Tuesday, February 9, 2016

We Hit Number 15 !!!!!!! today with Subscribers and multitasking as usual!

Yahooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We hit today with 15 Subscibers.  Today  My Youtube Channel just got another subscriber.  SO huggies and kisses !!!!!!!!!!!  :D

Group hug!!!!! *huggies*  So excited. I just hope It keeps happening. Anyways besides all that. Right now I am uploading more pictures to my Flickr and Google plus. so i am multitasking as always. I got so much more to do . I got alot to catch up on . Plus I got so much more videos to edit. I am behind but it is okay. I will get them done. :D I always do.

Ofcours I know some people are confused what I mean more pictures on Flickr because some can't see some pictures . which there is a reason for that it is called there on my resticted list. so you got to be a follower of my work or friend to see them. Some things are able to be seen  but some are not.

Hey I know how to rate my stuff. So I am my own censorship on there lol.

Anyways the last few days I have been working on my car. I had to get a new battery ,water pump , brake lights and head lights for it. I just hope nothing else goes wrong on it *shakes like a leaf*  I dont need anymore issues with it. I try to take good care of it as much as i can.

I plan to keep my car as along as i can. I love my car.

Anyways I am gonna get going. I got alot of things to do but I wanted to stop in and day hi and let everyone know whats been going on and why there hasn't been much bloggs or videos.




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