Monday, May 2, 2016

I haven't forgotten you guys! A letter to My Family!!

I just wanted to write this real quick before i go brush my teeth and go to bed.
I do miss all of you very much and our gameplay videos . I haven't forgotten you
Things will be back to normal soon. I promise. I dont make promises I can't
keep. But I can promise you this... that It will go back to normal soon. it is
just alot of things hitten all at once and like everyone else we all need income to

Please keep a look out for my post tomorrow. i will let you know everything.
you are my family and I love you guys like you are my own. Tomorrow When i get home
I will tell you everything. Just hang in there. you will get what you rightfully Deserve and that
is your videos.

They might be alot of videos being released all at once. So you may not see them now but you will
even if it alot of videos being released at once. You wont lose any content. I am pretty sure after Thursday May 5th all will relax and videos will be back to where it should be.

Just dont forget to check tomorrow Night for a new post with details and all.

Miss you and love you all  *HUGGIES TO MY FAMILY*




Today Was a really busy day for me running errands. Then to top things off My Car began to over heat again!! . I didn't get home until almost 7ish . Tomorrow I gotta do even more errands in which I will get more money to go towards my computer. But I also have a Interview at 12:30pm .

So due to the interview and I have to get up at 6am again if not earlier . Gotta be picked up early by my dad to borrow his car. I will not have any releases done tonight. I will give you an updated post tomorrow with great detail on what all happend .

I am sorry guys. But i really need to have a job and income. which is very important.
Just keep a look out for another post tomorrow. i will update you on what is going on and when
the VIDEOS will be released.