Monday, April 17, 2017

Truffles Surprise Pt 1 of 2 4k

While Uncle Gino Is being Pig headed,Stubborn and tells everyone that he doesn't need family.Paige is Bonding with Truffles. Unfortunately Uncle Gino gets very Jealous and tells Paige to stay away from truffles. Uncle Gino Starts to act like A Spoiled Brat Who doesn't get his own way.But That doesnt stop Paige and Truffles from staying away from eachother as they sneek around behind Uncle Ginos back to go play. Later On A misfortunate Event Happends with uncle Gino. I guess karma just got him. see what happend to Uncle Gino. I wonder if he is rethinking about needed family ? Who knows? Watch this episode to find out what happends.

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