Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Episode 5 is now released !!! wake up everyone !!!!

Okay so like usual I worked my a** off like always. So DancingSouless Episode 5 Back to back events IS NOW RELEASED :D . So now I can go to sleep restful . then get back up later and work on alot more editing to release alot more videos for my family Series :D

Boy oh boy Am I gonna have alot of videos :D . Well thats how I planned it . The more Videos the more better .

Anyways I hope you all enjoy them. Talk to you guys very very soon :D




DancingSouless Vlog Episode 5 Back To Back Events

NEW VLOG Video is being Released TODAY

DancingSouless Vlog Episode 5 : Back to Back Events

Will be Released in the next few hours :D

Thought I would let ya know. I hope you have sometime to sit down and just relax with me . This video gives you more depth on whats going on in my family life and such. So when you got time to sit down and relax Take a watch at this video and cozy up to the computer to sit and listen . Dont forget to leave a like and subscribe if you haven't already.  Also when you do subscribe Let me know So i can give you a special Shout out with your username. I like to specialize my shout out :D  .It is one of the New things I have added Recently Since my UPDATE!!! Series.  

Sorry it is take so long for certain videos. But I take pride in my Videos and not only that you know family issues come up. You know I dont leave you guys in the dark.  Anyways Thought I would give you something else to look forward too . Mean while.... while thats rendering then i gotta upload it. I am also editing my modeling Pictures that I did in Secondlife :D .

I got a few things I have started up business wise in Second life. So I got alot of things I am doing all at once. It is take alot of work .Since there is only me doing all the editing and so on. But I am happy doing it though.

Anyways I will let ya guys know when it is up .




We Hit Number 15 !!!!!!! today with Subscribers and multitasking as usual!

Yahooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We hit today with 15 Subscibers.  Today  My Youtube Channel just got another subscriber.  SO huggies and kisses !!!!!!!!!!!  :D

Group hug!!!!! *huggies*  So excited. I just hope It keeps happening. Anyways besides all that. Right now I am uploading more pictures to my Flickr and Google plus. so i am multitasking as always. I got so much more to do . I got alot to catch up on . Plus I got so much more videos to edit. I am behind but it is okay. I will get them done. :D I always do.

Ofcours I know some people are confused what I mean more pictures on Flickr because some can't see some pictures . which there is a reason for that it is called there on my resticted list. so you got to be a follower of my work or friend to see them. Some things are able to be seen  but some are not.

Hey I know how to rate my stuff. So I am my own censorship on there lol.

Anyways the last few days I have been working on my car. I had to get a new battery ,water pump , brake lights and head lights for it. I just hope nothing else goes wrong on it *shakes like a leaf*  I dont need anymore issues with it. I try to take good care of it as much as i can.

I plan to keep my car as along as i can. I love my car.

Anyways I am gonna get going. I got alot of things to do but I wanted to stop in and day hi and let everyone know whats been going on and why there hasn't been much bloggs or videos.