Monday, February 22, 2016

Browsing and Look At who all subscribed to me :D and given Thanx individually

Well Today is another big day of mine. I am already prepared for court today. It begins at 2:45pm. But while I wait And have time to spare I am going through my subscriber list. AND if you know how that works people who list themselves publicly you can see but the ones who dont list themselves publicly you cant see even if they are subscribed to you.

To be honest I think they need to get rid of that system and make everyone be publicly  know on there. That way we can thank the people or (person) and know who are audience is . Demographics yea it tells the age and a gender of our Audience But me I want to know everyone who is subscribed to me. I want to be able to thank them and get to know my Subscribers more.

Subscribers are suppose to be family and apart of a network of ours. Creators and Subscribers Equal Family. It also equal A community. I want my community to be secure and know one another . You know like be supportive of one another. But how can someone do that when maybe 1 or 2 or more are secretive.

Thats not a family. One rule that I believe is in a family there are no secrets. The more I create videos,pictures and ect .... I feel like I am builden a different world. a WORLD where everyone is family. A place where everyone is safe and nurtured. A place where if someone needs help they can count on that family to help them the best they can. Thats how family works. We are there for them no matter what.

I as a creator want to build a structure of that type of world in our community.When you come to my channel I want that to be there . I want them to be able to come to me or to anyone in our family (community A.K.A Subscribers) and be able to feel safe enough to ask for help. Or if they need someone to talk too they can just do it without Being Judged like most people do out in the world. I want my channel to be a safe haven a place where people come to be happy ,free of expression and safe as if it is there home.

Well Anyways.. I am checken through my subscribers and thanking them all Individually.

To all who are not Subscribed yet... Just know that when you do come to my channel it is your home just like it is mine. We are family there and there to help one another,non judgmental. And if anyone is judgemental you let me know and I will take care of it and also let youtube know by flagging the person who is doing harm to you.  But dont take our family for granted. One thing in life is you dont take things for granted because not everyone is gonna be around for the rest of your life. People do get old and pass on to the afterlife.  So while they are around Enjoy them and love them like they are your own Family even if they are not. This world is already cruel enough. lets not add to it. lets add more Love, Careing, Nurture, and Happyiness with all goodness that life has to give.

Anyways I just wanted to take time out and say what was on my mind and what is going on.
I will see you guys later.  I hope everyone has a great day like usual.