Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Talken about my schedule and more about me (also venting again)

Well I wouldn't call it traveling But Everytime I get into my car I call it traveling time.
Every Tuesday and wednesdays  I drive a lot.  Because those days are my errand days.

See this is how my week Goes.We will start with Tuesday So you can get a general Idea.

Tuesday Pay rent and get groceries or whatever I got to do.
Wednesday See my son from 9am to 12pm at vistation center.

Thursday to Monday WORK A** off and hope to gawd It works in the end.
Which it does and will eventually.

Don't even ask Alls i know is when wednesday night hits my Working begins around the clock.
Then it is like working day and night.

I have so much to do like always. Today I don't have much to do. Alls I got to do today is go pay rent, get gas in car ,Then think how I am gonna decorate my house as I look Around in wal-mart and such. I know for one thing I gotta go to michaels to pick up supplies for my jewelry collection I am creating.

Nothing fancy But something I am gonna be selling. I figured a way to execute a plan with my collections On google and so on forth. Yes I am a brand. At least now I am. Working at a slow progress but in the end all will work out. I am doing the best I can for me and my son.

Although my son ain't here yet I am trying to establish a home and income. Which is going Well so far. I got a home . I do have an income . My parents already said they will help me as long as they can. So I aint worried so much but I aint gonna sit around doing nothing eaither. So I am doing everything I can to establish an income LEGALLY before anyone asks about that.

In Now a days society Its almost like you literally got to explain yourself for everything. Mainly because if you don't people takes things the wrong way or twist your words.

But anyways Besides working for Youtube , working on My own Jewelry Collection, I am also builden and scripting and working in Second Life as a owner of my own company there. Which seems to make money faster. But then thing is my passion is really Everything put together. i want to do it all and i plan to do it all.

Thats why I am working so hard. Because with secondlife it is way more harder then you think. I gotta do computer programming ,use all sorts of softwear to build and create. then make sure it works before selling it in world there. Not only that But I also work as a project manager With my one boss in there.

Everytime She has a project I get paid 1000L  which in real money it is 4.99 for the work I do.
It is tedious work but At least it is something. When you work with Second life it is alot of work as well.

It depends why you join Secondlife.  Some join to escape reality ,some Join because there real life sucks and they just want something different,  Some Join Because In real life they dont have certain things they want so they get it there.Some mainly make it a job and thats its. Some join to find there soulmate. Everyone Joins for a different reason.

But one thing I tell everyone when they or before they Join SecondLife Is Behind every AVI (Avatar) there is a Real person So be cautious of there feelings and respect everyone. Secondlife Aint NO Game.

My definition of a game is where you are playen againest a computer or a robot. Someone who has no emotions and you can't hurt at all because there not real.

Not playen with a real person with real feelings. Someone who you can hurt.Right now there has been what i like to call a war in Secondlife . Meaning half of our community believe its a game and ends up hurting alot of people Including the company and ends up getten banned or even worse depending on what they did.

See In SL (SecondLife) We have a community. We also Still have a company who runs the platform
( Linden Labs) Who keeps our servers running so we can do what we have to do. Some people if you watch various of clips from other youtubers. Some come just to cause trouble In Secondlife Thinking it is a game and no one can get hurt.

Well those youtubers are also the ones who get banned and sometimes even get into alot more trouble then they realize. We have a system Called AR which stands for  (Abuse report) Just like every platform we have a place to report situations from Illegal Activity to just things like Impending Movement on a sim. But with AR reports nothing is minor.  

We also Have undercover officers who work on there To make sure everything is going smoothly. In the past we had issues with sick people a.k.a Pedofile's .We make sure our officers know who these people are and take them down quickly so we can make our Community safe for everyone.

Since 2010 We had a merger with the teen SL (Secondlife) Mainly because (linden Labs) Closed down there Side .Ofcourse they are on a protected sim so they can safly Reside in our community. Of course it is still caution  to all of us adults because there have been some teens who sneak onto our sims and such.

Because they Steal there parents IDS and such to verify there adults and such then sneak on to our sims.
Of course all adults are required to report immediately As soon as we find out this we connect our Authoritys so they can Fix and correct the issues.

Seems like teenagers know adays Don't know what the word NO means. Between our kids and teenagers it seems like there trying to grow up to fast. I do blame society for some of this . I mean look at our kids toys its like there already preparing them for adult hood.

It normal for baby dolls and such. Because they teachs them how to be nurting and a good parent.To be honest if you look at all of our toys as we grew up it was like we were getten ready for adult hood.

But todays toys for kids and such are way more advanced then ours. Sometimes I think or wish our world was like Neverland like Peter Pan. I Think most of adults wish that to be honest. To always be young and beautiful , To not ever grow old, To live like an immortal.

I wish I was immortal and didn't ever age But unfortantly we all grow old. it is part of life. All's i know is I keep hearing kids when I go out shopping or even when i visit my Oldest daughter who is 10 years old that she can't wait to be an Adult. I look at her and I am like (Akasha being an Adult is not all fun and games.As an Adult we have Responsibilitys.I use to think the samethings you did and now I am regretting Aging because once you pass you milestones like ,18 ,21, and 25 there isn't really much to look forward to as adult. Except growing old and working you butt off).

She would then tell me it is gonna be different for her and how she is gonna be fine and all. I just then look at my mom and tell her how much she is gonna regret getting old and with the jobs being so scarce out there I just hope my Daughter will be able to take care of herself when she is older. I Do Worry About my kids and all.

This world ain't getten better. I mean come on look at the college kids. They are eaither working flipping burgers or don't even have a job and live home with there parents. Which there is nothing wrong with it but at the sametime thats scary to think that Even if you have a degree you still dont got a chance at even at a high paying job. Mainly Because they all require you to have Experience . But how is a college kid suppose to get Experience when They don't even give the a chance.

But besides that you do got the kids who are just so sucked into social media that even if they are working they are ignoring there job and act like they don't even want to work (A.K.A Known as SPOILED BRATS)
That have everything handed to them in life. Or they just dont care at all.

To me They should appreciate that they even have a job. Not Many people are lucky and have it hard to find a job because eaither  (Lack of experience ,skills ,schooling or something else). It isn't easy to get a job anymore. Then Also when you look for a job Some companys can be very discriminating eaither Due to your Gender,orientation, the fact you have kids,or more.

It is hard.  I know i have looked for 3 years. I Had several interviews and did not ever get a job . I did one time have a temp job as a Housekeeper and A front desk. It was going awesome Until the Return Of a housekeeper .Then they let me go because she was back   (Temp Job) As known as a person who fills in for another.

It fu*ken sux. So At that point I gave up and took a break from looken for work. Then After enough time past by I looked again . Well I applyed for Gamestop but they had no intention to hiring me Since I was a girl and apparently Girls Can't be gamers. Which is BullSh*t .  Do you know how i know they were discriminative well let me see let me tell you what happend.

Well I applyed and checked up on it regularly .And OfCourse I would keep asking about the job. The next time I went back they already Hired 2 men Workers.  Okay I know I dont got experience in working .I was only asking for minimum wage. But come on Really? I was really wanting to working for a gaming company because I am a gamer I love games. I may not know everything but I can be a very Hard working.

Lets just put it this way I dont shop at gamestop anymore. AND I WON'T. So i go other places. I wont step a foot in there store. If there is ever A time I need a game and I can't get it anywhere else then I can Always order it online from them if I can't find it anywhere else. But as for stepping into there store Its not gonna happen.

I am so Tired of this BS (Bullsh*t) With Women Getten under paid or being Discriminated againest in certain jobs that are suppose to be a mans job. It f*cked up.Everyone Is suppose to be equal. Not one above the other . And you wonder why we have issues In Relationships.

If we are showing this in our work place what is that teaching us in the Relationship. That a man is more Important then a women. At least thats what i gather and from what I am Observing in this world.
Women Are just Important as men. Matter In fact it is proven scientifically That women Live longer then Men.It isn't always the case though. you know

We are also more stronger not in strength Unless you are a body builder or just are strong all together .Then thats awesome. All's I know is I believe that Women and man Should be treated Equal . As same as Orientations and such.

I believe there should be Equality for all.

I just wish all the bullyen Would stop. It seems to be happen everywhere.

You if you think about it When someone bullies you its just because they are upset with themselves. For example: If someone was bullyen you for your looks.It could because they don't like to see what they see in the mirror everyday (Themselves) They have such lowself Esteem So they think by  Others it will help them.

Although they arn't helping themselves they are contributing to the problem by maken others feels bad just like they feel because at one point or another they have been bullied by someone too.

My oldest Daughter has been bullied In school and of course my parents contacted the principal and such.
But that still hasn't helped. But now My daughter is starting to bully others and I don't like it eaither. She is bullying people for the samethings she is being bullied about.

It fu*ked up. I am upset about it . But there is nothing I can do about it. Just  alittle information. My parents Adopted my Oldest Daughter about over 2 to 3 years ago .  Thats why she doesn't live with me. I wish I could explain why but i can't because of the courts right now.

I don't like to keep things hidden like this . this is not me But I am just trying to follow the rules I was given by the courts and by my lawyer.

But Anyways back to the subject I am not happy with how my daughter is treating others. It really disappoints me as a parent to see her like that. I know my parents are trying there best to raise her the
best they can. They really are trying there best. But they can only do so much when even the school
can't stop the bullying  or the bullys who are bullying  her.

To be honest I also think it has to do with the bullys parent too and how there bringing up there kids.
But sometimes you can have the most kindess parents and there kids still become bullys. Sometimes
its not even how the parents are bringing them up . It could just be in there kids nature.But as a parent it is there job to correct it .

Everyone is Raised Differently. I just hope it gets better in the Future. I guess today is one of those days where I vent on what I am eaither upset about or thinking or whatever. Wasn't really gonna say much but what I was gonna do today But I am glad I am opening up and venting.

I use to have friend to talk to .. to do so. But Now I don't got as many friends. So now I use this blog for venting and other things as you notice. I blog just about everything.It is very therapeutic to me . It's also one thing I learned in  counseling. Which by the way I did contact my old  counseler. Seems like her prices went up from $75 to $ 128 .  *shakes head*  She told me she would work with me along time ago. Now it seems like thats False.

Well Thats fine.Atleast I got you guys and here to blog. Maybe I Am not to have a professional to help me. Maybe I Am meant to do what I have been doing since I was a kid. Which was To talk to outsiders. I really didn't have guidance growing up nor people to talk to .

At age 2 years old My friends were Adults. My parents raised me around adults most of the time Versus's Kids. The only time I ever saw a kid was when my mom would Babysit Almost 13 kids at a time. It was an income for my mom. My Mom was trying to help my dad with money. My dad is a Great Worker. he does work very hard.

But My mom wanted to help.Before my mom Met my Dad she use to work and take care of her kids.
My Mom use to work as a housekeeper and waitress before she met my dad. My dad had various of jobs but the main one was a maintenance job.

Anyways Well I would help my Mom taken care of the kids. She helped me learn on how to be a mommy.I had fun being a little mommie. I have always wanted to be a parent. Its always been in my nature.I wasn't forced to be a parent or to become one. I really enjoyed Helping my mom with the kids.

Its like I Had more siblings Which made me happy. See I lost my my big brother and little sister . I had full blood siblings once. But I lost them *starts to pout*  My big brother died before I was born and then My Little sister died After me.

I have been lost since then. I didn't actually get told the truth about that Until I was like 12 years old. Which  I was so pissed at my mom from not telling me sooner because I am one person who has always been smart. People seem to over estimate me all the time when it comes to me being smart.

Anyways I miss my brother and sister. *begins to cry a little* No one knows how it feels to feel so lost sometimes. I mean My life is so hard and i haven't ever told all of it yet to you bloggers. ....

All's I know is some people are so ungreatful for the silblings they have. I wish I had my full blood Brother and sister. All I have seen  with people who have there siblings is fighten and not liken one another.

They don't realize what great gift it is to have them as there siblings. If only my siblings Stayed alive I think my life would be different. I mean i would still have all my kids and such but I would be able to share them with them. Do stuff with my siblings.

Some people Don't realize how luckly they have it.

Anyways So my mom taught me how to change Diapers and such.I really felt happy helping my mom. Everytime I saw the Kids come it was like family . I felt like I was always wanted and needed. I felt like I had my Brothers and sisters.  Even though they weren't my siblings.

I Know you can't replace what you have lost and I wasn't trying tot replace what I have lost. Just to clarify that.

Anyways.... Enough about that.... Like I was saying About being Raised around Adults  Well I tended to lean On haven Adults as friend then Kids. That's were I get my intelligence from. It was being raised around adults. So why I tend to talk way mature for my age and even beyond it.  Just to let most know I am 29 years old. So no need to say omg how is she. Well I am 29 years old people.

I was born On April 22,1986 which is Earth day. I was born in a blizzard In New York. I had it very difficult comming into this world. My Mom told me that i wasn't suppose to be born until April 27th but due to her getten upset over my dad not getten his trophy he deserved from bowling she went into early labor.

My mom is a sensitive person but she can be stubborn too. Anyways she broke her water and my dad almost fell on his a** getten out of bed. LOL ROFL. So my dad was trying to get my mom to get going to the hosptial but she didn't want to . she wanted to have a cup of coffee before she went because she knew she wasn't gonna be able to during labor. Well my dad told her to get her butt moving and she did without her coffee.

Later on they Arrived at the hospital and Complications began with my birth. My heart began to fade and the doctors were horrified . Shortly after that began to happen they ordered a C-Section on my mom. So they wisked her away to surgery room . During the surgery I lacked oxygen and later was dead for a little while.
At that point is which they found that i had a umbilical cord Wrapped around my neck a few times.

They got it off quickly then got me back to being alive and healthy. For one thing I noticed about my life is even from the beginning I haven't ever had it easy.*Shakes head* I really hope sooner or later I get a break and actually Get my life to be easier.

But ofcourse with my luck and the way its been going I probley won't get one. Its like the saying goes "The innocent and kind ones get hurt while the Rugged and ramped get a free walk"

But I can still hope. And hope is what i still have :D . Anyways Though Thats just a little bit about me.
Anyways But I am proud To be an entrepreneur and working my a** off. I Rather work for myself anyways. At least I can have my own hours and not have to deal with pesky bosses who have what they call the power trip they get from it.

I have seen some people who does it And I am so glad I don't work for them. I have also heard it from
people who work for them.it is very interesting what you can learn from observing or hearing from others.
Seems like now adays alot of people are stressed out from there jobs from lots of reason. From working hard and getten underpaid or from  working hard and not getten a promotion they deserve because someone else gets it. I have heard many storys.

One story I heard from a Health Care Provider who was working very hard and she Didn't get a promotion.Mainly because as she puts " An outsider was hired to do that job"  *Shakes head* Well
from what I have seen in the work force if they can get someone for cheaper they are gonna do it before they even think of promoting which is gonna cost them more. They rather hire someone for cheap with the same degrees and everything  Rathere then paying the other employee more for that same job.

See Being an outsider and seeing all this .... Well I am glad I ain't in there rutt. But at the sametime I do feel sorry for them .I Really hope it does get better for them because they do deserve better. I just hope this world doesn't get more worse.

Anyways.... I am gonna get going . I got some errands to do . As soon as I am back home I am gonna do more editing and such.  It was nice blogging as always.


DancingSouless    *huggies*

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