Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Well I just got home after a long day. Today I ran errands for my parents. I had to pick up my mom meds and get my dad news dress shirts and socks. Went to my interview in which they are callen me back for a second one already. It is for a management position. So I would be working from 8am to 6:30pm . I would be a boss . Hiring and firing while managing employees and such.  I have done this before. So its nothing new to me. But it looks promising.

I Just want a Job I CAN expand and grow to new heights and levels. I am so tired of being in the low leveled area where there isn't much to do or expand. I get bored quick . So i need a job that will hold my attention. This one looks like it could do it plus more.

Anyways After that I had to go take my dads car in to get 2 new tires and an oil change. then Had to call 911 at one point because on Around the Loop Area we had 3 Traffic Lights outs and Traffic was crazy. not to mention we had 2 cars on the road broken down besides the Traffic lights not working.

So people were Nutts on the road. There were almost a few Accidents as well on that road. people were impatient and everything. But We made it safe out of there.

Then towards the end I brought my Daughter to the ER because she was running a fever and all.
So We got that all straighten out and then went and dropped my mom and my daughter off. Then I drove back to my home and then switched drivers . meaning i drove home in my dads car and he relaxed while i drove then when i got home we swtiched and he drove himself home.

So With all that said. Thats how my day went. To be honest  I dont think I will be home early the next 2 days. So Expect Delays on the videos.  I still got to get my car fixed on top of all of this plus take care of my family ( meaning my mom ,dad, and my daughter) Plus all there errands and mine.

Tomorrow I got vistation . I hope they got my 3 phone calls and messages . since they have me call the day before vistation. if not I got a record showing  i call them. so they dont wanna lie because i got prove.
I have learned alot from being in a court room for 10 years how both sides work and all.

So right now I am gonna get ready for bed and all. I will keep you guys posted on when I will release the videos but as of right now I am pretty busy until the court day. Just think I have been up since 5 am doing all this stuff and just now I am gonna head to bed .lol

And people think there life is hard ? HA! Walk in my shoes and know everything about me and you will be running for help. I am a very strong person and been through alot more then people realize.
There is not one person who can handle what i have been through or are going through.

TO be in my shoes you have to have a strong head on your shoulders  ( Mentality ,Emotionally,physically and more ).

Anyways gonna get to bed. Look for an update tomorrow to see what is going on .