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Welcome HOME 74th FAMILY SWEETHEART MEMBER!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥ Alexia and Tommy's Eternity Ceremony

HELLO FAMILY!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥



** Just To Let you know To all Family Members All Of Our Storys Connect to one another even the Inbetween storys connect to your storys . The Inbetween Storys are AGE RESTRICITED so you gotta be an adult to read those storys. I decided to make those storys different.To be honest it make me happy**

::Shortly After Leaving the 73rd Family member home Tommy ,Alexia, Ken, Jimmy, Kimberly and Jeffery Arrive At Home After A Long Drive. As they Pull up The Guards comes out and open Everyones Door's.As Everyone is getten Out Of the Van Tommy Looks Over At Alexia With The Biggest Smile Ever . Alexia see's his Smile and begins to Smile as she can feel his love for her. Tommy Then Gently Takes Alexia's Left Hand and holds it. As Ken ,Kimberly and Jeffery Head To The house Tommy Stops Alexia In her foot Steps Once more tugging on her Left hand gently. Alexia begins to smile as she knows what the tug on her hand means. Alexia Looks At Ken ,Jimmy,Kimberly and Jeffery::

Alexia: {Sez Softly and lovenly} I will be in a minute Sweethearts. Just Go ahead inside and wait in the LivingRoom For me and Tommy. *Looks At Kimberly * Baby Get us some Fluffys and Blankets for our snuggles in the living room.

Kimberly:*Look Deeply into Alexia's Beautiful Ocean Blue eyes and sez Sweetly * Alright baby. Don't be too long I will get cold without you. *walks over to Alexia While gently Caressing her face With her right hand*

Alexia: *Looks At Kimberly Lovenly while saying sweetly* Don't Worry baby I wont be that long. I wouldn't ever let you be cold *gently glides my right hand up her arm and gently Caresses her face*

Kimberly:{Sez with Great Love} I love you Alexia. Dont be to long I will be waiting for you in the Living Room. *Gently Kisses beside her lips nice and sweetly Letten her know that she is aching for her lips*

::As Alexia Feels Kimberly's Gentle Sweet kisses Besides her Lips Alexia Gently Give's Kimberly Kisses Beside her Lips Nice Sweet And Slowly. Alexia Makes Sure she Feels her moist Lips leaving her an ever lasting impression . Kimberly Feels Alexia's Intensifing Kiss and it makes her begin to shake With Anticipation.

Alexia: {Sez In A Soft Lovenly Voice} I Love You Too Kimberly *Stares Deeply InTo her Eyes*

::Afterwards Kimberly Looks at Alexia once more before Headed inside. Alexia smiles  back with all the love in the world in her eyes for Kimberly.Kimberly Can tell too That Alexia Loves her as much as she loves her. Kimberly then begins to walk inside::

Alexia: *Looks Over At Ken* Honey Can you do me a favor and make Sure We have a nice movie to watch tonight in the LivingRoom ?

Ken: {Sez Flirtatious } Yes baby. Anything for my HoneyBunny. Would you like something with nice hott romance , Horror , or what? *looks Deeply into her eyes not losing a moment of those Crystal Blue eyes as the stars make them Twinkle like sapphires in the night*

Alexia: {Sez Flirty while Teasinly} I want Hott Romance With Horror. I wanna be scared but in a hott mess  with you *smirks*

Ken: {Sez in high Pitched voice} BABY!!!! COME ONNN!!!!! You Are Driven me nutts... Oh I can't wait to get my hands on you.The Passion I will show you when that day comes.

Alexia: {Sez Teasingly } What? Like the One night we spent together and I bite your neck leaving a mark? *smirks* your neck was Delicious I might add. Not to mention your lips were soft but not ready to be kissed yet.

Ken: *Looks At her with desperation* Yea I know and it drove me crazy too. I just wanted so badly to kiss your sweet luscious lips . I know I gotta be Patient. But my gawdd.. you Drive me wild baby.Not to mention Your Sweet Bite on my neck I won't ever forget. *gently rubs my neck and feels it still there* It is still here waiting for another Love bite from you My love.

Alexia: {sez Seductively } You will baby but not now. your gonna have to wait. Now go pick all of us a movie out for tonight. I will be in .. in a little bit.

Ken: Alright baby. *walks over to Alexia And Gently Kisses her neck teasingly*

Alexia: *sez with loss of word* Babyyyy .... I will be not to long... I .. am .. loss for words.

Ken: *smirks * That was my plan .I will see you in a little bit baby . *gently and slowly kisses Alexia's Neck all the way up to the side of her lips.I then Graze my lips against hers maken her mer speechless wanting me more. then I gently step back and head towards the house Leaving that kiss on her mind*

::As Ken Walks into the House Jimmy Walks Over To Alexia and gently kisses her sweetly by her lips and looks into her eyes ::

Jimmy: {Sez Lovenly} Is There Anything you want me to do for us honey?

Alexia: *Lost in Jimmys eyes* Yes Baby Just Help Jeffery Prep us some Snacks for the movie. Alright baby?

Jimmy: {Sez Tenderly while looken Deep into her Ocean Blue eyes} Alright baby. I will see you in a little bit.

::As Jimmy Heads to the House Jimmy Motions Jeffery To follow him . As they Both Head Inside the House Tommy Looks over at Alexia. He Then Gently Tugs On her hand again. Alexia and Tommy Then Begin to take a walk Together and Head to Alexia's House .

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::As Alexia and Tommy Gets to the Front Door Of Alexia's Main Home Tommy Looks deeply into her Ocean Blue eyes .He then takes his right hand and caress's her face nice and slowly haven her feel every inch of his soft hand.As She feels his touch she begins to smile. Tommy see's her Loven Smile which makes his Heart Melt. He then leans Down and gently Traces her lips with his tongue Inviting her tongue to come and Join his . Alexia then Teases his tongue with hers and slides her hand up his back While gently rests it on his neck.

 As she does Tommy Slides his tongue in her mouth gently and softly teasing her tongue. Tommy Then gently presses his left hand on the small of her back gently scooting her closer to him . Alexia then glides her left hand up Tommys arm and Entwines her left hand with his right hand. Tommy then Pushs Alexia up against the wall Maken out with her passionately . He then traces down to her neck With his Tongue while kissing her softly. As he looks deeply into her ocean blues eyes he then makes his way back up to her lips and kisses her slowly and passionately.As Tommy Does he slowly glides his right hand out of her left hand and down her arm nice and slowly. Then He Gently places his right hand on her hip While gently grasping her hip.

As Tommy rests his right hand on her hip Alexia then takes her left and caresses his face feelings the softness of his clean shaven face. His scent intoxicates her as she smells his colon. As there kisses become deeper and passionately All of A sudden Alexia's Phone goes off. Tommy leans back from the hott heavy kiss and looks deeply into Alexia's eyes.::

Tommy: {Sez in Mer loss words and breathless} Did you wanna get your phone Angel?

Alexia: {Breathless and loss in his eyes} No it will stop soon. Just ignore it baby. *gently presses the back of his neck with my right hand and begins to Traces his lips with my tongue urging him to come and kiss me more*

::Tommy Doesn't Hesitate and begins to Kiss Alexia Passionately while holden her dearly and as close as he can get to her.As they begin to get into the moment of maken out Again Alexia's Phone goes off with over 20  Text Messages Coming in .Shortly After her Phone begins to Ring with a phone call .Tommy continues to kiss Alexia while placing his left hand now on her other hip grasping it a little more showing some aggressiveness. ::

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::As Alexia Feels his Kisses becomming stronger her phone goes off again and won't stop . Tommy and Alexia slowly Part there lips while catching there breath. Then they look at eachother deeply in love .Tommy Just holds on her and wont let her go .::

Tommy: {Sez in a Passionate Voice} I wish your phone would stop going off Angel. I just want you all to myself. *looks into her ocean blue eyes with Passion and Love*

Alexia: {Sez Soflty with loss and passion words } I know baby.... I do too but you know I got work to do too Just like you gotta *grips on to his shoulders letten him know I dont want to be let go again* I wanna stay in your arms where I safe and protected all the time.

Tommy:{Sez with Love and Passion} Baby I think it is time We take our Relationship to the next Step. I wanna be more. I wanna be your boyfriend. *looks with sweet passion in my eyes for her*

Alexia: {Sez with curiousity} Are you Sure you ready for that step honey? You do know that I can still be Ken's,Jimmy's and Kimberly's right?

Tommy: {Sez with understanding} Yes I know but I know when it does come down to the final Ring you will have made up your mind who you want to marry if you do. Or did you Just wanna do a spiritual one where you can have everyone but not have anyone legally bound to you?

Alexia: {Sez with Knowledge and Love} I was thinking Spiritual that way I could marry everyone but not be legally bound to anyone. I wanna wait a little longer until I know for sure who I want Legally married to me . I wanna make sure when that day comes that Whoevers last name I take is gonna be the one I am with the rest of my life with. So I would Like Spiritual Weddings that way there no legality and no one is gonna get into trouble for bigamy and such. If we do Spiritual we will all be connected Spiritually . Not a hippy way *giggles while looken at Tommy* That way I can be married to all of you and still have you connected as if you were legally  bound to me but not. you sorta understand what I mean?

::Cell Phone Continues to go off While Alexia and Tommy Are Talken In a deep Meaningful conversation ::

Tommy: *smirks and chuckles* Yes I know what ya mean. You wanna be married to all of us but in a spiritually wedding way.That way no one gets into trouble because of the legal Ramifications it could cause.So in a sense you would be married but not on paper and no one would have a legal dispute if they parted from you. Basically it would be a easy to split without all the legal battles and money and Extra.

Alexia: {sez while raising left eye brow} Yes but none of this is to be taken lightly eaither way.  *sez cautiously* I am putten my heart in your hands and others and it is not to be messed with. *looks with a Stern and Fear look*

::Tommy see's her fear in her eyes while she is trying to be tough again to guard her heart. Tommy gently takes Alexia's phone off her leg strap and turns it off while looken deeply in her eyes. Alexia Notices that her phone is finally silenced and feels a relief in a sense she can focus on Tommy and only him. Usually Alexia Would freak if she didn't have her phone on her but this time it was different. It was Like Tommy could tell what would make her feel Better and relax::

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Alexia: {Looks Deeply into his Crystal Blue eyes} Baby.....*exhales nice and slow while looken deeply into his eyes with signs of relief} I really needed that. Everytime I hear the phone Ring it is like I wanna jump and get it because Of What my parents taught me . Usually or anyone would yell at me if I didn't pick up so for you to do that and to know I am safe with you makes me feel calm,relax and better. *smiles lovenly*

Tommy: {Sez With A Deep Passionate Voice} Angel I told you .. I know everything About you. I know how to make you happy. *gently places her phone in his pocket* I will hold on to it. I wont lose it . I promise Angel.*gently takes her by both her hips and lookes Deeply into her eyes* Make love with me ... *shakes head  as I realize I said the wrong words by accident * I mean .. sorry...Angel I mean Make out with me...

Alexia: {Looks at him while gigging} I know where your mind is at . At Least I think but I dont want to Assume that because I could be wrong. But it really doesn't matter . What matters is.....

::Before Alexia Could carry on with her Conversation Tommy picks her up and Carry's Alexia inside the house while she holds tightly on to him. Guards Open the Doors From the Inside For Alexia &Tommy::

Alexia: {Looks Concernedly at the door} Baby Don't Forget the Door.

Tommy: { Looks into his Angels eyes} The guards got it honey *Turns Around While Holden her showing her the guards are shutting the doors *

Alexia: {sez calmly} Oh I didn't see them *giggles*

Tommy: {Sez with Love and Lust Voice} thats because you were kissing me * Gently kisses her lips while taken her Into Her guest Bedroom where A Surprise is waiting for her*

::As Tommy Carry's Alexia into the Guest Bedroom While kissing her.. He then gently places her on the Bed. Tommy Then lays Beside her and covers her eyes with a White Silk Sash ::

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Tommy:{Sez Happly and Excitedly } Don't Look . I got A surprise for you Angel. I dont want you to spoil it.

Alexia: {Sez confusingly while giggling} Baby....What is it ? How did you get into... nevermind... WHY DO I Bother asking how you got into the house when ....

::Tommy Interrupts her again by kissing her softly and passionately while gently sliding his right hand up her leg . As he is doing that Alexia begins to feel chills and wonders what he is doing . Tommy then sneekly moves his hand off her leg and over to the Dozen of Red Roses he got for her. He Then Gently Picks them up as he parts his lips from hers. Tommy then Sits up Slowly and caresses her face gently and sweetly with his left hand .::

Tommy: {Sez Sweetly and Lovenly} Keep your eyes close baby . not yet Angel.

::Tommy then gently Puts the roses under her nose. Alexia Feels Something Soft Againest her nose::

Tommy:{Sez lovenly } Can you smell anything Angel ?

Alexia:{Sez Confusenly} Smell? What I am suppose to be Smelling?

Tommy: {Chuckles while sez lovenly} Angellllll... whats under your nose? Can't you smell it?

::Alexia begins to Smell Something sweet And touchs it::

Tommy: Well what is it?

Alexia: {Sez Confusingly} I dont know.Can I take the white sash off?

Tommy: Yes Angel you can *smiles while waiting to see her reaction*

::Alexia Gently Takes off the White Sash and See a dozen Long Stem Red Roses her favorite Flowers. Alexia begins to smile big::

Alexia:{Sez lovenly} Aaaawwwwwww Babyyyyyyyyy *smiles whiles looken into his loven eyes*

Tommy: *smiles big * There for you My Darling Angel. I got them just for you. *smiles sweetly*

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::Alexia picks up the roses and smells them some more. Then She gently Sits up and places the roses beside her on the Bed. Alexia then gently Caresses Tommys face with her right hand and looks into his Ocean Blue eyes Deeply and Lovenly ::

Alexia: {Sez with A passionate Voice} oh Tommy You are the Sweetest Man Ever.You Just Keep Steeling My Heart Over And Over Again. *Smiles Sweetly While Gently Caressing his Face* Your Skin is Sooo Softtt. Are you Sure your not my Angel ? *smiles with love in my eyes for him*

Tommy: {Sez in A Loven Voice} Well If I am Then We Would Make A Beautiful Couple Together.We Would Be A Heaven Couple On Cloud Nine. *Chuckles A Little Nervously* My Precious Angel *Sez in a passionate voice*

::Alexia Gently Leans Down And Stares Deeply into His CandleLite Blue Eyes::

Tommy: {Sez With Loss For Words} Angel... *Stares Intently In Her Loven Eyes* I LoveYou Alexia *Gently Glides his right hand up her back and rests it on her neck .*

Alexia: {Sez in A Lustful,Passionate, Soft Spoken Voice} I Love You Too Tommmmmy*As I let his name roll off my tongue sweet and slow to bring him to the brink of his insanity to want me more*

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::Tommys Lips and his body grows Weak With Anticipation . Alexia then gently Traces Tommys Lips with her Tongue. As Alexia gently Traces His Lips with her Tongue She then Takes her Right hand  And Glides it down from his face to his neck to his Dressed Up White Button Shirt.One By One Alexia Gently Unbuttons his shirt while she taunts him with her Tongue on his Lips. Tommy Then gently Presses His Right hand on her neck maken her more close to his lips.Tommy then Takes his Tongue and slides it upon her tongue.

As Tommy does he moves into her mouth maken there lips finally meet. He then begins to makeout with her Deeply and Passionatly. Tommy Then Gets the Nerve to make another first move. He then takes His Left hand and Guides Alexia To Move on Top off him. Once There Alexia And Tommy's Lips part Slowly.

 Tommy Then lifts Alexia Up And Then Stands up while Holden her. He Then Turns Around and gently Lays Alexia on the bed Like A Angel. Tommy Then Crawls Slowly On Top Of Alexia And Stares Deeply into her Candle Lite Ocean Blue Eyes while being in a push up position. Tommy Just Stares Sweetly into Alexia's Ocean Blue eyes and gently lowers himself on top of her while gently leaning on one arm So he doesn't hurt her by putten to much weight on her. He Then Brushs Alexia's hair back out of her face with his Right Hand.

As Alexia Stares Up At Her Loven True Blood Partner She can only hope and wait for the day she can call him her Boyfriend. His love in his eyes could be seen even in the dimmish Candle Light Room. As Alexia Stares Into His Eyes Tommy gently Takes Alexia right hand and guides it down to his very last button on his Dressed Up White Button Shirt. As Tommy Helps Alexia Gently Unbutton His Shirt Alexia Gently Glides her Right hand up his Muscler Abdomen and up his chest Feeling his Strength. Tommy then Places his hand on top of hers and helps her Glide his shirt off him.

As Tommy Shirts is About to Come off Tommy then has to Lean to his right side to get it off . As He does that The Home Phone Begins to ring. Alexia Jumps and Looks at the phone and so Does Tommy::

Alexia &Tommy: What the hell?!

Alexia: {Sez In Irritated Voice}What the Hell is going on tonight with my phones?

Tommy: {Sez not In Amused Voice } I dont know Angel. But The Phones Have Got To Stop Ringing or we definitely need to change your number.

Alexia: {Sez in Agreement Voice} You Know I Am Beginning to Agree With You On That one Honey.

::Alexia get's out of Bed and Picks up phone to answer it::

Alexia: Hello This Is Alexia *listen for a person to respond*

(On Phone) Ken: BABY! I Have been worried Sick about you. I tryed Callen you on your cell phone and it went Directly To your Answering Machine. I Called You Like A Billion Of Times. Are you okay? Where Are you?

Alexia:{ Sez Calmly} Honey I am Fine. I am At my Main House With Tommy.

(On Phone) Ken: "Sighs In Relif" I am Glad Your Okay But Where is Your Cellphone?  "Takes Another Deep Breath" Sorry baby I am just so worried about you.

Alexia: {Sez Calmly and Lovenly} Honey Calm Down I am alright. Take A Deep Breath and Relax. What is it that you needed that you called me for ? Also you don't have to be sorry about worrien . You Know I Worry about you guys too alot.

::Tommy's Right EyeBrow goes up in concern that maybe Something is wrong at there house. Tommy Looks At Alexia While Standing Up.::

(On Phone) Ken:  I Know Baby. I Just was Worried . We All Usually let one another Know If we are gonna go to bed or anything . I know You were going out with Tommy For A Walk and the Last I Knew you were cold. I was worried sick about you. I love you Alexia. I don't want anything happening to you. I know Tommy Can Take Care Of You But Who knows what could've happen. I am Just Glad you are okay and Tommy too.

Alexia: {Sez Lovenly} I Love You Too Ken. Baby I know honey. But I am Fine and Tommy is Fine too. We are okay and safe. Sides you Know Tommy.. if something happend we would've had back up and all.Is Everything okay over there?

:: Tommy Grows Concern and gently Stands up . He Then Walks over and gently Gets Behind Alexia While Holden her .He then Places his chin on her right shoulder While Trying To Listen to see if there is anything going on at the house since Alexia and him Left::

(On Phone) Ken: We Are All Fine. We Just Wanted To Let You Know That Another Family Member Just Arrived At HQ and We Picked Them Up.

::Tommy Looks At Alexia And Motions For Her To Give Him The Phone.::

Alexia: {Sez Lovenly} Hey Baby Tommy Wants To Talk To You It is Important.

(On Phone) Ken: Okay baby. I Love You Alexia.

Alexia: {Sez Lovenly} I Love You Too Ken. Here is Tommy *Passes the Phone To Tommy*

Tommy:{Sez Sternly} Hey Ken Do Me A Favor Stop By The Beach Where Alexia &I Left Our Shoes And meet us There . All of Yeah. Alright.

(On Phone) Ken:  Yeah Sure Bro. No Problem. We Will Be There. Is Everything Alright?

Tommy:{Sez Sternly} Yeaa Everything is Fine Buddy. I Just Need You TO Hand The Phone Over To Jeffery Please.

(On Phone) Ken:  Okay Well here Is Jeffery Dude.

(On Phone) Jeffery: Hey This Is Jeffery What Ya Need Tom's?

Tommy: {Darts Eyes Around Then Looks At Alexia} One Moment Jeffery .

::Tommy Holds Phone To Chest and Looks At Alexia::

Tommy: Baby? Can You Do me A favor My Angel Of Mine. Can You Go In The Living Room For A moment? I gotta Talk To Jeffery About A surprise I have for you and I dont want to spoil it . so could you do that for me ??

Alexia: {Sez Lovenly } Sure Baby . I Have No problem.  *Gently Kisses Tommy On his Lips Once more Before Walken into the LivingRoom*

::Tommy Kisses Alexia Nice and Softly back While Caressing her face with his right hand. There lips part once more and Alexia Walks Off Into The LivingRoom. Tommy Then Gets Back On The Phone. ::

Tommy:{Sez In A Low Voice} Okay She is Gone Now. Listen Did You Get The Ceremony All Prepared For Tonight?

(On Phone) Jeffery: Yes We Sure did. Everything is Set . We are All Go For Tonight.

Tommy:{Sez In A Low Voice} Alright Drive There With The Family. Make Sure You Guys Are All Dressed up for it FORMALLY. This IS Very Important This Is Done Right.

(On Phone) Jeffery: Not To worry .Everyone Is Already Ready and all .We are Almost There now. I will See you guys In A Bit. Make Sure You Text me As soon As you Arrive.

Tommy: {Sez In A Low Voice} No Problem. Be There In A bit. Gonna get Going Now.

(On Phone) Jeffery:  Alright See ya There. bye

Tommy: Bye

::Tommy hangs Up The Phone and Gently picks up his white buttons up dress shirt and puts it on without button it up . He Then walks over and gently opens the french doors. As He Walks Out He See's Alexia Sitten By The Fire Place huddled Underneath A warm Blanket. She then looks overs and see me. I then walk over to her and gently sneek under the covers to her. I then look at her looken into her loven eyes. ::

Tommy: {Sez Lovenly} Baby I Love You With All My Heart . Will you Go Upstairs and Change Into Something Beautiful For Tonight.It A Special Occasion. Formal preferably dressed If you can.

Alexia: {Sez Cautiously }I Love You With All My Heart Too. Sure Baby. Is Everything Alright?

Tommy: {Sez Reassuringly } Yes Baby Everything Is Fine.

Alexia: {Sez Cautiously } What About You ? Arn't You gonna have to Get into Different Formals?

Tommy: {Sez Reassuringly } I Already Got My Stuff Here The Guards Placed it in the Amour in you guest Bedroom. The one we were in. ofcourse you didnt see it because I had it done before we got here. It was planned that way. *smiles sweetly*

Alexia: {Sez Cautiously And Anxious }Okayyyyy. I will get upstairs and changed. I Love You Tommy. *Stares into his eyes*

Tommy: {Sez Lovenly} I Love You Too Alexia. Once You Are Done Getten Dressed Head Back Down Stairs And Jeffery Will Be Here.

Alexia: {Sez Cautiously And Anxious } Okay baby.

::Tommy Gently Kisses Alexia Sweetly And Gently feeling her lips againest his once more before there big moment. There lips part slowly As They Look into Eachother eyes and then they gently kiss once more but this time Alexia Felt Warmth From His Kiss. A Kiss she felt Was More Intense Then Others. She Could Tell something Was About to change. But she Knew deep Down Not To Fear As she could feel it wasn't Bad. Alexia kissed Tommy even more With Passion.Tommy Then Slightly Let Out A Slight Gasp as He Felt Her Passion in her kiss Become Intense Like His. Tommy Then Slowly Parts There lips once more ::

Tommy: {Sez Full Of Love and Looks Passionatly In Her eyes}I Love You Angel. I Love You With All My Heart And Soul.My Darling Alexia Admiral.

Alexia:{Sez Loss For Words Lost in his Eyes OF LOVE} I Love You Too Baby. I Love You With All My Heart And Soul Too. My Hero.. My Police Officer Studs Muffin That I Love So Much. My Tommy Bear.

Tommy{ Smiles While Blushing} Tommy Bear? *Sez While Blushing* I am Your Tommy Bear ? {Chuckles Nervously As He Knew What she Meant.

Alexia: {Sez in Mist of Loss of Words} Your My Protector. {Sez Sweetly and Lovenly} Your My Bear. You Love Me and Protect me. You Are Stronger and Comfy Like A bear.Not To Mention I Bet My Stud Muffin Would Even Be Very Lovenly While He holds me In his Loven Arms All night *looks into His eyes*

Tommy:{Sez In Immense Love} OH Angel...My beautiful Angel  *Gently Glides His Hands Through her Beautiful Long Brunette Hair* I will See You In A little Bit. I Promise. *smiles Sweetly while looken at her*

::Alexia Then Heads UpStairs and Gets Dressed While Tommy Does In The Guest Bedroom.After Tommy Is Done Getting Dressed He Texts Jeffery To Come To The house to help Alexia To The Beach. About 30 Minutes Later Jeffery Arrives::

Jeffery: {Sez In A Low Voice} Hey Man You Ready For Your Big Day?{Sez Happly And Excitely}

Tommy: { Smiles Nervously} Yes I am Ready As Ever. I Just Hope She Sez Yes .

Jeffery: {Sez  Confidently} Oh Don't You Worry I know How Alexia Feels About you . *smiles* You Have Nothing To Worry About. Now Get Going Before She See's You. *Nudges Tommy*

Tommy: { Sez Nervously}Alright Man .See ya There.

::Tommy Heads Out The Back French Doors And Towards The beach. Jeffery Waits Patiently For Alexia. Then A Few Moments Later Alexia Comes Down Stairs In A Beautiful Black And Blue Dress. Jeffery Smiles with happy tears As He see's Her Decend down the stairs::

{Music Begins To Play  I Am by Christina Aguilera --> Without Lyrics->
and With lyrics-->

Jeffery :{ Sez Happily} You Are Gorguse Alexia. Just Beautiful. *smiles big* Just Like A butterfly With Elegance.

Alexia: {Sez Softly} Well Thank you Jeffery. I Really Do Appreciate it. I am so nervous. I Dont Know whats really going on  with all this formal stuff. But it has me a Nervous Wreck . *Looks At Jeffery Nervously *

Jeffery {Sez in A Reassuring Voice} Everything Will be fine .*gently takes her hands into his and holds her hands gently *

Alexia: {Sez Softly} Thanks Jeffery. I am really Nervous. So that did help a bit to make me more calmer.

Jeffery: {Sez Excitly} Alright My Dear it is time.

Alexia: *Looks at him Nervously* Time for what?

Jeffery : {Sez Flirtatiously} Our Wedding Didn't you know we are getten married?

Alexia: *Eyes Grows Big with Fear* What?!

Jeffery:*Elbows Alexia* Oh come now know I am joken Jezz. *chuckles* We are off to a party.
No need to get all Nervous.

Alexia:*Elbows Jeffery Back* JEFFERY! SERIOUSLY!! ugggg. *giggles* you had me about to faint . *giggles*

:: Alexia And Jeffery Begins To Walk outside and Down To The Beach and over to the Secret Garden Where the party is::

Jeffery: {Chuckles while walken with Alexia } Well That Wouldn't be the first time with you. *Giggles*

Alexia: *Slaps Jefferys Arm Playfully* And thats what you get *giggles*

Jeffery: Damn you slap hard Like an officer.It must be all those Wheaties you been eating.

Alexia: *giggles* I haven't Aten Wheaties In Along time. *giggles*

:: As Alexia And Jeffery Come Down The Hill they Begin to Follow The Rose Petals Towards the Secret Garden Where Everyone is waiting Patiently For Alexia And Jeffery.  Candles Everywhere. All Family Members are waiting on the beach Including the Newest One . Jeffery walks Alexia Up To The Aisle. Jeffery Kissed Alexia On the Cheek. Everyone Now stands up . Alexia Begins to walk slowly down the Aisle in her Beautiful Black And Blue Dress. As Alexia Made Her Way Down the Aisle Tommy begins to tear up with happy tears and breath Taken by her beauty.Tommy is Patiently waiting for the Love Of His Life to Stand Right Beside him. Alexia Saw His Astonishing Stunning Tuxedo And Formal Wear That Took Her breathe Away Immediately::

{Music Begins To Play Elvis Presley - Can't Help Falling In Love--> Without Lyrics->
and With Lyrics ->

{As Alexia Made her way down the Aisle and Finally Stood right in front of Tommy Alexia began to tear up with happy tears.Tommy Then Gently Takes Alexia's Hands into his hands . Everyone then begins to be Seated}

Tommy:{Sez In Emotionally,Heartfelt,Loven Voice} Alexia My Darling Angel. I Asked for you to be here today to ask you something of Great Importance of Our Hearts. *Begins to get a lil choked up with tears*  I Love You From the day I met you. I grew so fond of you every  millisecond ,second,minute ,hour and more. I couldn't stay away from you. You stole my heart. Those precious Ocean Blue Eyes of yours Was Just What sent me over the edge.There so Angelic ,so Breath Taken , so Loven ,Compassionate and very Expressive.Your Presence is powerful , Your Scent is Exquisite & Sweet , Your Beauty is unique and Rare.
Your Touch is like An Angel. An Angel sent from heaven. Your Compassionate women Who I Love So much. You Take your time Each day to say hi to everyone and ask about there day. You Care So Much about our family.... *looks deeply into her eyes* You are A Priceless, Rarest Gem Of Them All. A gem that can't be bought or be found . Your The Rarest Of Roses. A Red rose who is perfectly crafted into an Angelic Beautiful Woman.Your Lips Soft and  Luscious like the Heavens above. Red and Moist your lips are like a ruby. Your Skin is so soft and touchable. So much I can't stop touchen or wanting to feel your Touch That sends Chills throughout my body. Your Hair IS Soft like Slik and  Glistens in the Sun Like the Angel you are. Your My Precious Angel. Your So Loven ,Caring and Nurturing to all who come in your path. You Are unique and Rare and The One I Love So Much it is beyond comparable . I Love you So much Alexia Admiral. You Are my World and someone who I want to have Always by my side and in my Life.

Alexia:{ Sez in a breath Taken Voice} Tommy I love you so much too. *loss for words and sez in a heartfelt loven voice as she looks Deeply in his eyes* I will always love you  *begins  to Tremble as every word Spills out upon my lips* You take my breath away.. you drive me crazy when I am not with you.. *stares with sincereness* I can always tell where you are . When your sad I feel my heart break *Takes my hands out of his hands and places my left hand on my heart while placing my right hand on his heart* We have a Strong Bond Tommy. *looks into his Loven Sunset Blue Eyes*

Tommy: {Begins to Tear up with happy tears while saying in a Heartfelt Voice} Baby.. My Dear Alexia Admiral. *Takes Alexia's Hand Off my heart and holds it while looken Into her eyes* I wanna ask you something That I have been patiently waiting to ask you these last few days.

::Alexia Becomes Nervous and while Patiently waiting for him to ask what he has to ask.Ken Gives Tommy the Eternity Ring . Tommy then holds the Ring With his Right Hand and looks Deeply into her eyes::

Tommy: {Sez In A Heartfelt and Loss For Words Voice} Alexia Admiral I love you with all my heart. As you and I have become Bonded through our Hearts It has become more impossible for me to be even a millisecond away from you. You've Truly Captured And Have My Heart.*Places her hand over my heart* I always want you to keep it in your loven arms.I know That Our love is unbreakable Impenetrable And With Great Loyalty We have for Eachother. Our Bond is Unbreakable  Although someone keeps on fighten it. *Gives Her the big eyes while lovenly looken at her while chuckling*

::Alexia Begins to Giggle while he makes the remark about her fighten there love. But she knows it is true . not to mention how stubborn she is :: 

Tommy: {Sez in A Heartfelt Voice with Tearful Happy Tears} I Love You so much My Darling Angel. *tightens my grip on her hand*  Your Kisses are Full Of Love and Passion. Your Touch is like An Angel.  Your Love is Genuine And Makes me feel whole and Content. Your My Angel Sent From Above. I won't Ever let you be hurt I will always mend your Fears and Tend to your wounds.I Will And Always Be Your One and Only. I Will and Always Will Be The Protector who Protects You From All Harm. I Will Do my best.I will Nurture you Like A beautiful rose you are As we blossom into A much more Meaningful Relationship. My precious Love Of my Life Will you take me As your Beloved Boyfriend and Make me yours for however you shall have me ?

:::Alexia tears with happy tears streaming down her cheeks while looken into his Handsome Blue Sunset Eyes::

{Music Begins To Play As The World Falls Down By David Bowie --> Without Lyrics->
and With Lyrics->
The Video of it ->

Alexia: {Sez in A Heartfelt and Nervous voice} Since the Day I Met You I have always had my eyes on you. I knew we had a connection and bond. I did Most of the time try to fight these feelings I had because Really Deep Down inside Tommy *Takes my left hand and gently Places it on ours hands over his Heart* I Really Do Love You Alot and I didn't want to get hurt. I have always tryed in Everyway Possible for you to fall in love with me . I have tryed so many ways to get your attention.

 The Day You Saved My Life Was The Day I Was Saved By My True Hero. The Hero To My Heart And Soul. The Love and Protector Who I Have Always Loved . You Stole My Heart From Day One. At Night I Would Lay In Bed Waiting To Hear Your Footsteps When You Would Check Me At Night.As You Came Down The HallWay I would Pretend To Sleep . I Could Always Feel Your Presences In My Room And Could Tell When You Would Check My Breathen as I Know You Are So Worried About Me And MY Heart.

Your Love Is So Divine. Your Love is Precious To Me. I Love You With All My Heart Too. I Would Love To Have you As My Boyfriend If You Will Take Me As Your Loven Girlfriend And Love Me For All Of Me And All My Flaws, Through Sickness And In Health , To Cherish From This Day Forward And Beyond This Day. To Let Not Any Other Before Me . To Take Me As I am And Whole Heartly Love Me For Me , To grow with me as we become a stronger couple. I wanna Spend the rest of my days with you as my Loven Boyfriend and Grow Our Bond Into more Meaningful as the days go on.

Our Bond Is Unbreakable That It Is Shatter Proof. Our Loyalty Is Strong And Becomes Even More Stronger As the days goes by.  I Want To Give You All Of Me and  *Begins to Cry More happy Tears while Reaching for Tommy's Eternity Ring from Kimberly *

:: Kimberly Gently Places Tommy's Eternity Ring In Alexia's Right Hand While Smiling at Alexia and is happy that Tommy and her are maken another Big Step In There Relationship::

Alexia: {Sez In A Tearful Breaken Voice} I Give You My Heart My Hero My Man I Love Whole And Open Heartly.

::Tommy begins To Cry as his Beloved Angel Crys with happy tears::

Tommy: {Sez in HeartFelt Teary voice} I Love You Too My Angel And I Will Be That Hero And Take You As My  Beloved Girlfriend. I Love You Too Whole and Open Heartly.

::Tommy Gently places Alexia's Eternity ring on her right hand .Right behind her True Blood Ring and Smiles Happily while Happy Tears are Streaming Down His Face*

Alexia: {Sez With Whole Heartly And Love} My Beloved Hero I Will Be Your Angel Forever And I Will Shine My light Bright For you. I will Take you As my Beloved Boyfriend.

::Alexia Places Tommys Eternity Ring On his Right Hand behind his True Blood Ring. Alexia becomes Emotional As She looks Into Tommys Eyes::

Alexia: {Sez Passionatly} I Will Forever and Always Love You Tommy. I Will Take Good Care Of You The Best I Can and To Knowledge. I Love you Tommy *Tears Stream down Alexia's face as she sez everyword from her heart*

Tommy: {Sez Passionatly } I Will Forever And Always Love You Alexia. I Will Take Good Care Of You ,Protect You  and Let No Harm Come your way in any form. I Will Be That Man You Have Always wanted and Solely Deserved. I Will Take Care Of You To The Best of my Knowledge and what I dont know We Will Fix Together As A Loven Heavenly Couple.I Love You Too My Darling Alexia .*tears stream down his cheeks more then ever now* I Love You So Much . You Are My Heart. You Are My Everything And Beyond. You Mean The World To me.

Alexia : {Sez HeartFelt and Lovenly} I Love You So Much Too Baby. You Are My Heart Too. You Are My Everything And Beyond. You Mean The World To Me Too .

::Tommy Then Gently Takes Alexia's Hands into his hands and Looks Deeply Into Her Eyes::

Tommy: {Sez with great passion and loss for words} I Didn't Ever Think I Would Find My True Love Of My Life But I Did And That Is You. My Beautiful Angel. *Gently takes his Right hand and caresses her Loven Angelic Face*My Girlfriend That I Love And Will Always Cherish . *Gently takes his left hand and places it on the small of her back*

:: Tommy Gently Tilts Alexia's Head To The Side. Alexia Gently takes her right hand and Glides it up Tommys back. She Then rests her hand on the small of his neck .Alexia then Takes her left hand and places it on the small of his back.Alexia Then presses his neck gently towards her while she grazes her lips upon his.

 Tommy Then traces her lips with his tongue as he does Alexia Gently Tease his Tongue with hers. Tommy then slides his Tongue in her mouth.Tommy and Alexia The begin to makeout like no other before. As They Now Seal The Eternity Partnership and Status Now Girlfriend And Boyfriend With A TRUE LOVES FIRST KISS. It Is Now Official That Alexia And Tommy Are now Girlfriend and Boyfriend.

 Everyone Begins to Applause as this was A Very Special and Important Occasion.Ken ,Kimberly ,Jeffery and Everyone Begins to Applause and Hoot and holler as they are all happy for the newly Couple. As They makeout it is like the World Doesn't Exist Around them. Alexia and Tommy then Gently parts there lips and look at eachother with content and happyiness . Tommy and Alexia Then Walk Down The Aisle Together and the Rest Follow As They Head To The Reception::

::Music Begins to play David Bowie lets dance --> Without Lyrics-->
And with Lyrics ->

 ::Everyone Walks InSide and Begins To Seated While Tommy and Alexia Goes To Cut There Beautiful Reception Cake ::

:: After Alexia And Tommy Cutt There Cake Alexia Gets Nervous. Tommy Looks Over At Alexia::

Tommy : {sez Lovenly} Whats Wrong Angel?

Alexia: {Sez Nervously} I am Scared you are gonna try to put icing on my nose.

Tommy: {chuckles} Oh My Angel I wouldn't ever do that unless you wanted me to *smiles*

Alexia: {Sighs in Relief} Good I am glad. I was worried. *Places There cakes Slices On One Plate and Brings it to there table*

::Tommy Pulls Out A Chair for His Beloved Girlfriend and takes the Plate from Alexia So She can sit down. He then places the plate on the table .Alexia Looks at Tommy And Gives him the look while pointing to his arm. Tommy Lifts his Arm Up and Alexia Snuggles into him While Tommy Passes a fork to Alexia. They Both Get a piece of cake and feed it to eachother. At One point Alexia Puts the fork down and takes some icing and places it on Tommys nose while giggling::

Tommy: {Chuckles} I see what it is .you wanted to put it on my nose first huh? *smiles while taken some icing and placing it on her nose* There we are even. but one problem i can't get it off my nose {chuckles}

Alexia: {Giggles} Well I can handle that part. *Kisses his nose and licks the icing off his nose then afterwards Gently wipes his nose with a cloth napkin* There ya go baby.

Tommy:{Sez Lovenly}Well Thank you Sexy Angel Of Mine. *Kisses her nose and gets all the icing while licken it off. then wipes it with a cloth napkin* There My Sexy Angel Now we are both even and not to mention you taste Delicious .*Chuckles*

Alexia: {Giggles} Your Welcome baby. My Stud Muffin.  I really taste good don't I? *smiles while licken some icing of the cake and holden it on the tip of my tongue teasing him*

Tommy: {Sez With Great Passion} Yes You Taste Delicious and Divine . You taste nice and sweet. I could eat you up with a spoon *Chuckles and see's her Tongue With icing on it*oohhh Sexy Angel I take that as invite *grins while smiling*

::Tommy Leans in and gently sucks it off her Tongue while he does that Alexia  lets out a gasp.Tommy Then leans in for a kiss. Alexia then Begins to kiss him passionately. As They Begin to make out and things become heated Alexia leans back nice and slowly while they part there lips once more. Tommy Just stares at Alexia loss for words as does she::

Alexia: {Sez With loss Of Words} I Love You Tommy.

Tommy: {Sez With Loss Of Words} I Love You Too Alexia.

::As they stare Into Eachothers Eyes there Hearts are racing from there kiss.::

Tommy: *Looks into her eyes Deeply* Angel Can We Sleep Together Tonight at your Main Place?

Alexia: *Looks in his eyes deeply with passion* Yes we can stay at my main place tonight . It is our night after all. Just like when it is  Kimberlys ,Kens, and Jimmys Night with me it will be theres. *Caress his face with my right hand* It Is Our Night. No Interruptions or anything. Ken Had his night with me Now It is your turn my love.

Tommy : *Begins to Trembles as he hears the words* If You Don't Mind I would like to finished what we started earlier today in the guest bedroom. You know we can start and see where it goes . I wanna go slow with you as I know how you feel about men In that direction and you know what I mean.

Alexia: {Sez lovenly} I am glad you are understanding. its been 3 years since the last guy I have been with.And after him it was nothing but women.*begins to be nervous*

Tommy: {Sez with compassion} We will take as long as you need. *holds her and her hands to help her feel secure and safe*Even if we just make out and thats it .. it is fine with me. I dont want to do anything that would upset eaither of us.I just want to make you us happy.

Alexia:  *Smiles and sez Lovenly* Ohhh Tommy You are the Bestest Guy Ever. I am Glad you are understanding and patient with me.

Tommy: {Sez lovenly}Well you got to remember I am nervous too. I am a virgin. So when we do.. do it  finally it will be my first time . So I want it to be special for both of us.Although I know you aint a virgin. But just because your not a virgin doesnt meant it is has to be any less special . Techincally if you think about it will be your first time again. Because you haven't been with any other guy since 3 years ago. so in a way this will be special for both of us. *smiles while holden her hands caressing them*

Alexia: {Sez lovenly}Yeah I know it would be . IF we get that far.*smiles while gripping his hands back*

Tommy: *smiles into her eyes* You Know I will Wait As long as I have to .. to have that moment with you.

Alexia: *smiles while looken into his loven eyes* I know you would. You are truly A gentleman I have waited for Patiently.

::As Alexia and Tommy Are Talken Kimberly ,Ken, Jimmy, Jeffery , And Newest Family Member Comming Walken Over::

Ken: {Sez flirtatiously} Alexia Honey We gotta Take the Newest Family member to there new Home . you comming?

Alexia:{Sez Happlily} Well Ofcouse I wouldn't miss that for the world *Looks over at our newest Family Member with A great big Smile*

 :: Tommy &Alexia Finish there cake  and start Heading towards the Newest Family Members Home With Kimberly,Ken,Jimmy,Jeffery, and Newest Family Member::

::Finally We all Arrive.We all Then head indoors where there 2 guards open the doors. Tommy & Jimmy Secures the Premise while  Ken Checks the Cameras , Jeffery Goes into the Kitchen and Preps Foods and Drinks While Kimberly and Alexia Head Upstairs with The Newest Family Member::

Alexia: Kimberly  My Beloved  can you go get there fluffys for me SweetyFeeties *Gently Kisses Kimberly beside her lips teasing her*

Kimberly: Alexia ! *giggles* Yes my Beloved BabyGirl Anytime for my Girl! *Looks at Alexia With Passion.*Then Kimberly heads to get Fluffys out of the Extra storage rooms. Then Kimberly puts her arms Right around me after she sets the fluffys on the bed . She Then kisses Alexia on her neck*

*Alexia Feels Chills and Hottness Towards Kimberly Then Looks Back Over at Newest Family Member*

Alexia :In Our Family We call Pillows Fluffys. If you are wondering.I  am So happy you finally arrived.We have been Patiently Waiting for you .  I hope you Love your home's Sweetheart.*smiles* Now Listen If you ever have a Request or if someone is bother you ,or if you need someone to talk to or chat with Don't Hesitate to let me know Sweetheart.

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Once Again Welcome To The Family Sweetheart. I am So happy you have Joined our family .

I love you Sweetheart.

Alexia : Alright Sweetheart well lets head Down Stairs to the Jade Pool Party Area for some Dinner and drinks .

Alexia, Kimberly & Newest Family member Head to the Jade Pool Party Area Dinning Area for some  dinner and Drinks. We all sit around ,launging, make jokes, Goof around ,and We go Swimming.Then Alexia ,Kimberly ,Ken ,Jimmy,Jeffery and Tommy Start heading to the Van & Car. They all had A wonderful Jade Pool Party at our newest family member house and now Tommy& Alexia Are Headed Back to her Main House while  Ken,Jimmy,Jeffery and Kimberly Head back to the Main House For Some Rest ::

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