Saturday, May 7, 2016

ANGELA IS IN Rendering Right now !!

We have 1 hour and 10 minutes  ( 1st phase of rendering ) So I thought I would let you know.
Plus I am so excited about it !!! I was so happy to play this game again. Brought so much
happyiness to me .

I am so glad I AM getten back to what I was doing. Yeah I had a day schedule today but During the day I was catching up on my YouTube Subscriptions and all.  So I am doing A day and night schedule Tonight .

I might as well make a mixed schedule .It suits me more better since everything in my world has turned upside down since the court hearing.  Just Always keep looken for my posts and videos.

I always keep you posted :D . I noticed not to many people had watched my Angelic Night video ? well thats there loss . it was a great video!!!

Nothing is gonna keep me down or strapped down. If anything I have learned to keep on going and push forward like my lawyer taught me. He is not my mentor and he keeps tabs on me to make sure I am doing alright and pushing through life alright. He is a really sweet person and I am glad I have him as now my mentor.