Monday, April 4, 2016

A Important Notice About Episode 7 Mr.X Evil Plan!

For those who have watched ( Episode 7 Mr.X Evil Plan ) or are gonna watch it Just to let you know to get the full immersion you need to be wearing a headset while listening to it. I found an Imperfection that I wasn't please with.When you wear a headset you can hear the hearts beats that you normally wouldn't hear if you didn't wear a headset.I have thoroughly test this theory out with headset and no headset and saw a great big difference.

So for those who want the full immersion and want the best quality out of this video you need to be wearing a headset. I just wanted to you guys know. I want the best For you guys and only the best. I create my content to be productive and quality . In the meantime I will be putten this under investigation with my team and seeing what I can do in the future to get this flaw out . I am pretty sure it is miner and can be fixed.  But I just wanted all to know.

Just to let you know when I say investigation I don't mean anyone getten sued. I just mean analyzing the problem and fixing it . I Just wanted to clarify that because I don't need any misunderstanding or rumors going around. I rather be direct with you guys and let you know. One thing I take pride in is maken sure everything is on the table and not hidden. no secrets & no games being played. all upfront and honesty.

Thank you guys for understanding and I hope you guys are all doing well today :D.

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