Monday, January 4, 2016

Irresponsible Shows who promotes Teen pregnancy

One subject I would like to talk about today since I read on yahoo and stirred my feathers of anger.

First and for most  " 16 and pregnant star" and her son who is 6 years old"

To me I read it but just how it is worded and all it seems like there is more going on then there saying and it makes me sick. To me if I was child protective services and I read what I read on yahoo I would investigate it .Last year there were hundreds of people being arrested for CHILD PORNOGRAPHY , Assault and more.

How do we know without a doubt that she aint doing something to her son? I mean she calls her outtings dates and then she teachs him how to treat women by going on dates with him?  *shakes head* See how i twisted it? Now you can see what i see. doesn't look right  does it ? Thats because it isn't.

I should be a prosecutor Attorney. I would make a good one.

Teen mom posts this-->  “I’m teaching him proper table manners and that it’s rude to sit on your phone on a date with your mom or with anyone else,”

A date with you mom ???? What the hell? or anyone Else? Would someone like to clarify this ? I could twist this Just like all news does. *Shakes head* No wonder why she got her post taken down. 

Women Number one it isn't your place to teach him how to treat a women on ((A DATE.)) it is your duty to teach him respect and manners but not the way your doing it . Somethings are actually learned through Growing up and doing it yourself. You know it is what you call TRIAL AND ERROR. Which all of us go through all the time in this day and age.

But how she is going about it is all wrong.

Sounds Creepy as all hell And I am not the only one who thinks this at all.
It gives me the chills. I just hope child protective services are watching her. 
Something is just off about it .

I could go on and on and break all this down on how bad it is. For one thing I don't agree with the show . Yes i have watched the Show but doesn't mean I agree with it.Me I watch the show to see what other things I should look for in my kids and what they maybe up to. Basically in other words looks for more code words or other things so i know what is going on so i can stop it from happening or get them help.

I know not everything is preventable But with the right supervision and the right parenting skills I think it would bring that Percentage down more of anything bad likely to happen. I know the Saying " if it is going to happen it is going to happen" But your job as a parent is for the things that can possibly can go wrong is to make them not happen at all if it is possible. 

Your Job as a parent is to eliminate all possible problems if you can. But it isn't gonna be perfect and not every parent is perfect. or I should say not anyone is perfect. Things do happen.

Well thats my opinion on that. I think our world is screwed up but thats how it is . I can only worry about the things i can control. Not the things in which i can not control. My counselor said that phrase to me once. i still remember it and try my best to understand that phrase .

Speaking of which I called her today and i gotta talk to her assistant tomorrow to give her an update on whats going  on with the court case. So She gets the message That I am wanting counsling with her Just waiting on what the court wants to do. But most likely i will only pay for this one and if The court people decided to continue the case then they should fund it like they have before in the other cases. Eaither wise I Will do all i can to balance and try to see if i can save money to see her once a month or so .

I always got backup plans for Everything. Well not all the time but sometimes I do.Depending on what it is . How The hell Do i keep mixing up the world fraise with phrase? They seem the same to me . LOL . One thing About America one word can mean a hundred of things or Spelt Different and mean the same thing.

OR my Most favorite words ( Being sarcastic)  There,Their  and  i cant remember if there is another way of spelling it but you know where i am going at. One word spelt different ways but means sorta the same... OH BOTHER. well i know what i mean ...  and i think i am doing my best to explain it so there ! like Mr.bean Would say . LOL ROFL

Anyways I am gonna go do some editing and such.



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