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Welcome HOME 61st FAMILY SWEETHEART MEMBER!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥ A Party To Remember

HELLO FAMILY!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥



*While Sitting Down and watching the beautiful sky turn into night Alexia Just Gazed at the
beauty of it all*

    Alexia : I wonder if things will get better  *sighs and crosses arms while staring at the sky then begins to shout at the sky* "COME ON WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO GET MY HAPPILY EVER AFTER . *Takes my left hand and Points to the sky while putten my right hand on my hip While Given the sky an evil glare*I MEAN COME ON ALREADY I WENT THROUGH HELL AND BACK ENOUGH. SEND ME AN ANGEL , SEND ME A CLUE  I DONT CARE WHAT BUT SEND ME SOME SORT OF SIGN " *Alexia Flails here hands in the air as if she is flagging down a plain . She then thinks about what she just said and then sez " Actually I do care what you send me as a sign ! Just be nice ! no meany pants! " *Alexia begins to ponder and begins to talk out loud to herself while sorting her thoughts out*

Alexia : You know I often wonder If that works yelling at the sky. sometimes I think it works and sometimes I dont think it does. hmph *Shrugs* Who knows ? Time will only tell.  *Sits back in chair while saying softly, " The world will never know" .

                                          :: Kimberly watchs Alexia From afar  while haven her arms cross and her left eye brow raised while trying to figure out whats the matter with Alexia. After she see's Alexia Calmed down Kimberly begins to walk towards her. As Kimberly walks up Alexia Hears sandy foot steps and turns around ::

Kimberly : Are you okay?

Alexia : Yes I am okay. Why you ask ?

::Alexia Looks Confused while raising her left eye brow and pondering what Kimberly is Thinking::

Kimberly : I just saw you Yelling at the sky. So I thought Maybe something was wrong.

:: Alexia looks cautiously at Kimberly::

Alexia : No I am Alright. Just  alittle Stressed about certain things in my life.

::Kimberly nods her head back and forth as she understands Alexia Has been Through alot::

Kimberly : May I sit down with you ?

Alexia : Sure . you can sit. you know you don't have to ask me all the time to sit down with me you know.

::Kimberly Sits Down ::

Kimberly : Well You never know .There maybe be a day where you dont want anyone sitting by you .

Alexia :  No That won't ever happen. *looks at Kimberly funny*If anything I want someone always to be around me . it sux always being by yourself.

::Kimberly looks at Alexia ::

Kimberly : HEY ! what about me ? I am around you all the time ,

Alexia : I am sorry .yes I know you are. It  is just ....

::Kimberly looks at Alexia and see's she is stressed out about the whole being alone thing. Kimberly gently leans over and takes Alexia's Left Hand and holds it while squeezing it gently letten her know she is there for her::

Kimberly : Listen I know how hard it is but I am sure it will get better. Sides I got some funny news I thought You should know .

::Alexia looks at Kimberly with a  ( theres no way she could surprises me look ) on her Face::

Kimberly : Well you remember the other night When we brought home 60th family member and you and Jimmy had that talk on the beach  ( Here is the link to the Special 60th Blogg Letter .so you can keep up with the story on what has been going on so far  --->
 https://dancingsouless.blogspot.com/2016/08/welcome-home-60th-family-sweetheart.html   )

::Alexia Looks at Kimberly while thinking what hell is going on now ::

Alexia : Yes I remember. why?

Kimberly: Well I found out something .

Alexia : Found out what?

::Kimberly Claps her hands all girly style and looks into my eyes with Excitement no boundrys of holden any words back on what she found out:::

Kimberly : Well Jimmy and I Had a talk later that night when he was cleaning the Kitchen Floor .

Alexia : What was Jimmy doing in the Kitchen and also what where you doing there?

Kimberly : Well Jimmy was helping the Kitchen Staff because they needed some extra hands and I was there because I was getten A Strawberry Smoothie.

Alexia : Oh . okay. I was wondering. found it weird because usually Jimmy is working the front desk and all.

Kimberly : Believe me I was too. Anyways Jimmy asked me If he could talk to me alone for a minute. So Jimmy and I went to the Bamboo Tiki hut to talk for a bit. Well it turns out what he told you wasn't it.

 This was the Tiki hut {look down below at this picture} and Picture Jimmy & Kimberly Talken.

::Alexia Stares With Confusion As she looks at Kimberly::

Alexia : What do you mean it wasn't it ? what are you talken about .You Got Me Confused.

Kimberly : Okay let me see if this helps any. *Kimberly pulls out a necklace with Alexia's Named Written on and on the otherside it has Jimmy's Name *

::Alexia's eyes grow big and her mouth drops open . She then covers her mouth with her right hand .She Sits there in a long pause :::

Kimberly : Jimmy Gave me this Heart necklace to go get engraved . Tonight I am suppose to return it to him.
I just got it done by our Jewelry Engraver .*gently squeezes your left hand while starring into your deep blue eyes*Promise me you won't tell him Alexia. you gotta promise me.

::Alexia nods That she understands and will keep it a secret .Her Right hand slowly moves off her mouth and finally rests on her upper Thigh::

Alexia Sez with utter shock in her voice " So when he said friend it was to throw me off what he really meant?

Kimberly : No it wasn't .when you Signaled me to come over I got him nervous by coming over to you guys. he was gonna tell you but when he saw me walken towards you guys he dropped his nerve to tell you.

Alexia : Are you serious? So me Signalling you *Points To Kimberly*
 screwed it up for me to learn *Alexia points to herself and then back to Kimberly as she talks while gesturing her hands* The Truth about how he Feels about me.

Kimberly : Yep Exactly! * Kimberly Nods Quickly *

Alexia : I am still in aw and Still don't understand what is really going on.

Kimberly : Well from what Jimmy told me Is that He really likes you more Then you know it. its like a shooting star or an over abundance of Love.

Alexia : You can't ever have to much Love You know that right Kimberly?

::Alexia looks at Kimberly with a questionable face::

Kimberly : Yes I know. I am Just saying this guy has the hotts for you. I mean like totally!

Alexia: Well do you know when it started or how it started?

Kimberly : No .I didn't get to find out by that time it was getten late and he was needed in the kitchen again.

::Alexia sits in silence with just plain Shock on her face like she can't believe what she just heard and saw::

Kimberly : Listen Alexia Don't Say a word. I don't know when and if He is gonna give it you anytimes but you need to be shocked to when he gives it to you .

::Alexia Mouth Drops open. Kimberly points to your mouth being drop open::

Kimberly : Yeah thats the look you need when he does give it to you. but not so wide. you could catch a fly.

::Alexia Bursts out laughing and then So Does Kimberly ::

Alexia : listen Kimberly  I Am pretty sure I don't have to act because To be honest I am still in utter shock and I Still don't believe my ears what i heard.

Kimberly: Well I guess that will work too. But you do need to start believing when people tell you that your beautiful.

Alexia : I know. You know I have a self-Image problem. it is gonna take time to get over.

Kimberly : yes I know And I am here for you. Now I gotta run and give it to him . I will see you later. I gotta check the front desk for any New Arrivals. I am on Call today for Front Desk as well.

Alexia : Alright Sweetheart. No Problem .

::Kimberly Stands up and gently leans down and Gives Alexia A Strong Huggie and then goes in to kiss Her Cheek when Alexia turns her head as she see's a flame go into air and Kimberly Accidentally Kisses Alexia on the lips. Alexia and Kimberly Notice and Quickly Jilt backwards.Kimberly Begins to starts speaking in a frantic voice .

Kimberly : I am sorry Alexia . I really wasn't trying to kiss you.

Alexia: I am sorry I didn't notice you were gonna turn that way

::Kimberly Gestures while shrugging ::

Kimberly : I was only gonna kiss you on the cheek . And you moved.

Alexia : I am sorry I moved. I saw a flame go up into the air and I thought that the Table cloth Might have catched on fire.

Kimberly : Its Alright its not your fault. It is my fault.

Alexia : No.Kimberly it is my fault I moved. I am so sorry.

Kimberly : no seriously sweetheart it is not your fault. no need to say sorry.

::Alexia Gently takes Kimberly by her Hands and gently rubs them while starring into her eyes in A deep understanding way::

:: Music begins to fill the air to the song by Garbage #1 Crush  .here is the music for you to listen to while you read on --> here is song with  lyrics ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2GiufzNs9Ss and ones without
Lyrics ->  ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmTOurI89aU ) For any of you music Enthusiast like myself.

Alexia : You are fine Kim. Just Get going before your late and Jimmy thinks something is up.

::Kimberly looks into Alexia eyes and Nods in understanding ::

Kimberly : Alright I will see you later honey. Just remember be shocked. *Kimberly looks down at her hands being held *Um Alexia you can let go my hands now.

::Alexia Looks down and Realizes she is still holden Kimberlys Hands::

Alexia : Oh I am sorry Kimberly *shakes her head to get out of trance*

::Kimberly Giggles ::

Kimberly : Are you Alright Alexia? *she sez Jokenly*

Alexia : Yeah I am fine. Just got lost in your eyes like I always do. But ya you know how that is.

:: Alexia fiddles with her long brunette hair ::

Kimberly : You always do get distracted alot *giggles* Which I noticed. *smiles big*

Alexia :  Yes I know. Anyways get going Before Jimmy Suspects something is up with the necklace.

Kimberly :  Alexia honey my hands *smiles big while giggling*

Alexia : I AM SO sorry! *bursts out laugh and lets go of Kimberlys hands *

Kimberly : See you later honeybun.

Alexia : See ya later Sweetheart. *waves while smiling and blushing*

::Kimberly blushen beat red as she walks away::

:: Music begins to blare loudly in the Distances as our nightly Party begins at our Nightclubs. (Ace of base - it's A Beautiful Life here is the link to listen to while reading --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWebyz2JxAY ::

::As Kimberly was walken towards the front Desk She runs into Jimmy who has the Newest Family Member .Jimmy walks Toward Kimberly  and while doing so he puts his right hand on his hip ::

Jimmy: Dear Gawd Girl ! What took you so long I have been waiting here like 30 Minutes. 

Kimberly : Sorry Jimmy I took so long.

Jimmy : Well its okay. but please keep your cellphone on . I tryed callen you like 5 times and was beginning to worry something happend to you. I was gonna send ken after you if you didnt show up in the next 5 minutes.

Ken:  Yea I was about to send a army of troop to find ya. 

::Kimberly looks at Ken with big wide eyes ""

Kimberly : Are YOU SERIOUS!!

Ken : No . But We were worried about you. Btw where Is Alexia? Been Looken for her all day. 

::Kimberly puts her right hand on her hip::
Kimberly : AND WHY Were you  *Kimberly gives Ken An Attitude * looken for her?

Ken :Because Jimmy couldnt find her.  Right BRO! *Ken looks at Jimmy*

Jimmy : Yes I did. Usually Alexia Has me get her Peach tea and Honey when she wakes up .well I didn't see her and I kinda freaked out. I thought maybe she went missing.

::Kimberly looks at Jimmy with a wow factor::

Kimberly : You know Jimmy I am shocked on how much you really worry about her. but then Again I Don't . I think we all feel the same.

::Ken nods head and so does Jimmy with agreement::

Jimmy: Anyways Lets carry on and Find Alexia so she can welcome our newest family member. 

Kimberly : yes Lets get going .

::Ken looks at Jimmy and holds his right shoulder back::

Ken : Uh Bro . Your Forgot We don't know where she is .

Jimmy: Yeah ... I almost forgot.... jezz. What is wrong with me. it is almost like I know where she is but 
I can't put a finger on it. Its Strange.

::Kimberly Raise both eyes brows like WTF::

Kimberly : Well Do you know where she is ?

Jimmy : No. But do you Kimberly?

Kimberly : Yes so Follow me .

::Kimberly Guides Jimmy, Ken and our newest Family member towards where I was .Kimberly looks around  and doesn't see me ::

Kimberly : Well that is odd. she was here a moment ago.

Ken : Dude Did you lose her?

Jimmy : I hope to gawd she didnt.

Kimberly : no Jimmy she probley went somewhere else. I swear she gets distracted alot. 

Jimmy : No kidden.

Ken : YOU THINK! We are gonna have to get A Tracker on that girl. I Swear.

Newest Family member : She is over there. look.  *you point over to the Candle lite canopy bed where I am dancing to ( Stromae feat. Kanye West & Gilbere Forte - Alors On Danse (Remix) -> here is the link listen to -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltw5OWWE92k )

Ken : Da*n! Look at her moves. *Watchs Alexia Dance to the Music*

Jimmy : Well my guess was by the beach with music. *shrugs* I was right about one thing.

Kimberly : Well thanks for pointing that out to us Sweety. Thank gawd someone knows where she is .

Newest Family Member : Your Welcome  *smiles happliy *

::As the Dj Brings the Tempo up higher We got the crowd Rocken hard to the music. Then the Next Song the begins to play is  -> enrique iglesias feat sean paul bailando english  ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Z3f3AVYXbg )  ::

KEN: Um Dude we better get Alexia Out of the Crowd. you know how she is in partys. She rocks it like a stripper and is Lustful as A vampire. 

::Kimberly ,Jimmy and newest Family member look at Ken like WTF ::

Jimmy : Was that suppose to Rhyme ? because buddy you are off by 1 number.

::Kimberly and Newest Family Member both looks at Jimmy like HUH?::

Kimberly : What the hell are you and Ken trying to do ?

Ken and Jimmy : Haven't a clue.

Kimberly : Yup we finally all been around Alexia for a long time now. now we are getten her sayings. Lovly.

:: While Alexia Is dancing She Spots the Newest family member and Kimberly ,Ken and Jimmy. So she decides to dance on over ::

Alexia : Well hey Sweety *Smiles big* Welcome to the family honeybun . 

::Ken ,Jimmy and Kimberly mouths Drop open as in shock she knew ::

Jimmy: How did you knew who they were? And also where have you been all day I Have been worried sick about you! *begins to pout and puts hands on both of his hips while tapping his foot*

::Kimberly  Uses hand gesture knowing he has been looken for her while lipping words to her ::

Alexia: I am sorry honeybun. *walks over and gives Jimmy a nice sensual huggie and a nice sweet Kiss on his cheek  then gently scoots back and walks over to talk to our newest family member*

::Ken Elbows Kimberly like did you see that gesture::

Kimberly : OW! Ken Quit Elbowing me . gawd. dang....

Ken : Sorry. But Seriously!! Did you see that?

::Kimberly rubs her side while given Ken the evil eye for Elbowing her::

Kimberly : Yes I saw it . What about it? She gives huggies and kisses to everyone.

::Ken looks at me then Jimmy back and forth. Jimmy is in lala land while Ken is trying to figure out WTF. Kimberly could careless because she Understand Alexia and knows her body language very well:::

Ken : You don't see what I saw?

Kimberly: Dude Chill out! .dear gawd.

::Ken mumbles while in a squeeky voice ,shrugs then scoffs. ::

Ken: UGGG!!.

::Mean while Alexia is talken to our newest family member::

Alexia : So Anyways Like I was saying. *looks around * lets get going to your home . 

Kimberly : Yes please can we do that! I Need Ken to stop wining in my ear. 

*Alexia Giggles*

Alexia : Alright everyone shall we carry on.

::Newest Family Member , Kimberly , Ken , and Jimmy  begin to start walken as Alexia Leads the way::

Alexia : Well here is your Brand New home Sweetheart .I hope You Love it! I know i had fun decorating it with Kimberly and the Crew.

KEN: Well I am gonna head to the Kitchen and make us all drinks  .Jimmy Come and help me while the Girls Go help Our Newest family to there new room.

Jimmy : Sure Bro. *stares at Alexia while Walken Into the door*

Alexia : Omg Jimmy Are you okay?

Jimmy: Yeah I am alright. Sorry about that.

Ken : DUDE!! Like I havent even the door yet.

::Kimberly and Newest Family member busts out laughing.Ken Opens the doors while Jimmy rubs his forhead where hit it by the running into the door . We all begin to walk inside. Jimmy and Ken Head off to the Kitchen While Kimberly and I Head Upstairs showing our newest family member there brand new home and new bedrooms. Kimberly Heads Turns on the lights while I Go to the Extra storage room and get out 2 fluffys . then I slowly walk on in and lay them on Our Newest Family members bed::

Alexia : yes Sweetheart I know Your Looken at me Strange. But We call our Pillows in our family Flufflys. Just so you know . *smiles*

Kimberly : Everyone always asks us that. but it is alright it is normal *smiles*

Alexia : I am So happy you finally arrived.We have been Patiently Waiting for you .  I hope you Love your home's Sweetheart.*smiles* Now Listen If you ever have a Request or if someone is bother you ,or if you need someone to talk to or chat with Don't Hesitate to let me know Sweetheart.

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Alright Well Just to let you know We Accept Everyone and anyone. We are there for you In Good Times And in Bad times. We Are Always there for you No Matter what. We Are A very Supportive ,Loven ,Caring, Trustable,Honesty, Loyalty and more Family. *We are Just full of love ,Equality and more. We Believe in Treating Everyone Equally.

*Gives you a Big Huggie and Kisses on the Cheek* Just let me know if you ever need anything.

Once Again Welcome To The Family Sweetheart. I am So happy you have Joined our family . I love you Sweetheart.

Welcome Home 61st SWEETHEART! | DancingSouless Welcome To The Family Feature

Alexia : Alright Sweetheart well Kimberly And I are gonna head Down stairs for some drinks come and Join us .

Newest Family member : Sure I would love to

::Alexia , Kimberly , And Newest family headed down stairs to the first living room out of many that our newest family member had. We all Sat around and Had some drinks,snacks and watch some awesome movies ::


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