Sunday, April 17, 2016

NEW GAMEPLAY VIDEO HAS BEEN RELEASED and A true Story about when i was a little girl.

New GamePlay Video Has Been Released.

Lets Go Crazy Together Ep 1

In this game I play Sacra Terra - Angelic Night.We end up in an Asylum with 7 deadly sins. We haven't a clue to whats going on or why we ended up there. Now We are trying to Escape and the only way is to Defeat the 7 deadly sins and save Angel to release her soul.

Come and play with us and Join us in the madness . 

I so hope you enjoy Our Video.  There is so much more to come :D 
Just a little Information yes that is me on the thumbnail I am just wearing a mask. :D
Hey I love dressing up and I love spooky and macabre Stuff :D

Here is a true story about when I was little.  When I was little We actually had A graveyard as our backyard .which is still there today in New York where I was born and Raised. my home was torn Down there but there are still homes by where I lived. So I can still visit my home. I miss it very much.

 I use to sleep in there ,have picnics in there, Birthdays and more with my family. I always knew the Grounds and gatekeepers .They were very nice.

I also love mannequins . When I was younger I always looked at there eyes . Something about them have always been Special to me about them. Maybe its because they can be anything they want and there like a blank canvas LIKE ART.

I love ART and i am a very Artisy person in my own way . We all express out art through different things 

Behind my Screen name on YouTube There is a meaning Behind it . I do love dancing and when I Dance I feel Souless. But it just doesnt mean that it also means more then that. One thing I can tell you is in my lifetime I have had 16 near death Experiences and eachtime was different from the last. 

Sometimes I feel like I am a wondering soul looken to find my mate for life a.k.a Soulmate. But even that is difficult.My Guidance in my life i had none. So it is like a wondering soul Looken for advice ,belonging  and Most Of Love. 

Hope you enjoyed the informatihon and the new release :D Have a  Great Night everyone !  It Is time for me to get back to work :D




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