Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Men Can Cry

I was just thinking of Alice In Wonderland and then I decided to watch a specific clip -->  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=di7dZwidXZU

Then My thoughts begin to wonder and to things I have heard in my life. This clip reminded me so much of the things i have heard growing up. About Not to cry and such. I am a woman and Even I got told in my family not to cry. Even now sometimes i try to still hide my tears because I think it shows my weakness.

I was always taught not to cry because it shows a sign of Weakness and that someone can use it againest you to hurt you. Which i have seen it happen to me over and over again. But I Hate hiding my feelings.

Anyways  When your world feels like a block and you feel like you a hit the wall. sometimes it is good to cry because in the end you get the Result of relief. 

If people  tell you not to cry ... tell them to go Fly A kite! Like i say all the time. I tell people go fly a kite all the time when they get me mad. because it is normal to cry and not only that it is a releases all that bothers you . I know sometimes when i cry it makes me feel better.  

You can be  a women or man to cry. there is not rule on who can and can't cry. it is just all bullsh*t when a person tells there sons not to cry because there a man. Thats one thing i won't tolerate.

A guy can cry too. Men have feelings too . Crying is not only just for women. Men can cry too. it is good to show emotion and not to bottle it up inside. I should know i have been there and done it . I am sure many others have as well.

I have teached all my kids that it is alright to cry. I won't let others say otherwise. My kids are entitled to there emotions just like I am. Anyone who can't cry is not human or is a robot. or Worse there heartless ,cold a**holes. There now i feel better i said that *nods head *

Anyways I just wanted to share that with you guys. Back to editing .



Tirelessly Working Around The Clock

My Gawd everytime I turn around I have something else to do or update or Project to work on.
I think I am gonna make a list for Everyday Task So I can work more efficient.

It seems like somedays I Forget certain tasks that I was suppose to do the day before.
But what id comes down to is I record so much  so there is alot of editing which puts
most of my other projects behind a bit. Which is fine Because I will catch it up.

I aint in no race or anything . it is just sometimes I wish I wouldnt be so forgetfull sometimes.
Well if i was one of snow whites dwarfs I would have to be Dopey. I swear I can be so forgetfull
but so cute. But even in the end I still win :D

Eh what Am I Saying We all have forgetful days. I am just dont want to land up like Denny Crane from
Boston Legal. I love that show. I have a lot of favorite shows. That show was funny as hell and great show.
Sometimes I feel like Alan Shore and sometimes Like Denny. I dont know why but I do. I feel Like certain
Days I could push the Envelope like Denny and be a smart a** like Alan. Technically I could be the whole cast of the show which as much personalitys I have.

Everyday it feels like I am someone new. Not in a bad way. It is like a refresher or something. it is so hard to explain. Alls I know is ... I dont know... but ... I dont know maybe with all the stress I have been Under with court has finally started to mentally hurt me a bit. Or it has and I am finally admitting it to myself.

I don't Know I just want this court battle over with as soon as possible. I have been in the court room since 2005 . By Now I Should be a Family Law Attorney with as much knowledge I have learned over the years.
Someone can have the same amount of knowledge as an Attorney and didnt ever go to Law school.

You Don't need to be a Smart Harvard Graduate to learn what they know or have to go to school to know what they know. Just being a person and going to the courtroom alot is all you need. Divorce,Custody Battles , DCF Battle or anything can bring you into a courtroom . If you walk in there with no knowledge of court stuff you will certainly walk out with more knowledge after you are done with your case. I am telling you I certainly learned alot.

But not just by going to court, through courts shows,cops shows, Reality shows that deals with Courts and officers.Just sitting in a court room and watching other cases go before yours, Watchen  Attorneys Fight in front of a judge (Which is rare) in real court they rarly fight. And if they do sometimes the judge gets frustrated (what you dont see on t.v) .

Perfect Example The Movie (My Cousin Vinny)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSw9_bsTzkU

Do you really think you could get away with talken back to a Judge? Hell NO! They would lock you up faster then you could speak a word. I have watched a court Case Right in front of mine where he threaten the judge to Run with his kid out of state. The judge looked at him and told him that he better not or he was look at Jail time . Not to mention that there would be police at the border to catch the dude.

Some people just dont seem to think . You don't ever threaten a judge. You Don't ever disrespect a judge No matter how pissed you get. Because in the long run it just gets you more into trouble. Hopefully into begin with you didn't do something because if you did then you just made your case more worser. And well
by that time you might as well give up because the courtroom will look at you in disgust.

Any hope you had before is gone by the time you made whatever remark you made. So was it worth it in your case? Most likly not because you just made it harder on yourself.

I seriously Don't understand why some people act up in a court room.If anything it should be a room you FEAR the most. Because in the end the judge makes all the decisions. To me A courtroom Would make anyone feel helpless Unless there a Lawyer .

The judges can be quite scary sometimes. No matter what case you have.One thing to Remember Dont ever get a Judge pissed off. I have seen that side of them. it doesn't look good at all. If you wondering I didn't get the Judge mad My Ex Husband did. Boy did he ever get let into by the Judge.

Lets just put into a short sentence He disrespected a judge. something you dont do.  but anyways that was a long time ago.  Anyways....  This is one thing i haven't seen in court happend -->  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hu8tX2BAD1k

If that ever happend I think I would laugh my a** off. well at least try not to because I wouldnt want to interrupt the court room. but if they laughed you better da*n well believe i would be laughing.

Anyways way off subject.... lol . That is so me I keep on changing subjects and then have to refresh my memory on what i was talken about .Hence the Blonde moments i have to many times.Well thank gawd I dont got mad cow lol. Like Denny would keep ranting about in most of the seasons until the last ones when things got very serious with Denny.

And No I am not blonde but my gawd sometimes I shouldve been a blonde with as much my Ditzyness I have. Although I do got some blond in it when the sun hits it. During the Winter and nightfall my Hair looks black and at sunset my hair turns Auburn . If you think that weird my eyes changes colors too. I am like a chameleon.

Anyways.... I gonna get going . I will blogg more tomorrow unless i get distracted again. *throws hands up into air* It happends sometimes.