Sunday, April 24, 2016


Well Tonight I did A 4 chapters Of Cinderella And we left it off at chapter 6 .
So the next gameplay we will start off at chapter 6. But thats not why I am warning people
About anything.  The thing I am warning About is there is sensitive Information in this Episode
About me and I also do cry at one point of the game.  So i wanted to let people know if you are unable
to handle Sensitive information or someone who is sensitive and crys a little  Then this video Ain't for you.

This video will contain sensitive information and it will be heartfelt episode like most of my series are beginning to have in them . I dont hold back on any of my feelings and I show you that I am a human being too like everyone.

Most game players I have seen hold back feelings and me What I want to show is if even if you are a gamer
we are sensitive too. We just arnt all the same. we have all variety of gamers and all should be appreciated of who they are.

Anyways this game play is gonna be about 1 hour  long . So be prepared to sit down and get a thing of popcorn and soda and enjoy the show. Right now I am editing it .  and soon it  will be going to the process 1 of rendering . there are 2 processes to my rendering before it is upload. But Since this is an 1 hour long Episode it will count as 2 Episodes in total. So that means it will take care of Today and Tomorrow Videos Uploads. So that means I wont have to upload until tuesday . But You know me I will be working even though I dont have to upload on monday. So no worries it doesnt mean I stop working. it just means I am working on other videos while you enjoy Tonight and mondays Episode Wrapped into a 1 hour video.

Well Anyways I thought I would Let you guys know so you ain'y upset that there wasn't an upload today. I just decided to do a longer one and throw 2 Episodes in one . So I Could Work on Other Videos for you guys.

Anyways I am getten back to work. Hope all of you are haven a Wonderful Night.