Wednesday, March 16, 2016

WE HITTED 23 Subscribers!!! and I got Another video for everyone to see :D

Well We did it People!!!! We hit 23 subscibers today!!! So THANK YOU TO WHOEVER JUST SUBSCRIBED!!!. I am feeling alot better. I still have a cough though. My car situation is still horrible. it is still broken :(  . I just can't catch a break with my car.  I also missed another visit with my son because of it :(

I wish I could fix my car 100% this is just nutts. But like always there is alot going on in my life right now. Very soon it should settle down (meaning the court stuff) as for the car i haven't a clue.

Also here is the synopsis of my video and the link to it that just released -->

During the Vlog DancingSouless talks about what she is apart of in the community and explains a little about herself.But During the Vlog however Maverick Decides to take over the Vlog with Jerry and makes one hell of an entrance and exit. Seems like there back and wanting to get noticed by DancingSouless and others.

I hope you guys enjoy the video. It is a hint to what is to come soon in my new videos. 
Pay attention to Maverick and Jerry. Sooner or later you will know why i said that. it is a surprise.

Well anyways i gotta get back to work and studing as well.




Getten To Know You DancingSouless Ep 10