Friday, March 11, 2016

Society And YouTube

Today I watched a video that was recommended to me by Youtube. It was by the creator McJuggerNuggets and the clip (psycho Dad Reacts to one million Juggies).

One thing that all people should know YOUTUBE is a job. Maybe not alot of people understand but it is a job. Take a look at the video I just watched. I have watched some of his videos . he goes through alot of hell.
Some people Just don't understand or don't want to understand.  

It is time to look at what is Unusual and know that just because it is different and is not a 9 to 5 job like most society thinks is normal doesn't mean it isn't a job. Anything or everything can be a job. You yourself just need to open your eyes and see the possibility Just like many others have.

Most YouTubers get flack on this all the time. It is time for change and if our Society doesn't see it then when it becomes more the New norm it will be society problem that they arn't like us. 

We don't force people to see our way but Society always force us to conform to them. Well we are different. we arn't like society. we are Unique and talented individuals that just wants to do what makes us happy. 

Not everyone Has to be the same. We are not Robots.We are people who have lifes Just like everyone does. We all bleed the same color ,we all breathe the same air.  The only difference is We work from our computers and you guys Work a 9 to 5 job dealing with people face to face. We are special Just special in a different way :D

I Just thought since I had some energy and is starting to get  alittle better I would blog and Just give my thoughts and my opinions on this matter. Since One YouTube is my career and I am a partner of theres.  and three I think it is time someone stood up for the Our Community if someone hasn't already.

One thing about me Is I don't like people bullien others or people trying to force others to be like them when they are different. Not everyone has to be the same . I just wish society would see that. But that only can happen when they open there eyes and quite ignoring what is really happening. But that is for them to do not us.

Anyways I am gonna go watch some more videos and try to rest some more. I just hope i get better more quicker because this is driven me crazy not doing my usual videos and stuff. Plus i gotta go back to bootcamp . i already missed like 7 days of it because of being sick. But i am not going back until I am fully recovered. It is one thing i meant about taken care of yourself first .anyways i am gonna go watch some videos and rest. 




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