Tuesday, March 22, 2016

We Hitted 24 Subscribers Today !!!!! HORRAY !!! WE ARE ON A ROLL ONCE AGAIN!! THANK YOU !!!

I am so excited to Announce we hitted 24 Subscribers today. I am so happy we did. Plus We got another comment. I am so happy to see we have another Subscriber come into our family and also comment about our channel. *Huggies* All happy !!! :D

Plus not to many days ago I released a vlog video called  --> ( Getten To Know DancingSouless ep 10 )
Which was the one the new subscriber had watched and enjoyed. I am so glad they enjoyed it . not only that i am so grateful they subscribed as well. So THANK YOU АНЯ И ВАНЯ FOR SUBSCRIBING!!! :D

I did made sure when I thank the subscriber to translate into there language and English. So My English viewers know what I am saying to our friends out of our country. I always want to make sure that all our subscribers feel welcomed in there language and Our English viewers in theres . On my channel I try to accommodate everyone from around the world as best as I can .

That another thing I have been getten subscribers from all over world. Recently the last 2 subscribers have been from the other side of the world. One from Brazil and my most recent one Russia :D.
I am so excited that my channel is growing abroad. 

The last Few days I have been working On A sims show that will be comming back on my channel. it was one that i had along time on my channel but i took it down. so now i am remastering it and make changes to it and everything. 

While I have been doing that. I have also been working on a new Sims3 show which stems from my VLOG ( DancingSouless Vlog Episode 2 Your Asking what???)  Where Maverick and Jerry Is first Introduced  and then later on come back in 
(Getten To Know You DancingSouless Ep 10) . Where Macerick and Jerry Had enough being in silence that they act up beyond all reason and make the VLOG go Wrong.

Of course You gotta watch both of those episodes to the fullest to understand how it all started and where the story is going. In both vlogs it is like a combo. you have a story from me and what is going on with me but then you got Maverick and Jerry acting up with bringing my vlogs to a whole different meaning . If you think you have seen the last of them you haven't . Thats one thing Maverick points out.

Another Thing about my Vlogs is The reason it is so important to watch those two Vlogs Is because it does give subtle hints what is to come in upcomming series.

So if you would like to see where this VLOGS are going and curious to See What Maverick has in store here are the two vlogs to watch before the New series and vlogs are posted.

DancingSouless Vlog Episode 2 Your Asking what???


Getten To Know You DancingSouless Ep 10


Well I hope everyone Is doing Great! Anyways I gotta get back to work. I got 3 projects I am working on . Which here is the List on what I am working on right now -->

1. SecondLife Egypt Part 4 (Still doesnt have a name) In Pre-production (Budgeting Before moving forward)

2. Darkness Falls part 2 In Pre-Production ( Casting and Screen Writing )

3. ( New Sims 3 Series ) Unnamed for the time being . (In Production NOW)

I know for some who are reading what I just wrote there are probley thinking HUH?
Well right now Between Secondlife Egypt part 4 and Darkness falls Part 2 I am in the budgeting process to see how much more money I need to get the finished product. meaning Land,props ,casting and such) plus how much more money it is gonna take for me to finish it.

for most people $20 or $ 50 is not alot to most people but to me it is . That was just an example what money means in my world. it is alot. But anyways I gotta get back to work and figure my budgets and get back into pre-production so i can move it forward faster. It is taken way to long in my book and i hate waiting on things that can be moved faster.

Anyways I am gonna get back to work.