Friday, January 22, 2016

Recap Of this Week With Videos


Here's the recap for this Week.

Well I got all 4 videos released that I wanted to get released this week. Now I gotta get the others dones so they can be released a.s.a.p . So here are the ones that were released this week and there titles. 

1. DancingSouless Vlog Episode 3 Jack Frost And whats lurking in the dark 
2. DancingSouless Vlog Episode 4 Excitement Comments
3. DancingSouless Vlog Episode 4.5 SpecialThank you Subscribers
4. Evolve Episode 3 OVERLOAD Tips!!!. Thats the recap for this week. There will be even more released as we go along. :D I hope you enjoy the ones I released so far. There is so much more to come to this channel :D .

Lots and lots of work to be done and I am only getten started :D



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