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InBetween Storys Part3: Tommy First Love And Alexia's First Encounter




** Just To Let you know all Know All Of Our Storys Connect to one another even the Inbetween storys connect to your storys ***

:: Check out  Welcome HOME 67th FAMILY SWEETHEART MEMBER!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥ Alexia's Teasing and Flirtatious  To see where we left off in the story - >

LAST TIME ON Storys we left off ::Alexia, Kimberly & Newest Family member Head to the TipToe Water Dinning Area Dinning Area for some  dinner and Drinks. We all sit around ,launging, make jokes, Goof around with the water pool floor and dancing until it gets very late. Then Alexia ,Kimberly ,Ken ,Jimmy, and Tommy Start heading home after A wonderful Dinning Party at our newest family member house.::

Song Begins to Play Zeromancer Flirt (With Me) {with Lyrics ->
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::Meanwhile On The Car trip Home Jimmy Is looken out the van's window gazing at the rain Dripping Down on the Windows.while Ken is chatten up a storm with Tommy in the front while he drives.Kimberly and Alexia are all snuggled up together in the far back of the Van. As They get nearer the house Kimberly gets even more snuggier with Alexia as she sits to her right side of her. Kimberly gently slides her right hand between Alexia's Legs Then gently glides up her inner thigh while looken away Slyly like she didn't do anything*

Kimberly:{Sez all sultry} I love you baby.

Alexia:{ Sez in Lustful voice} I love you too Honeybunny

::Alexia Looks Deeply Into Kimberly Eyes While Caressing her face with her Left hand.Kimberly gently turns her face more towards Alexia.She then Slides her Right hand up her whole body maken her feel every inch of her body being touched. As every inch is being touched by Kimberly soft hands it brings Warmth and Bliss to Alexia's Body. She Then Rests her Right hand on Alexia's face while caressing her.Kimberly Then gently tilts Alexia's head up towards hers and stares at her with  LUSTFUL LOVEN Look ::

Kimberly: You are so beautiful Alexia. *stares at Alexia with full of Love and Lust*

::Alexia smiles big while being so lost in Kimberly Loven &Lustful eyes. Kimberly then gently traces Alexia's Lips with her right hand ,then down to her neck. She Then gently leans over and begins to kiss Alexia's neck while gently Gliding her finger tips on Alexia's Left side of her neck towards the vans window. As She is Doing So Alexia Begins to tremble and lets out a slight low key moan.With the music all the way up it leaves all the wonders and mystery of it all and being able take in control of the moment without no one noticing what is happening.:: 

{Song begins to plays ammonite By Zeromancer -> Without Lyrics ->
And here is the site for the Lyrics ->

:: Alexia then takes her left hand and glides it Through Kimberly's Long Blonde Hair. Kimberly then gently takes her right hand and turns Alexia's face towards hers .At this moment Alexia and Kimberly are loss for Words. There breathen becomes shallow and there bodys begin to ache for one anothers.Just about the time Kimberly was gonna lean in and take what is rightfully hers and have her first kiss with Alexia They Arrive Home. Jimmy Looks back and See's Alexia and Kimberly Just staring at one another . ::

Jimmy: Hey Alexia!! Babygirl My sweetness ! We are home. *smiles at her and hopes to get her Attention*

::Alexia And Kimberly Snap out of it as they just realized there pullen the car up to there Guard shack which is the first stop before the home .Alexia Looks at Jimmy::

Alexia: Thanks Sweetheart for letten me know. *smiles and winks at Jimmy while I blow him a kiss to catch*

Jimmy: *Catchs her kiss and savors it on his lips* MMMMMmmm  hmmm That is one sweet Kiss. I can't wait until that day comes when our kiss is finally here *reachs for Alexia's Hand over a set of seats*

Alexia: *Sits up more and Reachs over a set of seats for Jimmys hand and holds it while starring into his charismatic eyes*  I got your hand. *smiles*

Jimmy: Promise me something *Looks in her crystal blue eyes* Don't ever let go of my hand ever *smiles*

Alexia: As in Metaphorically Speaking or as in manner speaking ?

Jimmy: Metaphorically Speaking baby.

Alexia: I won't ever let it go . I promise *Gently Leans down and kisses His hand gently then stares into his eyes without a hitch of missing a moment of his ocean blue eyes*

Jimmy:  *Lost in her eyes I hold her hand and won't let it go. I then gently kiss her hand while looken deep into her crystal blue eyes* You just are amazing in so many ways you know that?

Alexia: Not as amazing as you are honey. *smirks while raising my left eye brow*

Jimmy: *blushs* no ... Your amazing baby {Sez Soft Spokenly}

:: Tommy Reachs the Gates of the house and Check in with guards at the Guard Shack .The Guards lets them in.Tommy then Proceeds to Drive to our home and while he does the Rain stops ::

Ken: We have one hell of a long Drive way don't we Tommy.

Tommy: Ya you are sure right about that. But hey it is a good thing and not only that more secure for all you folks.

::Jimmy and Alexia let eachothers hands and sit back down::

Jimmy: Yea that is sure. I rather be safe then anything else.

Kimberly : I agree to that!

Alexia: I am just glad we have many homes behind that gate so we dont have to keep going in and out of it . You know. I rather drive around to our homes that we have behind a closed secured gate then not to have one. 

Tommy: I agree honeybear. Thats why we built the fence around your whole premises that you guys own. The other family members got there gates too. we might have a few Islands we own but we are constantly builden more which means we have to keep builden more and more security measures and what not. But in the end of the day you guys will be safe. So not to worry Sweethearts we got ole Tommy has got Ya ! *Smiles Happily *

:: Van Pulls Up to Drive way  and Tommy Parks the Van and waits for everyone to hop on out::

Tommy: Alright we are here Sweethearts. I am gonna drop you guys off here I am gonna Go park the car. If ya Guys need anything Just walk on over. You guys are literally right next door to me . *smiles*

Ken: Not A problem . Alright Everyone lets head on out. *looks back at Jimmy, Alexia , and Kimberly*

:: Guards opens there van doors and helps them all out. As Alexia is getten out she Trips on A stupied Seat belt and Ken Catchs her in his arms. Guards immedatly see the issue and fix it right away::

Tommy: OMG Alexia are you alright *bolts out the drivers vans door and heads over to the other side to see if Alexia is alright. 

Alexia: Yes I am alright. it was that Fucken Seat Belt again that is always loose.

::Tommy Looks at the guards and begins to holler orders out to fix all vehicles with that issues::

{Song begins to plays It Sounds Like Love (But It Looks Like Sex) By Zeromancer -> Without Lyrics ->
 And here is the Site to see the Lyrics ->

Ken: I got ya baby your safe in my arms .I ain't gonna let anyone hurt you *smiles* 

Alexia: Thanks for catching me .That could've been bad. *looks into Kens eyes happily to see he caught me*

Ken: Your welcome baby. I wont let my pixie get hurt and if you ever did I would make sure you would be all Better *Looks into her breathe Taken Sapphire Blue Eyes* 

:: Guards fix the Belt , take the car to go get fix probley ::

Tommy: I am gonna walk over to my place .But before that I gotta go teach them about the Safety Belt Procedures.Those son of a Bitchs. I told them last time to fix it .

Alexia: It's alright Tommy. There gonna take care of it . *looks over while being held in Ken's arms*

Tommy: It is unacceptable you could've gotten really hurt. I wont have that! or any of you hurt at all.

Alexia: Tommy please calm down. it is gonna be alright. I know with your guidance they will fix it probley. its not there fault you know. people make mistakes all the time. it does happen. we ain't perfect. so try to be more thoughtful. I know this caught you off guard like me. But Please for me please be calm in nature when you do talk to them. Alright . *looks at Tommy with concern*

Tommy: I will for you Alexia. but only for you But I swear to god if you ever get harmed there gonna wish they were never been born.

Alexia: Like I said Tommy. With your guidance they can perfect the nature of maken sure it won't happen again. But getten all hostile with them ain't gonna help you. it is gonna get them scared of you and them not to listen to you and it will only get matters worse. You gotta talk to them in a calm manner  and Explain the importance of Safety measures. I know you are good at what you do. *smiles* if you need help to talk to them I would be willen to help you talk to them *shows concern for Tommy and The Staff*

Tommy: I would Really like That to be Honest. I may need some help. I hate Admitting to it but I do need some help.Would you help me Alexia?

Alexia: Tommy no need to be ashamed of admitting when you need help. It is a good thing you admit when need help.It means You understand your problem and you know to go get help.It also means that you know the importance of the Situation. It also a good thing not a bad thing. First Step to Know is when you need help and second step is Acknowledging that you can't do everything on your own. Third is Acceptance that you need help. Fourth is seeking the help and able to accept it and Fifth is Being Content that you Successfully  Completed those Steps and Knowing you are a better person for asking for help.Not Only that that but you Acknowledge you are a human being and you can only do so much as a person. Yes I would love to help you . 

Tommy: Thank you Alexia *sez in a tough voice* 

Alexia: Also one more thing Tommy. *looks at Tommy *

Tommy: Yes. what is it?

Alexia: You don't have to be tough all the time. you can let your guard down with me.

Tommy: *Looks at Alexia with Gentle eyes* I am sorry Alexia. I was Just Brought up that way.Its also something you learn being an officer and all.

Alexia: I know but you are with me now and with our crew *points to Ken ,Jimmy, and Kimberly*

Ken: Yea Tommy. You Don't always have to be a toughy. We all got our moments . Alexia has seen ours . she doesn't make fun of any of us. she is a caring sweet person.

Tommy: I know Ken. I understand.I am sure I will learn in time too.

Kimberly : We know you will Tommy. Its alright buddy.

Jimmy: Yea no need to be ashamed of it. Us men got feelings too. Although other think us men shouldn't cry they should all go fuck themselves. 

Alexia: I Couldn't agree with you more. That is bullshit what others think about that. I mean we all have a right to our opinions but You Shouldn't ever tell Anyone not to cry . you know. 

Tommy: I agree with you on that one. My parents growing up raised me not to cry and said it was sissy of me to cry.My Dad would always Tell me REAL MEN DONT CRY THATS FOR PIECES OF SHIT! . He would always yell that at me*looks at Alexia ,Ken, Jimmy and Kimberly*  

Alexia: Was your Dad a Military or anything to with stuff like that?

Tommy: Yea he was.

Alexia: Kinda figured by the way you talked. *shakes head*

Jimmy: *Pats Tommy on the Shoulder* Its alright man your amongst us now and also family *points out to our family members homes* Fuck your parents! There garbage. You got us.

Ken: Yea Bro! You got us. If you wanna cry...cry.. Dont hold it back it is just gonna eat ya alive and just build anger.

Alexia: Yes it will hurt ya if you keep it bottled up . Your Safe with us . Your parents didn't teach you right . I guarantee they didn't have much love in there lifes from there parents. but even if they did or didnt ... it surly doesn't give them a right to treat you like shit or that way. In parenting you gotta have balance and from what I know they dont sound like they had it in there lives. Eaithere Direction it is there fault not yours. You are genuinely A most Love ,Nurturing , and caring man ever. you know what I got a secret too. 

::Everyone looks at Alexia at this point with curious look::
Alexia : I am like you Tommy. My parents did the same thing Except I am a Woman. I Still struggle at times like you with trying to hide my feelings. Listen if it helps you .. I would love to work on this issue with you. Maybe you and I can work and solve our issues together.

Tommy: *smiles* Wow... I wouldn't ever knew you had that issue unless you said it.

::Everyone looks shocked as they heard What Alexia Just Said::

Ken: I Agree with you on that one Tommy. I wouldn't have known.

Kimberly: Yea me neither . Why didn't you tell us Alexia?

Jimmy: Wow something we didn't know about her .well I am glad Tommy had said something.

Alexia: because I am more concerned to be strong for all of you and our family members. I gotta show I am strong not weak. I was told by my dad when I cryed I was a weakling and my mom would tell me to sort of speech " Pull up your pants and strap down your boots" My Dad was from the Navy. My Mom was a Military wife.

Tommy: HOLY SHIT! That Explains alot now. 

Ken: Yeaaaaaa That is what I was about to say.

Jimmy: Holy Hell.... 

Kimberly : Well that left all of us speechless. *shakes head while thinking wtf*

Alexia: Well now you know why I can relate to you guys . I understand more then you know. But Like I said on that note I am willen to work that issue with you tommy If you are willen to work with me.

Tommy: I sure would love to . It would be nice to have someone who understands what I am going through. I know your not a guy but it sure seems like you were treated like one. *shakes head* That isnt' right at all. 

Kimberly: Poor Alexia *frowns*

Ken: Well for one thing I gotta Say you both got fucked up parents. 

Jimmy: I agree on that one. But Atleast they took care of both of you guys.

Alexia: True.. I still love my parents. Just wish they wouldve been more understanding and such.

Tommy: Me too. it seems Like I wasn't evern understood.

Alexia: Yea I know what ya mean. Always had to get straight A's and be perfect and so on forth. that hows my parents brought me up. So I always Got Straight A's And I always Strived for there Attention. Didn't really ever get it until I acted up .

Ken:  For FUCK SAKES! Damn... what the hell man.

Jimmy: I thought I heard of everything I guess not *shrugs and looks at Alexia With Empathy*

Kimberly: Well Now I can understand alot more stuff about Alexia.

Tommy: Me too. But Her and I will work together to fix all that. Right Alexia?

Alexia: Ya. We Will work together on it . I also hope *looks at Ken, Kimberly and Jimmy* you guys will help too. The more the merrier. the more help the better it is.

Ken: you gotta Angel!

Jimmy: You got me too Honeybear!

Kimberly : You got me as well Baby!

Tommy:  Well I am Glad we are all banding together. Thats is how we will keep our bond and Unity Strong.

Alexia: Yes I agree. That is how we all keep and stay together. okay Now can we have Group huggies?

Ken: HELL YES!!!

Tommy: I am ALL FOR IT !

Jimmy: Me too!

Kimberly : Me abillion!! *giggles*

Alexia: *Looks at Ken* Well First you gotta let me go and then we can get into a group huggie circle*smiles*

Ken: Sorry Angel *puts Alexia Down*

::Everyone Gets in A circle and Group Huggies. Then they all Take a step back and smile::

Ken: Well I am glad you said something Tommy and thanks.

Tommy: No Problem. We are all still learning . It is just like Alexia said it takes time . *smiles while looken at Alexia*

Alexia: yep ! your sure right Tommy. It takes time and alot of work and effort. *smiles while looken at Tommy*

Kimberly : I am glad we did this tonight .

Jimmy: me too. Its like it built our bond more stronger. I really love it. *smile big as he looks at everyone*

Alexia: I agree it has built our bonds Stronger and the more Honesty ,trust and more we have for one another the stronger it will get *smiles while looken at everyone*

Tommy: Yes the Bond sure will *smiles while looken at Alexia And her Beautiful Long Brunette Hair*

::Alexia Looks at everyone ::

Alexia: Well You guys head inside *Gestures with her hands for them to go insides*I am gonna go with Tommy To help him with the Situation with the Belts and talken to the staff Alright Sweetheart *smiles *

Ken: Alright Baby .Dont take to long.*looks concerned and antsy*

Jimmy: Yes Please dont and Also let us know when your headed back so we can walk you back. okay? *smiles while being concerned*

Kimberly : Yes please do that way your safe *looks at Alexia with concerned eyes*

Alexia : Okay Jimmy. No need to wor....

::Tommy Interrupts ::

Tommy: I will take her home no need to worry. Sorry Alexia for interrupting.

Alexia: It's Alright Tommy. *smiles at Tommy with a caring look*

Jimmy: Well that makes me feel better knowing that. 

Kimberly: Me too. 

Ken: Well Just let us know when your back Alright Angel?

Alexia: I will baby *smiles and gives everyone a hug before I go*

::Everyone goes inside While Tommy Takes Alexia To the Staff Quarters ::

                             :: Tommy & Alexia Later Arrive At Staff Head Quarters::

{ Song Plays She Drives Me Crazy By Fine Young Cannibals -> Without Lyrics->
and With Music and Lyrics ->

Alexia: Alright is that everyone Tommy?

Tommy: yes that is everyone *smiles Happily at Alexia*

::Staff is chattern Amongst themselves ::

Alexia: Alright ...Lets get Started with Safety Procedures

Tommy: YO!!! HEY!!! LET'S CHILL IT DOWN PEOPLE!!*whistles loudly*

Alexia:*Gently takes and holds Tommy hand and place her other hand on tops of his * Calm down Tommy. I can handle it. 

Tommy: *Sez in Embarrassingly * oh I am sorry. Alexia.

Alexia: Tommy it is okay Your learning *smiles then pats his hand to calm down while holden it to keep him calm*

Tommy: *Smiles while looken at her being all stern and supportive* You'll do great. 

::Staff begins to Grow quite while there getten ready to listen to The Safety Procedures ::

Alexia: Thanks Tommy. *lets go hand*

Tommy: Your welcome sweety.

::Alexia Begins to paces back and forth with her hands behind her back while looken at all staff members* 

Alexia : LISTEN UP!!!! IT IS TIME FOR SAFETY PROCEDURES ! Now today I almost fell out of The van. The belts were wreckless not well kept and were all over the place. It seems we have been lacking on keeping vehicles safe. So today we are gonna go over Safety Procedures for cars, house and more.After that you will be tested. If you fail you will have to go to classes. Dont take it as failure take it as a learning experience. I love all of you and I want the best for all of us. So lets work together and maken our family I.E Team better. *smiles* You all know I can be a bitch .. So lets not make this complicated I am YOUR INSTRUCTOR TODAY I AM HERE TO TEACH Not Sugar Coat things or Anything. 

:::Alexia Carry's On Her Lecture and Teach's the class Of her Staff members. While she Does that Every So Often Tommy Would Glance At Alexia And would smile. He would think to himself on how nice it was to have a partner who understands him and helps him and supports him in his endeavors .Tommy Really loved it.Not only that he really began to start feeling feelings he hasn't felt in along time since he was a kid. Tommy Didn't ever have a girlfriend or ever had his first Kiss. Tommy was a virgin. He was a very respectable Gentleman and he would always get nervous Around Beautiful women. He was a very cautious man . He just didn't want to be with Just Anyone. He wanted to be with his true love. Tommy wasn't that kind of guy who slept around or disrespected women Nor Did he ever hurt Women ever.  He was brought up to respect and protect women. :: 

:: As The Sun Goes Down And Hits Sunset Class ends And All Staff Pass with Flying Colors.::

Alexia : In Honor of Your guys Passing We will have a party Later tonight for you. 

::All Staff members Cheer,Whistle ,hoot, and hollar with Excitement::

Alexia: *looks at Tommy* Sweetheart will you call the Kitchen staff and have them Create a Special cake and feast for our Entire Staff ?

Tommy: Sure will sweety *walks away to call and talk to kitchen Staff while Alexia Finishes her Lecture*

Alexia: Alright We got Tommy on it and while he is doing that I want you guys to make sure everything is up to par .After you are done with that Get Dressed up to the Nine  . I bet you all are gonna look stunning *smiles* Well thats it . you guys are free to go. I am proud of all of you *smiles while clapping for the staff*

::Staff Returns to check on everything like they were asked . While there doing that Alexia Ventures off to the Beach to goes and watch the Sunset. But before she does she talks to a butler and tells him where she is going and to tell Tommy. After she Does that She heads to the beach and Just Stares off at the sun as it sets::

 { Song Plays Berlin - Take My Breath Away -> Without Lyrics->
and Site with Lyrics

::As The Sunsets Tommy makes his way To Alexia . As he gets Closure he stops for a moment and watchs her hair Fly in the wind . Alexia at this point is wearing her beach Long White dress with her White see through shirt. As Her hair turns Auburn as the sunset hits it .Tommy see's it and begins to loses his breath at the sight of her. He Continues to Walk towards.At His Surprise she doesn't hear him.

Alexia : This is one beautiful Day *smiles*

::So Tommy slowly gets right behind her and gently slides his right hand around her waist ::

Tommy: Not As Beautiful as you are *smlies*

*Alexia Jumps but then Turns around and see's Tommy*

Alexia: Tommy you found me I was hoping you would. *hearts racing *

Tommy: You Know I Will Always Find you babygirl *gently slides his left hand around her Waist *

::Alexia looks into Tommys blue Eyes and sees them sparkle like stars.Tommy Gently and Slowy  pulls Alexia closer to his body. Nervous as Tommy is He feels comfortable and at peace with her.As all fear drops to the side Tommy feels Strong and protective over Alexia. Like he Could almost do anything with her by his side. Utter Happiness Filled his heart ,mind and soul. Alexia places her hands on his chest while looken up into his eyes. Safe and secure she felt. Like no one could hurt her. ::

Tommy: {Sez soft spoken} You have really pretty hair. *Nervously and gently Runs his left hand through her hair* Your hair feels soft like Silk. *stares into her eyes*

Alexia: {sez Nervously} Thank you ...Tommy *looks in to his eyes deeply and intently*

Tommy:Will you dance with me Alexia?

Alexia: *sez softly* Sure honey.

:: Alexia slides her hands up his chest and on top his shoulder::
Tommy: {Sez Timidly } Its alright you can put your Arms around me and get close to me. i dont bite. *chuckles * Unless you want me to. *smiles*

Alexia: {Sez Softly} Tommmmy ... *smiles while getten closer and gently putten my arms around him *

::Tommy Gently Sways with Alexia While not missing a heartbeat.Tommy can't keep his eyes off her.::

Tommy:  { Sez soft spokenly} Has anyone ever told you that your eyes are so hypnotizing?

Alexia: {sez softly} No. no one has ever told me that before....Tommy I feel so safe in your arms *stares intently into Tommy's Eyes. I dont know what it is ... I just feel so safe and secure.

{Song Plays Mr. Mister - Broken Wings -> With out Lyrics->
and With Lyrics & music ->

Tommy: *Smiles* You make me feel the sameway. its a special feeling ain't it ?

Alexia: yes it is . what about you?

Tommy: yes it is for me too. Alexia Can I tell you something.. I have been waiting to give you this ... *smiles*

Alexia: *Looks surprisingly at Tommy* Sure what is it ?

::Tommy Stops for a moment and pulls a box out of his pocket .Alexia's Eyes grow big and thoughts begin to run fastly . Tommy then takes my right hand and holds it while he stares at me::

Tommy: Alexia Will you take me as your True Blood partner? I know we don't hang out much but I can't be without you. You really help me in the toughest parts of my life and I have been there for yours . I wanna make it a promise permanently .

::Alexia is shocked he knows about the true blood Situation but smiles with gratitude::

Alexia: You know what A true blood ring is? *looks at him surprisingly*

Tommy: yes it is the one that goes on your right hand. it is the forth step in a relationship. you get 2 rings on the right hand and 2 on the left. The 2 on the right hand is the True Blood Ring and Eternity Ring. The 2 on the left is Engagement and Wedding band. The Ring I am giving you is the first In the Relationship . it is was begins the Relationship.

Alexia: *still is shocked* But how do you know all that . not many people know about that except ones close to my heart.

Tommy: I am closure to you then you think Alexia. I pay attention to everything about you , your wants, needs and more. I dont miss a heart beat of you. I even come and check on you on nightfall to make sure your okay. I know everything about you. You mean alot to me. I know I haven't said anything unlike Ken, Jimmy and Kimberly.But I wanted our Moment to be special and unique. Not no competition or Rush . I noticed the others seem to compete and want to rush things along. I dont. I wanna take our time and grow as a couple . I want our relationship to grow into something meaningful and beautiful .

::Alexia Begins to tear up with happy tears while smiling .Tommy See's her tear up with her first happy tears and gently wipes them while kissing them away . Alexia looks up to him::

Alexia: It would be an honor to be your true blood partner. *smiles with happy tears*

::Tommy Places A Size 6  an 2 Carat T.G.W. Aquamarine and Created White Sapphire Sterling Silver 3-Stone Heart Ring On Alexia's Right hand. Alexia Looks up at Tommy and gives him a big hug .Tommy Holds her tightly in his arms while tearing up alittle bit himself::
::Tommy then looks at Alexia as she does with him .Tommy then slowly glides his Left hand on Alexias Soft ebony cheek.Both Alexia and Tommy smile at one another with full of happyiness in there hearts::

Find out what happends Next in ->
 Welcome HOME 68th FAMILY SWEETHEART MEMBER!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥The Car Ride Of Laughter

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