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Welcome HOME 73rd FAMILY SWEETHEART MEMBER!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥ Alexia's First Kiss

HELLO FAMILY!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥



** Just To Let you know To all Family Members All Of Our Storys Connect to one another even the Inbetween storys connect to your storys . The Inbetween Storys are AGE RESTRICITED so you gotta be an adult to read those storys. I decided to make those storys different.To be honest it make me happy**

::Shortly After Leaving the 72nd Family member home Tommy ,Alexia, Ken, Jimmy, Kimberly and Jeffery Arrive At Head Quarters To pick up the 73rd Family member. Jeffery Gets Out Of the Van and helps with the baggage and all inside the back of the van. Ken Helps the Newest Family member Inside the Van. After Jeffery Finishes He heads back inside the van And now they all Start heading to the 73rd Family Members home::

::As They are headed to The Newest Family Members Home Alexia looks overs at Tommy::

Alexia: {Looks at the house then back to Tommy} Baby We need to stop at this House*points to the house* I gotta get something from it. *Looks Back at Tommy*

::Ken raises his right eyebrow while does everyone else wondering what could it possibly be.Tommy Looks at Alexia With confusion and Questioning what she could've possibly left there but still heads towards the house for her anyways.Finally They Pull up to the Front of the House::

Tommy: {Looks over Cautiously trying to think what she is thinking} Here we are baby .

Alexia : {Smiles at Tommy} Thank you Baby. I will be back in a moment.

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::Alexia Begins to Get out Of the Car But Tommy All Of A Sudden Places his Hand on her Hand and holds her back .Alexia Looks back and smiles gently with wondering what he was thinking. Tommy Looks Deeply into Alexia's Eyes while feeling Panic and Fear. Like he had to go with her . Tommy didn't and couldn't see her going alone into that house.It was like his protective self went into overdrive out of no where.::

Tommy: {looks at her with panic look} Baby I dont think you should go alone in there it is Dark and No Lights are on. I should come with you. 

::Alexia Looks into Tommy's Eyes and see his panic and fear and wonders why he feels that way .::

Alexia: {Looks Lovenly Into his eyes and sez in a calm Voice} Baby I will be fine {gently rubs his hand} It alls locked up and all I will be fine. There is Nothing to Worry about.

::Newest Family Member Looks at Jimmy.Then Jimmy Looks at Ken. Ken then Looks at Kimberly. All of them are Thinking  Like What The F*ck is she thinking about going into there alone. ::

Newest Family Member: {Looks At Alexia From the back seat Concernedly}Alexia I Agree With Tommy . You Should Let him Go With You. It looks Creepy and Scary. I also Dont want anything bad happening to you.

:: Alexia And Tommy Hears the Nicest Comment made be our Newest Family Member.Tommy Looks Back  and Smiles At Our Newest Family Member then back At Alexia Hoping she will listen to our Newest Family Member. Alexia Looks at Tommy then at our Newest Family Member::

Alexia: {Sez Sweetly To Our Newest Family Member} I really Do Appreciate your Concern Sweetheart. But I think I can handle this one. I will be alright .Sides it has been Locked up. I got the keys and everything it is secured. I really think you guys are worrien to Much.

::Ken Places both of his hands on The back seat of Alexia's Seat  and looks at her with his mouth wide open::

Ken: {Sez in Rather upset Voice} Are you F*cken Kidden ME Alexia?! We are all concerned About your Safety and you still want to go in there with no lights {Points to lights} no Guards even {points to the doors with no Guards are to be seen } You gotta be out of your mind?! { Stares into her Oceans Blue eyes trying to figure out what the hell is she thinking}

::Alexia looks over at Ken with a glare. At what she thought was him yelling at her::

{Music Begins To Play Five Finger Death Punch Dot Your Eyes -->Without Lyrics->
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Alexia: {Sez in Stern Voice} I wont Tolerate being Yelled at .

Ken: {Trys to Speak} Alexia I wasn't ....

:: Alexia Interrupts Ken In Mid Sentence::

Alexia: {Looks At Ken with Glare} I AM TIRED OF BEING YELLED AT!! You won't talk to me in that voice. Do you hear me?! {Stares Ken Down like An Admiral in Charge}

::Ken Trys Once more To tell Alexia that he wasn't Yelling at her but only trying to Speak to her in a concerning Loven matter ::

Ken: {Looks At Alexia With Love and Concern} One..*Sticks Pointer Finger up* Yes I know I am a man. We gather That. two *Puts Peace Fingers up at this point* .. Baby I just wanna say something ... may I please say something? *Looks in her Beautiful Frustrated Ocean Blue Eyes*

Alexia: {Looks At Ken's eyes Deeply}Do you Have to be a SmartA** with me when you know I am Already upset With this *motions to the house and car with her right hand since Tommy is still holden the left hand* Situation .I feel Like No one can trust me to be by myself * Impersonates A Deep Tone Mans Voice While Being Sarcastically * Because I am a woman and Apparently I can't protect myself .

::Kimberly looks at Jimmy .Jimmy Looks At Kimberly Like What the F*ck is Going on . Tommy Looks At Alexia like What has Gotten into Her and why Doesn't she want anyone to go with her.It Also Made Tommy  More Curious and Suspicious .Ken is just Shocked and tooken back by How Alexia is Acting and not only that Question what is she hiding and if she is hiding something.Also why she doesn't want anyone to follow her in there::

Ken: {Trys to think when and if he has said anything about her being a woman} I can't recounter when I said you going into the house by yourself had anything to do with you being a women. Matter in fact I know for sure That I haven't said a thing about you being a woman. Although you are a woman and A very beautiful one at that. But thats beside the point. All's I am saying is Is to let Tommy or *points to self and to the rest of the family* To go with you. We just want you to be safe thats all.

{Music Begins To Play Coming For You By OffSpring --> Without Lyrics-->
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::Jimmy Interjects while looks over At Alexia::

Jimmy: {Sez Sweetly and Lovenly To Alexia While Starring at her from the back of the van} Honey I love you With all my heart. We just wants what is best for you .To be honest even I am getten the Creeps Just from sitten here in the dark *Rubs both of my arms* with ofcourse our Car lights on.*points to inside car lights*

Alexia: {Looks At Everyone} I know you guys care alot But I am tough . I can take care of Myself .*tugs on hand and gets it back from Tommy*

Ken: {Looks at Alexia in Panic} Alexia I am sorry for yelling at you if you thought I did. But BABY I DONT WANT YOU HURT.I couldn't live with myself if you got hurt. I would be torn up ... upset if anything happend to you... I WOULD Need Mental Help.... Baby I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!! please ... Just please baby for me Let one of us go with you... *looks in her eyes desperately hope she comes to her senses*

Alexia: {Looks into Ken's Eyes} I am sorry honey but I am a big girl and I can Take care of Myself .I dont need anyones help. If I need it I will ask for it.

Kimberly {Burst out in anger} REALLY?!! What About The Time We had to save you From YOUR EX WHO CAME ON TO THIS PROPERTY !!!

::Jimmy Trys To calm Down Kimberly By Patten her on the shoulder. Kimberly Removes Jimmys hand off her shoulder while becomming more Aggravated at Alexia.::

Jimmy: {Sez in a Frantic voice and loud stern voice at Kimberly} Kimberly!!!! Calm Down before you say something that your gonna regret saying!!!


::All the Sudden The Car becomes Silent. Newest Family looks At Jefferey . Jeffery Looks at Newest Family Member and sez " Everything Will be Alright . Its Just  A Minor Disagreement. They Don't Normally Argue Like this.  " Ken Looks At Kimberly Mouthing the words {WHAT THE F*CK Kimberly}.Jimmy Looks At Kimberly LIKE FOR F*CK SAKES AND throws his hands up in the air while leaning back in his seat. Alexia Looks At Kimberly While her mouth Drops Open::

Alexia: {Sez In Anger} HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT !!!! Thats wasn't even MY FAULT!!!!

::Tommy Trys To Regain His Composure As he See's Alexia About To leave towards the house::

Tommy:: {Sez in a Calm but yet a little Frantic Voice} Baby She didnt Mean that...She didn't mean...

{Music Begins To Play Jailbreak by  Awolnation --> Without Lyrics-->
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::Alexia Gets out of the Car Fast And Slams The Door nice and Hard while She Heads Towards the house. As Alexia Begins to walks Towards the house She begins to mumble the whole argument to herself. She then begins to start mimicking the voices and all to regain her sanity in which she thought she lost from the argument. Mean while Back At The Car Tommy Was Lecturing Kimberly About The Argument ::

Tommy: {Sez Frustratingly at Kimberly} GOD DAMN IT KIMBERLY!!!  What the F*ck where you thinking {Sez in a Hysteric voice}You Just made it even worse by what you Said.

::Ken InterJects::

Ken: {Sez in An Aggravation Voice While} HOW THE F*CK DID YOU THINK THAT WOULD HELP MATTERS!! *Stares Down Kimberly with Anger in his eyes*

Kimberly: {Sez in a loud Aggravated Voice} DO YOU THINK I F*CKEN CARE!!! She isn't listen to any of us *Points to house and Alexia Going Inside*

::Jimmy Interrupts::

Jimmy: {looks at Kimberly with Aggravation and points to her while Flaing his arms} DON'T YOU F*CKEN LIE YOU B*TCH! YOU LOVE HER AND YOU KNOW IT JUST LIKE WE DO *points to everyone around While losing his voice in Distraught*

::Jeffery Leans over And gently places his hand on Jimmys Shoulder ::

Jeffery: {SEZ IN AN Abrupt Voice} JIMMY!! STOP. *begins to lower my tone in a calming manner* This is not helping any of us. I think we all owe eachother An Apology . We all Care and Love Alexia. But We can't always be there for eachother. She Is Just Trying to Be Independent. That is all *sez in a calming  manner while looken At Jimmy then to Kimberly then to Ken and Tommy*

Jimmy: {Sez in Frantic and Distraught Voice} But her Trying to be Independent like this could kill her or hurt her . I couldn't bare to seee *voices hits high pitch in distraught * her get hurt or anything *begins to tear up*
I love Her.... Jeffery! *pats Jeffery Shoulder with Frustration * I can't BARE TO LOSE HER!!! I LOVE ALEXIA!! *Begins to cry while starring away at the window trying to hide his tears*

::Kimberly See's Jimmy Trying to Hide his Tears ::

Kimberly: {Sez in Aggravated Voice} GOD DAMNIT JIMMY!!! STOP TRYING TO HIDE YOUR TEARS!! IT IS OKAY FOR A MAN TO CRY GOD DAMN IT ALL!!! Do you think Alexia would be happy to know that you are hiding your tears? To Answer Your Question Yes I love Alexia. your right! But why the f*ck won't She Listen to us about her safety? *looks at Tommy then Ken then to Jeffery* I won't ever know. *Throws Her Arms In The Air* But Jeffery Is right she is just Trying to be Independent.

::Tommy InterJects::

Tommy: {Sez in a concern voice} But I don't like when We feel like there is something Wrong and .... I dont know how to explain it. *looks out at the window to see Alexia Gone into the house but the Lights in the house Are Still not on .

{Music Begins To Play Run by  Awolnation --> Without Lyrics-->
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::Ken Notices Tommy Intently Looken off In The Distance At the House. Then looks back at Tommy::

Ken: {Concernedly Looks Over At Tommy} Whats the Matter Tommy? I haven't you ever seen you Look that Intently Before.

::Tommy Begins To Mumble Out loud ::

Tommy: *Looks At House Saying in Frantic voice*COME ON BABY TURN ON THE LIGHTS! Turn on The Lights!

::Everyone Begins to Look over At the House and Wonders Why Alexia Still Hasn't Turn On The Lights::

Jeffery: {Begins to worry more} okay  I know Alexia. Now I know she wouldn't Just go into a house and not turn on the lights..

Ken: {Looks at Jeffery in Fear} See! This is what I was talken about  *Gets Restless*

Tommy: { Looks At Ken and Jeffery } I dont GIVE A DAMN If she gets mad at me . I am going in after her This is Security Risk now and Not Only that it doesn't EVER Take her this long to turn Lights on . I know her all to well. I agree with you Jeffery On The Light Situation. *Looks Directly At Jeffery*

Jimmy: {Jumps up and Leans Over At Jeffery } Can We GO NOW!Please! *Sez in a State Of Panic*

Kimberly : {Sez in bossy voice} Eaither Way he sez yes or no *points to Jeffery * I am going in with or without Permission because Even this is Getten Me scared for her Life. Also After Her Ex I don't Trust no one comming on to this property. You know her Ex's. They dont take no's and they dont give up on her Easily. *Looks At Jimmy ,Tommy,Ken, Newest Family Member, then Jeffery*

Jeffery: *Looks At Everyone* Yes We Must Go . I Feel Uneasy with this Situation.  I feel Some Urgency to run in there as well. *leans up and gets Ready to go*

::Tommy Bolts out of the Drivers Side and out of the car ,Shortly After Ken ,Jimmy, Kimberly ,Newest Family Member , then Jeffery Bolts out the vans Doors And Begins to Run Towards the House Behind Tommy. As They Are Running Towards the House which is 1 mile away from the House Alexia Is Stumbling inside the House Trying to Find the Light Switchs ::

::Alexia Bumps Into LivingRoom Chair and Squeels with Fright::

Alexia: {sez in A frightened Voice} God Damnit!! Where is the Lights where are the Lights?! I hate this ... this is Like An Old Haunted Mansion. Although this is A Mansion *Begins to Murmur With Fright while Searching for the Light Switchs*

{Music Begins To Play Nothing Else Matters By Metallica --> Without Lyrics->
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::Alexia Hears Metallica Music Playing All of Sudden and Wonders How the Stereo Turned on .She begins to Become Frighten But At the Sametime She feels A calm Factor About the Song.She Then Begins to Follow the Music and becomes calm as the Song Sooths her Fear.Since After All This Was One Of Alexia's Favorite Songs. Alexia Soon See's A Stair Case and begins to Follow the Silhouette up.

As She Begins to Ascend up the Stair's Alexia hear's the Front Door Open. She Then Begins to Run up
The Stairs with Fright.While Murmuring the Words Quitly and Frantically to herself " I knew I forgot to lock the doors why would I do that " *Breaths heavily in Fright* " This is the part where the big Chested Pretty girl gets wacked by the mass murder. I dont wanna die....*murmurs while Hiding behind the Wall Of the Entrance of the StairCase ::

Mean While Down Stairs Tommy Hears the Music And Someone Scurring Up Stairs While Squeeling as they Open The door *Tommy Motions for them TO GET behind him *

Tommy: :{ Sez Frantically} ALEXIA!!!!

Kimberly: {Sez Frantic} OMG I HOPE ALEXIA IS OKAY!!! *Squeels in panic and Fear*

Ken: {Looks At Tommy} What ya Want us To do Bro  *Readly To take out who ever has Alexia*

Jimmy: {Looks At Tommy With Tough Demeanor}  Alright Dude tell us what to do and we are on it *looks determined to find Alexia*

::Jeffery Hold Kimberly and Newest Family Member Together::

Jeffery: It will be okay Sweethearts. They got this All under Control.

Kimberly: {SCREAMS } ALEXIA!!!!

{Music Begins To Play  Cathedral by Mechanical moth -> Without Lyrics->
And The Site With the  Lyrics->

::Tommy,Jimmy and Ken Look At Kimberly and motion her to hush::

Tommy:*Sez In Frustatred* Kimberly ! shhhhh. I know I called out for her but no need to help. I got this. *Looks At Ken * Ken Go Around the Back and enter from the back to make sure whoever is  in there besides Alexia has no way to escape . *Points towards the back of the house while Motioning Ken To go*

Ken: {Nods while listening to Tommy} Got it! I am headed that way now.

::Ken Begins to Run Towards the back Of The Mansion::

Tommy: {Looks At Jimmy} Jimmy. Head To The PatioSide and Watch those doors . There are only 3 entrance and as long as we got them all covered we should have it made.

Jimmy: {Nods and understands} Alright Man I got your back covered *Begins To Run To The Patio Side Doors and Guards it*

Tommy:{Looks at Kimberly,Newest Family Member and Jeffery} You Three need to stay here and guard the Front Door. If you need help Call For Jimmy He is the Closest to you guys. I am gonna head in Alright ? *Looks at all 3 of them*

::Newest Family Member, Jeffery and Kimberly Nods there Heads with Understanding until Kimberly Wants to go too::

Kimberly : {Sez in stern voice} No I wanna come too Since this was my fault for her running in here like she did. let me help please Tommy *looks at Tommy With Tears as she feels guilty what she said to Alexia*

Tommy: *sees Kimberlys Guilt* Alright But Stay Close and Listen. I dont need anyone else hurt. I just hope to god Alexia is Alright. *Looks At The Newest Family Member and Jeffery* you 2 guard the door . Like I Said need help Call for Jimmy.

::Jeffery and Newest Family Member Nods There Heads With Understand and Heads To The Posts Ready for Anything . Tommy And Kimberly Begin To Head Inside.::

{Music Begins To Play Love & Meth By Korn -> WithOut Lyrics->
And With The Lyrics->

::Mean While Upstairs Music Is Blaring Korn IN the Hall's While Alexia Runs through the Halls to Find A safe Place. As She Trying to Be Quite As she Can Without bumping into anymore things. She sees A Shadow in the Window. Little Did She Know it Was Ken Who came Climbing the back of the place after he saw Her Running Frantically Through the Upsairs Windows::

:: Alexia Begins To Cry In Fear.While Alexia is Crying In Fear Her mind Begins to Run Wild. But as she is Thinking Tommy And Kimberly Are comming Up the Stairs. Alexia still doesn't have a clue that Tommy,Jimmy,Ken,Jeffery ,Newest Family Member and Kimberly are not in the car Anymore but in the house with her. As Fear Rises Even more in her Heart All She Can think is how she wants to survive this and live forever.

As the Shadow Comes Nearer the Window Alexia Ducks Down underneath the Window Sill. She Then Begins to Crawl Underneath to Get the other side . But As She Does the Window Opens .Alexia then Scurry's Across Faster and hides Underneath The Hallway Table. Ken Peaks in and Looks both ways and doesn't see Alexia Anymore and Wonders Where she went. At This Point Alexia Is Hiding Underneath The Hall way table That is Covered by A Red table Cloth. Alexia Begins to Breath Heavier as she See's the Figure Walken By .She Covers Her Mouth and hopes that the figure doesn't Look Underneath the Table.

{Music Begins To Play Thoughtless By Korn --> Without Lyrics->
and With Lyrics->

 :: As The Figure Walks Past Alexia Listens to the footsteps to hear where there going. As the footsteps become faint Alexia Hears 2 more foot steps Comming her direction with a A Light. Alexia begins to tremble and Feels The upmost Fear ever. All she could think about now was finding a way out .Mean while A few Doors Down from Where Alexia was Ken was searching Rooms for her . As Ken Is Searching One of the Rooms He notices Alexias High Heels By The Vanity . As Ken Picks Alexia's High Heels Up and Tommy & Kimberly Walk in . Ken Jumps While Dropping Alexia's Shoe's and So Does Kimberly and Tommy .::

Tommy:{Trys to catch Breath after Jumpscare} JEZ YOU SCARED THE HELL OUT OF ME KEN!

Kimberly: {holds her chest } YEA KEN WHAT THE HELL!! *SLAPS Ken Arms*

::Ken Flinchs as his arm is slapt and begins to rub his arm as he Looks at Kimberly::

Ken: {Questionable face}Was That Necessary A Kimberly! . Damn That Stinged.

Kimberly: {Sez Sarcastically and Bratty Like} UH YEA! DUH! you scared the Hell out of me and not to mention Tommy.

Tommy: {Sez in Stern Voice}This is no time to B*tch or Complain .Ken *looks at him then Alexia's Shoes* Where did you get Alexia's Shoes? And have you seen her?

Ken:{Begins to Explain} While you told me to secure the back of the house I Did. Then I saw a figure in the window on This floor . When I saw the Moonlite Hit the Figure As the Turned to Look Out The Window I saw it was Alexia. Then I noticed her Panic and Run . As for the Shoes  When I came into the house through an opened Window*Eyes Grow big  while Point The Direction of the Hallway * I came in here searching To see maybe  if she was in here because this is one of her Dressing Rooms. Well it turns out she wasn't but I did find *picks up Alexia's Shoe's*  her Shoe's . So she has to be here somewhere unless someone has her?

Tommy: {Begins to become Frantic} I dont know WHO THE F*CK HAS HER or If someone does but they will pay  if they hurt Alexia.

Kimberly: *Looks At Tommy* Tommy *Grabs Shoulder and Turns him Towards Her* Alexia Is gonna be fine. Lets Just look around before We Draw Any Conclusions What has happen to her. *Walks over to Ken and Looks at the shoes* Those are not the one's she wore tonight. they are the same ones but there not it. These one's haven't been worn yet. I remember the Other day she said she was gonna pick these up from her. But the problem is .... *thinks as she crosses her arms*

::Tommy Begins to Calm as he hears the news of the shoes but Then Remembers That Alexia other Pair of Shoes are still at the Beach With His. Then A thought Popped into Tommy's Head. ::

Tommy: *Looks at Kimberly* I think I have An Idea where Alexia Might be even if she has left here.

::Kimberly and Ken Look At Tommy with A questionable face::

Kimberly:{Sez in a Questionable voice}  Where could she be? She said she had to come here?

Ken: Yea that wouldn't make sense for her to say stop here *does Gestures of here and there* And go somewhere else *raises left eye brow while crossing arms*

Tommy: {Looks at Ken And Kimberly while pointing to my feet} Look I have no shoes on . Alexia Didn't Eaither We left them At the beach. The beach is Literally Less then a half a mile from here *Points out back*. As Soon As She Got here  she could've forgot to turn off the music and remembered that she wasn't far from where our shoes were left.

::Kimberly Looks Out The Window and see's Tommy had a Point . Plus She saw Foot Prints . Then looks back at Tommy::

Kimberly: *Looks At Tommy and Nods Head Fastly* I THINK YOUR RIGHT! I Just saw FootSteps IN the sand leading Towards the beach.

::Tommy Runs Towards the window looks both ways and see what Kimberly is saying then Looks At Ken and Kimberly::

Tommy: {Sez In A Stern Voice} Okay Both of you Stay here . *Looks at Ken While Putten my hand on his shoulder Sternly* Ken You go back to your post.Do you  Hear me ? *Stares Ken Down*

Ken: {Sez in a Military Voice} YES SIR!! WILL DO SIR!!!

Tommy: {Lets Ken Shoulder Go And Taps it} Stop being a goofball man. THIS IS SERIOUS !

Ken: Sorry Tommy. No problem *runs out of the room and out of the house towards his post*

Tommy: *Looks At Kimberly * you stay here. So if she comes back here. At least someone Knows where she is . Also if she does call my cell to let me know.

Kimberly: Yes Tommy . Not A problem . *walks over towards the Vanity and sits down while hold Alexia's High Heels*

Tommy: Alright I am outta here. I will call Jeffery and let him know whats going on While I head out.

::Kimberly Nods Head in Understanding ::

{Music Begins To Play  FRENSHIP  Capsize feat Emily Warren -> Without Lyrics-->
and with Lyrics->

:: Mean while Down by The Beach Alexia Manages to Get her Shoes and Tommy's.She then Starts to head back towards the house Since She needed to get her other pair that she wanted to bring back home. As she Is Walken Back Tommy See's Alexia and begins to Run Towards her. Alexia Looks up and wonders why Tommy Is running and looks frantic. She then just doesn't move and wait's for Tommy to come and get her.

::As Tommy Runs Towards Her Alexia Drops Their Shoes .Tommy Then Swoops her Up in the Air and Twirls Her Around while Holden Her Tightly.Then He gently places her down while holden her tightly and crying like no other::

Tommy:{Sez in crying Frantic voice} OMG BABY!!! you scare the death out of me. I thought someone hurt you .

Alexia:{Sez in Empathy And Loven Voice} Baby... its okay . I am alright *holds him tightly and doesn't let him go.*

::Tommy Then Leans back while holden Alexia Tightly In his Arms.Tommy has Tears Just Streaming Down his cheeks as he looks into Alexia's eyes. Alexia's see him crying and almost begins to cry herself  as she feels torn apart seeing him cry. Alexia then kiss's his tears while wiping them with her hands. Tommy begins to smile as she does that. As That is what he does with her. Alexia' notices Tommy Beginning to smile .Tommy Begins to calm down as he holds her and looks into her sweet Crystal Blue Eyes::

Tommy: {Sez calmly} Baby Please dont ever do that again. *Looks Into her Precious Eyes Deeply and Sincerely While Holden her close* Will you please Let us come with you? You had all of us scared. I still got Kimberly and the Group back at the house waiting for us. I told them I would come searching for you. I had a feeling I knew Where you Were.I followed my heart and I was right. I found you *begins to tear up again*

::Tommy then Take's his right hand and glides it through Alexia's Hair . As he Feels her soft silk hair it makes him feel as if she was an Angel Sent from above just for him.Starring into her eyes Made Tommy Feel at Peaces To Know His Angel Was alright and Safe In His Arms.::

Alexia:{Sez with love and compassion} Yes Darling .I will my love. I am so sorry to make you so upset. I won't ever do that Again. I am So sorry I am so stubborn Sometimes. I know I gotta work on it . It all stems from my past of me always being controlled by others. I am so sorry honey. Can you forgive me ? *looks Sweetly In His eyes with all the love in the world*

::Tommy Looks into her Eyes and feels his heart racing As he hears her Soft Spoken Words::

Tommy: {Sez Lovenly and Calm Voice} Yes Angel . I forgive you. But you gotta remember Angel. That you are in the present now . I know it is hard With what you went through in your Past but now it is time to move on and go forward Not backwards. Stay with me here in the present Angel. Don't Look back at your past My love.My Angel *looks sincerely into her loven eyes followen her every stare*

Alexia: *Looks Deeply Into His Eyes* I will sweetheart. I will stay here in the present with you  *Gently Takes my right hand and caress's His Face Letten him know That I love him*

{Music Begins To Play Lindemann That´s My Heart -> Without Lyrics->
 And The Site with Lyrics->

Tommy: {Sez Calmly and lost in her Loven Eyes} Angel... I can't bare to ever lose you. You are so precious to me*gently takes his Right Hand and caress's her Angelic face* I love you so much *stares with all the Sincereness and Love to give* You Mean Everything to me *Looks Deeply into her Loven Eyes*

Alexia: {Looks Endearingly into his eyes while saying passionately} I know .I can sense it. *places my left Hand on his chest where I can feel his heart pounding* I know your heart . *looks Down then at the Sunset* We Have a connection *Stares back into Tommys Sunset Ocean Blue eyes*We have a Bond That I have been trying So dearly To fight .

Tommy: {looks into her eyes with many Questions and sez lovenly} Why do you try to fight it my love? {looks deeply into her eyes and can tell her feelings for him Are deeper then the Bluest Oceans}.

Alexia: {Stares into his Sunset Blue eyes and sez in loven voice} Because I don't wanna get hurt. I dont wanna feel pain or disappointment anymore. I rather tathered my heart with my own disappointments then to feel the pain from others. I rather Run and Hide So I can keep my heart safe and Nurtured by me.I want to only Blame me if I get hurt .Not anyone Else *begins to pout as I know I am only hurting myself from running from the love I Deserve*

::Tommy See's Alexia Pouting and Gently Tilts Her face up towards his::

Tommy: {Sez in a Loven Soft Compassionate Voice}  My Darling Angel . *Whispers in a lingering Loven Sultry Voice* I love you and will always love you *Begins to breath shallow as his heart races for her*You Are My Darling Angel. You Deserve Only the Best Things In Life.

Alexia: {Sez In loven Voice} Tommy...I am scared *looks into his SunSet BlueEyes* I am scared Of being Hurt. I dont wanna feel anymore pain. I dont like it.

Tommy: {Sez in Nuturing Voice} Alexia... No one likes to be in pain or be hurt at all in anymore. *looks into her loven eyes while trying to Reassure her that everything is gonna be okay* But you can't Chip yourself out of the love you Deserve. Like you said Angel No one is perfect. *Gently Wisks her hair Out Of her face with his right hand*

Alexia: {Sez in fear and concern} But my Parents Always Taught Me Perfection. That everything had to be a certain way.That If you didn't get it perfect that you were a f*ck up and a no good loser. My Parents Always Pressured me to be perfect and do what they wanted me to do. I had to rebel alot just to get my freedom.

Tommy: {Sez in Stern and Anger Voice} Your parents are a piece of sh*t the way they treated you and still are. You don't deserve that. Who Care's What they Think .You Are not with them anymore and who you
Love shouldn't matter on there status or bank account or anything. You parents Are peace of sh*t.  I am sorry baby. but they are just like mine but worse.

::Alexia Listens to EveryWord And Knows Tommy is right .But Alexia Keeps Questioning Why can't she stop seeking the approval from her Parents Still. Why can't she stop listening to All the Bad Things her parents say to her. Why Can't She Stop wanting that approval from them although she knows she will keep getten hurt? Deep Down Inside All She Ever Wanted was to be loved and Approved of by her parents but she knew she wasn't ever gonna get it unless they meeted her parents Expectations And Criteria. ::

Tommy:And you know what? *points to Alexia then myself* Our Parents didn't get the love they need , they Also Didn't really love us or they wouldn't have treated us like they have. *takes Alexias Both hands and holds them on my chest where she can feel my heart beating for her*

::As Alexia's Hands Are on Tommy's Chest She Can feel Tommys Love For her.She Could Feel there Bond Become Unbreakable. Which meant it was Time To Take The Next Step In The Relationship Which was the Eternity Ring::

Tommy:Our Love is what counts . Not what others think. I WONT LET ANYONE HURT YOU OR YOUR PARENTS EVER AGAIN! This heart is yours and will always be yours

::While Alexia Is Listen to Tommys Heartfelt Words She Only Becomes Even More Deeper In love With him::

Tommy:*sez in a concerned Loven Voice* Don't hurt yourself by not letten yourself Love someone Just because your parents HURT you badly. Your parents wont ever change and nor will mine. They won't ever approve of us or anything. *Looks Deeply into her eyes Letten her Know that I will give her my all and all that I have to be with her*

Alexia: {Sez in a Sweet and Loven Voice} Tommy.. Your Right. I need to stop letten all the hurt from my  Past keep hurting me.I need to move Forward. I need to know that there are gonna be ups and downs . I Know not everyone can be perfect.I know Perfections Doesn't Exist. I Just hate not ... I dont know.....*Looks Down while Pouting*

::Tommy See's His Angel Pouting and gently tilts Her Chin upwards towards His Face So He can See her Loven Eyes::

Tommy:{Sez with all the Love in His heart} Angel....*stares into her beautiful Ocean Blue eyes* Your Perfect to me the way you are. Your My Angel That I love with all my Heart and Soul. Your the one I wanna spend the Rest Of My Life with. I love you baby.I love you so much Alexia Admiral.*Begins to tear up with happy tears as I Express my love for her*

Alexia: {Begins to Tear up With Happy Tears while saying heartfelt} Oh baby... you have happy tears cryin...*looks into his eyes with sincerness* I am gonna have to kiss all those tear now. *sez sweetly*

Tommy: {Chuckles While Still Crying Happy Tears While Saying Lovenly} Well Angel I guess you are gonna have to kiss all our Happy tears off my face while I kiss all our happy tears off of your face.

Alexia: {Begins to Giggle while Saying Sweetly} I guess so baby.

::Alexia Begins to kiss Tommys face Nice and Sweetly while Wiping Away our happy tears Off his face.
As Alexia is kissing Tommy Sweetly He can only think of how heavenly and luscious her Lips feels upon his skin. His Lips begin to Tremble As they Do Alexia see's it and begins to smirk as she kisses his every happy tear drop. At this Point Alexia Knew Deep Down inside he really did feel the sameway she felt towards him.
Shortly After she gets done Kissing and Wiping the Happy Tears Away Alexia Looks deeply into Tommy's Eyes::

Alexia: {Sez sweetly and Lovenly} It is your Turn Baby *stares with Deep passionate loven eyes for him*

::Tommy See's A different Look In Alexia's Eyes .One He has not ever saw before. But he all well knew what that look was as he always gave it to her. Tommy then Nice and Slowly Kissed each happy tear and as he did He would gently Whisper in a passionate voice  "I love you Alexia. I love everything about you Angel. I want to keep you forever and cherish you every day" And As he said those words Alexia Could feel every tiny slow kiss that Tommy gave her which brought Chills down her spine. One that she hasn't ever felt Normally without Pretending to feel or force herself to feel. So this time the feelings were all so real and normal. At The sametime Alexia felt something was different but still couldn't tell what it was but it did bring her curiosity to her mind.

Tommy then stops and Looks Deeply into Alexia's Eyes.As he Does Alexia's Lips Begin to Tremble as so does Tommy's. Alexia Looks deeply Into his eyes with curiosity  while her breathe becomes Shallow. Tommy Then Nuzzles Alexia's Nose with his . Alexia Begins to giggle while smiling .Tommy Then smiles as he hears her beautiful giggle.

{Music Begins To Play waste by fosterthepeople--> Without Lyrics-->
And With Lyrics

:: As Tommy Stares Into Alexia's Eyes All he could see was her Beauty and nothing Around them. It was like it was only Just him and her again. Tommy begins to Nudge Alexia's Nose to the side gently To see What her reaction would be this time. Millions Of thoughts raced through his head . Would this be there first kiss or would she Still be Afraid and find another reason why not to kiss him again. As Tommy Sits in silence looken into Alexia's eyes She begins to have billions Thoughts Going Through her head. Alexia feels his Nudge and knows all to well what the nudge is.

Fear Once again Began It Hellish Rage through her heart not leaving one Person behind in its war path. As She feels the fear become greater and more Powerful She gently Glides her left hand through his hair as she looks into his eyes While Rebuking her Fear that kept her heart captive in Fear ,hate, hurt and more. Alexia Kept Pushing through that fear because she knew what was Encouraging it to grow.She Also Knew that FEAR was keeping her Captive .As Alexia Is looken into Tommy's Loven eyes he can sense her fear growing. Tommy then begins to gently Caress the small of her back with his left hand and gently pushes her forward towards him. As he Does Alexia Doesn't resist but only feels that he is trying to help her get through the fear as she can tell while seeing it in his eyes. Tommy then sez calmly and lovenly " Everything is gonna be okay my Angel I will only Love you . I Want to Protect you and love you and cherish you from this day forward. I dont ever want to ever let you go. I wanna keep you forever." As Alexia Hears His Loven Words she then slides her Right hand up his back and gently places her hand on his shoulder.

Tommy then Slides his Right hand up Alexia's Arm and then Gently Caresses her face while Gently Nudging her nose again .As he Does He then begins to Graze his lips upon her's .As Alexia feels his lips Her Fear Intensify's 10 times fold. Alexia Grows Cold Quick.As her body temperature Drops Tommy begins to feel her body dropping Temperature.He Then Leans back and looks into her eyes Concerned::

Tommy: {Sez concernedly while Looken Into her Beautiful Eyes} Baby you are so cold . Are you alright? *holds her closer*

Alexia:{Sez while shivering} I dont know that was so weird. I am so cold baby. *looks sadly into his eyes*

::Tommy See her Sad eyes and kiss's her forehead and picks her up and carry her::

Tommy: {looks at her with concern} Baby We gotta get this undercontrol we don't need you getten Sick.

Alexia: {Looks back at our shoes} Baby Our Shoes! please dont forget our shoes!

::Tommy Turns Around then Gently puts Alexia Down For a moment. Alexia Then get their shoes and walks back to Tommy. Tommy Then picks her Up and carrys her To the Newest Family Members House::

:: As they Get there the Guards open the doors quick.The Guards then get Alexia A blanket Fastly . Tommy Then Puts Alexia Down Gently on the couch while wrapping her in the blanket. The One Guard gets the fire place going While the other helps Ken get more blankets for her . As they all Are doing that Tommy Call's Kimberly and Tell's them to come straight to the Newest Family Members House and not to forget the pair of shoes that Alexia wanted to Bring home. Tommy Then Gets On The Couch with Alexia and Holds her Close while he gives her Some Hot Cocoa To warm up.As she drinks the Hot Cocoa She begins to feel better and Nice and warm but at the sametime Sleepy.::

Tommy: {Looks at His Precious Angel with concern} My poor Angel. We gotta keep ... Speaken of Which on the way back we need to stop by the one guest house I left my Jacket in .

::Guard brings his Jacket To him::

Tommy:{Looks at Guard with Shock}Well Thank you guys Didn't know you had it for me.

Guards: Yes Sir we did. After you left One of our Staff had it taken in and cleaned. Us Guards are all connected you know {chuckles}

Tommy: {chuckles}Yeah i know I trained you all well. Thank you very much. it is one thing less I gotta worry about.

Guards: Your Welcome Sir .

Tommy: {Gently Holds Up Jacket and shakes it At Alexia} Would you like to wear this my Angel?

Alexia: {Nods Quickly} Yes baby .please i really need more to keep me warm.

Tommy: {Raises left eye brow} Damn Baby you are under 6 blankets and you are still cold ? Damn...

::Alexia pushs Blankets OFF The couch and gently Gets into Tommy's Coat As she does she looks up into Tommy's eyes and feels nice and warm all of sudden. Tommy Realizes it as he see's her face begin to go pink. They Both then Sit down together and cuddle up together under one blanket Since Tommy couldnt handle the other 5. Tommy gently places the other 5 on  Alexia's Side Just Incase she needs Them . As they Cuddle together Alexia looks up into Tommys Eyes as he in her's. Alexia then Gentle slide's her right hand up his White Button up Dress Shirt then up to his face where she caressed his loven face some more. As She does Tommy Then Leans down and gently grazes his Lips Againest her's .Alexia then Traces his Lips With Her Tounge.As she Does Tommy makes A bold move and gently tease her tongue with his. As he does that Alexia leans in For her First Kiss. Tommy Gently Kisses her Sweet and slow. As they Kiss Alexia Feels As if The Fear had left and it was only her and him in love and safety and secureness. As they kiss Alexia Pressed her lips more on his showen him that her Love was not being hold back anymore. Tommy then gently presses back while holden her close. Then Tommy and Alexia Gently parted there lips nice and slow while Caressing  eachother face and looken deeply into eachother eyes::

Tommy: {looks Breathlessly into Alexia's Eyes while smiling} I love you Alexia Admiral. *chuckles a little while smiling*

Alexia: {Sez with loss of breathe and all smiles} I love you too Tommy. *giggles a little while smiling big*

Tommy: {Sez Confidently}I knew you were the one I wanted in my life from before the day I met you. I always dreamt About you. Your my dream Girl Angel. Your all mine Angel Forever. My Precious Beautiful Angel.

Alexia: {Sez with Happyiness} Its funny how things happen but I could always imagen you in my head before I met you but Now I got you and I am not ever letten you go. your mine Forever Baby.

::As Alexia And Tommy Share There Sweet Moments Kimberly,Jimmy,Jeffery,Ken and Newest Family member Finally Arrive. Alexia then gently gets up and heads to the upstairs to help Kimberly with the Fluffys And the To Show The newest Family Member There New Master Suite .Ken then helps Tommy Tighty up the Place while Jimmy and Jeffery Make Dinner For Everyone::

Alexia: Kimberly  HoneyBunny can you go get there fluffys for me SweetyFeeties *Gently Kisses Kimberly beside her lips teasing her*

Kimberly: ohhhhh Alexia ! *giggles* Yes Baby Anytime for my Girl! *Looks at Alexia With Passion.*Then Kimberly heads to get Fluffys out of the Extra storage rooms. Then Kimberly puts her arms Right around me after she sets the fluffys on the bed . She Then kisses Alexia on her neck*

*Alexia Feels Chills and Hottness Towards Kimberly Then Looks Back Over at Newest Family Member*

Alexia :In Our Family We call Pillows Fluffys. If you are wondering.I  am So happy you finally arrived.We have been Patiently Waiting for you .  I hope you Love your home's Sweetheart.*smiles* Now Listen If you ever have a Request or if someone is bother you ,or if you need someone to talk to or chat with Don't Hesitate to let me know Sweetheart.

Here is our contacts to get a hold of us-->

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Alright Well Just to let you know We Accept Everyone and anyone. We are there for you In Good Times And in Bad times. We Are Always there for you No Matter what. We Are A very Supportive ,Loven ,Caring, Trustable,Honesty, Loyalty  and more Family. *We are Just full of love ,Equality and more. We Believe in Treating Everyone Equally. 

*Takes Kimberlys arms off me for a minute and comes walken over to the Newest Family Member*
*Gives you a Big Huggie and Kisses on the Cheek* Just let me know if you ever need anything. 

Once Again Welcome To The Family Sweetheart. I am So happy you have Joined our family .

I love you Sweetheart.


Alexia : Alright Sweetheart well lets head Down Stairs to the Lagoon Pool Party Area for some Dinner and drinks .

::Alexia, Kimberly & Newest Family member Head to the Lagoon Pool Party Area Dinning Area for some  dinner and Drinks. We all sit around ,launging, make jokes, Goof around ,and We go Swimming.Then Alexia ,Kimberly ,Ken ,Jimmy,Jeffery and Tommy Start heading to the Van. They all had A wonderful Lagoon Pool Party at our newest family member house and now there Headed Back Home For Some Rest ::

::Welcome HOME 74th FAMILY SWEETHEART MEMBER!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥ Alexia and Tommy's Eternity Ceremony


                     ♥♥♥♥♥♥ BIG HUGGIES AND KISSES ♥♥♥♥♥♥

                         ♥♥♥♥♥♥Sincerely With Lots Of Love ♥♥♥♥♥♥
                          ♥♥♥♥♥♥ DancingSouless♥♥♥♥♥♥

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