::

*Alexia Gos to extra storage room and gets 2 fluffys and then places them on the bed *

Alexia : Just to let you know we call our Pillows Fluffys In Our Family. I am gonna have you stay in this room tonight so you can feel safe and secured. you got over 6 Bedrooms. this is 1 out 6. You can stay in any room you want . I just Figured this would be good unless you wanna stay in this one * takes the fluffys and passes them to you and we head over to your main masterroom *

*you run over to the bed and place them down and nods your head up and down fast that this is the bedroom you want to be in *

Alexia : Alright Sweetheart. Just wanna make sure you are happy and safe. *smiles big* I  am So happy you finally arrived.We have been Patiently Waiting for you .  I hope you Love your home's Sweetheart.*smiles* Now Listen If you ever have a Request or if someone is bother you ,or if you need someone to talk to or chat with Don't Hesitate to let me know Sweetheart.

Here is our contacts to get a hold of us-->

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So Please keep a look out for them . 

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*Gives you a Big Huggie and Kisses on the Cheek* Just let me know if you ever need anything.

Once Again Welcome To The Family Sweetheart. I am So happy you have Joined our family . I love you Sweetheart

Welcome Home 62nd SWEETHEART! | DancingSouless Welcome To The Family Feature

Alexia : Alright Sweetheart well Lets head Down stairs from some goody's and Drinks. *Reachs out for your hand*

:: You Take my hand and we both go downstairs. While we head DownStairs {Music Begins to play Major Lazer – Lean On (feat. Mร˜ and DJ Snake) With Lyrics -> ( ) and without Lyrics -> ( )

while everyone is sitting down stairs waiting for us in Your second livingroom. You let go of my hand and rush over to sit by tommy as i walk over and sit by Kimberly and snuggle with her. We all sit around a listen to music while eatten ,laughing ,drinking and being happy as a family can be *


                                    ♥♥♥♥♥♥ BIG HUGGIES AND KISSES ♥♥♥♥♥♥

                                      ♥♥♥♥♥♥Sincerely With Lots Of Love ♥♥♥♥♥♥
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