Sunday, March 6, 2016

DancingSouless Episode ER

WENT TO THE ER AGAIN :( been sick for 3 days

Have been sick since March 4th. Went to er and now is on meds. I had a feeling i was gonna be sick on bootcamp days :( . oh well.

Gonna get better and relax. I will get the courses done when i am able to . my health is more important.
I swear to gawd all youtubers are getten sick latly. it is all because of the weather .thats my opinion.

101 lesson for any Youtuber. Take care of yourself first above all others (Meaning health wise)

I got meds for my throat,neck and for pain.

Looks like this was another dozy. I was so hoping not to feel sick on the day of bootcamp but as soon as i woke up BAM i was sick . I should've prepared for it . Well no one knows when it is gonna happen. 

Well anyways i am gonna get rest and not worry so much about YouTube Bootcamp. I will return to it as soon as i feel better. I got court monday . so i need all my rest i can get besides the point. I will let you guys know when i resume Youtube Bootcamp and at least feeling better.

Had to edit . i forget to count from march 4th. sorry guys if i confused you. I am not feeling good still. i just wanted to make sure everyone knows why i am not so active on my youtube page or anywhere else.
Thanks for your understanding