Sunday, April 17, 2016

How YouTubers Get Paid

Alright Guys you know what time it is. Start Sharing this Video with people so they can understand how Ad Blockers are hurting us creators. We need to grow awareness . Thanks Alan. I already Started to share this video. I know many will be helped by this videos. thanks for being a gem and maken this video huggies

WE HIT 31 Subscribers Today!!!!! WHOO HOOO!!! HELL YEAH!!!!

whoo hoooo we hit 31 subscribers today. WELCOME TO THE FAMILY !! :D *Gives you big Huggies*

Looks Like our family is getten bigger by the minute *Smiles* I am so excited. At this rate it is almost
time for a house party for this type of Situation. Swinging from chandeliers ,dancing on tables and getten
crazy with loud Shaken and rattling and rolling music.

Did I say Shaking ? No I mean Shaken your booty!!! LOL ROFL. Okay yes I am excited we got another family
Member and our channel is growing which makes me happy.

So anyways with no further a do Lets Welcome Our newest Family Member.


We So Hope you Enjoy Your Stay with us because we are so excited to see you! 
Have any issues or Problems Just email for any help you may

And OFCourse once again welcome to Our Family. 




NEW GAMEPLAY VIDEO HAS BEEN RELEASED and A true Story about when i was a little girl.

New GamePlay Video Has Been Released.

Lets Go Crazy Together Ep 1

In this game I play Sacra Terra - Angelic Night.We end up in an Asylum with 7 deadly sins. We haven't a clue to whats going on or why we ended up there. Now We are trying to Escape and the only way is to Defeat the 7 deadly sins and save Angel to release her soul.

Come and play with us and Join us in the madness . 

I so hope you enjoy Our Video.  There is so much more to come :D 
Just a little Information yes that is me on the thumbnail I am just wearing a mask. :D
Hey I love dressing up and I love spooky and macabre Stuff :D

Here is a true story about when I was little.  When I was little We actually had A graveyard as our backyard .which is still there today in New York where I was born and Raised. my home was torn Down there but there are still homes by where I lived. So I can still visit my home. I miss it very much.

 I use to sleep in there ,have picnics in there, Birthdays and more with my family. I always knew the Grounds and gatekeepers .They were very nice.

I also love mannequins . When I was younger I always looked at there eyes . Something about them have always been Special to me about them. Maybe its because they can be anything they want and there like a blank canvas LIKE ART.

I love ART and i am a very Artisy person in my own way . We all express out art through different things 

Behind my Screen name on YouTube There is a meaning Behind it . I do love dancing and when I Dance I feel Souless. But it just doesnt mean that it also means more then that. One thing I can tell you is in my lifetime I have had 16 near death Experiences and eachtime was different from the last. 

Sometimes I feel like I am a wondering soul looken to find my mate for life a.k.a Soulmate. But even that is difficult.My Guidance in my life i had none. So it is like a wondering soul Looken for advice ,belonging  and Most Of Love. 

Hope you enjoyed the informatihon and the new release :D Have a  Great Night everyone !  It Is time for me to get back to work :D




Lets Go Crazy Together Ep 1


Later Today Another New game Play Video will be Released. And this time we are taken a visit to the asylum for some crazy time. lol . I so hope you enjoy The video . Keep an eye out today :D. I will keep you posted .Right now it is in editing and getten ready for rendering part 1 of 2 of rendering. you know how rendering takes with me . it goes through 2 rendering before uploading. so thought I would let you know.